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Burr Bit Set

Syndent Burr Bit Set

Syndent burr bit set contains different carbide burrs in a box. It provides you with the highest versatility and flexibility of cutting materials in many different ways.

We have supplied you with a quality burr bit set for the past 11 years plus. We still maintain that consistency as you continue making Syndent your trustworthy manufacturing Company.

Syndent develops top-performing burr bit set using the computerized and highly advanced CNC machine.

Located in China, Syndent can deliver the help you receive your burr bit set order wherever corner of the world you are. Our fast-shipping system always make a quick delivery as you wish.

Composed with 12 kinds of different shapes and sizes. This burr bit can well meet the most demands of the surface treating.

The burr bit set contains 10 pieces of double cut tungsten carbide burr, ideal for contour finishing, surface removal.

8 pieces of burr bit set is suitable for all metal removal. 1/4” and 6mm shank is available.

Double cut carbide burr bit set. It is suitable for processing contour and arc surface at a certain angle.

9 pieces miniature carbide burr bit set includes 9 pieces miniature carbide burr with 1/8” or 3mm shank

Composed of 4 pieces extended shank burr bit set. Shank is 1/4” x 6”

Specially designed burr bit set is ideal for metal cutting and shaping.

Professionally developed burr bit set is most suitable for wood removal

The burr bit set with the extra coarse flutes is best for aluminum aggressive removal.

Why Syndent Burr Bit Set

Syndent burr bit set can offer you lots of industrial applications on a wide selection of materials. You can make the desired finishing on stainless steel, copper, zinc, wood, platinum, ceramics, acrylics, etc. Furthermore, you can grind or shape steel, carbon steel, zirconia, fiberglass, drywall, stone, bone, aluminum, and more.

Our burr bit set can give you functions like drilling, grinding, cleaning, polishing, deburring, chamfering, machining, etc. Using our burr bit set, you can neatly clean welds, grind off the weld beads, port cylinder heads, smoothen rough castings, and more. Our burr bit set gives you the most versatile way of handling all sorts of project demands.

Syndent offers you a 24-hour hotline, an online contact as well as chat. This helps us hear and quickly respond to your queries. You can, at any time call our salesperson who can assist you in very many ways.

Alternatively, our Skype, Messenger, and WhatsApp platforms provide you with a convenient way to interact with our customer care. We guarantee quick and satisfying responses to your questions at any time.

Burr Bit Set

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of burr bit set before production.

Burr Bit Set

Syndent automatically brazes burr bit set with silver in a low temperature.

Burr Bit Set

We must make the burr bit set jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Burr Bit Set

Syndent examines the hardness of burr bit set shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

Burr Bit Set

Solid burr bit set needs a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Burr Bit Set

Syndent CNC grinds the burr bit set teeth after the tests approved

Burr Bit Set

Syndent polishes the burr bit set shaft, and its brazing position

Burr Bit Set

Syndent makes your logo on the burr bit set, and stick your own label on the case.



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  • Syndent has all the popular carbide cutters and shapes. Succeed in helping many customers save costs in the past decades.

  • Range from the dental laboratory to clinic purpose. Either a dental technician or dental doctor could find what you demand here.

  • You have creative nails through Syndent amazing nail carbide burrs. We can do better and think about what you think.

Your Best Supplier of Burr Bit Set

Syndent provides you with guaranteed after-sales service. If you find a quality issue with Syndent burr bit set, we listen.

And we provide a solution for your request in the shortest time of within 3 official days. You don’t have to worry about after-sales service issues anymore.

We always deliver you with a steady and stable supply of Syndent burr bit set. Syndent delivers the actual burr bit set in comparison with the quality samples requested. We rely on honesty and credibility which has helped us grow for over a decade now.

Our quality control system we deploy helps us in observing each production stage of the burr bit set. Syndent can persistently deliver to you a top-quality burr bit set.

Syndent uses the welding equipment and technology, both from the United States of America. Also, we have R&D potentials. Syndent R&D section that handles our advanced CNC machine can potentially produce and adjust automatically to production needs.

We alone in China, have the capabilities of developing and producing machines and burr bit sets. Syndent can easily design the latest equipment and manufacture burr bit set that features the latest geometry parameters. We can as well improve our production capacity to meet your requests at any time.

Other than Syndent burr bit set, we also produce several cutting tools for all your industrial applications. You can order carbide burr tool, 1 8 carbide burr, carbide burr for wood carving, etc.

