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Ball Burrs

Syndent Ball Burrs

Syndent ball burrs provides you with maximum cutting edge stability on your workpiece.

You experience a concurrent highest tenacity of the slicing-edge. Syndent has continuously supplied you with high-quality ball burrs for the last 11 years.

With our operations based in China, we can produce ball burrs that can match or surpass your demand.

Syndent has more than 40 sets of CNC equipment and more than 40 highly qualified and experienced employees.

We use the latest technology to manufacture premium ball burrs that can help you complete your projects successfully.

Ball Burrs

S/C cut carbide ball burr is ideal for general purpose fluting. Produces long chips..

Ball Burrs

D/C carbide ball burr is suitable for very efficient stock removal. Creates a small chip. Good finish. Excellent operator control.

Ball Burrs

Aluma cut ball burr is suitable for nonferrous materials. Aggressive stock removal.

Diamond ball burr is good for removing both hard and soft materials with a smooth finishing.

It is made with ceramic material. Good heat dissipation performance, very sharp cut.

Why Syndent Ball Burrs

You can strongly apply Syndent ball burrs on different types of materials. Using our premium ball burrs, you can cut or grind hard metals including carbon steel, stainless steel, etc.

Furthermore, you can process soft metals and materials including aluminum, wood, brass, copper, silver, gold, platinum, zirconia, plastics, etc.

Syndent ball burr allows you to accurately deburr, clean, remove sharp edges, enlarge holes, polish or shape.

Also, you can process welding seams, process surfaces, carve, cut, engrave wood, smooth finish, etc.

With Syndent ball burrs, you have several options of fulfilling different tasks on multiple material surfaces.

We provide quality, consistent and stable supply of ball burrs. The quality order and the follow-up of our ball burrs remain the same.

Syndent has historical experience of manufacturing quality ball burrs for over 11 years consecutively. We have remained honest for all the years and we value credibility as a guardian of our existence.

Our quality control system helps us to trace back every process of manufacturing. Therefore, Syndent can always supply you with high-quality ball burrs.

Ball Burrs

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of ball burrs before production.

Ball Burrs

Syndent automatically brazes ball burrs with silver in a low temperature.

Ball Burrs

We must make the ball burrs jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Ball Burrs

Syndent examines the hardness of ball burr shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

Ball Burrs

Solid ball burrs need a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Ball Burrs

Syndent CNC grinds the ball burr teeth after the tests approved

Ball Burrs

Syndent polishes the carbide ball burr shaft, and its brazing position

Ball Burrs

Syndent makes your logo on the ball burrs, and stick your own label on the case.



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  • Syndent has all the popular carbide cutters and shapes. Succeed in helping many customers save costs in the past decades.

  • Range from the dental laboratory to clinic purpose. Either a dental technician or dental doctor could find what you demand here.

  • You have creative nails through Syndent amazing nail carbide burrs. We can do better and think about what you think.

Your Best Supplier of Ball Burrs

Syndent offers you a guaranteed after-sales service. If you encounter a problem with Syndent ball burrs, we can respond to your request immediately. We can help you sought the issue in 3 official days.

Syndent buys tungsten carbide steel raw materials from top large companies that promise quality and stable delivery.

The state-owned enterprises have their own mines and supply us with great raw materials.

Syndent uses advanced equipment to produce quality ball burrs. Based on this, you can have guaranteed quality Syndent ball burrs and a stable delivery time.

Syndent ball burrs have high resistance to wear, extreme sharpness, lasts longer, and have no turn around. We can supply ball burrs that have rhyming features based on your requests.

Our ball burrs have guaranteed sharpness and a service line that surpasses that of our peers.

Ball Burrs

We have successfully helped several customers globally to replace numerous international brands. This includes Lukas, Pferd, Ata, MA Ford, Sgs and more. We can also surprise and help you if you allow us.

Besides Syndent ball burrs, we also have a line of numerous cutting burrs for all your industrial needs. Using CNCs, Syndent manufactures quality tools like SA 5 carbide burr, carbide bur set, 6mm die grinder bits, etc.

Ask for a quotation about your ball burrs or other tools now, contact us anytime. We guarantee to serve you faster and satisfactorily.

