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Acrylic Nail Drill Kit

Syndent Acrylic Nail Drill Kit

Syndent acrylic nail drill kit includes valuable tools for beautifying acrylics and similar enhancements.

The kit comes with different acrylic nail drill bits with the Syndent logo. Our set will give you diverse filing applications flexibility of doing the tasks with a lot of conveniences.

Syndent brand specializes in different abrasives for beauty, health care, and other fields. Our acrylic nail drill has always received a recommendation from different customers because of its excellent quality.

You can operate, and it is a great kit value for your money. Whether a beginner or an expert in nail artwork, you’ll always find a suitable acrylic nail drill kit.

Acrylic Nail Drill Kit

10-piece acrylic nail drill kit

Acrylic Nail Drill Kit

32-piece acrylic nail drill kit

Acrylic Nail Drill Kit

12-piece stone acrylic nail drill kit

Acrylic Nail Drill Kit

13-piece felt acrylic nail drill kit

Acrylic Nail Drill Kit

12-piece acrylic nail drill kit

Acrylic Nail Drill Kit

9-piece acrylic nail drill kit

Acrylic Nail Drill Kit

12-piece acrylic nail drill kit

Acrylic Nail Drill Kit

7-piece acrylic nail drill kit

Acrylic Nail Drill Kit

6-piece acrylic nail drill kit

Acrylic Nail Drill Kit

6-piece acrylic nail drill kit

Acrylic Nail Drill Kit

5-piece acrylic nail drill kit

Acrylic Nail Drill Kit

20-piece acrylic nail drill kit

Why Syndent Acrylic Nail Drill Kit

Syndent acrylic nail drill kit is a comprehensive maintenance set that lets you perform manicures yourself. You can introduce it in your actively engaged salon for manicures, pedicures, gel, acrylics, etc.

Syndent acrylic nail drill kit well sold in Australia, can clean calluses, cut dead skin, big file toenails, backfill cutting, etc.

Our acrylic nail drill kit is ideal for prepping, cleaning, shaping, cuticle work, shortening, polishing, drilling, etc.

You can, without a doubt, eliminate dirt or ridges of acrylics and gels below your nails. Our acrylic nail drill fits in the modern creative beauty industry.

Syndent sharp and resilient acrylic nail drill kit comes with a pocket-friendly price. We balance resilience with low costs to bring about affordable but durable filing.

Syndent provides speedy delivery once you’ve made an acrylic nail drill kit order. Our company can conduct maverick testing and design CNC equipment through skilled staff. With additional machines, we can at full tilt soar our production volume to reach the target.

Syndent brings on board countless payment alternatives. From TT and Banks, western union and PayPal, to MoneyGram, you’ll always find your suit.

We plan to add even more convenient options. Syndent desires to make your payment safe, reliable, and suitable for an acrylic nail drill kit near me.

Acrylic Nail Drill Kit

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of acrylic nail drill kit before production.

Acrylic Nail Drill Kit

Syndent automatically brazes acrylic nail drill kit with silver in a low temperature

Acrylic Nail Drill Kit

We must make the jumping test of acrylic nail drill kit after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Acrylic Nail Drill Kit

Syndent examines the hardness of carbide nail bit shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

Acrylic Nail Drill Kit

Solid acrylic nail drill kit needs a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Acrylic Nail Drill Kit

Syndent CNC grinds the teeth of acrylic nail drill kit after the tests approved

Acrylic Nail Drill Kit

Syndent polishes the shaft of acrylic nail drill kit, and its brazing position

Acrylic Nail Drill Kit

Syndent makes your logo on the acrylic nail drill kit, and stick your own label on the case.

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Your Best Supplier of Acrylic Nail Drill Kit

Syndent has undergone a balanced growth for twelve plus years with successful cooperation with bountiful top customers.

Snap-on and Fortune 500 are some of the customers that Syndent has engaged. It has bolstered our experience that aids professional services we give to you.

The raw materials utilized in making the acrylic nail drill kit originates from huge state-owned companies. Syndent tests its inflexibility that should reach 91 HRC. The professional acrylic nail drill kit, therefore, includes high breakage and bending resilience.

