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Ball Nail Drill Bit

Syndent Ball Nail Drill Bit

Syndent ball nail drill bit is all you need for all your fake nail tasks. Our ball manicure drill bit helps take good care of your cuticle and other regions on the nails.

It fundamentally works magnificently to grind the dead skin off around your nails. Our mandate as professionals in abrasives is to produce reliable and durable products.

Although stationed in China, Syndent reaches hundred-plus countries globally with approved products.

We implement a strict quality control setup in production. Syndent ball nail drill bit prevails in offering safe elimination of cuticles and other extra materials.

Ball Nail Drill Bit

Different carbide ball nail drill bits for professionals.

Ball Nail Drill Bit

Super durable pedicure ball nail drill bits for podiatrist.

Ball Nail Drill Bit

High performance and extremely sharp ceramic ball nail drill bits

Ball Nail Drill Bit

Ceramic ball nail drill bits for your cuticle fast removal

Ball Nail Drill Bit

Super long life diamond ball nail drill bits

Ball Nail Drill Bit

Diamond ball nail drill bits as you wish, coated and uncoated.

Why Syndent Ball Nail Drill Bit

Syndent ball nail drill bit with a ball top shape offers complete acrylic nail filing processes. With a ball manicure drill bit, you can file hard skin or shave off the Eponychium.

Also, you can, to perfection, eliminate loose cuticles that protrude from your nail plate. Therefore, our drill bit serves as a reliable safety nail tool when working on the cuticles.

When filing a client’s sidewalls, you can magnificently apply a Syndent ball nail drill bit. Our tool helps in the effective achievement of beautiful and shiny nails.

Our ball nail drill bit products follow a harmonious and stable quality development. What’s more, we make sure the follow-up conforms to the original quality order. Syndent has pulled off such a fantastic honesty reputation for a decade-plus duration.

With the co-existence of a cross-check structure, Syndent achieves excellent traceability of every process. Hence, we deliver the highest stability and quality on our ball nail drill bit.

Syndent sells the ball nail drill bit with approved after-sales service. When you encounter an unfortunate experience with our ball nail drill bit, Syndent counters to your petition. We resolve your plea in less than three days.

Syndent coheres to the cohesive philosophy and values greatly career groundwork of our employees. Our staff work as a team and have acquired substantial experience in our company for a very long time.

Our leading engineers produce ball nail drill bits with present-day features as core assets. Syndent big ball nail drill bit products have the best ranking amongst top brands.

Ball Nail Drill Bit

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of ball nail drill bit before production.

Ball Nail Drill Bit

Syndent automatically brazes ball nail drill bit with silver in a low temperature

Ball Nail Drill Bit

We must make the jumping test of ball nail drill bit after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Ball Nail Drill Bit

Syndent examines the shank hardness of ball nail drill bit after brazing, and tests the bending strength

Ball Nail Drill Bit

Solid ball nail drill bits need a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Ball Nail Drill Bit

Syndent CNC grinds the teeth of ball nail drill bit after the tests approved

Ball Nail Drill Bit

Syndent polishes the shaft of ball nail drill bit, and its brazing position

Ball Nail Drill Bit

Syndent makes your logo on the ball nail drill bit, and stick your own label on the case.

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Your Best Supplier of Ball Nail Drill Bit

Syndent gives life expectancy on each nail drill bit you order for a long-time stability growth. If you encounter filing difficulties with our ball nail drill bit, Syndent will help you clear up the issue. We also replace non-performing tools quickly not to affect your local client development. Syndent deals with ball nail drill bit matter speedily and efficiently.

Syndent has had a tremendous growth that exceeds eleven years in abrasives. We have triumphantly worked with major clients across the globe.

Our cooperation with Fortune 500 and Snap-on companies has helped us amass rich experience. Therefore, Syndent has the best professional services.

After a production set, Syndent checks and restores obsolete parts on our equipment, updating the technology. After three months, we also monitor testing tools to keep the measuring results accurate.

Syndent also tests the production equipment’s accuracies and replaces them with updated parts. Your ball nail drill bit order will include consistency and stability in precision.

Besides the ball nail drill bit, other abrasives include coarse nail drill bitnail drill bits for dip powderacrylic nail drill kit, etc.

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Ball Nail Drill Bit: An All-Inclusive FAQ Guide

The transition from the old way of filing to the modern style has brought various types of nail drill bits. Consequently, manicurists have fortunately found it convenient to file nails faster than before.

Our all-inclusive FAQ guide today features the ball nail drill bit.

What is A Ball Nail Drill Bit?

Ball Nail Drill Bit

A ball nail drill bit

A ball nail drill bit presents a valuable device that can help exfoliate skin near nails. The cuticle file essentially has a ball top.

Therefore, it works well for manicurists to file the hard dead skin. Apart from cleaning up your Eponychium, the cuticle drill bit can remove loose cuticles raised above your nail plate.

