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Burr File

Syndent Burr File

Syndent burr file ensures you have versatile ways to complete different tasks on your workpieces.

We produce burr files that have great processing quality and a high finish on all material surfaces.

Syndent has manufactured quality burr files for 11 consecutive years to meet your industrial needs.

We have massive 41 sets of fully automatic advanced CNC machines. We also have more than 40 highly qualified employees.

Together with our experienced engineers, Syndent can make a very fast dispatch of burr file against your regular dispatch. We observe strict quality control in every manufacturing process.

Burr File

Cylinder burr file is ideal for contour finishing, flat surface removal.

Burr File

Cylinder with end cut burr file is suitable for removal contour and right-angled corners

Burr File

Cylinder with radius end burr file is suitable for processing contour and arc surface at a certain angle

Burr File

Ball shape burr file is good for machining round edge and end pre-processing before brazing

Burr File

Oval shape burr file is suitable for round edge removal

Burr File

Tree with radius end burr file is perfect for grinding round edge in long and narrow positions

Burr File

Tree with pointed end burr file is used for machining round arc contour in long and narrow places

Burr File

Flame shape burr file is good at round edge machining

Burr File

Cone shape burr file functions like a countersink. Suitable for chamfering inner hole

Burr File

Taper with radius end burr file is widely used for round contour removal in narrow positions, and surface machining

Burr File

Taper with pointed end burr file is suitable for narrow position deburring and counter surface machining

Burr File

Inverted cone burr file is suitable for rear-side chamfering from the inner side.

Why Syndent Burr File

Syndent burr file can provide you with wide uses like in metalwork, engineering, toolmaking, model engineering, etc. You can achieve great performance in jewelry making, welding, and so on.

Our burr file can help you in machining, deburring, shaping, cleaning, chamfering, cylinder head porting, wood carving, sculpting, etc.

You can machine metals like steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, titanium, nickel, silver, cover, etc.

You may conveniently file other materials like wood, plastics, GRP, CRP, and more. Syndent burr files can make your work much easier, faster, and effective.

Syndent ensures effective delivery speed upon your regular burr file order. Whether you work with a limited budget or have a stable source, we make the fastest delivery.

We can do independent research to develop CNC equipment. Syndent can as well add equipment in order to maximize bur file production capacity when needed. Thus, we can easily meet your delivery speed needs at any time.

Burr File

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of burr file before production.

Burr File

Syndent automatically brazes burr file with silver in a low temperature.

Burr File

We must make the burr file jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Burr File

Syndent examines the hardness of burr file shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

Burr File

Solid burr file needs a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Burr File

Syndent CNC grinds the burr file teeth after the tests approved

Burr File

Syndent polishes the burr file shaft, and its brazing position

Burr File

Syndent makes your logo on the burr file, and stick your own label on the case.



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  • Syndent has all the popular carbide cutters and shapes. Succeed in helping many customers save costs in the past decades.

  • Range from the dental laboratory to clinic purpose. Either a dental technician or dental doctor could find what you demand here.

  • You have creative nails through Syndent amazing nail carbide burrs. We can do better and think about what you think.

Your Best Supplier of Burr File

Syndent guarantees you the quality, consistent and stable supply of burr files. The actual quality of Syndent burr file official order always reflects the quality of the samples received.

Based on our over 11 years of historical experience, we have a good reputation for honesty. We value credibility as the pillar of our existence. Through our quality control system, we can track every manufacturing process to respond. Syndent can at any time, supply you with high-quality burr files.

Syndent has a stable enterprise structure that can promise you a rock-solid supply chain.

Three individuals founded the existing Syndent Company. A technical research and development engineer, an equipment maintenance engineer, and a business sales supervisor.

Syndent participated in the formulation of the Chinese Standards for the Rotary File Industry. Thus, the Syndent burr file you buy always remains on the leading level in the industry.

Syndent has an EU certification CE certificate. You can now have direct access to all import customs clearance. Syndent burr file has the professional inspection report from Stork Herron Testing Laboratory, United States. The burr file you purchase has successfully passed strict standards and conditions and has guaranteed quality.

