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Syndent Carbide Ball Burr

Syndent Carbide Ball Burr

Syndent carbide ball burr, also called ball burr bits, is a round ball-shaped carbide rotary file burr.

We manufacture all the carbide ball burr with Syndent CNC machine. The grinding wheel makes many sharp flutes on the carbide ball burr. Syndent carbide ball burr is definitely suitable to grind or smooth metal, wood, plastic, etc.

Syndent has been an expert on carbide ball burr in the past 11 years.


S/C cut carbide ball burr is ideal for general purpose fluting. Produces long chips..


D/C carbide ball burris suitable for very efficient stock removal. Creates a small chip. Good finish. Excellentoperator control.


Alu cut carbide ball burr is suitable for nonferrous materials. Aggressive stock removal.

Why Syndent Carbide Ball Burr

Syndent ball burr(spherical burr) is made with K20(YG6) grade tungsten carbide materials. Our carbide ball burr is widely used in different fields. You can use ball end carbide burr for industrial application, dental laboratory, dental clinic, carving works, nail beauty, glass repairing, jewelry manufacturing, etc.

Syndent designs carbide ball burr commonly for deburring round bottom holes, convex slots, and so on. These ball grinder bits are best to remove curved metal and other material surfaces. You can also use Syndent carbide ball burr to enlarge small holes or beautify fillet welds.

Syndent has all shank sizes of carbide ball burr for your free choices. The shank diameter ranges from 1.6mm(1/16), 2.35mm(3/16), 3mm(1/8), 6mm(1/4), 8mm(5/16) to 10mm. And you can also custom the shank length of the ball burr, and ball burr set.


1-Carbide Ball Burr material

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of carbide ball burr before production.

2-Carbide Ball Burr brazing

Syndent automatically brazes carbide ball burr with silver in a low temperature

3-Carbide Ball Burr balance

We must make the carbide ball burr jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

4-Carbide Ball Burr bending

Syndent examines the hardness of carbide ball burr shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

5-Carbide Ball Burr shaping

Solid carbide ball burr needs a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

6-Carbide Ball Burr toothing

Syndent CNC grinds the carbide ball burr teeth after the tests approved

7-Carbide Ball Burr polishing

Syndent polishes the carbide ball burr shaft, and its brazing position

8-Carbide Ball Burr package

Syndent makes your logo on the carbide ball burr, and stick your own label on the case.



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Your Best Supplier of Carbide Ball Burr

Syndent carbide ball burr comes in a wide variety of types, including carbide ball burr for steel, carbide ball burr for inox, carbide ball burr for laboratory, carbide ball burr for surgery, carbide ball burr for a manicure, etc.


Syndent must promise you an excellent consistency of carbide ball burr. The smallest ball burr is only 0.5mm diameter. This kind of carbide burr ball is generally used for carving or surgery. Syndentcontrols the carbide ball burr with the smallest tolerance for your strict working.

We also have cylindrical carbide burr, cone carbide burr, flame burr, oval burr, SF 5 carbide burr, etc.Carbide Ball Burr


Syndent will check every ball nose burr raw material before brazing. To ensure the flat bottom is absolutely smooth. That guarantees you have the best welding quality.

We accept sample production, you only need to mail the competitor’s carbide ball burr to us, Syndent can help you easily overcome the competitors. There have been many successful cases for your consideration.

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Carbide Ball Burr: The Complete FAQ Guide

Also known as ball burr bits, Syndent carbide ball burr features round ball-shaped rotary file tool.

Syndent’s manufacturing team processes the ideal ball burrs using CNC machine. Using a precise grinding wheel, the team designs the ideal carbide burr with several sharp flutes. The Syndent carbide ball burr provides several uses revealed later on in this guide.Carbide Ball Burr

What is Carbide Ball Burr?

Carbide ball burr refers to a rotary file made with extreme quality throughout the overall manufacturing process. The ball nose burr takes the round ball-shaped design, suitable for smoothing or grinding specific metals, plastics, wood, and so on.

Widely used by welders and other industries to machine all the round edges as well as pre-processing material before brazing.

Other industries use the carbide ball burr to deburr round bottom holes on materials, convex slots, and much more.

The ball grinder bits effectively removes curved metal and lots of material surfaces. You can increase hole-indent or beautify your fillet welds with the carbide ball burr.