After welding the acrylic nail drill kit, Syndent evaluates the head jump stretch of five wires. It warrants long-term persistence to separate tasks. Still, it secures the cutting edges from damage but retain a tremendous cutting force.

Syndent acrylic nail drill kit encompass contrasting sizes and models. Our acrylic nail drill set can contain rough to fine grinding and polishing.

It can also cover incompatible sizes starting with 0.5 mm – 20 mm. Syndent can willingly aid your selection.

Syndent supplies acrylic nail drill kit and russian manicure e file bitstyphoon nail drill bit, dental Lab carbide burs, etc.

Kindly make contact with us and get a quick quotation.

Acrylic Nail Drill Kit: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

The beauty industry has come a long way as it evolves significantly. In particular, modern nail drill bits have emerged from traditional files. As a result, it has made nail filing an easy job, and manicurists enjoy filing.

Today, we answered questions concerning the acrylic nail drill kit.

What is Acrylic Nail Drill Kit?

Acrylic Nail Drill Kit

Acrylic Nail Drill Kit

Acrylic nail drill kit refers to different kinds of quality metal bits used for filing, grinding, carving, polishing, etc. Essentially, the acrylic nail drill set befits the filing of artificial nails. Therefore, we can say that having an acrylic nail drill kit can seek out various nail needs.

Thus, a therapist can find an acrylic nail drill kit useful in cutting acrylics, poly gel nails, etc. Consequently, a manicurist has no limitations on what to do when using the kit.

To serve all the obligations of professional manicurists, an acrylic nail drill kit can encompass multi-fold bits. Furthermore, the pieces can comprise abounding distinct shapes and sizes. It thus saves you time as the kit has all valuable items in a single pack for any nail artwork.

A complete set of Syndent acrylic drill with many pieces gives different uses. Therefore, they can help the user do well in the nail art business. Furthermore, the components include a standard design that suits the beauty industry. Thus, the set is standard in beauty parlors, spas, busy salons, etc.

The bits have a fine, uniform surface. Therefore, they don’t catch or gouge the skin while shaving material away from the natural nail.

Built with a standard design, the acrylic nail drill kit fits well in your common nail drill device. Therefore, if you have a handpiece with 1/8-inch or 3/32-inch measurements, we promise that any piece will perfectly fit.

The acrylic nail drill set has the grinding heads and shank built from different unprocessed materials. For example, the grinding head, for an instant, may come from tungsten carbide, diamonds, or ceramics. Furthermore, some manufacturers use other materials like stainless steel, etc.

Besides, some acrylic nail drill products usually come with different surface coatings. Essentially, a surface coating may change the outward appearance of the bits to make them outstanding from the rest. But then again, the layer makes the bits even stronger for improved performance.

Coated acrylic nail drill kits usually don’t retain sharp cutting characteristics than the original ones. However, they may have enduring durability even with challenging tasks.

Acrylic Nail Drill Kit

Acrylic Nail Drill Kit

Which Surface Coatings Can Acrylic Nail Drill Kit Have?

Acrylic nail drill kits usually have special surface coatings for improved performance and a better outlook. And Titanium appears as the most favored surface coating and may comprise different blends. Essentially, various mixtures of Titanium coatings have varied features in terms of a performance rate. Moreover, they vary in durability.

Titanium Nitride (TiN), for example, is a general-purpose titanium surface coating. And with intimate gold color, the coating has excellent adhesion and malleability features than other coatings.

In addition, TiN has superb wear resistance, excellent thermal stability, and a low friction coefficient. Therefore, the acrylic nail drill kit has a reduced edge with such characteristics. Consequently, it aids in the thermal emission of excess heat from the bit.

Acrylic nail drill kit with TiN coating can offer the best solution to filing, grinding, cutting, polishing, etc.

Titanium Aluminum Nitride also is a beautiful blend of Titanium. Consequently, it has a violet bronze appearance. And during dry and hot machining applications, a dense layer of aluminum will appear. Hence, the heat reflects the chip and out of the acrylic nail drill bit and workpiece.

Built with enhanced elasticity, an acrylic nail drill set with titanium aluminum nitride coating can provide uninterrupted cuts.

