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Syndent Air Grinder Bits

Syndent Air Grinder Bits

Syndent air grinder bits feature a lot of industrial uses. When fitted on an air grinder machine, you can freely use bits to cut, shape, and polish metal and other materials.

We carry the great potential of designing and producing all air grinder bits professionally. Syndent has processed air die grinder bits for worldwide companies for over 11 years.

Syndent continually commits to producing for you helpful air grinder bits using an advanced CNC machine. We offer you with greatest after-sales services to enjoy a risk-free business.

This provides you with great confidence to use Syndent air grinder bits on multiple materials.


Cylinder air grinder bits are ideal for contour finishing, flat surface removal.


Cylinder with end cut air grinder bits are suitable for removal contour and right-angled corners


Cylinder with radius end air grinder bits are suitable for processing contour and arc surface at a certain angle


Ball shape air grinder bits are good for machining round edge and end pre-processing before brazing


Oval shape air grinder bits are suitable for round edge removal


Tree with radius end air grinder bits are perfect for grinding round edge in long and narrow positions


Tree with pointed end air grinder bits are used for machining round arc contour in long and narrow places


Flame shape air grinder bits are good at round edge machining


Cone shape air grinder bits function like a countersink. Suitable for chamfering inner hole


Taper with radius end air grinder bits are widely used for round contour removal in narrow positions, and surface machining


Taper with pointed end air grinder bits are suitable for narrow position deburring and counter surface machining


Inverted cone air grinder bits are suitable for rear-side chamfering from the inner side.

Why Syndent Air Grinder Bits

Our air grinder bits come in standard shapes that let you widely apply on different applications. Again you can order a number or size that meets a greater percentage of application expectations you have.

You can effectively apply Syndent air die grinder bits to shaping, polishing, cut, cleaning, carving, engraving, or sharpening.

We process air die grinder bits which confidently helps you handle soft and hard materials. You can swiftly use them on steel, ceramic tiles, glass, aluminum, mirror, etc.

Our air grinder bits can help you fluently remove unnecessary materials like cast iron, hard metal, and so on.

Syndent also manufactures high-speed air grinder bits that you can greatly apply on polymer clay, wood, linoleum, etc. Syndent air grinder bits help you minimize your personal strength by working easily.

You might have payment options related issues regarding your deliveries. In such a case, Syndent strives hard to offer various payment options to choose from.

You can freely choose from PayPal, L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram, etc. You do not have to worry about payment method issues.

Syndent strives at doing business with the hope of achieving word-of-mouth marketing. In this regard, Syndent air grinder bits we advertise reflect what you receive.

We have a 24-hour hotline on our official website and an online contact and chat. You can reach our salesperson for queries concerning air grinder bits you place. Syndent also supports Skype, Messenger, and WhatsApp. You can reach us anytime and receive a response.

Air Grinder Bits material

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of air grinder bits before production.

Air Grinder Bits brazing

Syndent automatically brazes air grinder bits with silver in a low temperature.

Air Grinder Bits balance

We must make the air grinder bits jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Air Grinder Bits bending

Syndent examines the hardness of air grinder bits shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

Air Grinder Bits shaping

Solid air grinder bits need a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Air Grinder Bits toothing

Syndent CNC grinds the air grinder bits teeth after the tests approved

Air Grinder Bits polishing

Syndent polishes the air grinder bits shaft, and its brazing position

Air Grinder Bits package

Syndent makes your logo on the air grinder bits, and stick your own label on the case.



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Your Best Supplier of Air Grinder Bits

Syndent sends 90% of cargo around the globe. This has enabled us to accumulate rich experience and good cooperation with many freight companies.

We can assist you to find the most reliable and suitable shipping option and company to your desired rate category.

We have both EU certification and CE certificate. Therefore you can easily access import customs clearance, while legally and freely sell in your country using a unique identity.

Syndent air grinder bits have professional inspection report obtained Stork Heron Testing Laboratory, US. The air grinder bits you buy have passed strict standards and conditions and have guaranteed quality.

Syndent features amongst the largest manufacturers of rotary files in China. We cover 2,000 square meters and have 41 fully automatic six-axis CNCs with 40-50 workers.

You have no reason to worry about the capacity output of Syndent air grinder bits. This helps your air grinder bits processed and delivered quickly.

