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  • More than 11 years of manufacturing experience
  • Mirco-fine tungsten carbide for your burr set
  • Silver brazing with low temperature
  • Advanced 6 axis CNC machine under the USA technology
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Burr Set

Syndent Burr Set

Syndent burr set can provide you with multiple flexible ways to cut or grind metal and non-metal materials.

Our burr set selection allows you to make excellent fine detail work. You can trust our burr set for great performance and durability on all types of material surfaces.

Syndent has accumulated extensive experience in manufacturing quality burr set for a decade and more years now.

Our success depends more on an adorable multiple sets of 41 sets of fully automatic advanced CNC machine.

Found in China, Syndent factory seats on a wide area. It accommodates the equipment and more than 40 professional staff including engineers.

1/2” cut diameter. 7-piece of nonferrous Aluma cut carbide burr, ideal for aluminum removal.

1/4” flute diameter. 1/4” shank. 8-piece burr set is suitable for all metal removal.

1/2” flute diameter, 1/4 shank, double cut burr set.

1/2” and 3/8” flute diameter. Double cut burr set.

1/4 cut diameter. 1/4” shank. 8-piece of burr set. Accept your custom design.

1/2 flute diameter, double cut burr set. It is best for metal removal under contour and arc surface.

1/4, 3/8, & 1/2 flutes. Double cut. 1/4 shank burr set, Click for details

1/4, 3/8, & 1/2 flutes. Double cut. 1/4 shank. 9-piece burr set. Click for details.

1/4 flute. double cut. 1/8 shank. 9-piece miniature burr set.

1/8 flute with 1/8 shank. double cut. 10-piece solid burr set.

1/8 cut diameter, 1/8 shank, 10-piece of double cut burr set, solid carbide material

1/8 cut diameter. 1/8 shank. double cut 12-piece of mini burr set.

Flute 1/8 to 1/4. shank 1/4. double cut. 12-piece burr set. click for detail items

3/16 to 1/4 flute diameter. 1/4 shank. double cut, 12-piecec solid burr set.

1/8 flute diameter various shapes, all 1/8″ shank Burrs, single cut, solid carbide.

Various Shapes 25 pieces of Burrs, single cut, shank 1/4, click for details.

Composed of 4 pieces extended shank rotary burr. Shank is 1/4” x 6”

Why Syndent Burr Set

You can boldly use Syndent burr set in professional work that include deburring, chamfering, shaping, enlarging, carving, etc. At the same time, you can engrave, machine, polish, clean, grind, cut, cast and more.

You can accurately use our burr set on various metals including steel, cast steel, carbon steel and more. You may use on other materials such as zirconia, wood, ceramics, marble, jade, plastics, bone, stone, etc.

Syndent burr set offers you industrial applications as well. You can use in engineering, welds cleaning, jewelry making, tool making, model engineering, metal smith, metal sculpting, etc.

Syndent manufactures high quality, stable and consistent burr set. We ensure that the actual quality Syndent burr set matches the quality of the samples.

Syndent has more than 11 years plus historical experience and have remained honest over the years. We treat credibility as the backbone of our success.

Besides, our quality control system helps us responsibly track every manufacturing process. Thus, we can at any time supply you with stable high-quality grinding Syndent burr set.

Burr Set

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of burr set before production.

Burr Set

Syndent automatically brazes burr set with silver in a low temperature.

Burr Set

We must make the burr set jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Burr Set

Syndent examines the hardness of burr set shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

Burr Set

Solid burr set needs a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Burr Set

Syndent CNC grinds the teeth of burr set after the tests approved

Burr Set

Syndent polishes the burr set shaft, and its brazing position

Burr Set

Syndent makes your logo on the burr set, and stick your own label on the case.



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  • Syndent has all the popular carbide cutters and shapes. Succeed in helping many customers save costs in the past decades.

  • Range from the dental laboratory to clinic purpose. Either a dental technician or dental doctor could find what you demand here.

  • You have creative nails through Syndent amazing nail carbide burrs. We can do better and think about what you think.

Your Best Supplier of Burr Set

After more than 11 years of development, Syndent has successfully cooperated with several huge companies worldwide. This includes MSC (Fortune 500), Grainger, Snap-on, etc.

Therefore, you won’t experience cases associated with confidentiality. This has greatly helped us accumulate a rich customer experience. You can therefore benefit from professional and efficient service.