Ball Burrs: A Complete FAQ Guide for Importers

Do you want to engage professional manufacturers in supplying quality ball burrs? Do you desire to start manufacturing professional ball burrs and other industrial cutting tools? This FAQ guide can fully answer all related questions about ball burrs.

We believe you’ll find solutions to your questions.

What Are Ball Burrs?

Also known as SD burrs, ball burrs refers to sharp cutting tools designed with different cutting edges. They come in a shape of a ball.

Syndent manufactures ball burrs from high-grade materials. This may include carbide burr, diamond burr, steel burr, etc.

This can last up to 10 times better than the HSS burr, hence, suitable for machining different kinds of metals. You can easily machine hardened steel and other metals and non-metals.

Ball Burrs

Ball burrs means versatile tools used differently in different industries. They suit metalworkers and DYI carving enthusiasts. You can easily grasp the tool and apply them to whichever material you have at hand.

Ball shape burrs ideally machine round edges because of the ball shape. Industries also use them in end pre-processing before brazing. Nevertheless, you can generously apply them in different functions as well.

Using ball burrs, you can effectively realize the mechanization in handwork functions. The sharper flutes feature quality raw material which makes them highly durable tools.

They can perform strongly on all material types and at very high temperatures. When you use materials like plastics or wood, you experience very little or no dust at all. You can always have a good working environment for all your operations.

Ball burrs work perfectly better when used on soft materials like brass, wood, aluminum, platinum, copper, etc. They don’t cause any form of chipping and don’t break quite easily.

You may increase your productivity on all your industrial projects several times than when you use hand tools. You can have improved performance of between 3 and 5 times greater compared to small emery wheels.

Ball Burrs

How do You Handle Ball Burrs When Processing Materials?

Ball burrs appear completely spherical, therefore, you can use them at any given angle. You can correctly carve out rounded indentations for given materials.

Single fluted ball burrs have widely spaced sharp blades. Thus, your operations on a particular material end up with a rougher finish. You’ll therefore need another finer or double-cut carbide ball burrs to make the material surface smooth.

The spherical shape of ball burrs can sometimes give you hard time handling them. You need a lot of expertise to control them when doing certain tasks as they tend to roll away.

For successful and easy handling, you should start operation with lower speeds. You aim at the ball burr biting the specific point before increasing the speed. Remember to lubricate the burr well and always have a clean cut on materials.

The spherical shape allows you to make concave cuts in your workpiece. You can simply hollow out areas or shape the material as required. Metal engravers, wood, and stone carvers use ball carbide burrs with different handpieces.

Ball Burrs

Which Ways Can Use Ball Burrs?

Ball burrs provide different ways which you can effectively apply on very material surfaces. The ball shape of this ideal burr suits applications like machining round edges. You may perform the final pre-processing of material surfaces before brazing.

Made from high-grade raw material, you can confidently use most materials. Diamond ball burrs and tungsten carbide burrs can grind absolutely all material surfaces, unlike steel or HSS burrs.

Industries may use ball burrs in other ways. This includes deburring, hole-enlargement, machining round edges, final material pre-processing before brazing, and more. You can also shape, grind, cut or even add texture to your project.

Material shaping

By this we mean, removing any extra material that you don’t need on a material surface. You remove extra material to make a defined shape from the workpiece.

Syndent makes ball burrs that have high efficiency in molding workpieces to form proposed dimensions and appearance.


Ball burrs can correctly and finely grind your workpiece by accurately removing extra materials.

Syndent carbide ball burrs come from the highest grade materials, keenly selected. Tungsten carbide and diamond ball burrs, for example, are quite tough and highly durable. By nature, an ideal tungsten carbide tends to have superior sharpness to most materials.

When used on most materials, you can easily and quickly grind and achieve a finer and smoother final workpiece. The heads have wider surfaces that offer quality and precise grinding on whatever material surface.

Diamond ball burrs on the other hand are tougher and durable than tungsten carbide. However, they produce a very rough ending on a material surface which you can finely finish with a smoother tool.


You can again use ball burrs to cut various materials according to your project demand. They have specially designed sharp flutes that can cut materials in required measurements.

Combining high hardness and extreme sharp abilities makes them great cutting tools for all your project jobs. You can easily replace other cutting tools by several times with ball burrs.

