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Syndent is a professional carbide burr manufacturer and supplier in China for more than 11 years experience. Our carbide burrs focus on the best joint between price and quality. You always have reasonable prices from Syndent.

All Kinds of Carbide Burr for Your Business

Syndent manufactures wide range of the carbide burrs. You can find industrial carbide burr, dental carbide burr, nail carbide burr, podiatry carbide burr, jewelry carbide burr, etc.

Syndent also can custom design the carbide burr parameters based on your samples.

Best balance between the competitive price and great quality. You always save costs without sacrificing quality level from Syndent.

We regard quality as life. You will be free-risk on the cooperation here.

Win-win is our eternal goal. By our quality services, Syndent must skyrocket your business.

Strict Quality Control

Syndent carbide burr uses the top great tungsten carbide material.

Automatic brazing equipment promises your carbide burr with the best balance.

40 sets of CNC guarantee steady and fast delivery all the time.

Syndent test system ensures every piece of carbide burr is excellent enough.

Welcome to Visit Our Factory

Syndent deserved in manufacturing carbide burr more than 11 years. Our support teams like their job positions very much.

Syndent devotes himself to pursuing better and better carbide burr.

Welcome you to our company have a local visit. Let Syndent skyrockets your carbide burr business since the meeting.

Grow with Syndent

Syndent started the production with carbide burr. Actually, our technical persons have a wide knowledge of abrasive tools, including bonded abrasives, coated abrasives, super diamond abrasive. Syndent always can help you expand your business. Come with Syndent now and grow together.
Syndent was Founded Officially in the Year 2010
Founded by 3 persons who worked in state-owned enterprise 15 years ago and acted as manager for technology, mechanical and sales. They left this company after enterprise reform. SYNDENT carbide burr line was initially formed since then.
Developed Dental Carbide Burr in the Year 2013

As Syndent continues to provide high-quality carbide burr, many customers have found us, and hope we could help them produce dental drills.Syndent technical persons studied the existing equipment and technology, and found our equipment can also produce dental drills without difficulty.

So Syndent started to buy more CNC equipment in 2013. At the same time, Syndent produce the samples according to the drawings provided by customers. After more than 1 year of development, Syndent has more than 180 dental tungsten drill bits.

Manicure & Pedicure bits was expanded into Syndent produce lines in 2014
After we shew the dental carbide burs on the Syndent website, many beauty fields clients found us. These dental burs were purchased by them to be used in the fields of manicure and pedicure. And the quality performance is very good.
So customers try to let us customize more and more professional manicure bits and pedicure bits. Because our CNC equipment is suitable for processing small-sized bits, we can always develop the latest styles in the market. Therefore, our product development is getting better and better.
Successfully Produced Ceramic Burr in the Year 2016
Before, we produced carbide burs and manicure bits made of hard alloy materials. Later, after we produced dental carbide burs, we discovered that the ceramic material used for processing teeth is very hard and does not contain heavy metals.
So we tried to use ceramic instead of cemented carbide to produce manicure bits and pedicure bits. The result is very successful and the product quality is very good. This material dissipates heat quickly, has high hardness, is sharp, and does not contain heavy metals, so customers like them very much.
R&D on the Diamond Polisher in the Year 2018
When we produced dental carbide burs, we had many dental customers. These dental customers think that Syndent culture is great and the product quality is very good. They hope that Syndent can help develop diamond polisher. Fortunately, our founder is proficient in abrasive knowledge and technology.
Syndent started with the abrasive and sintering process, and after countless experiments, we finally succeeded in developing such a product. Diamond polisher can very efficiently help customers in the grinding of porcelain and precious metals. Syndent will continue to work on research and development in the field of grinding and cutting. Hope to bring you more unique new products.

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