Thus, it gives the user high production levels at high feeds and incredible speeds. At the same time, the coating ensures the tool has an extended life even when utilized in high heat functions.

An acrylic nail drill kit with TiAIN (Titanium Aluminum Nitride) can vigorously slice complex enhancements. For instance, it actively cuts UV gel, acrylic nail gel, extension builder gel, thick toenails, etc.

The other coating includes Titanium Carbon Nitride (TiCN), a blue-grey color. The TiCN-coated acrylic nail drill kit has a rigid, smooth finish. Thus, the rigidity means improved build-up edge and wear resistance. Additionally, TiCN has outstanding adhesion, optimum strength, and chipping resistance.

TiCN acrylic nail drill kit performs better in applications where you expect low heat generation at grinding edges.

What Are the Main Materials Used in Fabricating Acrylic Nail Drill Kit?

Acrylic nail drill kit may have distinct qualities because of the different materials manufacturers use to fabricate them. However, manufacturers can use four common materials to make a professional acrylic nail drill kit.

The four most common materials include:

  • Mandrel/Sanding bands and sanding caps.
  • Tungsten carbide.
  • Ceramics.
  • Diamonds.

The Mandrel bits may encompass metal or rubber materials. A sanding band comes from a cloth and emery with different grits. In addition, sanding bands are hollow and circular and always come with a Mandrel. Thus, you slip the Mandrel into a sanding band and grind the nails.

Sanding bands are paper bits for single use only. Therefore, there is no need for cleaning or disinfecting. In addition, they ideally d surface work, remove gels, UV gel nails, hard skin, acrylic nails, and podiatry/pedicure applications.

The bits come in multi-fold grits such as coarse, medium, fine, super-fine, super-coarse, etc.

Acrylic Nail Drill Kit

Mandrel/Sanding Bands Acrylic Nail Drill Kit

The Carbide acrylic nail drill kit includes different pieces built from carbide metal. Consequently, carbide has advanced strength (20 times) more than steel. Therefore, the bits have a built quality that lasts longer.

Additionally, the carbide acrylic nail drill kit has fluted blades on its head. The flutes give the bit advanced quality features of shaving rather than scratching a product away.

Additionally, you’ll find the kit with bits that have different textures, like sanding bands. The number of flutes essentially determines the grit size. Deep and substantial flutes, for example, means a coarse texture or grit. However, shallower flutes indicate a bit with a fine texture.

Carbide acrylic nail drill kit represent a significant set suitable for professionals. Together, carbide bits will perfectly remove UV gel nails, acrylics, and hard gel nails. However, it can quickly slice through natural nails, making them unsuitable for such applications.

Producers obtain diamond acrylic nail drill kit naturally or synthetically. Additionally, the bits stand out as tough tools available. Therefore, the diamond acrylic nail drill kit has the best command in removing build-up products.

The bits leave scratches while removing material build-up. However, some manicurists prefer them when making the surface ready for an attachment or application.

A diamond acrylic nail drill kit creates more dust than carbide or ceramics. And because of scratching to eliminate product build-up, the bits tend to generate more friction. Hence, a client might have discomfort because of heat build-up.

When grinding with a diamond acrylic nail drill kit, file with little pressure to stop heat generation. More so, file evenly without paying attention to a specific region for long. Also, keep on lifting the bit most of the time. Eventually, you’ll handle the situation perfectly.

Which Applications Does the Acrylic Nail Drill Kit Provide?

Acrylic Nail Drill Kit

Professional use

Acrylic nail drill kit has a lot to offer as far as nail care is concerned. Furthermore, they represent a readily available acrylic nail drill kit near me for beginners and advanced users.

The kit offers the following nail care solutions:

  • Cleaning under a client’s acrylic nails.
  • Thinning down and shaping thick, infected, distorted toenails.
  • Grinding nail overlays and applications.
  • Polishing hard skin.
  • Smoothing bumpy poly gel or acrylic nails immediately or sometime after application.
  • Complete removal of poly gel nails, UV gel nails, dip powder nails, acrylics, etc.
  • Sharpening, shortening or shaping all types of artificial nails.
  • Backfill cutting.
  • Sidewall filing.
  • Surface removal of any product application.
  • Polishing the entire nail.
  • Effective, smooth, and safe disposal of cuticles.