After welding the Syndent burr set, we ensure the head jump is within 10 wires. This is to suit your workers’ convenience and holds work for long, without the cutting head falling off.

We also use the torque wrench in testing the welding fastness and lies within the maximum limit of the desired torque. You’ll never have Syndent burr set head fall off and can maintain a super cutting force.

Syndent has an established 12-hour hotline and online chat and contact. Also, we have active WhatsApp, Messenger, and Skype media platforms. You can conveniently reach us any time you feel like. Our customer service representatives can satisfactorily answer all your questions regarding Syndent burr set.

burr set

We produce other high-quality cutting tools besides Syndent burr set. This includes carbide burr drill bit, tungsten carbide burr set, die grinder stone bits, carbide burr for wood carving, and more. Our products rank top amongst best-performing tools.

For details regarding Syndent burr set including instant quotation, contact us at any time. Our customer service representative can handle all your questions

Burr Set: A Complete FAQ Guide

When in burr business like carbide burrs, rotary files or die grinder bits, you need the best manufacturer and supplier. This FAQ guide gives more information about the burr set. In the end, we believe you’ll have the knowledge and chose only a quality burr set for your industrial use.

So, come along with us!

What Is a Burr Set?

This simply refers to different pieces of sharp bur tools used in industrial functions. You can use them to cut, grind, drill or grind different kinds of materials.

Whether your job requires precision metalwork, toolmaking, engineering, jewelry making, and so on. Syndent burr set tools are all that you need for premium results.

Manufacturers design such tools from different raw materials for quality performance. You can burr set from diamond, tungsten carbide as well as High-Speed Steel.

The different raw materials have different quality features. The sets designed from each of the raw materials can offer different industrial performances. You have the freedom to choose a suitable burr set that can perform well on your projects.

burr set

The flawless tool can have various shapes, sizes, and designs. This enables you to have the flexibility of handling all functions your project demands.

Other than designing the pieces from different materials, manufacturers can apply different surface treatments. This also adds durability and better performance to the burr set. The highly durable material and surface coating help the perfect set to withstand the test of time.

Also, the tool can have included different flute styles: double or single. Also, you can freely choose what works well for your project.

Designing burrs in a set helps you save on cost as you increase your productivity and efficiency. Besides, the Syndent burr pieces have uniquely designed cutting edges that prevent chipping.

Unlike similar burr set on the market, Syndent classic tools can provide an extremely fast cutting time. You can fit on most power tools including die grinders. Therefore, they provide material cleaning, trimming, porting tools, finishing and forging your workpieces.

How Do You Manufacture Burr Set?

Syndent manufacturers the tool using denser raw materials. We ensure we have certified raw materials in our laboratory. Through our advanced CNC machine and highly skilled staff, we can develop only a premium burr set.

Syndent produces perfect pieces with professional-level quality, acceptable in the industry. They remain highly suitable for industries that want perfect and precise results.

burr set

Manufacturers use the following process:

Material selection

The first thing that happens upon receiving the raw materials, we evaluate before commencing with the production.

The Syndent R&D team, under the supervision of a warehouse manager, inspects the raw materials. They vigorously select fine-grain denser raw materials and sign them to the warehouse.


Once we have received the quality grade raw materials in our warehouse, Syndent brazes the ideal raw materials together.

We apply uniform brazing using silver material under absolute temperatures. This can ensure that the joining remains strong regardless of the material load.


Once we have applied to braze, Syndent now performs jump tests on the burr set. The jump tests confirm a certain degree tolerance level. Through our advanced CNC machine, we achieve a 0.1mm or less balanced tolerance level. This can ensure accurate results on various materials at all times.


Once the manufacturer achieves a balanced tolerance level, the CNC machine applies a bend on the product. Bending tests the tool’s hardness, especially the shank and the brazing position. This confirms that the pieces can manage any type of load when applied on various material surfaces.

burr set


After the manufacturer assures that the burr pieces have attained the required strength, they apply various shapes. The shape includes SA, SB, SC, SD, SE, etc. We use the CNC machine to grind the head into desired quality shape.


After the test approval of the set of burrs, we proceed to provide ideal teeth to our tools. Once again Syndent uses a CNC machine to grind the shaped head into fine, accurate, and sharp teeth.


This part of the production comes as the last process before packaging. Syndent applies a polish on the entire shank including the brazing area. Polishing provides the ideal premium pieces with a smooth finish for comfortable handling.