Different fields use Syndent ball grinder bits in glass repairing, manufacturing jewelry, nail beauty, carving works, and so on. Also, industries can use carbide ball burrs in various industrial applications including dental clinic and dental laboratories.

Do We Have Several Uses of Carbide Ball Burr?

Yes.Carbide Ball Burr

We have several uses of carbide ball burrs applied in different industries.

Syndent designs ball burr bits in different cuts mainly to deburr, grind, remove, machine round edges, pre-process and finish surfaces. However, the uses of Syndent ball burrs can vary from industry to another.

Let’s have a look at several uses achieved with carbide ball burrs:


Syndent designs carbide ball burr to suit several uses on different materials in different sectors. You can shape objects by extracting materials you don’t need on a workpiece to a desired shape or design.


You can also grind a material surface with an ideal carbide ball burr. Here, you can extract extra elements off the handpiece to get better results.

Built with extreme hardness and toughness from cemented carbide compound, Syndent carbide ball burr offers effective performance. Has sharp tooth design with the carbide spherical burr’s cutting edges functioning as blades.

With high-speed rotation features, the carbide ball burr gives the ability to continually grind the material surface into a desired shape.Carbide Ball Burr


Syndent’s ideal carbide ball burr features cutting edges that function as blades. Because of this, you can effectively and easily slice different materials into smaller manageable pieces.

You manage materials only when in small shapes, dimensions or shapes. You can achieve this by an ideal carbide ball burr that precisely cuts different materials.


Another major function you can achieve with carbide ball burr. The main function here involves the modification of a handpiece at hand.

You, therefore, extract burrs and sharp edges on the workpiece, effected by the use of Syndent carbide ball burr.

Increasing Hole-Indent

You can use carbide ball burr to enlarge a hole on a specific workpiece or increase it to a desired diameter.

Material Removal

You can fluently remove steel, cast iron, or hard metal using an ideal carbide ball burr. With ball end carbide burr, you work easy and not hard on various materials.

The main focus of designing Syndent carbide ball burr includes the achievement of multiple machining functions. The ball burr handles a series of many functions hence a multi-purpose tool industry can admire to use.Carbide Ball Burr

Which Tools Can You Use With Carbide Ball Burr?

Although Syndent carbide ball burr suitably works well on die grinder machines, several industries use them on various tools.

Industries use carbide ball burrs on tools like die grinder machines, high-speed engravers as well as Pneumatic tools. You’ll find other industries using them on Flexible shafts, Pendant Drills, Micro Motors, and sometimes in hobby rotary tools.

Useful note: When you use the tungsten ball burr on the die grinder machine, let the workpiece run true.

Which Different Materials Can Carbide Ball Burr Work On?

Actually, you can work on any material using Syndent carbide ball burr. You can remove extra material on most materials, deburr or even grind with the ball nose burr.

Syndent carbide ball burr works perfectly on both hard and soft metals and other materials.

The materials include:

  • Titanium
  • Carbon Steel
  • Gold
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Al ceramics
  • Fiberglass
  • Cobalt
  • All types of wood
  • All plastics
  • Nickel
  • Cast Iron
  • Hard SteelCarbide Ball Burr

What Makes Carbide Ball Burr Ideal on Several Materials?

Syndent’s manufacturing group operates automated CNC machines that carefully manufacture the ideal carbide ball burr. The carbide comprises of a blend of tungsten and carbon compounds.

When the two elements come together, they create a quality alloy. The quality alloy, in this case, resists rust, scratches, pitting and works even in hot temperatures.

Carbide ball burr has toughness and hardness, almost similar to that of a diamond. Besides high strength and toughness, the carbide ball bur features high density. When we combine these features together, you can use carbide ball burr to slice different materials easily and smoothly.

Also, ball burr bits do not wear out quite easily but offer the user with smooth and fine working experience. Syndent designs carbide ball burrs with competitive prices either in China or across the globe.Carbide Ball Burr

Can You Cut Stone Using Carbide Ball Burr?


Syndent Diamond Cut Carbide Ball Burr can cut stone and several other hard metals like heat-treated, tough alloy steel.

When the Diamond Cut Carbide Ball Burr on stone or other tough metals, you need a lot of control. Cutting or shaping stone with Diamond cut carbide ball burr usually takes more time than working on other soft materials.

When working on stone with the diamond cut carbide ball burr, remain watchful so that the burr doesn’t burn up.

Ball Shaped Router bits from superior carbide grades provide the user with extreme perfection on hard materials like stone or hard steel.