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Burr Bit Set – Ultimate FAQs Guide

Syndent – a rotary tools manufacturing company in China, makes burrs by using high-quality tungsten carbide.

Burrs are also called rotary files or rotary bits. Burr bit helps you to deburr, grind, cut, shape, and level different materials.

For your convenience, Syndent provides you with a variety of burrs packed in one pack.

Let’s move further to know more about the shapes, sizes, and specifications of burrs in a burr bit set.

What Is a Burr Bit Set?

It is a small high-quality rotary tool. Syndent burr bit set includes tungsten carbide burrs in varying sizes and flute shapes.

Your burrs are manufactured in Syndent’s advanced CNC machines using advanced technology. Burrs are designed in a specific manner to work at a very high speed.

Syndent facilitates you to get a customized burr bit set as per your specifications of sizes and cuts. You can also get your company logo marked on carbide burrs.

Rotary burrs are also used for giving a smooth finishing to a given surface.

The burrs in the burr bit set are widely used in metal-related work and also in many industries. These are used in jewelry making, engineering, dental, metal industries, welding, and wood carving.

What Are the Bits Sizes Available in a Burr Bit Set?

Burr bit sets are available in many combinations of variable-sized carbide burrs.

Ideally, Syndent manufactures standard sizes which are designed for all typical applications. However, Syndent manufactures customized burr sizes for your convenience, which are designed to meet specific requirements.

Specifically, there is no limitation of size available in the burr bit set.

But the most common sizes available for burr bits include the following:

  • 16 mm or 5/8”
  • 12 mm or ½”
  • 10mm or 3/8”
  • 8mm or 5/16”
  • 6 mm or ¼”
  • 3 mm or 1/8”
  • 35mm or 3/32”
  • 6 mm or 1/16”

On What Materials Can I Work with the Burrs in My Burr Bit Set?

There are various materials you can work on using a rotary burr bit set.

All kinds of metals include among other materials. Rotary burr bits also work perfectly on soft materials such as gold, silver, etc.

The benefit of using burr bits on these materials is that they give a smoother finish without breaking and chipping.

The materials you can cut with these rotary burr bits include:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Titanium
  • Wood
  • Cast Iron
  • Ceramics
  • Plastic
  • Fiberglass
  • Diamond
  • Cobalt
  • Stainless steel
  • Non-Ferrous metals
  • Zinc
  • Brass
  • Nickle
  • Copper

How Many Flute Cuts Are Available in a Burr Bit Set?

Syndent rotary burr bit sets are available with three standard flute cuts. Some unique cuts are also available.

These flute cuts are used commonly. You can use these flute cuts to remove extra metal and give a smooth finishing to your workpiece.

You can use Syndent high-quality burrs with various automatic and manual machines to attain the desired grinding and deburring results.

The three available cuts are:

  • Single cut
  • Double cut
  • Aluminum cut

Single cut

The single-cut flute is an ideal solution for cutting extra material present in your burr bit set. Single cut rotary burr bits are used for removing large chips of metal. It works faster than other cuts to remove excess material.

You can use single-cut flutes, usually on stainless steel, copper, cast iron, and ferrous material, to attain a smooth finishing.

Double cut

Syndent’s rotary burrs with double-cut flute work extremely fast. Double cut flutes, available in Syndent’s burr bit set, consist of two intersecting cuts.

Double cuts are also called diamond cuts. You can conveniently use double-cut rotary burr bits on non-metal materials like plastic, wood, and gold.

Syndent’s double-cut burrs provide you with better control, cleaning, and fine finishing.

Aluminum cut

Aluminum cut flutes usually work on non-ferrous material. It also works efficiently for the removal of excess metal pieces on a large scale.

Aluminum cut burrs help you in grinding, deburring, and cutting. It is also helpful in enlarging holes.

What Is the Use of Burrs in the Burr Bit Set?

Syndent burr bit sets are used to serve different tasks of a project. Your expense of workforce reduced, and output increased.

Syndent’s rotary burrs are also called rotary files or bits. You can use your rotary files for shaping, deburring, cutting, grinding, and removing sharp corners.


You can use your burr bit set for the final shaping of materials. Various materials like steel, iron, plastic, and platinum are reshaped by industries using carbide rotary burrs.

Shaping means molding a piece of material. You can use Syndent’s rotary burrs to reshape any particular material.