To finalize the production process, manufacturers provide attractive packaging to the perfect set. Our control system guarantees that the given set receives every needed detail for industrial performance. Syndent makes an appropriate logo, sticks labels, and makes shipment arrangements for the burr product to relevant customers.

How Can You Use Burr Set In Various Industries?

In any purchase of burr pieces you buy, you can receive various shapes. Any shape from the burr kit can offer you incompatible applications on materials surfaces.

Designed from the highest-grade raw materials, burr tools can provide flexible functions. This includes cutting, chamfering, shaping, material removal, grinding, deburring, etc.


Syndent burr kit comes with diverse cuts. Featuring sharper flutes and excellent strength, the sturdy set can shape any material as required.

They can provide different shapes from materials including stone, hardened steel, bone, steel, cast iron, fiberglass, etc. It allows you to have perfect and accurate shapes from your workpieces with an extremely faster and quality cut.

burr set


Most industries globally use quality burr sets to grind multiple material surfaces. To grind any type of material, including hardened steel, you need quality and hard tools with high performance.

Syndent can make the pieces from denser materials. Such tools can remove a great amount of material from the given workpiece and leaves a smoother finish.

However, when you use a diamond set, you can expect a slightly rougher finish. Some industries prefer this. Nonetheless, with an ideal tungsten carbide burr set, you don’t require another tool for a smoother finish.

Syndent burr flutes provide an amazing cutting power that can help you easily grind your piece of work.


Any industry that deals with metals and other materials have to slice the materials into smaller manageable pieces. Quality burr kits have proved as quality and sturdy cutting tools you can rely on in slicing those materials.

As indicated, we provide extremely sharp, stable, and powerful cutting blades to our perfect burr sets. Whichever burr set you choose, Syndent can only guarantee a classical cut. Syndent provides an efficient and accurate way you can cut your materials into desired pieces, shapes, and sizes.


The supreme set can also help in removing sharp and rough edges on various material surfaces. We refer to this function as deburring. Deburring means modifying your workpiece by removing tiny sharp materials called burrs.

After applying specific tasks to your piece of work like cutting, shaping or drilling, burrs can certainly occur. To clear the burrs, a quality burr set by Syndent can help you. Syndent burr kit features everything needed by an industry to accurately deburr and perform other tasks as well.

burr set

Enlarging Holes

Syndent burr kit comes with multiple pieces designed with contrasting shapes. The contrasting shapes can offer discrete functions like cutting, deburring, grinding, shaping, drilling, and enlarging holes.

For example, you can drill your material with a suitable premium single-cut tool. Because single cut burrs have single flutes that provide an up cut. They produce longer chips while cutting the material.

If you intend to enlarge holes, either a spherical or a ball-shaped single cut can give the best results. They produce concave and progressive cuts to precisely enlarge holes on specific materials.

Hole-enlargement is common with stone and wood carvers and metal engravers. You can achieve the best performance of the ideal burr set with high-speed handpieces such as die grinders.

These describe few functions. You can agree that a set of quality burrs can easily meet most of the project demands. From cutting, deburring, shaping and enlarging holes to cleaning, drilling, chamfering and porting engine cylinder heads. It offers an endless list of functions which saves you money and time.

Which Type of Tool Suits Burr Set?

Syndent set of burrs can fit most power and air tools. When paired with a rotary tool, you can have the best performance out of the specific set. High-speed power and air tools provide high rotation of the given set. They also allow adjustments to suit the burr size recommended RPM speed.

The compatible tools with Syndent set include:

  • Die grinder machines
  • Flexible shafts
  • Hobby rotary tools
  • Micro motors
  • Pendant drills
  • Pneumatic rotary tools
  • High-speed engravers
  • burr set

How Should You Assemble the Burr Set On Power/Air Tools?

Since Syndent automates all of its tools, you need to correctly pair with an appropriate high-speed tool.

First, you need to find the correct tool that can accommodate the shank diameter of the burr set. This can guarantee a perfect fitting for accurate and better results.

Syndent burr set can fit most of the handpieces currently on the market. When you buy the desired burr set, ensure you find the right handpiece. If you doubt anything, seek advice from the manufacturer, who can suggest the correct tool to use.

Any power tool you choose for the burr product looks almost similar to others. The handpiece features a rotating spindle with a collet or chuck.