This means you can make accurate cuts on all materials into shapes, sizes, and desired dimensions.

Ball Burrs


Ball burrs can provide you with desired modifications on a given piece of work. Modification is an important task and part of different tasks applied on projects in many industries.

You modify a workpiece when you remove burrs. Burrs refer to small sharp edges or debris that remain on your material surface after a certain machining process.

With Syndent ball burrs, you can easily deburr your material for a finer, smoother finish for comfortable handling.


Designed in a shape of a ball, tungsten carbide ball burrs wider surface area can make or enlarge holes. Quality ball burrs can enlarge holes on your workpiece with desired smoothness and accuracies.


Premium ball burrs can carve multiple materials to make different products or images. The ideal SD burr can carve plastics, wood, different metal and non-metal materials.

Material carving requires material removal from your material surface. In the end, you come up with a smooth final desired item like jewelry and more.

Which Process do You Use to Manufacture Ball Burrs?

Manufacturing quality ball burrs require highly durable raw materials that have to undergo a rigorous process. This includes the following:


First, the manufacturer determines the raw materials required in the production of ball burrs. They select only the highest grade raw materials to commence with the process. The materials may include diamond, tungsten carbide or steel.


After material selection, the manufacturer then brazes the ideal materials of the head and shank together. Syndent uses silver to braze the materials at low temperatures.


Here, it demands you to perform ball burrs jumping test immediately after joining the raw materials together. The tolerance should lie below 0.1mm in this case.


We examine the hardness of the particular ball burrs’ shank after the brazing process. The test involves bending the shank to examine its strength.


For an attractive shape, the ball burrs should then pass through a special process known as shaping. We derive the required shape from different rod materials.

Ball Burrs


After approving tests, a manufacturer grinds the ball burrs’ head to provide appropriate teeth. Syndent uses an advanced CNC machine in uniformly grinding the head.


Syndent polishes the ball burrs’ shaft as well as the brazing position through a computerized CNC machine. Polishing comes as part of finishing the product.


After finishing the production process of quality ball burrs, Syndent prepares your logo on the tool. The manufacturer then sticks your label on the case.

How Long Can It Take to Manufacture Quality Ball Burrs?

The production duration of quality ball burrs varies and depends on multiple elements.

First, pending orders quantity might have a big influence on determining the length of waiting before fulfilling your order.

A supplier always applies the rule of first-come-first-serve in fulfilling orders especially in the case of several orders. This implies, fewer orders at a particular time gives the manufacturer an easy time in fulfilling orders. More pending orders on the other hand take more time to fulfil.

Another determining factor includes the ball burrs quantity order processed by the manufacturer. By basic knowledge, a lower quantity order demand means a faster turnaround duration. A higher quantity means a bit of lagging in the manufacturing process.

Ball Burrs

Most importantly, the design of the ball burrs can also affect the overall time frame of the manufacturing process.

Ball burrs designed with standard designs take the shortest processing time. They don’t have a lot of demands due to their straightforward design. This makes the production process a lot easier and faster.

However, ball burrs with custom designs may consume the most time. They have a lot of demands with several elements for actualization. This implies, the manufacturers have to set the machines per the demands.

Finally, the manufacturer who supplies you with ball burrs may also determine the turnaround time.

Manufacturers may have varying policies when it comes to lead times. They also have different types of manufacturing equipment. Such factors greatly influence the length of producing ball burrs.

Before you commit yourself to buy from a certain manufacturer, you should do a prior investigation. This can help you prepare yourself on ways of buying quality ball burrs and from a trusted manufacturer.

Do We Have Different Cuts of Ball Burrs?


We have 3 different types of ball burr cuts. You can choose a single cut, aluminum cut or double cut. Each of the three categories may provide you with varying functions on different materials.

Single Cut Ball Burrs

Single cut ball burrs have single spiral cutting edges that run right in the upward direction of the burr. They can provide you with quality stock removal and a smoother workpiece finish. Most industries apply them to materials like steel, copper, silver, cast iron and non-ferrous materials.

Ball Burrs

Single cut ball burrs remove materials faster from your workpiece, making your project ready in less time. You may use single cut ball burrs for cleaning, deburring, milling, or making long chips.