We design and sell more than just the burr file. Syndent produces and distributes products like power carving burrs, carbide die grinder bits, carbide burr set, etc. Our line of productions features quality tools you can apply in various industries worldwide.

You can reach us through various media platforms and ask for an instant quotation of Syndent burr file now.

Burr File – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you in search of something unique that can deal with the rough edges of metal plates?

Or, you need to make a surface rust-free before polishing?

What if you find something fast and lightweight to carve sculptures out of the wooden logs?

It is very easy and convenient to find answers of all these questions.

Syndent is an amazing trading solution for all burr files.

Let’s move on to know more!

What Is a Burr File?

Burr file is a high-speed rotary tool used to grind and mill various materials. These small files turn around at an excessive pace.

Syndent is known to use cobalt–tungsten carbide to manufacture high-grade burr files. The strong tungsten carbide permits them to perform at higher speeds as compared to HSS cutters.

You can divide the burr files into two significant parts – shaft and flute. Shaft is the straight long part of the burr that you fix tightly in the collet.

You can conveniently fix the collet with numerous rotary tools.

The second part is the sharp flute. The cuts and shapes of flutes are available in numerous styles. Syndent uses a specific K25 material to manufacture flutes of the burr file.

This material prevents your burr from corrosion and you can work for longer with strong and sharp flute teeth.

Get Syndent rotary file bits in exemplary sizes and shapes and fulfill the needs of different industries.

How Does Syndent Manufacture Burr File?

Syndent fabricates famous rotary file sets with expertness. All Syndent burr files are made with extraordinary strong tungsten carbide.

You may use Syndent rotary files for grinding, sprucing, shaping, and deburring.

It has been over 11 years since when Syndent started to serve the world with high-class burr files.

Syndent has a large stock of rotary products in stock to ensure on-time deliveries. Syndent manufactures bits with the 5s management solution i.e.

  • Accumulating raw material
  • Brazing method
  • Balancing and bending test
  • Cutting
  • Sharpening and packaging

Syndent manipulates every production manner beneath the traceable precept. It promises that your burr files possess a precise manufacturing status.

Syndent highly qualified engineers design your carbide burr according to your requirements. You may provide a sample that you need.

For example, give Syndent the sample of the flute cut, shape, size, or shank length.

Or, you can also order customized burrs. Customization includes your brand’s name and contact details on the shank or packaging.

Once you approve the sample, Syndent provides, the production starts. You may additionally import Syndent general tungsten carbide files for your wholesale.

Also, Syndent provides you with amazing after-sales services. For this reason, Syndent needs to be your reliable burr file manufacturer.

The 5s Management Solution

Here is the elaboration of what we mean by 5s management solution:

1.      Accumulating Raw Material

Syndent gathers raw tungsten carbide from the country’s best cobalt providers to manufacture burr files. The production system does not begin till and unless Syndent’s best manage crew approves the raw material provided.

2.      Brazing Method

The engineers use silver to braze the raw shafts and flutes. Different ways are used to join two metal pieces like welding, soldering, and brazing.

Syndent chooses brazing because it gives strength to the burr file and leaves no joint marks behind.

3.      Balancing and Bending Test

Once the brazing process is complete and the burr gets its primary shape, engineers test its balance.

Checking the balance, thoroughly, results in smooth rotation of the burr file while grinding. The balancing test is followed by the bending test.

The burr is bent to a certain extent to ensure that it will tolerate the vibrations and push back actions while working on hard metals.

4.      Cutting

At this level, the flute receives its shape and cuts. In the CNC machines, the flutes are processed thoroughly to obtain sharp predetermined teeth cuts.

5.      Polishing and Packaging

After attaining the final flute shape the burr files are then polished. Syndent can coat your burrs with TiN, TiCN, TiALN, and LTE (on demand).

Here comes the very last stage. The packing team packs and seals your Syndent exquisite burr files.

If you want, Syndent can also print your brand’s information and name on the packaging.

What Are the Uses of Burr Files?