At Syndent, you’ll find new and premium quality ball nail drill bits and similar products. We are the largest and best abrasive supplier in China.

Furthermore, you’ll receive great deals for ball nail drill bit items bought directly from our factory and in large portions.

Our ball nail drill bit has sharpened cutting edges like other related products. The cutting edges, in particular, appear in the form of partials or flutes.

The flute’s razor-sharp edges appear on tungsten carbide and ceramic ball nail drill bits. However, a diamond nail drill bit takes the partial design.

Based on the statement made above, it is clear that a ball bit can include some of the popular materials. And as mentioned, diamonds, carbide, and ceramics are the prevalent raw materials that Syndent ball nail drill bit tools appear.

A diamond ball nail drill bit will have non-identical strength and service life from tungsten carbide and ceramics.

But, at the same time, they’ll all have distinguishable peak performances when you use them separately to file nails.

Syndent ball nail drill bits also include profitable sets. A set of round nail drill bit pieces helps in effectively processing false nails.

Moreover, a valuable set saves time and money. Buying pieces of bits separately can cost you more than buying a set.

Other than a set, Syndent ball nail drill bits also occur in valuable and most widespread industrial sizes.

It fundamentally gives the user a chance to select a size they feel appropriate for filing any nail area.

Syndent provides the creative x-cut (cross-cut) design on our ceramic and carbide ball nail drill bits. Thus, it allows you to cut the product away faster and smoother. And that may include cutting down dip powder, acrylic, or hard gel nails.

What Are The Main Functions of A Ball Nail Drill Bit?

A ball nail drill bit is pretty versatile in executing its mandate. The round nail drill bit primarily allows the tech to clean neatly within the cuticle region. Moreover, it can safely prepare a client’s nail bed.

However, you may not feel comfortable using the cuticle remover on the nail surface. And if you attempt, your final work may have inaccurate results. And it may take a lot of time to remove the overlays.

Surface work may require a barrel nail drill bit. In such a case, a significant barrel bit with fine, med, or coarse grit would make the process much faster.

The device practically eliminates extra products. It also can smooth out a surface before applying a topcoat.

Ball Nail Drill Bit

Use a ball nail drill bit on your cuticles

The primary function of a ball nail drill bit includes:

  • Cleaning up the dead hard skin (Eponychium) on top of a nail plate.
  • Cutting down a loose cuticle that lies above a nail plate.
  • Make sidewall cutting to reveal more of your nail surface (it makes the nail look longer).
  • Smoothing or shaping your acrylic or gel nails.
  • Opening lateral nail folds.

Helpful Note: The tiny size makes the procedure easier to remove the dead skin near the cuticle. But first, you’ll have to push back the cuticles.

Thus, a cuticle pusher or needle-shaped nail drill bit would come in handy. And later on, select the tiny size ball nail drill bit to remove cuticles and finish the process.

How Should You Use a Ball Nail Drill Bit?

A ball nail drill bit aids the efficient removal of dead skin close to the nails. Thus, tech can do sidewall cutting and cuticles to make the nail surface look broader and more protracted. Hence, it leads to a cleaner appearance of nails.

The practical use of a ball nail drill bit requires an e-file machine. Moreover, manufacturers produce different types of e-file machines to suit all sizes of nail drill bits.

However, the best nail drill should come in a universal and most popular size (3/32″). That helps the user in finding the most appropriate handpiece for the bit.

To use a ball nail drill bit, first ensure you push the cuticles back using a quality cuticle pusher. Alternatively, the needle-shaped nail bit can present a fantastic tool to make your cuticles back.

Then slide the ball nail drill bit into a handpiece and begin filing at a low speed a handpiece offers. Proceed with gentle movement of the ball nail drill bit over your cuticles. Also, extend to the skin on both sides of the nail.

We suggest you begin using a more significant ball nail drill bit when you start the process. And as a culture, start slowly for excellent control and accuracy. A more substantial ball bit removes bulk material faster.

While filing the cuticles, you work safely so that the bit doesn’t reach the nail surface. However, if it touches, you’ll undoubtedly file beyond the surface. Thus, it might damage your soft nail issue.

Take the process slowly as usual. Nonetheless, once you’ve acquired the proper control, increase the rate. But use the smaller bit size. The tiny size ball nail drill bit works perfectly at high speeds.

I also maneuver well in complex corners than a more significant ball bit. Hence, a tech may correctly clean the nail bed base with a tiny ball nail drill bit.

Which Types of Ball Nail Drill Bits do the Industry Provide?

We can rate a ball nail drill bit according to the material component.

Carbide Ball Nail Drill Bit

Ball Nail Drill Bit

Carbide ball nail drill bit

The bits come from tungsten carbide, a combination of tungsten and carbide materials in equal amounts. Furthermore, the material offers twenty times more strength than steel. Therefore, a carbide ball nail drill bit will last longer than steel.