Sometimes we call it as aluma cut ball burrs when it is an extremely coarse single cut. They almost look like single cut ball burrs but a closer look reveals the difference in flute spacing.

The cutting edges of aluminum ball burrs appear quite deeper and sharper. The special design allows them to dig deeper into soft materials without easy clogging.

Aluma cut ball burrs ideally applies to aluminum materials. Sometimes industries may use them on different soft materials on non-ferrous metals. You can cut or grind soft steel, bone, wood, plastic, etc.

Double Cut Ball Burrs

Unlike single cut and aluma cut ball burrs, double-cut ball burrs have extra sharp flutes. The double flutes intersect each other and form a double cut.

The intersection means you can apply the burrs on a material surface and achieve a smoother fine finish. This is different with single or aluma cut ball burrs.

Double cut ball burrs create fine and small chips as they cut through your workpiece. They suit deburring, fine finishing, smooth finishing, cleaning, polishing, medium-light material removal, etc.

Ball Burrs

Which Materials Can Ball Burrs Process?

Quality Syndent ball burrs can process lots of different materials faster and effective. Diamond and tungsten carbide ball burrs last longer than steel and they don’t chip or break easily. That means you can comfortably apply on metals like:

  • Cast iron
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Carbon steel
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Nickel
  • Cobalt
  • Titanium
  • Bronze
  • Platinum
  • Zinc

You may confidently use other materials such as:

  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • CRP
  • GRP
  • Ceramics
  • Fiberglass

Which Popular Industries Use Ball Burrs?

Many industries worldwide use ball burrs to do different tasks on their projects. Some of the popular industries that use ball burrs include:

  • Chemistry
  • Shipbuilding
  • Metalsmith
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Stone industry
  • Dentistry
  • Machinery
  • Ball Burrs

Where Can You Use Ball Burrs?

The universal uses of Syndent ball burrs allow you to apply them in:

  • Jewelry making
  • Metalworking
  • Engineering
  • Model engineering
  • Welding
  • Chamfering/burring pipes
  • Wood carving
  • Metal engraving
  • Cylinder head porting
  • Machining
  • Sculpting
  • Toolmaking

How Do Quality Ball Burrs Look Like?

You can sometimes hardly tell high-quality ball burrs from low-quality ones by merely looking at them.

You have to look at some considerations to determine the tools’ quality. This may include the following:

Material composition – This means the raw materials used in manufacturing the ball burrs. They should comprise consummate chemical compounds.

You can easily tell when you go through the description of the product.

Design construction – this bases entirely on the ball burrs’ overall style as well as the manufacturing process. They all should lie within required standards. It ensures enhanced performance and reliability of the absolute ball burr.

Ball Burrs

Mechanical elements resistance – Quality ball burrs will at all times have the highest endurance against tough mechanical elements exposed to.

The faultless ball burrs shouldn’t suffer easy breakage regardless of the tough tasks subjected to.

Balanced tolerance – High-quality ball burrs should have the best precision levels that lie within the set international standards.

High tolerance to environmental conditions – Quality ball burrs should also provide the highest tolerance to several environmental conditions.

This means they can resist overheating, corrosion or wear when exposed to them.

What Influences Ball Burrs Durability?

We have lots of variables that ball burrs’ durability relies on. The factors may determine how long you go with your ball burrs in undertaking the most demanding tasks.

The speed at which you adjust your rotary tool to operate the ball burrs can greatly determine its durability.

Setting your rotary tool and operating the ball burrs at high speeds might cause crud formation. As a result, the file edges of the ball burrs dulls away, reducing the lifespan of the tools.

The handling nature of the ball burrs also contributes to their longevity. By this, we refer to the amount of pressure you exert on the absolute tool when cutting or grinding.

Applying too much pressure during operations on whatever tasks may reduce the life of the ball burrs significantly. The cutting edges wear out quickly and continuous use leads to the burr head overheating. When using ball burrs, allow them to do the job as you gently guide the tool where to cut.

Ball Burrs

The right and the correct procedure of taking care of the ball burrs also determines the ball burrs’ durability.