Deburring (removing excess materials) helps to modify your material using burrs. When specific tasks are performed on material like welding or cutting, some particles remain on the surface.

The particles on the surface of materials are burrs which you have to remove. Deburring is the process of eliminating those rotary burrs.


The rotary burrs in the burr bit set possess very sharp teeth. The rotation speed is very high. You can use Syndent bits to cut hard materials sometimes.

But we do not recommend you apply them to the cutting purpose all the times because it is a deburring not cutting tool.


Grinding is the finishing process of a material. You can make the material smooth by removing the rough corner edges of a specific material.

Syndent’s rotary burrs provide a steady grinding process and give a fine and smooth surface to your material.  

What Is the Manufacturing Process of Burr Bit Set?

Syndent’s burrs in the burr bit set are manufactured under the guidelines of International Industrial Standards. We keenly observe the development process of each tungsten carbide burr.

Syndent uses high-grade raw material for the manufacturing procedure. The procedure goes through a rigorous quality control system. We ensure quality work before distributing them to our valuable customers like you.

Besides regular maintenance of the manufacturing machinery, Syndent checks all the machines and their functioning after every three months.

Syndent’s manufacturing process for burr bit set includes the following steps:

  • Material Selection
  • Brazing
  • Balancing
  • Blending
  • Shaping
  • Toothing
  • Polishing
  • Packaging

Material Selection

Syndent selects high-quality and premium grade raw material for making burrs. We produce quality burr bit sets for remarkable results.


After the material selection, the solid tungsten carbide is brazed with silver for the excellent quality of burrs. The brazing process takes place at a moderate temperature.  


After the brazing process, different tests of balancing are performed. These tests are performed to check out the balance tolerance level. 

Syndent test device sets to check the balance of burr bits.


Bending is the process of measuring the hardness level of the rotary burr bits. Shaft bending is conducted to find the required strength of the rotary burr.


After confirming the strength of the burrs comes the shaping process. Syndent uses modern CNC machines to attain the desired shapes of rotary burrs in the burr bit set.


After attaining the desired shape, toothing is the process of sharpening the single and double-cut flutes.


Syndent’s second last process of burr manufacturing is polishing. We polish the shafts of the burr bit set smoothly to give it a smooth and comfortable finishing.


The final step is the packaging process. This step is performed after erasing every error from the burrs and giving them attractive packaging. 

Syndent also prepares the company logo on the burrs of the burr bit set and then arranges for deliveries.    

What Are the Targeted Industries for the Burrs of a Burr Bit Set?

In the modern age, industries are demanding projects that reduce the workforce and introduce rotary burr bit sets.

You can also save costs using the burrs of various burr bit set in different sectors.

Syndent provides very special rotary burrs that can be used in many sectors like construction, fabrication, carving, etc.

Industries that can use these burrs in their daily routine are as follows:

  • Fabrication
  • Engineering
  • Sculpture making
  • Jewelry making
  • Toolmaking
  • Grinding
  • Model engineers
  • Casting
  • Automobile
  • Welding

Rotary Burrs in the Burr Bit Set Are Beneficial for Whom?

Whatever industry you belong to, Syndent burr bit sets help you get good grinding results. People who get benefit from Syndent’s burr bit set are:

  • Engineers
  • Metalworkers
  • Fabricators
  • Toolmakers
  • Sculptors
  • Engravers
  • Welders
  • Technicians

How Many Types of Burr Bit Set Do Syndent Make?

Syndent manufactures a wide range of rotary burrs in a burr bit set. You can use your carbide burrs on any shape and material.

Some of them are as follows:

Burr bit set for steel

It ensures that your rotary burr has a unique ability to cut the steel with its sharp flute.

Burr bit set for stainless steel

Syndent burrs for stainless steel are prepared by micro-fine carbide. It is used for reshaping, cutting stainless steel.

Fiberglass rotary bits

It is one of the best burr bits to use on a fiberglass surface.

Long shank burr bit

These burrs have long shanks and can reach in narrow areas for a smooth finishing.

What Are the Benefits of Burrs in a Burr Bit Set?

There are many pros to using Syndent burr bit sets or die grinder bits in your daily routine work. Some of them are as follows:

  • Provide some exciting output on ferrous and non-ferrous material
  • Can easily remove any stock
  • You can apply it in doing various jobs
  • Long-lasting and accurate cut provided on many materials
  • Efficiently work for longer productions
  • Syndent provide multiple shapes and sizes of a burr
  • It helps in saving time and resources

Do Burrs in a Burr Bit Set Contain Various Shapes?