We have welding technology and equipment from the United States with our own R&D capabilities. Whether CNC machine or fully automatic welding equipment, our relevant department can produce and adjust by itself.

Our R&D technology remains the cornerstone and guarantee for your pursuit of higher air grinder bits.

Apart from our quality air grinder bits, we process several other popular grinding products for you. We produce long shank carbide burr, rotary file for steel, fiberglass router bit, die grinder bits for wood, etc.

Send us an inquiry for your next Syndent air grinder bits.

Air Grinder Bits

Air Grinder Bits – Ultimate FAQs Guide

Do you want to become the best air grinder bits wholesaler?

Do you want to sell the worlds’ best air die grinder bits with your name marked on them?

If yes, then you are definitely in the perfect spot. Syndent’s excellent carbide grinder bits will help you to fulfill your dreams.

In this write-up, you will find all the necessary information regarding air grinder bits.

Let’s get started.

What Is an Air Die Grinder Bit?

Air grinder bit is a rotary burr (also called a rotary file) used in small handheld power tools like air die grinders. Air die grinder bits rotate at a very high speed, and its sharp flute removes unwanted parts from the workpiece.

Air grinder burrs are used for grinding, deburring, cutting, honing, and engraving. You can use die grinder bits in many industries, specifically in metal fabrication and engineering.

Syndent makes your ideal air grinder bits with high-quality tungsten carbide. These are strong and durable rotary burrs with high heat resistance and long life.

Air Grinder Bits

What Are the Various Shapes of Air Grinder Bits?

Syndent manufactures air grinder bits in various shapes. Each shape is purposeful for a specific type of workplace. These shapes are:

  • Oval air grinder bit
  • Ball-shaped air grinder bit
  • Cylinder air grinder bit with the end cut
  • Cylinder air die grinder bit
  • Cylinder air grinder bit with radius end
  • Flame-shaped air grinder bit
  • Pointed tree air grinder bit
  • Round tree air die grinder bit
  • Cone-shaped air grinder bit
  • Inverted cone air grinder bit
  • Taper air grinder bit with radius end
  • Taper air die grinder bit with a pointed end

What Are the Applications of Air Grinder Bits?

Syndent manufactures variable shapes flutes to work on different applications. The applications according to the flute shape are:

Cylinder Shaped Air Grinder Bits

It is an ideal burr to treat flat surfaces. It is available in three types of ends – flat end, radius end, and sharp end.

  • A flat-end carbide burr is suitable for contouring flat surfaces.
  • Cylinder-shaped air die grinder bit with end cut (sharp end) contours right-angles corners.
  • Radius end is appropriate for contouring arc surfaces.

Ball and Oval Shaped Air Grinder Bits

These two tungsten carbide air grinder bits are ideal for treating round edges.

Air Grinder Bits

Tree-Shaped Air Grinder Bits

As the name suggests, it is a long flute with a pointed end. Syndent also manufactures tree-shaped burr with a radius end.

  • You can conveniently grind round edges in a long and narrow surface with your tree-shaped air die grinder bit with a pointed end.
  • Radius end tree-shaped burr helps machine long and narrow arcs.

Taper Air Grinder bits

You can find these burrs in two types of ends – pointed and radius.

  • With radius end tapered air die grinder bits, you can contour round positions in the long and narrow surface.
  • Taper burr with a pointed end is useful for deburring narrow positions and surface contouring.

Cone-Shaped Air Grinder Bit

It is applicable for chamfering inner holes. On the other hand, inverted cone burr is useful for rare-side chamfering.

Are Air Grinder Bits Available in Variable Sizes?

Syndent manufactures a wide range of air die grinder bits. You can buy any size and shape according to your requirements.

The sizes may vary according to the shaft length, diameter, flute diameter, and flute length.

Let me give a brief overview of various sizes.