When you use the ball burrs in any machining process, they pick up dust and small debris from the workpieces. If not removed promptly, the dirt continues to pile up until the cutting edges lose their cutting power. Clogged ball burrs’ flutes wear out easily and might overheat.

You need to frequently clean the flutes after every single use to enhance the cutting efficiency. Use correct cleaning materials that won’t damage the flutes like a soft brush.

Also, the quality of the ball burrs has a lot to offer in terms of their lifespan.

This entirely depends on the quality of raw materials used in making the flawless ball burrs. Different manufacturers have different raw materials they use to process ball burrs. Diamond ball burrs and tungsten diamond burrs perform differently from steel burrs. Furthermore, we have different grades for each of the raw materials. Ball burrs designed from the highest quality raw materials last longer and vice versa.

The steps used in designing and producing the ball burrs matters a lot regarding their durability. The overall structural design of the ball burrs has a great impact in terms of longevity.

The nature of the material you work on with the ball burrs also influences the lifespan.

Ball Burrs

We have different types of materials. In any machining process, you can come in contact with hard-to-cut and soft materials. Naturally, you can easily cut softer materials, unlike hard ones. When you use ball burrs on hard materials for a longer time, they wear the flutes faster and vice versa.

Although Syndent ball burrs last longer, the factors mentioned here can greatly influence their lifespan.

Which Elements Should You Take Into Account When Buying Quality Ball Burrs?

The most important thing you should consider before you buy desired ball burrs is the manufacturer.

You should consider choosing the most reliable and reputable manufacturer who produces consistent ball burrs. Based on this, you can have convenience in very many different ways.

Also, consider the precise application you wish to use the ball burrs on. Ball burrs have a specific function on different materials. They can perfectly suit functions designed for and not any other uses.

Therefore, when you pick ball burrs, ensure that you understand their main purpose and use them on specified tasks.

Consider the amount you can spend on the ball burs. Usually, the cost of buying the tools varies based on various factors. Most importantly, watch over your budget.

Lastly, look at the quality of the ball burrs you intend to purchase. They always come in different qualities depending on the grade materials used in making them. Therefore buy tools that guarantee good performance on the tasks you have.

Ball Burrs

Can You Have Surface Coated Ball Burrs?


Ball burrs can have different surface coatings applied on the head. The specific surface coating used on a given ball burr determines the precise application of the tool on given materials.

Therefore, different manufacturers may use different treatments on ball burrs to suit particular industrial applications.

They may include:

  • Blue Titanium treatment
  • TiALN treatment
  • Diamond-like coating
  • Titanium surface coating

Which Types of Tools Can You Use Ball Burrs On?

Syndent usually automates their tools like carbide burr for wood carvingdie grinder bits for stainless steel, etc. We have various air and electric tools that you can use with ball burrs. The tool you choose should guarantee correct and firm fitting for outstanding performance.

They include:

  • Pendant drills
  • Die grinder machines
  • Flexible shafts
  • Pneumatic rotary tools
  • Micro motors
  • High-speed engravers
  • Bobby rotary tools
  • Ball Burrs

Do We Have Long Shank Ball Burrs?


Sometimes we call them elongated ball burrs because of the long shank. Manufacturers make long shank ball burrs suitable for special cases in machining materials. Because of the long shank, you can direct them to reach areas where ordinary ball burrs cannot reach.

Using ordinary ball burrs, you realize that you might not successfully and easily complete certain tasks. A longer shank ball burr can help you easily and quickly complete such tasks, hence boosting your productivity.

Which Precautions Should You Use When Using Ball Burrs?

Safety speaks volumes when dealing with cutting and other sharp tools in any industry. Syndent highly recommends putting safety ahead of all your tasks with Syndent ball burrs.

Safety measures can save a life and you can achieve great results. You also protect your workpiece against possible damage, hence saving on costs.

First, you have to ensure that you fit the ball burr correctly into the rotary tool. After you’ve inserted the chuck into position, make sure you clamp it well.

Next, you have to use the least pressure when grinding through materials. Your concern should aim at guiding the ball burrs on cutting the material. Because the ball burrs have very sharp flutes, they can cut material precisely without exerting a lot of force.

Also, never try to make the ball burrs jam or snag while applying on whatever material at hand.