You can use burr files in different fields of life. There are several uses of files like they are being used in grinding, shaping, and cutting. You can also fix it in die grinders, pneumatic rotary tools, and dental drills.

Burr File for Concave Cuts

Working on concave surfaces or round edges has never been so easy. Syndent presents ball-shaped and oval-shaped burr files to mill arced corners.

For example, woodcarvers benefit from the carbide carving burr files and make amazingly carved sculptures in no time.

Appropriate for Metal Work

Syndent burr bits work adequately on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Whether you are working on hard metal or soft metal like gold and silver, the versatile rotary bits give you amazing results.

Burr Files for Flat Surfaces

Another usage of burr files is to grind flat surfaces. Syndent cylinder-shaped bits are perfect to deburr flat surfaces.

You can also mill flat surfaces that have arced or perpendicular corners.


Let’s find out!

How will you get it?

You can work on angled corners with the help of variable end cuts. Syndent manufactures cylinder-shaped burr files with three variable end cuts.

  • Flute with a flat end,
  • Flute with an end cut, and
  • Flute with a radius end.

All three cuts are specified for typical grinding purposes.

For Deep Narrow Regions

Syndent burr files are also useful to grind deep and narrow areas. Syndent tree-shaped bits adequately reach deeper areas and grind unwanted metal chunks.

  • To machine the narrow areas that have pointed bottoms you need to have a tree-shaped burr file with a pointed end.
  • And for a narrow area with an arced bottom, a tree-shaped burr with a radius end will do good.

For Chamfering Holes

Syndent manufactures cone-fashioned burrs and inverted cone-shape files for treating inner holes and rare facets, respectively.

What Are the Features of a Burr File?

A burr file comprises of the following features:


Syndent tungsten carbide burr files are known for their hard core. There is a vast range of metals and materials that you can grind conveniently with these files.

The reason for its hardness is the raw material. Tungsten carbide itself is a hard material that gives strength to the burr.

No matter how hard is your workpiece, Syndent burr files can bear the vibrations and resistance.

High Ductile Property

To achieve the best results, the grinding bits must be shock-resistant. By this, we mean that the burr must be flexible enough to tolerate the vibrations while working on hard surfaces.

Imagine your burr file breaks during grinding hard steel. It will destroy your workpiece, can injure you, and also you feel bad for your broken burr.

To avoid such conditions, Syndent uses tungsten carbide as the raw material. Its resilience prevents the file to break through grinding.

First Rate Dimensional Stability

Do you know what are excellent belongings burr files have to own?

It may work for years without dropping its authentic form and sharpness. Syndent’s sharp burrs are recognized for their dimensional balance.

The hardness of the workpiece doesn’t make the flute cuts blunt. You can work with one burr for countless times with the same efficiency as you experienced the very first time.


Another amazing feature of Syndent burr files is their versatility. With a single bit handle numerous jobs.

For example, it would be really hard to get separate burrs if you deal with multiple materials. Similarly, it is nearly impossible to repeatedly change burrs in the collet for grinding, deburring, and cutting.

Syndent makes it easier for you. Tightly screw the burr and grind, cut, and make holes on multiple surfaces.


A super burr must be heat-resistant. Milling and grinding tough surfaces result in heat production.

The burr gets hot with constant friction. Ideal heat-resistant burr files can tolerate high temperatures.


Syndent burr files are lightweight and don’t burden your work. They are light because weight is not the reason to chip out excessive chunks.

It’s the sharp flute teeth that grind the material effectively.

Size of Burr

The size of burr can be reduced or increased depending on your business demand. Variable flute sizes and different shaft lengths are a vital factor that makes Syndent burr files stand out among other.

Thick and Thin Burr Files

Besides variable sizes, the thickness also varies in Syndent tungsten carbide burr files. The shanks are available in different diameters to fix in different tools.

Similarly, flutes possess different thicknesses to work on every surface. You can choose the adequate thickness according to your workpiece.

Quality of Burr File

The quality of the raw material makes trustworthy burr files. For that, you must have to go to the company you can trust, like Syndent.

Quality of a burr may help you to make your work easier and comfortable.