A carbide ball nail drill bit will have flutes as its cutting edges. Bits designed with flutes remove enhancements by shaving or cutting and not scratching. Therefore, they leave the surface polished to desired smoothness.

Bits with flute-like cuts produce very low friction. Hence, the bit can’t heat up rapidly. Also, a carbide ball nail drill bit can overcome other environmental conditions, including rust.

Ceramic Ball Nail Drill Bit

The bit comes from ceramic material. And a fantastic thing about ceramic is that its melting point is petty high than diamond and tungsten carbide. Thus, they possess excellent heat resistance characteristics.

A ceramic ball nail drill bit will also last longer because of its hard-wearing features. Additionally, the grinding head has flutes that have the same design as a carbide. Thus, the ball bit shaves off nail top coats efficiently without generating heat.

Both carbide and ceramic ball nail drill bits occur in several grits like coarse, medium, or fine. The size of flutes on the ball nail drill bit determines the type of grit. Deep large flutes indicate a coarser grit.

On the other hand, shallower flutes mean you have a finer ball nail drill bit. Therefore, a medium grit ball nail drill bit automatically falls between coarse and fine grit.

Diamond Ball Nail Drill Bit

A diamond ball nail drill bit comprises diamond as the primary raw material. Consequently, a manufacturer will design the device naturally or through artificial means. In addition, diamond produces very rigid bits you can ever find.

A diamond ball nail drill bit scratches it out when removing a built-up product. And though that, they create more friction besides dust than the previously mentioned types. However, they will not rust even after disinfecting them.

Can We Have a Ball Nail Drill Bit Set?


Ball Nail Drill Bit

Ball nail drill bit set

A set will include ball nail drill bits of different sizes, as seen in the picture above. Consequently, a complete and successful e-filing requires a manicurist to have a set of nail drill bits. Likewise, a comprehensive and successful cuticle treatment demands that you have a valuable collection of ball nail drill bits.

Other than different sizes, the set can have a mixture of bits of different materials. Or, we can provide a set that consists of strictly carbide, ceramic, or diamond bits.

A set exhibits the versatility of filing nails at an economical cost. It also helps in making your work faster hence saving time.

Can a Ball Nail Drill Bit Have Different Sizes?


The most common standard shank size of a ball nail drill bit is 3/32″. It essentially applies in improved nail machines. However, we also have a 1/8″ shank size used with old devices.

The grinding head of a ball nail drill bit may also occur in independent sizes.


NoBit sizeRPM
12.4 mm17 000 – 26 000
23.0 mm17 000 – 26 000
36.0 mm11 000 – 16 500


Ball nail drill bits supplied in different sizes benefit the technician in realizing necessary nail artwork requirements.

However, when choosing a specific size for the job, also consider the speed needed for each size. The rate at which you file the nails with the exact size will determine the performance of the ball bit. Moreover, it will dictate the outcome of the job.

Choosing a ball nail drill bit with a big grinding head calls for slow speed when filing. On the other hand, more significant ball bits work perfectly when you file slowly. Consequently, the idea is to help the user find the perfect control while doing the nails.

Bits with smaller grinding heads on the flip side can file perfectly even when using a high speed. But first, the best technique demands you start slowly to achieve perfect control before you increase to a higher rate.

What Should You Observe When Using a Ball Nail Drill Bit?

The correct working technique would help the tech to bring out the peak execution of the ball nail drill bit. Furthermore, better results come from a technician using the bit rightfully.

The following tips can help out in bringing out good results. And the ball nail drill bit may work at its best:

  • Always go slowly when doing the cuticle treatment. The cuticle essentially is a sensitive area, and a bit of tear can lead to severe pain. More so, ripping of the area will lead to potential infection.
  • When filing the concave part of the nail, a medium rate will help. Otherwise, anything higher than the suggested speed would damage the area.
  • We rarely use a ball nail drill bit to remove overlays from the surface of the nails. However, when used, a higher filing rate would help. Nonetheless, you should never do a rate above 15 000 RPM with a ball nail drill bit on the surface.
  • Finding an independent Goldilocks approach to filing also helps. That implies that a skilled technician shouldn’t use an extremely harsh filing method.

Again, a meager filing rate wouldn’t bring out accurate results. Therefore, the only remaining alternative includes gentle pressure while using a ball nail drill bit.

  • A good technique also involves holding the client’s finger as you remove cuticles or enhancements. Therefore, a firm grip would help have precise filing without transferring vibrations to a client’s hand.
  • Make sure you choose a ball nail drill bit that matches your handpiece. Otherwise, the bit will wobble and vibrate when filing. Also, a wobbling bit wears out much faster besides producing undesired results.

Working with a fair bit will, fortunately, bring good results. On that account, Syndent will ensure you have a fair bit for the nail artwork. For example, a gold nail drill bit and nail file bits include a few of our supply tools.

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