The collet/chuck holds your tool burr set in place and the rotating spindle rotates the tool at a high speed. You can power the rotary tool with either electricity or compressed air.

When assembling the set in the collet of the rotary tool, make sure to tighten using a wrench. Any loose assembly results in wobbling, causing the shank to bend or the teeth to wear out faster.

Eventually, the tool might interfere with the accuracy of your workpiece. You can have inaccurate dimensions with your workpiece.

Which Raw Materials Do Use In Manufacturing Burr Set?

Syndent can produce burr set from different types of raw materials. We can design quality bur pieces using diamond, tungsten carbide, or high-speed steel (HSS).

Diamond burr pieces can perform differently compared to tungsten carbide and HSS. This is because diamond is a very hard material than the two.

When you use a diamond burr kit on materials, it grinds strongly leaving a slightly rougher final finish. Certain industries prefer using diamond burr kits for certain reasons.

The tungsten carbide burr kit has a slight resemblance with the diamond burr counterpart in terms of hardness. However, the tungsten carbide burr quality kit leaves a fine smoother finish on any material surface. Also, the tungsten carbide burr pieces can retain their sharpness better than the diamond burr set and HSS.

HSS on the other hand has slightly lower performance on the same materials than diamond and tungsten carbide. However, HSS burr can have outstanding performance on specific materials with lasting performance. Furthermore, they cost lower than the other two.

Depending on your project requirements and budget, you have the free selection from diamond, tungsten carbide or HSS burr pieces.

burr set

Which Materials Can Burr Set Process?

Using Syndent burrs, you can easily and quickly all types of materials. This is especially when you use sets of burrs made from either tungsten carbide or diamond raw materials.

Some of the numerous materials Syndent sets of burrs can process include:

  • Stainless steel
  • Hardened steel
  • Cast steel
  • Carbon steel
  • Cast iron
  • Nickel
  • Platinum
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Zirconia
  • Glass
  • Drywall
  • Concrete
  • CRP
  • GRP
  • Wood

Where Can You Use Burr Set?

Many industries can use the burr pieces to fulfill the most demanding tasks on their projects. Syndent sets of burrs have all that it takes to withstand any material load. Therefore, our quality sets can apply in industries including:

  • Metal smith
  • Dentistry
  • Shipbuilding
  • Aerospace
  • Automobile
  • Railway
  • Agriculture
  • burr set

The specific users in the industry include the following:

  • Engineers
  • Model engineers
  • Grinders
  • Tool makers
  • Welders
  • Jewelry makers
  • Fabricators
  • Carvers/engravers
  • Casters

Why Should You Have A Continuous Grinding with Burr Set?

With the premium ideal set, you need to apply a consistent grinding process and not still for long. When you prolong the stillness, the burr set can stop jabbing or digging the specific material.

Eventually, it causes significant poor processing functions like grinding, cutting, drilling, shaping, deburring, etc. You experience unusual smoothness with unsightly marks that appear on the workpiece.

Useful Note: Cast iron metal can help you easily clearly remove clogs between the burr’s flutes. You can easily achieve a smoother finish on your material surface with an upstroke application using this specific set.

burr set

Why Shouldn’t Use Too Much Force When Cutting Material Using A Burr Set?

In essence, the specific piece design nature allows it to rotate at greater speeds. When used on a rotary machine, it spins at very rapid speeds to fluently cut the material as required.

Furthermore, Syndent designs extremely sharp blades that allow easy and effective slicing of materials.

Thus, you don’t need to apply a lot of force when cutting any kind of material. The faultless tool can do the work on its own as long as you direct it where to cut. You should only concentrate on the material to cut.

When you use excessive pressure to try and cut your workpiece, the blades of the burr set begin to lose their cutting efficiency. When the flutes become blunt, the working efficiency deteriorates gradually.

When you continue to use the blunt burr sets to cut materials, the head overheats. And also you don’t achieve accurate results with the tool. This means you need an extra budget for another new burr set.

If you allow the burr set to do the work, you achieve accurate results and good performance of the tool. Also, you increase the tool’s lifespan.

Does Burr Set Provide Various Cuts?


With a quality bur set, you can achieve various functions on materials with the different burr cuts. Depending on the project needs, Syndent designs a set of burrs with three contrasting flute styles. The three provisions allow you to choose what suits your workpiece demands.