Useful note: A quality diamond burr gives a perfect cut and shape on stones and other extreme materials including glass.

Can You Use Carbide Ball Burr to Cut Glass?


You can use an ideal diamond cut carbide ball burr to cut through glass. Syndent designs diamond cut carbide burr with an extra hardness to cut tough materials and offers an excellent finish on a handpiece. The diamond cut ball burr bits have extra density, toughness, and hardness to manage the task at hand.

Only that, when using diamond cut carbide ball burr, look out that the burr doesn’t burn. Also, use protective gear to cover your eyes and face. Use gloves to avoid cuts on your hands.

Can Carbide Ball Burr Cut or Shape Wood?

Absolutely yes.

Syndent carbide ball burr slices and makes desired shapes on a given piece of wood with a lot of ease. Different sectors in industries use carbide spherical burrs to cut wood into manageable pieces and make desired designs.

With hardwood, the diamond cut carbide ball burr offers great strength, toughness and density to handle tasks effectively.

Can Carbide Ball Burr Slice Steel?


Most industries and especially metal fabricators use carbide ball burr to slices steel into smaller, manageable pieces. With an equal measure of tungsten and carbide, carbide ball burr has hardness and toughness, three times than of steel.

When you use on a die grinder and other reciprocating tools, you can cleanly slice a steel metal like butter.

Carbide ball burr has great effectiveness compared to High Speed Steel (HSS) burrs. When used on a HSS burr at very hot temperatures, HSS burr softens easily, unlike carbide ball burr.

Syndent carbide ball burr provides the user with great performance when used on steel and other soft and hard materials.

Who Can Use Carbide Ball Burr?Carbide Ball Burr

Anybody in an industry or anywhere can use carbide ball burr in specific different ways.

Wood carvers, engineers, metal workers, and model engineers use carbide ball burrs in handling tasks in their line of duty. Also, dentists use them in dental laboratories and dental clinics to prepare cavities in teeth, ready for a refill.

In automotive, mechanics use carbide ball burrs in head-porting engine cylinders. Other industries use the tools in tool-making, deburring, welding, grinding as well as sculpturing.

Therefore, you can’t miss carbide ball burrs in industries like aerospace, automotive, metal smith, sculpturing, and many others.

Can Carbide Ball Burr Drill Materials?


Although not specially designed for drilling, some users of carbide ball burrs use the tool in drilling materials. Since it has a ball-nose shape, users like wood carvers and metal engravers drill materials using carbide ball burrs.

When using carbide ball burr in the drilling process, make sure the handpiece doesn’t wobble but runs true.

What Are the Pros of Using Carbide Ball Burr?Carbide Ball Burr

  • An ideal carbide ball burr has a long life
  • Provides effective results in extensive production runs
  • Works efficiently in removing the stock
  • Produces small chips while offering required final smoothness
  • Offers fluting functions in general
  • Gives the operator a perfect control
  • Provides effectiveness on several material surfaces

Why Shouldn’t You Put Carbide Ball Burr Still for a Long Time?

While using the carbide ball burr on die grinders, don’t keep still for a longer time. Instead, let the ball burr bits continue running.

Any prolonged stillness of the burr stops it from effective jabbing. Again, the burr stops digging the handpiece you work on.

Because of the carbide ball burr’s non-efficiency, the tool produces rough results with some unsightly marks on the workpiece. Furthermore, burrs lifespan reduces tremendously.

Useful note: To achieve finer results with smoother finishes on your handpiece, end the task using upstroke. Also, using your carbide ball burr on cast iron, the metal causes effective de-clogging.

What Are the Causes of Using Much Pressure With Carbide Ball Burr?

While using Syndent carbide ball burr on any material, only exert minimum or required pressure. With little or correct pressure, you improve the efficiency of the ideal carbide ball burr while increasing its lifespan.

With too much pressure, the following can happen:

  • Short lifespan of the burr
  • Premature smoothing of material surface
  • Chipping in the cutting edges of the burr’s fluteCarbide Ball Burr

Is Carbide Ball Burr’s Raw Materials Safe to the Environment?

At Syndent, we use quality solid carbide in designing top-notch products for consumers. The assigned QA team use cemented carbide together with iron rods to weld different products.

The ideal carbide ball burr includes solid carbide with iron. QA team responsible for processing can convert the worn-out burrs into other very useful products for consumers. This makes the carbide ball burr safe to the environment.