Flute Lengths

Your air grinder bit’s flute length may vary depending on its shape. However, to give you an idea, the length variations in standard flutes are:

  • 25mm
  • 25 – 33mm
  • 19 – 28mm
  • 19 – 27mm
  • 16 – 19mm
  • 5 – 13mm
  • Air Grinder Bits

Flute Diameters

The most commonly used standard flute diameters of Syndent’s air grinder bits are:

  • 25mm
  • 19mm
  • 16mm
  • 12mm
  • 5mm
  • 6mm
  • 3mm

Shaft Lengths

Shaft lengths may also vary according to the requirements. Standard lengths are:

  • 38mm
  • 45 – 75mm
  • 150mm
  • 200mm
  • 250mm
  • 300mm
  • 400 mm (flexible shank)

Shank Diameters

The shank is the part you fix into your air grinder’s collet. It comes in three standard sizes:

  • ¼ inches or 6mm
  • 1/8 inches or 3mm
  • 3/32 inches or 2.35mm

What Is the Manufacturing Process of Air Grinder Bits?

The manufacturing process of your carbide burr consists of several steps.

Syndent’s expert team of engineers undertakes each step under their supervision. Let’s find out a step-by-step understanding of your air grinder bit’s manufacturing process.

Raw Material

Syndent uses high-quality cobalt – tungsten carbide for making the best rotary carbide bits.

We get all the raw material from trusted state-owned agencies. The raw material is inspected thoroughly to ensure it meets Syndent’s required specifications.

After a thorough check-up, the production process starts.

Air Grinder Bits


It is a process in which two metals are joined together. It is done by welding the flute with the shaft and filling the material in the joint.

Syndent uses silver as a brazing material. Silver is brazed into the joint automatically at a low temperature.


After brazing, Syndent conducts a jump test on all the air grinder bits. It ensures that your air die grinder bit possesses a tolerance level of less than 0.05mm.


In this step, Syndent tests the hardness and durability of the carbide burr. Our trained technicians bend the air grinder bit to a certain extent to examine its strength.


Here comes the time when your air die grinder bit attains its shape. With the help of grinding, a predetermined shape is acquired.


After grinding the flute into the required shape, it is further ground to form the sharp flute teeth.

The flute teeth are shaped and sharpened according to the predetermined cuts.


The air grinder bit then passes through a finishing process. It includes polishing of the shank. An abrasive material is used to polish the shank and giving it a smooth finished look.


It is the final step. It includes logo making. You can get your logos on the air grinder bit as well as on the plastic casing.

Plastic cases with an air die grinder bits packed inside, and logos stick on them are now ready for shipment.

Air Grinder Bits

What Is the Purpose of Air Die Grinder Bit?

You can use your air die grinder bits in plenty of ways. Regardless of the mentioned purposes, you can use them in your unique way.

However, some common purposes of air die grinder bits are:


It is one of the most common purposes of the air grinder bit. You can effectively use your air die grinder bit to remove excess metal from a particular surface.

You can attain your desired shape by removing the unwanted metal parts. It is very convenient to mold the metal into curves and angles by using your carbide rotary bits.


Do you want to remove the sharp and uneven edges from your workpiece?

It has never been so easy before.

Use Syndent’s air grinder bit and remove all the undesired uneven portions from your workpiece.

You will love the smooth finish you get after grinding with your air die grinder bit.


Deburring is the main purpose behind the invention of air grinder bits. You can conveniently deburr a metal surface to give it a smooth and finished look.

Varying shapes allow you to create sharp edges and angles efficiently.

Enlarging holes

Air die grinder bit is an ideal solution when it comes to enlarging holes. Enlarging a hole on a metal surface seems impossible, but with your high-speed air grinder bit, you can do it in no time.


Carving on metal and non-ferrous metal? Yes!

Syndent has a wide range of air grinder bits. You can carve round space, create sharp angles, and work on narrow spaces effortlessly.


Air grinder bits are not a cutting tool. However, the sharp flutes can help you to cut metal surfaces comfortably.

There are many other ways you can utilize your air grinder bit. However, for your air grinder bit’s long life and effective results, Syndent will recommend you to use your rotary file bits for the specified purposes.

What Are the Properties of an Air Grinder Bit?

An ideal air grinder bit must possess the following properties:


An ideal air die grinder bit must be made from a hard material. Syndent manufactures air die grinder bits from tungsten carbide. It is an extremely hard material that prevents your rotary burr from wear out faster.

Its hard nature allows you to work on hard metals effectively.

High tensile strength

An ideal carbide grinder bit possesses a high tensile strength. It enables your air grinder bit to perform intense grinding without getting damaged.

Magnificent dimensional stability

A perfect air grinder bit must not change its original dimensions after massive use. Syndent’s durable air die grinder bits are strong enough to work for years with their original shape and cuts.