Single Cut Burr Set

With a single cut, we have single flutes that run spiral in an upward direction. The right flutes provide an upward cut to process materials like steel, cast iron, copper, stainless steel, and more. You can as well use non-ferrous materials including aluminum, brass, gold, platinum, etc.

burr set

Single cut set helps in achieving faster stock removal without easily clogging. Moreover, they provide a remarkably smooth finish, especially when using the tungsten carbide burr type of set.

You can use it in milling, cleaning, removing burrs, removing heavy material, etc. Single cut burr can produce longer chips hence can drill materials.

Aluminum Cut Burr Set

Syndent designs the aluma or aluminum cut burr kit specifically to process aluminum and other soft metals and non-metals.

They have the same design flute style as the single cut, although a little wider and deep in the arrangement.

They offer very heavy stock removal from all soft materials. The wider flutes prevent easy material clogging and increased work efficiency with a smoother finish.

Amongst the common uses of aluminum cut, the burr set includes finishing, hole-enlargement, clearing welds, aggressive cuts, grinding, etc.

Double Cut Bur set

This looks quite different from the single and aluminum cuts in terms of flute arrangements. The double-cut set includes an extra flute that runs in the left, upward direction. The right and left flutes form a web pattern, ideal for providing a faster and smoother finish than the rest.

Thus, the double-cut burr kit can work perfectly on steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and more. Also, applies to soft materials including aluminum, platinum, brass, nickel, wood, zirconia, plastics, marble, etc.

Dual cut quality burr set creates very small chips, thus, suitable for smooth finishing. It helps in smooth grinding, removing sharp edges, polishing, cleaning, and removing light stock.

burr set

Which Types of Burr Set Can You Have?

Syndent manufactures different sets of burr commonly applied in various sectors of the industry. You choose the 4 pcs burr set, 5 pcs burr set, 8 pcs burr set, 9 pcs burr set, etc.

The 4 pcs set can include extended oval shape burrs used to remove round edges. The extended burr can process material in hard-to-reach places.

We have the aluminum premium set that can include 5 pieces designed to process aluminum and soft materials.

The 5 pieces can also come as a dual quality kit featuring a 1/4-inch/6mm shank. You can fit on most of the rotary tools. This ideal kit can provide high processing efficiency with a high finish on most material surfaces. It offers a sharp and most durable progressive cut. Mostly applied in metalwork, wood carving, engineering, tool making, engineering, etc.

The 8 pcs perfect kit can include double cut, designed from quality raw materials. It can feature 1/4-inch with 6mm shank size.

Syndent also manufacturers a 9 pcs burr kit which can have miniature burrs ideal in removing metal. The miniature burr set features 1/8 with a 3mm shank size.

Lastly, we have the 10 pcs high-quality kit. This can include everything you need for all your industrial needs.

burr set

Does Burr Set Have Varieties of Shapes?

Very true.

Syndent burr sets can have non-identical shapes. This ensures industries have various ways of fulfilling the demands of their projects. Syndent makes quality burr kits in shapes that include:

  • SA burr
  • SB burr
  • SC burr
  • SD burr
  • SE burr
  • SF burr
  • SG burr
  • SH burr
  • SJ & SK burr
  • SL burr
  • SM burr
  • SN burr

Do We Have Sizes of Burr Set and Recommended RPM?

Manufacturers make quality kits in various sizes for convenience of use as indicated in the table below.

NoBurr SizeRPM
12.4mm17,000 – 26,000
23.0mm17,000 – 26,000
36.0mm11,000 – 16,500
413.0mm  8,000 – 12,000
516.0mm  7,650 – 11,500

burr set

Each of the shapes or type of burr set you select dictates the speed to use in processing materials. A manufacturer can give RPM recommendations for the burr set produced.

Using the manufacturer RPM recommendations provides ways you can safely and correctly use your choice set. Speed has a lot of influence in determining the longevity of your burr tool.

Note that when you use the aluminum cut in processing soft materials, we recommend not to use extra high speed. Extreme speeds can severely damage the material and the flutes can wear out rapidly.

Useful note: When processing materials, follow the guide that provides appropriate speed. With this, you have guaranteed durability of the tool and better performance for desired results.

With a big-sized burr, we suggest that you apply the recommended 35,000 RPM. However, you should not exceed this speed.

Can Use Burr Set to Engrave an Artwork on Steel?