Can I Find Different Types of Carbide Ball Burrs?

At Syndent, the QA team works on ways to process various types of carbide ball burrs depending on flutes. You can use single cut Carbide Ball Burr, a Double Cut Carbide Ball Burr, and Diamond Carbide Ball Bur. We also have INOX Cut Carbide Burr and Aluminum Ball Burr.

Others include Steel Cut Carbide Ball Burr, Cast Iron Cut Carbide Ball Burr, and Extended Carbide Ball Burr.

Single Cut Carbide Ball Burr

You can use the single cut carbide ball burr for general function fluting. With single cut carbide ball burr, you can produce long chips on a given handpiece.

Double Cut Carbide Ball Burr

The ideal Double Cut Carbide Ball Burr removes stock on a given material efficiently. The ideal burr creates small chips on materials and offers a smooth finish. The burr also gives the user excellent control while in use.

Aluminum Carbide Ball Burr

The aluminum cut works efficiently on non-ferrous materials. The ideal aluminum cut carbide ball burr aggressively removes stock on non-ferrous materials.Carbide Ball Burr

Diamond Cut Carbide Ball Burr

The Diamond cut carbide ball burr works well with heat-treated and tough alloy steels that require maximum control. The burr forms a powder-like chip and provides an excellent finish on non-ferrous material surfaces.

Steel Cut Carbide Ball Burr

The Steel cut carbide ball burr aggressively removes steel residues from surface materials.

INOX Cut Carbide Ball Burr

INOX cut carbide ball burr ensures you have a perfect grind on stainless steel surface material without clogging effect.

Cast Iron Cut Carbide Ball Burr

You can use cast iron cut carbide ball burr to machine extremely hard iron metal. As mentioned earlier in this guide, your ball grinder bit de-clogs when you use it on cast iron material.

Extended Carbide Ball Burr

Extended carbide ball burr features an elongated shaft. You can use the ideal ball burr for areas that seem hard to reach.

Other than carbide ball burr, Syndent produces different options of carbide burrs for various applications. These include flame carbide burr, Oval carbide burr, and cylindrical carbide burr, and so on.Carbide Ball Burr

Which Technique Should One Use For A Long-lasting Carbide Ball Burr?

When you use carbide ball burr on a given material, let the carbide burr do the job. Since you want long-lasting ball burrs, apply the recommended pressure only. Manufacturers recommended little pressure than too much pressure.

With little pressure, the cutting edges of the flute cannot chip off easily. When you apply a lot of pressure, you experience unreasonable smoothness of the material surface.

In a nutshell, little pressure increases the life of the carbide ball burr while excess pressure reduces the carbide burr’s longevity.

With proper use of the carbide ball burr and maintain little pressure, you can work through many demanding tasks. You also get the ideal performance of the ball burrs in hot conditions for quite a long.

Can I get Carbide Ball Burr in Various Sizes and Respective RPM?

The following table shows a summary of carbide ball burr sizes and recommended RPM:

NoBurr SizeRPM
12.4mm17,000 – 26,000
23.0mm17,000 – 26,000
36.0mm11,000 – 16,500
413.0mm8,000 – 12,000
516.0mm7,650 – 11,500

Carbide Ball Burr

Syndent manufactures all relevant shank sizes of the ideal carbide ball burrs for customer’s free choice. The shank diameters come in the range of 1.6mm (1/16”), 2.35mm (3/16”), 3mm (1/8), 6mm (1/4”), 8mm(5/16”) to 10mm. Customers can as well receive customized shank length carbide ball burrs as well as ball burr set.

In most cases, manufacturers indicate the recommended RPM on the user manual. If not, you can contact manufacturers who can provide the right RPM.

The reason why we insist on the use of the right RPM is for better results. Also, for good performance of the ideal carbide ball burr.

Useful note: While using Syndent carbide ball burr, we recommend starting at low speed for better tool performance. Afterward, increase the speed gradually until you reach RPM. Don’t surpass the manufacturer’s recommended RPM.

Relative speed that manufacturers recommend with big-sized carbide ball burr should not exceed 35,000 RPM.

How Can You Fit Carbide Ball Burr on a Die Grinder Machine?

Syndent carbide ball burrs work well with die grinders and other tools. To correctly fit the burr on a die grinder, use a wrench to make it tight. Also, you can operate the tool in a handheld way.

For the carbide ball burr to operate well, you must pair the shank sides of burr on a relevant tool. You can pair on either a die grinder or any other relevant automated tool.