Syndent provides you burrs in various quality shapes to meet the demands of every industry.

These burrs can be used on all materials. The various shapes are as follows:


Designed for flat surfaces and safely remove excess materials

Cylinder End Cut

Effortlessly work on the right angle corners

Cylinder Radius End

It is designed to remove extra material from arcing surfaces at any angle

Ball Shape

It is an ideal burr for preparing the surface for brazing. Due to its ball shape, it can be used or round edges

Oval Shape

It is specially used for round edges to remove extra material skillfully

Tree-pointed End

Ideally used on a material with narrow and long positions

Tree-Radius End

Used for material with narrow edges and long arcs with the use of systematic machines

Flame Shape

Used on materials featured with round edges

Cone Shape

Work quickly and effectively on inner-holes

Taper Radius

Perfectly remove corner edges and reaches on narrow positions

Taper Pointed End

Easily access narrow areas and remove unwanted material from those areas

Inverted Cone

Designed for the rare positions of any material

How Many Types of Sets Are Available for Burr Bit Set?

Syndent gives the most popular rotary burr set in the market. Our products are made with high-quality and graded raw material.

You can use a rotary burr bit set for grinding, shaping, polishing, and deburring. You will get delivery at any time.

Different sets are designed as per the demand of our customers. You can choose any burr bit set up to your requirements:

  • 25 Pcs Carbide Rotary Burr Bit Set
  • 20 Pcs Carbide Rotary Burr Bit Set
  • 12 Pcs Carbide Rotary Burr Bit Set
  • 10 Pcs Carbide Rotary Burr Bit Set
  • 9 Pcs Carbide Rotary Burr Bit Set
  • 8 Pcs Rotary Burr Bit Set
  • 5 Pcs Rotary Burr Bit Set
  • 4 Pcs Extended Rotary Burr Bit Set

What You Should Consider Before Buying Any Burr Bit Set?

Rotary burrs in a burr bit set can be easily used with different drilling machines. Syndent’s burrs are so versatile in functions that you can use them in grinding, deburring and gives a better finishing to any material.

Before buying any burr bit set, you have to check some details:

Number of Burrs

Syndent provides burrs in a pack of burr bit sets in which each burr has a different size and shape suitable for additional work.

Some of the packs contain the size of 5 or 10 burrs. Some large sets consist of up to 20 or 25 burrs in a set.

Shank size

The other point to be considered while choosing a burr bit set is the shank size of burrs.

Choose the shank size as per your machine’s requirement.


The rotary burrs are solid material and remain for a long time, but you have to check the warranty of the burr bits before you buy any burr bit set.

Syndent provides you these elements and ensures you about the quality of the burrs in a burr bit set.

What Is the RPM Should You See While Working with Your Burr Bit Set?

There are different sizes of rotary burrs in the burr bit set. Working speed (RPM) is faster in small burr sizes and slower in large-sized burrs.

Following is the table comparing the sizes of burrs in the burr bit set with RPM.

No Burr SizeRPM
12.4 mm17000 – 26000
23.0 mm17000 – 26000
36.0 mm11000 – 16500
413.0 mm8000 – 12000
516. 0 mm7650 – 11500


How Much Pressure Can Be Applied While Working with Burr Bit Set?

You must apply moderate pressure on the materials and hard metals to complete the grinding process.

Syndent manufactures rotary burrs in a unique style using advanced technology. Therefore, you don’t need to apply too much effort while cutting the materials.

If you apply too much pressure, they lose cutting strength. Too much stress can also cause unwanted lines on the working piece.

Working with minimal pressure may cause clogging in your burr’s flute. So, it is recommended to apply a moderate pressure to attain better and desired results.

Are Burrs Suitable for Cutting a Stone?

The industries that deal with stone cutting and carving mostly prefer rotary burrs for such tasks.

Syndent designs rotary burrs in a burr bit set that have superior density and high-level performance and can be used even on stone.

Syndent rotary files or burrs are very sharp that make shapes and curves of stones easily.

Are Burrs Suitable for Cutting a Glass?

Yes, using Syndent carbide burrs, you can reshape a glass. To cut glass, we design burrs from tungsten carbide.

You can conveniently reshape, cut, and smooth the edges of the glass with Syndent’s rotary tools.

What Precautions Should I Take before Working with Burr Bit Set?