In How Many Shapes Can I Get Burr Files?

Syndent burr files are available in so many shapes. These shapes are:

  • Cylinder burr file with an end cut
  • Cylinder burr file with a flat end
  • Cylinder burr file with a radius end
  • Oval burr file
  • Ball-fashioned burr file
  • Flame-shaped burr file
  • Pointed tree burr file
  • Radius-end tree burr file
  • Cone-shaped burr file
  • Inverted cone burr file
  • Taper burr file with a radius end
  • Taper burr file with a pointed end

Now you may ask:

What are the one-of-a-kind varieties of burr files in terms of application?

Syndent die grinder bits are appropriate for different shapes and spaces.

You can use them for grinding and contouring:

  • Flat surfaces
  • Round edges
  • Narrow areas
  • Right angles
  • Curved corners
  • Holes
  • Pointed end
  • Uneven surfaces
  • Unwanted materials

Which Burr Files Are Suitable for Milling Flat Surfaces?

Burr files can easily mill flat surfaces in order to modify or demolish them. Syndent files are designed to machine the suitable flatness of surfaces. Normally it’s far important to meet the tolerances, to correctly comply with its venture.

By choosing the correct type of burr files from a well-known company like Syndent you may become able to do any work.

What is the correct type of burr?

The burr that perfectly suits your work requirement is the correct burr type. For flat surface grinding, you can use cylinder-shaped burr files.

The variety in the cylinder-shaped burrs provides you the facility to work on flat surfaces with variable angles.

How Can I Grind Round Edges with Burr Files?

Grinding and drilling the round edges are possible with Syndent burr files. Work precisely and adequately.

But more than that, you should have to use/choose the quality product, correct burr file, and perfect manufacturer in which you can trust, like Syndent.

For round edges, Syndent creates ball-shaped and oval-shaped rotary files.

You can conveniently contour the round surfaces, with these burrs, leaving the area smooth and finished.

Flame-shaped and tapered burrs can also work well for machining round-edged areas.

Can I Make and Enlarge Holes with Burr Files?

Yes, why not?

Creating or enlarging existing holes on metal surfaces is not a dream anymore. You can conveniently make holes on soft and hard metal surfaces.

Correct size, shape, and quality make your work easy because by having them you can create the holes and be able to enlarge them with Syndent burr files.

You can amplify holes on uneven surfaces. It is a super burr to expand holes on metals and gives smoothly completed outcomes.

Now making holes on hard metals is not a big deal – thanks to Syndent high-speed burr files.

Which Workers Benefit from Burr Files?

Workers from the following industries get an advantage from Syndent burr files. Among many other the leading industries are:

  • Engineering sector
  • Metal workers
  • Shipbuilding
  • Dental field
  • Nail remedy
  • Tool making
  • Welding
  • Sculpting
  • Jewelry making
  • Automation
  • Wooden carving

You may use Syndent carbide grinding burrs for metallic grinding, metal fixing, fabrication, and deburring welded elements.

Except for commercial use, Syndent rotary bits also benefit you in your daily-life household maintenance projects. You may have an idea in the subsequent topic.

Can I Use Burr Files in My House?

Burr files are becoming common and useful these days not even in industries but you can also use Syndent burr bit sets in your house. There are several ways of using burrs in your home.

Use of Burr File for Drilling

You can use burrs for drilling. Burrs are quite useful for drilling holes in variable places for different meaningful reasons.

For example, how about drilling a hole in the PVC door for fixing the door lock?

Use of Burr Files for Grinding

Grinding rough surface is not difficult to do with your handy pneumatic shafts. Fix the desired burr file in the collet and deburr the uneven surface.

For example, you can fix the rough edges of your car’s bonnet (caused due to an accident).

Use of Burr Files for Polishing

Another useful aspect of grinding bits in homes is preparing the surface for polishing. Or, you can also remove rust or damaged polish from the surface by using an appropriate burr file.

Double-cut or diamond-cut burrs are ideal to smoothen a surface and prepare it for polishing.

Can I Grind Glass with My Burr File?

Yes, you can definitely!