You can follow the manual guide for step by step fitting. While fitting the carbide ball burr, observe the safety measures for own and burr’s safety.

A correctly fitted carbide ball burr promotes improved performance and the tool lasts longer.

Is Carbide Ball Burr Worth Buying?

Yes.Carbide Ball Burr

Purchasing carbide ball burr comes along with a lot of benefits.

The benefits that come with each purchase of carbide ball burr include:

  • The ideal carbide ball burr comprises of high density, strength, and extreme toughness.

The features mentioned above comes as a result of a blend of both tungsten and carbon compounds. With these high-grade compounds, the ball burr works efficiently without easy wear or breakage.

  • Gives the user precision in dimensions various tooling processes.

A quality carbide ball burr gives the user a well-balanced tolerance on the workpiece.

  • At Syndent, we offer a wide selection of sizes as well as shapes customers can choose from.

We ensure that our customers don’t run out of options. We do this by giving them the freedom to choose a carbide ball burr that meets each job demand.

  • With carbide ball burrs, clients find ways to cost-effectively deburr or grind materials.

Because of carbide ball burr, you can perform desired tasks on a given workpiece in many ways. You can save a lot if you buy our ball grinder bits in larger numbers.

  • With carbide ball burr, you benefit from the versatility of the tool. This means that you can handle a lot of applications and achieve desired results.
  • Also, the ideal carbide ball burr gives improved overall efficiency for all functions you have. Because of the tool’s relative sharpness, you can handle tasks efficiently.Carbide Ball Burr

How Do You Manufacture Carbide Ball Burr?

To obtain a quality carbide ball burr, Syndent QA team ensures the ideal burr goes through an intense manufacturing process. They focus on attaining high international standards for a quality carbide ball burr.

During the process, we use carbide as the main material. Carbide comprises a blend of tungsten and carbon compounds. The idea focuses on giving our carbide ball burr meticulousness it deserves.

This involves:

Material Evaluation

The QA team assembles materials required for processing and evaluates them. Both carbon and tungsten goes via the least required international quality standards. The next step is to select high-grade materials only that proceeds to the immediate stage.


Here, we put a uniform braze on two metals involved. We use the carbide ball burr and silver only at low temperatures.


Immediately after uniformly brazing the two metals together, we perform a jumping test to the carbide ball burr. A jump test ensures the carbide ball burr gets a tolerance that doesn’t exceed 0.1mm for the next stage.Carbide Ball Burr


At this stage, we examine the hardness of the ideal tool’s shanks. The QA team tests the strength the carbide ball burr has.


This stage gives the ideal carbide ball burr the needed shape out of carbide rod elements. In this case, we grind the ball burrs uniformly until we achieve the desired shape.


This stage demands giving the carbide ball burr teeth or blades to identify it from other types. So that the burr attains the ball type teeth, CNC grinds the burr. This happens only after approving the tests.


Before Syndent packages the carbide ball burr for delivery, the relevant team smoothens and polishes the ideal burr. As part of finishing the burr, a polish includes an abrasive material.


As our final stage of processing carbide ball burr, we package the product ready for delivery. We ensure the ball burrs have logos and company labels as an identity from other burrs.

Which Safety Tips Should Guide You Wile Using Carbide Ball Burr?

At Syndent, we put our customers’ safety ahead of everything. Therefore, we advise our potential carbide ball burr users to follow safety rules while using our ball nose burr. You can avoid accidents when you follow safety rules. The correct application of the tool guarantees long life.Carbide Ball Burr

Follow these clues:

  • Let the carbide ball burr seat properly in the collet and clamp it firmly
  • Ensure you apply just a little pressure and allow the tool to do the task. The highest material, in this case, should come first
  • Securely make the workpiece firm in a workbench
  • Avoid any form of jamming or snagging of the carbide ball burr in any given task
  • Protect your eyes with safety gear and a face shield to cover the whole face

What Features Should You Look For in Ideal Carbide Ball Burr?

Syndent design carbide ball burr with quality features. We have several carbide ball burrs in the current market. Sometimes you can find some difficulties in getting your hands on what meets your demands.

Because of this, we focused on finding important features you shouldn’t miss when looking for the best carbide ball burr. We prepared the following approaches you can follow to get a suitable ball burr:

Meticulousness – Find out whether the ideal burr has a meticulous design. Ensure that it went through all the required stages according to international industrial standards.

