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Aluma Porting Bits

Syndent Aluminum Porting Bits

Syndent aluminum porting bits can greatly remove aluminum metal quickly, producing finer finish. These aluminum porting bits ideally can fit on your pneumatic rotary tools or any electric tool.

For 11 plus years now, Syndent is well-versed in designing and producing high performing aluminum porting bits.

Syndent covers a wide production area with 41 sets of 6 Axis advanced CNC machine.

We manufacture our aluminum porting bits through our own professional test laboratory.

Aluma Porting Bits

Cylinder aluminum porting bits are ideal for contour finishing, flat surface removal.

Aluma Porting Bits

Cylinder with end cut aluminum porting bits are suitable for removal contour and right-angled corners

Aluma Porting Bits

Cylinder with radius end aluminum porting bits are suitable for processing contour and arc surface at a certain angle

Aluma Porting Bits

Ball shape aluminum porting bits are good for machining round edge and end pre-processing before brazing

Aluma Porting Bits

Oval shape aluminum porting bits are suitable for round edge removal

Aluma Porting Bits

Tree with radius end aluminum porting bits are perfect for grinding round edge in long and narrow positions

Aluma Porting Bits

Tree with pointed end aluminum porting bits are used for machining round arc contour in long and narrow places

Aluma Porting Bits

Flame shape aluminum porting bits are good at round edge machining

Aluma Porting Bits

Cone shape aluminum porting bits functions like a countersink. Suitable for chamfering inner hole

Aluma Porting Bits

Taper with radius end aluminum porting bits are widely used for round contour removal in narrow positions, and surface machining

Aluma Porting Bits

Taper with pointed end aluminum porting bits are suitable for narrow position deburring and counter surface machining

Aluma Porting Bits

Inverted cone aluminum porting bits are suitable for rear-side chamfering from the inner side.

Why Syndent Aluminum Porting Bits

Syndent aluminum porting bits provides wide functions on aluminum, marble, jade, bone, wood and more. You can always rely on our aluminum porting bits in cutting, shaping, grinding, porting, deburring, machining, chamfering, etc.

Syndent uses professional craftsmanship so that you can benefit from unmatched durability of our aluminum porting bits. We design for you sturdy aluminum porting bits for clear surface finishing, silky smooth surface, cleaning, polishing and more.

You can always enjoy effortless and precise cuts at all times, with the sharp long lasting edges.

Syndent makes consistent and stable quality aluminum porting bits for your industrial use. The actual quality of the official aluminum porting bits you make always resembles the quality samples received.

With 11 plus years of experience, Syndent remains honest and treat credibility as part of our existence. We put in place quality control system that enables us track every production process. Thus, Syndent always delivers to you high-quality aluminum porting bits.

Syndent provides a 12-hour hotline, an online contact as well as a chat. We also support WhatsApp, Skype and Messenger. You can easily reach us at all times to satisfactorily respond to your questions.

Aluminum Porting Bits

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of aluminum porting bits before production.

Aluminum Porting Bits

Syndent automatically brazes aluminum porting bits with silver in a low temperature.

Aluminum Porting Bits

We must make the aluminum porting bits jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Aluminum Porting Bits

Syndent examines the hardness of aluminum porting bits shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

Aluminum Porting Bits

Solid aluminum porting bits needs a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Aluminum Porting Bits

Syndent CNC grinds the aluminum porting bits teeth after the tests approved

Aluminum Porting Bits

Syndent polishes the aluminum porting bits shaft, and its brazing position

Aluminum Porting Bits

Syndent makes your logo on the aluminum porting bits, and stick your own label on the case.



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  • Syndent has all the popular carbide cutters and shapes. Succeed in helping many customers save costs in the past decades.

  • Range from the dental laboratory to clinic purpose. Either a dental technician or dental doctor could find what you demand here.

  • You have creative nails through Syndent amazing nail carbide burrs. We can do better and think about what you think.

Your Best Supplier of Aluminum Porting Bits

Syndent’s highly skilled senior engineers ensure your aluminum porting bits seat in the right position in the industry.

We greatly value the wealth of experience our team members have accumulated over the past years. They remain our assets that help Syndent in ensuring we provide you with quality aluminum porting bits.

Syndent can positively tunes out outstanding geometric framework of your aluminum porting bits always in processing your order.

We have a stable enterprise structure that gives you the strongest supply chain. Syndent features amongst pioneer factories to use advanced CNC equipment in China to produce aluminum porting bits.

We also actively took part in the conceptualization of Chinese standards for rotary file industry. Therefore you purchase Syndent aluminum porting bits at leading level in the industry.

Syndent sends most of the aluminum porting bits cargo to the rest of the world. We have enough experience and great cooperation with several big freight companies.

Syndent stands in good position of helping you have the most reliable and suitable shipping company and method.

You can, at any time, ship according to your rate category without worrying about quality services.

After our 11 years rich experience in the production line, we have had successful cooperation with multiple huge customers in the world. This help Syndent to give you the best professional and efficient services.

Besides the production of quality aluminum porting bits, Syndent can supply you with lots of other products, like die grinder bits for metal, die grinder bits for stainless steel, etc.

For details and instant quotes of Syndent aluminum porting bits, contact us.


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