Classical burr sets can feature various pieces designed from quality materials. Therefore, you can comfortably use it to process steel. This includes deburring, cutting, carving, shaping, chamfering, machining, casting, polishing, cleaning, etc.

Also, you can accurately engrave an artwork on steel. The best choice includes rotary file for steelcarbide burr for steel and die grinder bits for steel. Commonly used by fabricators and engineers to shape, engrave, grind, etc.

Can Bur Set Process Glass?


The burr kit consists of special tools with sharp, effective, and durable cuts. You can progressively cut, shape, drill, carve, engrave, deburr, polish or clean your piece of glass.

You may use fiberglass router bit as a dedicated tool to process glass. With extreme hardness because of high material density, the fiberglass router bit can have impressive performance.

Useful note: To cut glass finely and effectively with quality results, ensure you do it before applying a tamper. Otherwise, a tampered glass can easily shutter and might not produce quality results.

Can You Use Burr Set On Wood?

Syndent understands the industry and the needs of different projects. For this reason, we make quality burr sets to ensure you have unlimited options that can fulfill all the demands.

Wood features amongst materials that have a lot of moisture content. Using ordinary burrs can perform all the functions but not effectively. Therefore, Syndent designs special burrs that can suit the various applications on wood. Using Carbide burr for wood carving can effectively process wood.

Syndent has perfectly made a carbide burr for wood carving with an improved cutter’s angle. The wider flutes enable you to grind wood into shapes without debris clogging the flutes easily. Besides, the ideal tool doesn’t wear or grow hot easily. You can enjoy high efficiency and dustless performance for long life.

burr set

What Makes Burr Set Highly Durable?

Burr kit’s durability can depend on some important factors.

First of all, the speed used on the rotary tool to spin the particular set has a lot of influence. When you adjust high speeds than recommended can have an impact on the cutting efficiency. It causes crud on the burrs. The flutes lose their sharpness which lowers their durability.

The technique used to handle the burr tool when processing materials can affect its durability. For precise cutting and durability, use the least pressure and allow the burrs set to process the material. This greatly boosts the longevity of the flutes and contributes to accuracy in various applications.

The burr set’s teeth have an extremely sharp design that cuts through materials without using force.

The regular maintenance and the procedure you use to clean the faultless burr kit can also determine the longevity of use. Syndent sets of burrs have designs that provide dustless performance. However, with time, the dust particles can accumulate and stick between the flutes which can lead to overheating.

When you use a clogged burr tool in cutting materials, they tend to overheat and wear out faster. This affects the cutting sharpness because of reduced durability.

To remain on the safer side, ensure you use the correct method to effectively clean the dirt between the flutes. At the same time, ensure you clean the ideal burr set regularly.

Furthermore, the burr kit’s overall quality can affect its durability. Since we have various materials that manufacturers make the burr kit, they have varied overall performance. The materials have different grades and cannot perform the same. Some can last longer while others have low durability.

burr set

The process manufacturers use to develop burr pieces also can affect their durability. Syndent uses a strict control system that ensures the burr kit observes the international standards. Therefore, you can have a quality performing, and lasting tool.

The type of material you process has a lot of influence on how long it can last. Cutting hard materials can easily wear the cutting edges of the burr than when you process soft materials.

Based on the factors above, regardless of the durability of the burr kit, other factors can contribute to their longevity.

How Much Can You Buy a Burr Set?

The cost of buying a perfect set of burrs can vary based on multiple factors.

First, we can have variance in price because of the minimum order of the kit from the manufacturer.

Some manufacturers can give you discounts if you purchase the burr products in large quantities. Therefore, buying a greater number of quality pieces can give you a good deal from the supplier.

The set of burr’s quality can also determine the cost of the ideal tool. Burr sets have different designs from different materials. The materials have different grades and low grades have low price tags than the highest grades.

The brand of a particular set also has a lot of influence on the price tag. Popular brands price their burr set expensively than others. The difference in price rates depends on factors like the market and the brand positioning.

Also, the design, standard or customized, can dictate the price of the burr kit you intend to buy. Burr pieces designed in standard form costs lower than the customized pieces.

As seen in our explanation, you can agree with us that burr sets don’t have fixed prices. They can vary based on several factors indicated here.

Other than Syndent burr set, you can try out some of our similar products. They include carbide burr setsolid carbide burrrotary file set, etc.

Kindly contact us if you need a quotation for Syndent burr kit.

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