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Carbide Burr Bit Set

Syndent Carbide Burr Bit Set

Syndent carbide burr bit set includes special cutting tools you can broadly apply on various materials.

You can use our carbide burr bit set in very many ways to fulfil all your project tasks in a fast and easy way.

Syndent manufactures the carbide burr bit set using heat-treated carbide for guaranteed performance on all your projects.

With our bit set, you have different ways to perform all the functions on all materials.

Syndent has for over a decade consistently manufactured quality premium carbide burr bit set. All of them guarantee to hold on to the test of time.

1/2” cut diameter. 7-piece of nonferrous Aluma cut carbide burr, ideal for aluminum removal.

1/4” flute diameter. 1/4” shank. 8-piece carbide burr bit set is suitable for all metal removal.

1/2” flute diameter, 1/4 shank, double cut carbide burr bit set.

1/2” and 3/8” flute diameter. Double cut carbide burr bit set.

1/4 cut diameter. 1/4” shank. 8-piece of carbide burr bit set. Accept your custom design.

1/2 flute diameter, double cut carbide burr bit set. It is best for metal removal under contour and arc surface.

1/4, 3/8, & 1/2 flutes. Double cut. 1/4 shank carbide burr bit set, Click for details

1/4, 3/8, & 1/2 flutes. Double cut. 1/4 shank. 9-piece carbide burr bit set. Click for details.

1/4 flute. double cut. 1/8 shank. 9-piece miniature carbide burr bit set.

1/8 flute with 1/8 shank. double cut. 10-piece solid carbide burr bit set.

1/8 cut diameter, 1/8 shank, 10-piece of double cut burr set, solid carbide material

1/8 cut diameter. 1/8 shank. double cut 12-piece of mini burr set.

Flute 1/8 to 1/4. shank 1/4. double cut. 12-piece rotary burr set. click for detail items

3/16 to 1/4 flute diameter. 1/4 shank. double cut, 12-piecec solid carbide burr bit set.

1/8 flute diameter various shapes, all 1/8″ shank Burrs, single cut, solid carbide.

Various Shapes 25 pieces of Burrs, single cut, shank 1/4, click for details.

Composed of 4 pieces extended shank rotary burr. Shank is 1/4” x 6”

Why Syndent Carbide Burr Bit Set

Syndent carbide burr bit set can help you to precisely cut multiple material surfaces in a busy industry. You can strongly apply hard steel, stainless steel, cast steel, carbon steel, cast iron, aluminum, zinc, etc. Besides, you can as well cut non-metal materials including wood, zirconia, marble, jade, fiberglass, bone, plastics, drywall, etc.

With a premium carbide burr set, you can perform more than just a single task at a faster rate. You can easily grind, cut, deburr, shape, engrave, chamfer, machine, polish, clean, carve, drill, etc. Using Syndent carbide burr bit set, you can work comfortably and faster without straining.

At Syndent, we value our esteemed customer regardless of your financial status. Whether you have limited money or have a stable flow of income. We work tirelessly to meet the delivery speed.

Through our independent research, Syndent can carry out modalities of developing new equipment. We can add new machines at any time to increase our production capacity. This can significantly help us fulfill your delivery speed needs at any time.

Syndent happens to feature amongst the pioneer factories to introduce apply CNC equipment in China. Besides, we actively took part in forming the Chinese Standards for the Rotary file Industry. Thus, the Syndent carbide burr bit you purchase always seats on the best level in the industry.

Carbide Burr Bit Set

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of carbide burr bit set before production.

Carbide Burr Bit Set

Syndent automatically brazes carbide burr bit set in a low temperature.

Carbide Burr Bit Set

We must make the jumping test after brazing. The tolerance of carbide burr bit set is less than 0.1mm

Carbide Burr Bit Set

Syndent examines the shank hardness of carbide burr bit set after brazing, and tests the bending strength

Carbide Burr Bit Set

Solid carbide burr bit set needs a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Carbide Burr Bit Set

Syndent CNC grinds the teeth of carbide burr bit set after the tests approved

Carbide Burr Bit Set

Syndent polishes the shaft of carbide burr bit set, and its brazing position

Carbide Burr Bit Set

Syndent makes your logo on the carbide burr bit set, and stick your own label on the case.



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  • Syndent has all the popular carbide cutters and shapes. Succeed in helping many customers save costs in the past decades.

  • Range from the dental laboratory to clinic purpose. Either a dental technician or dental doctor could find what you demand here.

  • You have creative nails through Syndent amazing nail carbide burrs. We can do better and think about what you think.

Your Best Supplier of Carbide Burr Bit Set

We provide consistent and stable supply of carbide burr bit set. Whether with the samples or the official order, the Syndent carbide burr bit set you receive is the actual quality of the product description we give.

With more than 11 years of historical experience, you can always trust. Such a reputation has made us serve you with sincere honesty and credibility is our guardian of lives.

Through our quality control system, we can trace every process back to responsibility. Because of this, you receive stable high-quality Syndent carbide burr bit set.

Syndent features a very stable enterprise structure that guarantees you a solid supply chain. Our Company is under the foundation of three former state-owned enterprises employees.

This includes the technical research and development engineer, equipment maintenance engineer and a business sales supervisor. Thus, we have a great experience to produce quality carbide burr bit set.

Syndent also falls in the list of largest developers of carbide burr bit set in China. Our area of operation is 2,000 square meters. Other than that, we own more than 40 sets of fully automatic 6 CNC machines.

With more than 40 workers, you can never doubt about our capacity output. Therefore, we guarantee you a quicker delivery of premium Syndent carbide burr bit set.

Other than Syndent carbide burr bit set, we have metal burr bits, rotary file set, tungsten carbide grinding bit, etc.

Feel free to contact us at any time for quotations, deliveries and other concerns.

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