Many workers are not familiar with the work procedure of burrs. So, industries must take some precautionary measures before start working on a burr bit set and guide the workers about them.

  • Fit the shank part correctly and ensure that it works properly
  • Use protective clothing to avoid any injury
  • Use a proper and functional workbench before you start applying a rotary burr to your workpiece.
  • Take serious caution while dealing with more extensive materials
  • Use gloves, ear defenders, goggles, and face shields while working with your carbide burrs.
  • While changing the burrs, make sure the power supply is disconnected.

Is the Use of Burr Bit Set Cost-Effective or Not?

Purchasing a burr bit set in bulk is economical and affordable. Syndent provides you different sets of burrs at a very reasonable price. You can order these 5pcs, 10pcs, and up to 20pcs sets as per your requirements.

Syndent also manufactures burrs in a customized form. If you want to mark your company logo on the burrs, you quickly get that.

Are Custom Designs Available in Syndent Burr Bit Set?

Yes, you can get a customized burr bit set.

Talk to the trained technicians at Syndent, give them your demands and they will provide you with your desired cuts and sizes in your burr bit set.

What Is the Maximum Delivery Time of Burr Bit Set?

Syndent manufactures and supplies burr bit sets globally. We receive orders from all over the world.

A systematic delivery procedure is followed to provide you with fast and on-time deliveries. The time of delivery depends on the sets or pieces of burrs you ordered.

If you use the premium option, your order delivers fast than in simple option. Usually, it takes 15 – 30 days to deliver your order to your doorstep.

However, customized orders and bulk orders may take a little longer than standard burr bit sets.

Are Syndent’s Burr Bit Sets Certified?

Syndent’s priority is your safety. Therefore, we make rotary burr bit sets according to the International Standards. Some of these quality standards are as follows:

ISO 9001

It is a quality standard measure, which ensures and approves the processes and management systems.

It clarifies that Syndent manufacturers can produce rotary carbide burrs as per customers’ demand.


It is a standard measure responsible for checking the production tools.

CE Certified

It is awarded that Syndent has manufactured all rotary burrs in a burr bit set up to international health, safety, and environmental standards.

Are Syndent’s Burr Bit Sets Eco-Friendly?

Syndent’s rotary burrs are eco-friendly. It depends on the raw martial uses to manufacture rotary burrs. Syndent uses high-quality tungsten carbide for the manufacturing of burrs.

Syndent believes in the product’s quality and checks that the product has no harmful effect on the environment.

The material used in making rotary burrs can be recycled. Many factories give their trash to the recycling industries, which help remove the harmful effect on the environment.

What Is the Lifespan of a Burr Bit Set?

In general, rotary burrs in a burr bit set are long-life products. These burrs are manufactured with tungsten carbide, which is a vital element.

Tungsten carbide makes a burr harder and resistant. It makes the long tool life and enabling to bear any resistance.

In Which Way You Can Clean Burrs in a Burr Bit Set?

Syndent recommends different methods to clean your burrs in a burr bit set. The best way to clean is to use concentrated muriatic acid or ultrasonic cleaning methods.

Cleaning of a burr is essential for the tool’s more extended life.

Soak your clogged burr in acid or caustic soda. The acid dissolves the extra deposits making your burr neat and clean.

Why Buy Syndent Burrs?

  • Syndent manufactures rotary files with the use of advanced six-axis CNC machines. It offers you the best consistency rotary burr bit set. We keep the flutes sharp to work on your more rigid materials.
  • Syndent provides a wide range of rotary burrs in a burr bit set. The burrs are available in single-cut, double-cut, and aluminum cut. Some unique cuts are also available to work on specific surfaces.
  • Syndent’s rotary burrs are very easy to use. These burrs are sharp enough to cut any material you want.
  • High-quality tungsten carbide burrs save your work pressure and time and remove materials efficiently. Syndent saves your cost and delivers your order within the given time.
  • Syndent manufactures rotary burrs up to international standards and uses high-grade raw material for the production process.
  • Syndent prepares variable types of rotary burrs in a burr bit set that fits your requirements. We can customize rotary tools to meet your needs.
  • Syndent provides you the customization facilities. You need to provide us your requirements, and we will produce as per your demand.
  • Syndent provides you high-quality carbide burr bit set at competitive prices.
  • Syndent also offers email inquires and customer services available for 24 hours and responds quickly to all the queries.

For any queries, contact us right now.


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