As indicated above, Syndent develops an acrylic nail drill kit that befits all nail care needs. With quality and careful design, a user can apply the set abundantly. Moreover, it would help if you had little energy to cut materials using the bits.

What Are Industrial Standard Sizes of Acrylic Nail Drill Kit?

Besides shapes, acrylic nail drill kit appear in more than one size acceptable in the industry. Consequently, commonly used and available shank sizes include 1/8 and 3/32 inches.

And as we already said, the 1/8 inch size correctly fits in old nail drills. Otherwise, you’ll need a countertop or portable handpiece for the 3/32-inch acrylic nail drill kit.

12.4 mm17 000 – 26 000
23.0 mm17 000 – 26 000
36.0 mm11 000 – 16 500
413.0 mm  8 000 – 12 000
516.0 mm  7 650 – 11 500

n addition to standard sizes, you can realize that we have provided the available RPM for each size. Therefore, the user should work within the indicated range for steady performance and desired results.

Moreover, the speed required for filing the nails usually depends on a few factors. First, it all depends on the product you intend to remove. Essentially, nail overlays have different hardness. As a result, you’ll need more speed for more intricate products than softer ones.

A bigger version of the acrylic nail drill kit requires filing with low speed for exceptional control. However, smaller versions can utilize a higher rate because they remain stable naturally even under high speed. Nevertheless, the maximum speed should not go more than 35 000 RPM.

Why Should You Invest in Acrylic Nail Drill Kit?

Investing in an acrylic nail drill kit Australia is an excellent deal in beneficial ways.

  • Syndent invents the acrylic nail drill kit using the highest-grade raw materials. Consequently, all the acrylic nail drill sets from different materials have pre-eminent quality. In addition, the materials selected are very dense. Hence, you can buy items that give durable solutions to your nails.
  • Syndent acrylic nail drill kit come in quality mixed sizes and shapes. Hence, it brings a lot of freedom and flexibility in providing the required solution to pedicure/manicure needs. Consequently, mixed sizes and shapes of acrylic nail drills will do any challenging assignment.

Acrylic Nail Drill Kit

Is great for different applications

  • Syndent has modern CNC machines, which they use to build the acrylic nail drill kit meticulously. In essence, our modern equipment produces pieces that have standard features. Therefore, we assure actual dimensions in any nail care you do.
  • Investing in an acrylic nail drill set helps you do several and most challenging assignments faster. Thus, you become pretty productive while reclaiming the time you lost with traditional tools. Also, it is cost-effective when you use an acrylic nail drill set for nail care.

What Are the Proper Ways of Using Acrylic Nail Drill Kit?

Any potential user can comfortably use an acrylic nail drill kit. Nevertheless, mastering some basics and applying the safety measures required can save you a big deal.

  • Only work slowly and with a lot of care when cutting away the cuticles. The cuticle, in nature, is a susceptible area. Hence, any most minor tear or rip may result in severe pain. Moreover, the site might open up to possible infection.
  • Apply a medium speed when doing backfill cutting or working at the concave area. Essentially, high speed will damage part of the nail.
  • When filing the exterior of the nail, you need a slightly higher speed. For example, using 15 000 RPM may work well on the nail exterior. And if you have more confidence, you might add the pace slightly.
  • Find an appropriate Goldilocks recipe that you can apply in a filing. In a broader perspective, we mean not exceedingly gentle nor very harsh when grinding on the skin or nails. Thus, you should find an excellent blend of light pressure with your tool.
  • When filing, have a stable grip on the client’s finger. It generally helps in driving away any possible vibrations or other discomforts.

Acrylic Nail Drill Kit

Best way of griping the finger

  • Buying an acrylic nail drill kit that doesn’t exhibit any vibration is a perfect factor to consider. It takes away the discomfort that a client might have experienced when removing overlays.

We have a plan to give solutions to your needs in the nail or beauty industry. For that reason, Syndent develops Russian manicure bitsacrylic nail drill bits, etc.

Syndent has an effective system of serving you better. And for orders, kindly connect with us.

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