One of its ideal properties is that it can help you to attain desirable results on multiple materials.


The air grinder bit must possess a balance tolerance of less than 0.05mm to get excellent results.


Tungsten carbide is a strong material that is resistant to strong weather conditions. Syndent’s ideal carbide rotary bits can work efficiently in harsh conditions.

Air Grinder Bits


An ideal air die grinder bit must be lightweight. You need to maintain the pressure on your rotary tool to attain the best results.

How to Use an Air Die Grinder Bit?

While using your air die grinder bit, you must take care of the following points:

  • Choose an appropriate flute cut and size you need for grinding the specific area.
  • Make sure your workshop is clean and free from any flammable object.
  • Tightly clamp your workpiece.
  • You must tightly screw your air grinder bit into the collet.
  • Loose air die grinder bit may cause damage to the burr and may harm you.
  • The air pressure from the air hose must not exceed 90psi.
  • Start your rotary tool first, and then place the carbide burr on the workpiece.
  • Take all the precautionary measures while working with your rotary tools.
  • Wear a face shield, gloves, air defenders, and glasses.
  • Avoid applying too much pressure. The pressure needed for each air grinder bit is mentioned in the manual guide Syndent supplies to you.
  • Do not grind on the same place for a longer time. Keep your rotary burr moving. Grinding in one place for a longer period may cause unwanted lines on your workpiece.
  • Too much pressure can cause damage to the flute teeth.
  • Do not touch your air die grinder bit immediately after use. It would be very hot and might hurt you.
  • Clean your air die grinder bit thoroughly after each use.
  • Don’t forget to unplug the power supply once you are done with grinding.

Does Metal Clog on Air Grinder Bits?

Excessive machining can cause metal clogging on your air grinder bit’s flute. Cleaning your rotary burr after each use can minimize the clogging. However, if you examine metal logged in your carbide burr, do not worry.

Here are few solutions for clogged flutes:

  • Dip your rotary carbide burr in acid (HCL). The acid will react with the metal and will clean your air grinder bit.

Your rotary bit will remain safe as Syndent makes it with special K25 material that will not react with acid.

  • You can dip your air die grinder bit in caustic soda. It will also help you to remove the clogged material from your flute.
  • Another ideal way to de-clog your air grinder bit is to use it on soft cast iron. Machine your bit in the soft iron will de-clog the flute easily.

Can I Use My Air Grinder Bit in Some Other Rotary Tools?

A small handy rotary tool like air die grinders is suitable for industries and hobby artworks. These burrs can be used in many handheld rotary tools like:

  • Air die grinders
  • Drill machines
  • Flexible shafts
  • Hobby rotary tools
  • Micromotors
  • High-speed engravers
  • Pneumatic rotary tools
  • Air Grinder Bits

Who Is the Best Manufacturer of Air Grinder Bits in China?

Syndent is one of China’s leading air grinder bit manufacturers. Officially, it all started in 2010. Since then, Syndent is providing high-quality air die grinder bits to its valuable customers.

Customers from all around the world buy carbide burrs for grinding, deburring, and shaping various workpieces.

Main industries like automobiles, engineering, toolmaking, and construction utilizes Syndent’s high-quality air grinder bits.

Syndent has got superior CNC machines and welding equipment from the USA. All the raw material we use is obtained from authorized state-owned companies.

Syndent’s QA/QC team thoroughly inspects the raw material before the manufacturing process begins.

Forty sets of 6-axis CNC machines work simultaneously to provide you on-time order delivery. The silver brazing technique makes your air die grinder a bit strong and durable.

At every step, the quality control team checks and verifies the manufacturing process is up to international standards. Without approval, the manufacturing process cannot move to the next step.

Syndent provides your high-quality air grinder bits at competitive prices. You can get special discounts on bulk orders.

Fast and steady deliveries with attractive after-sales services are the added advantages Syndent provides you.

For any queries you can contact us. Our customer services team will reply to you within 8 hours.

Air Grinder Bits

Can I Get My Company’s Name on My Air Grinder Bit’s Packaging?

Yes, why not?

You can get your air die grinder bit customized in any way you want. You can get the size and shape of your air die grinder bit according to your work requirement.

You can also get the company’s logo and contact details printed on the packaging.

Syndent always welcomes your requirements and manufactures your carbide burrs accordingly.