Among the vast range of products that can be ground with the help of Syndent burrs, glass hold a significant place.

You can make holes, grind, deburr, or clean the surface from unwanted glass chunks. Variable sizes and exemplary flute cuts help you to get the desired results.

For example, if you are linked (somehow) to the glass industry, Syndent burr files are definitely an exceptional addition to your toolbox.

Contact Syndent customer services team right now and book your carbide burr set.

Can I Carve Wood with My Burr File?

Carving wood is a fascinating experience. Syndent burrs are the correct companions in your rotary carving tools.

Syndent burr files made with high-grade tungsten carbide are long-lasting, efficient, and require much less cleaning than other comparable rotary carving equipment.

Syndent burr files are also helpful in carving and engraving. With these fast-shifting sharp carbide files, sculptors can effectively work on metallic pieces, timber, plaster, or fiberglass.

Carving minor details of a portrait in a wooden log has never been so easy. Sculptors were used to carving with the help of a chisel and hammer.

Electrical rotary tools have made the carving precise and quick.

On What Materials Does Burr File Work?

The number of workable materials is countless. Let’s go through some of them:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Titanium
  • Brass
  • Acrylics
  • Nickel
  • Glass
  • Zinc
  • Polycarbonate
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Plastic
  • Ceramics
  • Cobalt
  • Stone
  • Plaster

How to Use a Burr File?

Here are specific tips you can follow to attain better grinding results:

Do No Longer Practice of an Excessive Amount of Pressure

As with any drill bits and burrs, pressure plays an important role. It is not the pressure that gives you a smooth finish rather the sharp teeth that chip away excessive material.

Putting unnecessary pressure on the grinding burr file will cause uneven lines on your workpiece. Or, it can cause damage to the sharp teeth of the flute.

It is recommended to keep the pressure moderate. Also, keep it moving on the desired area, and achieve the required results.

Maintain the Carbide Burr at the Move

While using Syndent burr file, ensure that you keep the burr moving. It will help you to move along the grinding process neatly and evenly.

Working on a same position for longer cause unwanted marks on the workpiece.

Moreover, to end up smoothly, Syndent recommends you to quit with an upward stroke.

Useful Note for De-clogging

Have you tried using your burr file on a forged iron?


Try it! It will leave your burr neat and new-like.

Selection of the Burr File

The main factor that determines your successful grinding is the selection of the burr file. For example, if you choose an inverted cone-shaped burr to grind a flat surface, it will not give you the desired results.

Similarly, while cleaning a hole, the size of the burr file matters a lot. Too small or too big burr may end up with a waste of time and energy.

So, be wise while selecting the burr bits. It is recommended to select a file almost half of the hole or even shorter when you need to grind a hole.

Blessings of Tungsten Carbide Burrs

  • Lengthy lifespan
  • Use for long manufacturing procedures
  • Excessive stock removal
  • Ideal for the use on many different and difficult materials
  • Ideal for deburring, carving, shaping, and smoothing welds, molds, dies, and forgings

What Safety Measures I Must Take While Using a Burr File?

Safety is Syndent’s priority. Listed below are the necessary measures. Ensure to follow them while working.

  • Most importantly, the shank of your burr file must be tightly clamped in the collet. Otherwise, it might break or fall off the machine due to the high-speed rotation.
  • Hold the stress mild and keep the burr shifting from place to place.
  • Like the burr in the collet, it is really important to fix the workpiece on the workbench.
  • Have you checked the air pressure before starting your work?
  • While changing or replacing the burr file, ensure that the power plug is disconnected.
  • Have you checked that the burr size, shape, and flute cut are the best pick according to the requirement?
  • Keep the working space clean from any debris, dirt, slippery materials, like water, lubricant, grease, or oil.
  • Wear eye protection, at the least, however, better nonetheless use a full guard on your face.
  • Gloves, ear defenders, boots, and fire-retardant suits are mandatory to have while deburring.
  • Do you have a history of breathing problems? If yes, wear a breathing mask to stay safe.

Syndent values your safety. So, make sure to stay safe while machining on a metal surface with Syndent high-speed rotary tools.