Lastly, always ensure you have the right protective gear before you start any operation on materials. Cover your eyes with safety goggles or wear a protective face mask to shield your face against small particles. Also, wear gloves to protect your hands against cuts or stab wounds.

Ball Burrs

Do Ball Burrs Require Maintenance?

Very true.

For durability and best performance, you should provide good maintenance to the ball burrs.

When cleaning your ball burrs, you should set aside a sink that you can use for the given tasks.

For ball burrs clogged with debris, use a chisel to try and remove the big chunks between the flutes. Then, with clean cool running water, rinse off any dirt remaining between the flutes.

Alternatively, you can effectively remove the dirt using a soft brush. When applying a brush to remove the dirt, clean while directing the dirt away from your body.

Allow the tool to dry and then apply a suitable approved disinfectant agent on the ball burrs.

You may opt to use chemicals to clean the ball burrs. Always use chemicals approved to clean the tool. Otherwise, some may cause a reaction to the ball burrs and damage them.

Removing aluminum clogs from ball burr flutes is a different but quite easy process. When you use ball burrs on aluminum, the flutes tend to feel sticky. This can happen when you use high speed to cut materials.

To clean ball burrs clogged with aluminum debris, gently chip out the debris between the cutting edges with a chisel. Then soak the ball burrs in a muriatic acid solvent. The acid reacts and dissolves the aluminum particles effectively.

For the rest of the materials including carbide, brass, steel or carbide, use caustic soda, sodium hydroxide or lye solution.

Ball Burrs

How Much Do Ball Burs Cost?

The cost of rotary burrs depends on multiple factors.

First, the number of ball burr pieces you wish to buy dictates the amount of money you have to pay.

When you purchase ball burrs in larger quantities, you can have discounts. At the end of the purchase, you have a better deal compared to buying few items.

The quality of the ball burrs also influences their cost to a certain margin.

Manufacturers make ball burrs from different types of material grades. They also provide certain design construction to the tool.

Higher quality ball burrs, therefore, costs higher than relatively lowly designed ones.

The ball burr brand you buy also has a lot to offer in terms of the price. Each brand provides a special price tag on their ball burrs. They usually base this on factors like brand positioning and market forces.

Again, the ball burrs’ design. By this, we mean either standard or customized. Customized ball burrs have low price tags than customized.

In brief, ball burrs don’t have fixed prices. The cost varies, dictated by some different factors.

Ball Burrs

Do We Have Customized Ball Burrs?


Syndent can customize ball burrs according to customers’ requests. Custom-made ball burrs usually suit specific functions and materials.

They might appear unique in head diameters and length. Nevertheless, they don’t lose their hardness, stability, hardness or overall sharpness and durability.

Which Recommended Speed Should You Use With Ball Burrs?

We have ideally three things that can dictate the speed you can use with ball burrs:

  • The material you intend to cut using the burr
  • Head diameter of the ball burr and
  • The power output of the automated tool to use

We however suggest using the highest but effective speed. It helps to remove clogs and reduces chattering on your workpiece.

We suggest using the maximum speed available. However, it should not exceed 35,000 RPM for ball burrs with larger head diameters.

Which Country Remains the Best in Sourcing Quality Ball Burrs?

China remains the best country where you can source quality ball burrs, rotary files, and die grinder bits.

In China, you can easily find various industrial cutting tools like ball burrs in different designs, sizes, and shapes.

Ball Burrs

You benefit from a wide range of options so that you can easily find what you want. Chinese suppliers have versatile MOQ which allows you to have the units you need regardless of your budget.

Also, several manufacturers in China have made huge investments in systems, machines, and processes. Therefore, they have advanced in the quality production of ball burrs and other tools. If you need the most popular ball burrs currently in the market, Syndent can supply them to you.

Are Ball Burrs Single Use Cutting Tools?

Not at all.

Syndent makes ball burrs from quality materials. Thus, you can use them more than once even though some prefer discarding them after every single use.

Syndent manufactures more than just quality ball burrs. You may try some other quality cutting tools from us. This includes burr rotary filecarbide nail drill bitsdie grinder bits for hard steel, and more.

You can contact us for orders, quotations, or inquiries about ball burrs or other quality cutting tools.

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