Apart from customized sizing, you can get your company’s name engraved on your air die grinder bit.

Engraving takes place just after the polishing of air die grinder bits. You must provide your desired design to Syndent, and we will beautifully engrave it on your air grinder bits.

In How Many Cuts Air Die Grinder Bits Are Available?

Syndent manufactures air die grinder bits with many different cuts. Some of them are standard flute types, and others are special flutes.

Let’s see the functioning of all these flute cuts:

Standard flute types

There are three types of standard flute cuts:

Double cut

The double-cut air grinder bit is suitable for general grinding purposes. It removes small metal chips giving you finished and smooth results.

Air Grinder Bits

Single cut

Single cut flutes remove long chips enabling you to perform your grinding process quickly.

Aluminum cut

It is appropriate for non-ferrous machining objects. With wider cuts, it aggressively removes larger metal chunks in less time.

Special flute types

Some of the air grinder bits are available with special cuts. These are:

Coarse cut

It is helpful to remove stock from soft ferrous objects.

Fine single cut

It is suitable for removing metal chunks and giving a finished look to hard materials.

Foundry cut

It is an ideal cut for maximum stock removal from rough edges.

Diamond cut

It is an excellent solution for removing unwanted material from the hardest objects. It gives an excellent smooth and finished look to the workpiece.

Chipbreaker cut

It quickly removes undesired metal chips.

Fast mill cut

It removes stock rapidly from soft ferrous materials.

Do I Need Different Flute Cuts for Multiple Materials?

You can use any of the flute cuts for treating various materials. Syndent recommends you to use appropriate flutes for each material to get the best results.

Air Grinder Bits

Mentioned below is a flute selection guide:

MaterialHighly recommended fluteRecommended flute
AluminumAluminum cutFast mill cut
PlasticAluminum cutFast mill cut
Brass, CopperFine single cut, double cut, foundry cutSingle cut, diamond cut, coarse cut, chipbreaker cut
Bronze, Cast IronFine single cut, double cut, foundry cutSingle cut, diamond cut, coarse cut, chipbreaker cut
Unhardened SteelFine single cut, double cut, foundry cutSingle cut, diamond cut, chipbreaker cut
Hardened Steel, Stainless SteelSingle cut flute, fine single cut, double cutDiamond cut, foundry cut, chipbreaker cut
Nimonic Alloy, TitaniumSingle cut flute, diamond cut, double cutFoundry cut, chipbreaker cut


Which Industries Get Benefit from Air Grinder Bits?

Air grinder bits are beneficial for a wide range of industries, from engineering to sculpting. Let’s list down few industries where air grinder bits are making a difference:

  • Engineering
  • Metalwork
  • shipbuilding
  • Fabrication
  • Dental field
  • Nail treatments
  • Toolmaking
  • Welding
  • Automation
  • Jewelry making
  • Sculpting
  • Wood carving
  • Air Grinder Bits

What Are the Advantages of Using an Air Die Grinder Bit?

Following is a list of benefits you can get from your air die grinder bit:

  • Syndent’s air grinder bit works at high speed and can remove stock quickly and effectively.
  • It has a longer life than an HSS rotary burr.
  • You can use Syndent carbide bit on multiple metals and materials.
  • Multiple shapes and sizes allow you to work on multiple shapes. Grinding difficult positions like round and narrow spaces were never so easy before.
  • Syndent’s versatile rotary burrs allow you to grind, deburr, carve, and enlarge holes efficiently.
  • You can marvel in every industry by showing your craftsmanship with Syndent’s ideal air grinder bits.
  • Syndent makes high-quality carbide burrs at competitive prices. You can also enjoy amazing discounts on bulk purchases.
  • Another advantage of Syndent air grinder bits is that you can use them in a wide range of rotary tools.

What Is the Lifespan of an Air Grinder Bit?

It has a 50 – 100 times longer life span than an HSS rotary burr. The naturally strong tungsten carbide allows you to remove hard materials conveniently without damaging your air grinder bits.