As the burr goes through the stages, it picks important detail from each stage to depict the form designed for.

Durability – A good carbide ball burr should possess durability features. In this case, we refer to the ability to tolerate any tooling condition subjected to.Carbide Ball Burr

High-temperature Tolerance – A good carbide ball burr should tolerate high temperatures when in use for the longest time.

It means, even when the carbide ball burr becomes hotter, you can ahead with your task for a longer period.

Weight and Versatility – The ability of using carbide ball burr in different ways or cuts offers a lot of benefits. In return, the ideal ball burrs save you the cost of buying numerous related burrs.

Carbide ball burr gives you exceeding versatility in terms of functions for a variety of purposes. Furthermore, they possess lightweight feature so that you can handle and operate easily and efficiently.

Accuracy and Stability – A burr’s accuracy accompanied by stability provides you with precision and quality in work output.

Carbide ball burr possesses high-accuracy level design and minimal balance tolerance. As a result, you have the least precision errors while using the carbide ball burr.

Strength – The ideal burr should have great strength to overcome the tooling conditions subjected to. Syndent carbide ball burr has higher strength than steel some other metals. Its strength ability ensures that it works on several tough surfaces, offering quality outputs.

Therefore, the ideal carbide ball burr suits most of the machinery work levels. Beginning from the simplest, unto intense ones.

How Can You Clean Carbide Ball Burr?

Basically, we have two common methods you can use to clean your carbide ball burr.

When used on aluminum metal, try and chip off the aluminum deposit on the carbide ball burr. Then deep the ball burrs in a jar filled with muriatic acid. The acid acts by effectively dissolving any aluminum deposit on the carbide ball burr.

The method mentioned above applies to aluminum deposits only. The method doesn’t apply on other metal deposits like steel, brazing or carbide and so on.

You can as well apply caustic soda with a sodium hydroxide mixture to finish the job.

The second method involves the use of ultrasonic cleaning. We highly advise ultrasonic cleaning because you can clear off any residue that seats on your carbide ball burr.

When applying the ultrasonic cleaning, begin by firmly holding the burr in place with a block or a holder. This way, you reduce the chances of causing damage to the burr. Then use cycle/enzymatic cleaner and run the ideal carbide ball burr for at least 10 minutes or more.

Finish off by thoroughly rinsing the carbide ball burr in cold water for at least 2 minutes.

Useful note: Use your carbide ball burr on cast iron metal as a way of de-clogging it.

What is Carbide Ball Burr’s Average Lead-Time Influencing Its Processing?

Before the completion of the ideal carbide ball burr, we have a number of factors that influence the lead-time processing.Carbide Ball Burr

These include things like:

Standard Designs – A carbide ball burr in a standard design goes through a very simple process. You need the least time for the final product.

However, you’ll need more time on customized carbide ball burr because of the complexity involved.

As a result of differences in processes, machine adjustment differs. We set machines according to the type of process, light adjustment for standard design, and advanced for the complex.

Customized Demands – We give advanced adjustments to machines for processing complex carbide ball burr.

This means the process takes more time compared to standard products.

Order Quantity – Time-frame for any delivery depends highly on how many ball burrs you’ve ordered. Orders in large quantities definitely takes more time. Orders made in small numbers take the least time before delivery.

Pending orders – Sometimes we receive multiple orders from clients from all over the world. And for better service, Syndent responds on a first-come, first-serve basis. Sometimes it takes more time before you receive your order and sometimes a shorter time.

This depends on the nature of the queue at the moment. However, for urgent reasons, we provide the rush order option with urgent buyers paying extra money. With a rush order, you have to make arrangements earlier for us to begin processing.

Can You Have an Artwork on My Carbide Ball Burr?


Syndent carries out artwork according to what our clients demand. The artwork we engrave includes logos, numbers, and a lot more. We create desired artwork on carbide ball burr immediately after polishing. You can provide the artwork or collaborate with Syndent experts who can suggest or improve the existing one.Carbide Ball Burr

Why Just Syndent Carbide Ball Burr?

At Syndent, we process the ball (spherical) burr from K20 (YG6) grade carbon and carbide materials. Different fields in the world use carbide ball burrs in dental clinics, dental laboratories, nail beauty, jewelry, and so on.

Syndent promises consistency in manufacturing quality ball burrs. We assess materials we use to produce products for desired welding quality.

You can get instant quotes for quality carbide ball burr or other related products by contacting us.

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