What Is the Difference between a Tungsten Carbide Burr File and an HSS Burr?

Following are the basic differences between tungsten carbide burr files and HSS burrs:



Tungsten carbide burr files are harder than HSS burrHSS burr are soft comparatively
Tungsten carbide burr files have a longer life spanThey possess a shorter life
They are heat-resistant. So they possess a strong ability to work in high temperatureHSS burrs are not able to tackle the high temperatures
Their ductile nature allows them to work on hard materials without getting damagedHSS burrs are brittle and tend to wear off quickly while working on hard metals
Tungsten carbide is the raw material – as the name suggestsThese are made with high-strength steel
Working of tungsten carbide burr files is 4 – 7 times faster.In comparison, the HSS burrs work on a slower pace
When it comes to pricing, burr files made with tungsten carbide are expensiveHSS burrs are relatively cheaper

hat Is Syndent’s After-Sales Services Policy?

Syndent customers are quite precious and valuable for us. For this reason, we keep on trying to send the best and quality products to our customers.

But, still in the case, if you have received any defective item you can return it and get it replaced. Syndent offers you the return policy within the warranty time.

Moreover, Syndent keeps you updated about the new launches and promotional deals. You can take advantage of the discounted prices on your next bulk purchase from Syndent.

How Can I Import Burr Files from China?

“Quality is all you need and we believe”

You can import the burr files from Syndent in variable ways. The best and recommended way is to visit China, explore the manufacturing process at Syndent, and place your order.

You will be contended to visit the factory premises. Here highly educated engineers and fully trained and experienced staff work effortlessly for you.

One-to-one meetings have many advantages attached to them. But, if you cannot travel, a trusted representative on your behalf can do a favor for you.

Syndent deals with your partner and designs the burr files accordingly.

Another way to place an order is through the internet. You can conveniently explore the product range Syndent offers you on the official website.

Or, you can call an online meeting (on demand). Syndent official website contains the contact information. You can call on the phone, or send an email.

Once you have placed the order, it is time to finalize the method for shipment. You can do it by yourself if you are aware of the terms and conditions.

Secondly, you can hire a freight forwarder, or ask Syndent to deliver your consignment. Choose the option that best suits you.

After that, relax and wait for your packed high-quality burr files to reach your doorstep.

Who Is the Ideal Burr File Manufacturer in China?

Syndent is no 1. Being a perfect and ideal manufacturer of burr file in china Syndent gives you the best product and offers the amazing deals you could ever desire for.

International Stable Clients

Syndent has got more than 100 international stable clients. Our happy customers trust Syndent for high-grade burr files.

You can see the statement by Fortune 500. They have checked even the minor details of the manufacturing process and reported Syndent as the best burr file manufacturer in China.

Professional Lab Check

In Syndent laboratory, the burrs are tested while and after the manufacturing process, which includes sharpness, tool lifespan, etc.

Quality Control Team

Syndent’s QA/QC team keenly keeps a check on the quality. It is not compromised whether it is the raw material or the balancing test.

Throughout the manufacturing process, the team inspects the quality of burr files is up to the standards mentioned by international authorities.

It is because for Syndent your safety is the priority.

Competitive Prices

Syndent is considered one of the most authentic carbide burr producers. It helps minimize production costs. You may advantage from the competitive prices.

Goal & Honest Comparison

You can compare the burr files by various manufacturers. You could understand which one is better via your personal comparison.

Speedy & Constant Delivery

Syndent continually ships the orders in 7 – 30 days. Syndent has a stock of raw material to ensure on-time deliveries. Grow your business with Syndent!

Professional Employees

A group of trained and efficient employees works in Syndent to manufacture flawless burr files. The R&D team constantly works for innovations.

Quality is never compromised when it comes to high-grade tungsten carbide grinding burrs.

Ideal After-Sales Policies

Syndent policy guarantees that you will be glad about your burr bit. We are able to make unfastened replace if it does not feature as we defined.

So, get a quote right now and enjoy rotating the burr files and cleaning the surfaces.

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