Handling your carbide burrs with care can increase the life span. Here are a few tips to increase the life span of carbide bits:

  • Clean them thoroughly after each use.
  • Apply recommended pressure. Too high or too low pressure can damage your air die grinder bit.
  • Use recommended ways to clean your air grinder bit. Do not apply acid on the burr’s shaft. Acid might damage the shaft.
  • Use specific air grinder burr for specific material. For example, a burr suitable for soft metals when used to deburr hard metal might get damaged.
  • After every use, clean them, and keep them in their casing. Your air die grinder bits are protected and safe from getting damaged by other tools.
  • Air Grinder Bits

Can I Get My Air Grinder Bits Surface Coated?

Syndent coats the air die grinder bits with special materials to make it strong and durable. The coating makes the carbide rotary bits suitable and efficient for different applications.

Some of these surface coatings are:

  • Blue titanium coating
  • Diamond-like coating
  • Titanium coating
  • TiAlN coating

What Is the Importance of Air Die Grinder Bit in Sculpture Making?

It is not about technical industries only. You can use your air grinder bit to carve and sculpt beautiful art pieces.

Whether you are an artist or a craftsman, you can use Syndent’s air die grinder bits for crafting an amazing sculpture.

Multiple Shapes

Multiple shapes with variable sizes allow you to remove an unwanted area from a wide variety of metals and materials.

Variable Materials

Stone, glass, wood, clay, metal, you name it, and Syndent will provide you an ideal solution in the form of air grinder bits.


Grinding a surface makes the artwork smooth, contouring to makes edges sharp or shaping a long narrow space. All these tasks are possible with Syndent’s high-quality air die grinder bits.

Handy tool

Small handheld air die grinders are easy to work with. You can comfortably hold the lightweight air die grinder bit and work efficiently on your art piece.

Air Grinder Bits

How Much Time Does Syndent Take for Order Delivery?

The average lead time for manufacturing and delivering air dir grinder bits to you depends on various factors.


Standard designs take less manufacturing time than customized designs. Machines are optimized to a standard design. Customizations require minimal adjustments, which take a little longer time than standard designs.


Quantity is another important factor that determines the delivery time. Large bulk orders take more time as compared to small orders.

Moreover, orders in the pipeline need to be accomplished first. Syndent values all our valuable customers; therefore, we serve them based on first-come, first-serve.


Another important factor you must consider is the area where you live. Shipping to an outlying area takes more delivery time than nearby places.

However, we promise you to deliver your shipment faster than other rotary tools suppliers. We have got in-stock raw material and fast working 40 sets of CNC machines, to provide you on-time deliveries.

Air Grinder Bits

Can I Visit Syndent to See the Manufacturing Process of Air Grinder Bits?

Yes, definitely!

We will be pleased to have you at our facility.

You can come here anytime and see the manufacturing process of your air die grinder bits. We will happily provide you sample carbide rotary bits. You must check them before placing an order.

You can trust Syndent. We will provide you the same high-quality air grinder bits that are shown as samples.

If you find any difference, you can contact our team anytime. We offer you a money-back guarantee for all our durable and best-quality carbide burrs.

On What Metals and Materials Can I Use Air Die Grinder Bits?

You can use your air die grinder bits on a wide range of metals and materials like:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium
  • Brass
  • Acrylics
  • Wood
  • Nickel
  • Glass
  • Zinc
  • Aluminum
  • Hard steel
  • Polycarbonate
  • Fiberglass
  • Cast steel
  • Cast iron
  • Carbon steel
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Plastic
  • Cobalt
  • Stone
  • Plaster
  • Ceramics

Note: Syndent recommends you to use specific air grinder bits on specifies materials to attain ideal results.

Air Grinder Bits

What Is the Difference Between Tungsten Carbide Air Grinder Bit and HSS Burr?

HSS stands for High Strength Steel. The difference between tungsten carbide rotary burrs and HSS burrs are as follows:

  • Cobalt – tungsten with carbon compounds are used as raw material for making tungsten air die grinder bits. On the contrary, high-strength steel is used to make HSS burrs.
  • Tungsten carbide air grinder bit possess a high-speed. It works on 4 – 7 times faster cutting speed than an HSS burr.
  • Tungsten is a naturally strong material. Therefore the life span of an air die grinder bit made from tungsten carbide is longer than HSS rotary burr.
  • Tungsten carbide burr is comparatively expensive than an HSS burr.
  • Tungsten carbide air die grinder bit can resist harsh weather conditions. On the other hand, an HSS burr may lose its original shape in extremely hot conditions.
  • HSS burrs are brittle as compared to ductile carbide air grinder bits.
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