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Carbide Burr Cutter

Syndent Carbide Burr Cutter

Syndent carbide burr cutters always guarantee you a powerful cutting action when handling different materials.

11 years now of continuous production has made Syndent a reputable and trusted company in the carbide burr cutter industry. We make fast dispatch in just 1-2 weeks’ time in line with your regular order.

Syndent owns 6 axis computer-controlled CNC equipment. Syndent has relevant skills of manufacturing top-grade carbide burr cutter in the current market.

Syndent carbide burr cutter can be largely used on various materials in many industries. You can have best performance on stainless steel, hardened steel, cast iron, aluminum, wood, plastic, etc.

Carbide Burr Cutter

Cylinder carbide burr cutters are ideal for contour finishing, flat surface removal.

Carbide Burr Cutter

Cylinder with end cut carbide burr cutter is suitable for removal contour and right-angled corners

Carbide Burr Cutter

Cylinder with radius end carbide burr cutter is suitable for processing contour and arc surface at a certain angle

Carbide Burr Cutter

Ball shape carbide burr cutters are good for machining round edge and end pre-processing before brazing

Carbide Burr Cutter

Oval shape carbide burr cutter is suitable for round edge removal

Carbide Burr Cutter

Tree with radius end carbide burr cutter is perfect for grinding round edge in long and narrow positions

Carbide Burr Cutter

Tree with pointed end carbide burr cutter is used for machining round arc contour in long and narrow places

Carbide Burr Cutter

Flame shape carbide burr cutter is good at round edge machining

Carbide Burr Cutter

Cone shape carbide burr cutter functions like a countersink. Suitable for chamfering inner hole

Carbide Burr Cutter

Taper with radius end carbide burr cutter is widely used for round contour removal in narrow positions, and surface machining

Carbide Burr Cutter

Taper with pointed end carbide burr cutter is suitable for narrow position deburring and counter surface machining

Carbide Burr Cutter

Inverted cone carbide burr cutter is suitable for rear-side chamfering from the inner side.

Why Syndent Carbide Burr Cutter

Syndent carefully designs carbide burr cutter for cutting, removing material, clearing off sharp edges, grinding, shaping, polishing, etc. You can positively grind off weld beads, clean welds, smoothen rough castings, port cylinder heads, etc.

Syndent carbide burr cutter can be vastly used in ship building, automobile, machinery, airplane, etc. You can distinctively manage projects in most easy and faster way.

To conveniently listen and respond to your questions, Syndent offers 24 hour hotline, online contact and chat.

You can assuredly reach our salesperson through Skype, Messenger and WhatsApp. Syndent can respond to all your questions satisfactorily at all times.

Syndent delivers stable and consistent quality carbide burr cutter for your various industrial use. We supply you actual quality Syndent carbide burr cutter that match initial quality samples delivered to you.

Credibility and honesty have helped us continue to grow for the previous 11+ years. We have put in place quality control system which helps us trace each production process of carbide burr cutter. Syndent can invariably supply you top-quality carbide burr cutter.

Carbide Burr Cutter

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of carbide burr cutters before production.

Carbide Burr Cutter

Syndent automatically brazes carbide burr cutter with silver in a low temperature.

Carbide Burr Cutter

We must make the carbide burr jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Carbide Burr Cutter

Syndent examines the hardness of carbide burr cutter shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

Carbide Burr Cutter

Solid carbide burr cutter needs a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Carbide Burr Cutter

Syndent CNC grinds the carbide burr cutter teeth after the tests approved

Carbide Burr Cutter

Syndent polishes the carbide burr cutter shaft, and its brazing position

Carbide Burr Cutter

Syndent makes your logo on the carbide burr cutter, and sticks your own label on the case.



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  • Syndent has all the popular carbide cutters and shapes. Succeed in helping many customers save costs in the past decades.

  • Range from the dental laboratory to clinic purpose. Either a dental technician or dental doctor could find what you demand here.

  • You have creative nails through Syndent amazing nail carbide burrs. We can do better and think about what you think.

Your Best Supplier of Carbide Burr Cutter

Syndent carbide burr cutter has a professional inspection report obtained from Stork Heron Testing Laboratory, USA. You buy carbide burr cutter that has passed through strict standards.

Syndent has CE certificate and EU certification. We help you easily access import customs clearance and openly sell locally in a legal manner.

We apply welding technology and equipment obtained from the USA. Furthermore, Syndent has R&D capabilities.

Our R&D department is concerned with CNC equipment. They have the potential of producing and adjusting automatically.

Syndent alone in China can develop and at the same time produce equipment and carbide burr cutters. Thus, we can easily design new equipment and develop carbide burr cutters that have the latest geometry specifications.

Also, Syndent can improve production capacity tremendously at any time to meet your needs. R&D technology remains Syndent’s cornerstone as well as the guarantee of quality carbide burr cutters.

Syndent carbide burr cutter is quite sharp, wear-resistant, and lasts longer. Our product gives you long service and guaranteed sharpness that exceeds that of peers.

carbide burr cutter

We have successfully helped many customers worldwide replace other international brands like MA Ford, ATA, etc. Syndent can surprise you as long as you allow us.

Besides designing and supplying you with the carbide burr cutter, we have lots of other cutting tools. Syndent develops carbide burr for wood carving, rotary file, die grinder bits, etc.

Simply contact us if you need an instant quotation on Syndent carbide burr cutter!

Carbide Burr Cutter – An Ultimate FAQ Guide

Have you seen small rotary tools with sharp heads? Are they different from router bits and auger bits?

These are high-speed carbide burr cutters. The following composition contains valuable information about the types, specifications, pros, and applications of the carbide rotary burr cutter.

Let’s get things started!

What Is a Carbide Burr Cutter?

A carbide burr cutter is also known as a rotary file or bit. These are small-sized and high-speed cutters. Your job to deburr, grind, and shape a metal piece becomes more manageable with these carbide burr rotary cutter files.

Carbide burr cutters can conveniently be used freehand, unlike router bits. You may grind multiple surfaces due to the availability of burrs in variable flute shapes.

carbide burr cutter

Syndent uses innovative and advanced CNC machines to manufacture world-class carbide burr cutters. These cutters are available in varying sizes and shapes.

Even though grinding wheels are one of the best solutions to grind metals, Syndent facilitates you with small-sized rotary cutters to hone smaller areas.

These rotary burr cutters help you to accomplish various tasks for multiple industries.

Syndent quality inspecting team checks the manufacturing standards at every step. Therefore each burr at Syndent is awarded several national and international certifications.

Let’s keep rolling to explore the uses of carbide burr cutter.

What Is Carbide Rotary Burr Cutter Used for?

Carbide rotary burr cutters are best known for grinding purposes. The minor cuts on the flute remove small chunks when rotating at high speed.

Similarly, a Syndent carbide burr cutter can deburr any metal or material. Deburring means removing unnecessary material. Deburring makes the surface smooth and even.

Another good reason to choose Syndent carbide cutters is their ability to shape the material. Whether you want aggressive stock removal or want minimal chipping, Syndent is a one-for-all solution.

Furthermore, with Syndent high-grade tungsten carbide burr cutters, you can engrave multiple surfaces.

For example, engraving a rock or concrete was a difficult task before the production of carbide burrs.

Also, you may get fantastic carving results with the help of versatile rotary burr cutters. Especially if you are a woodcarver or sculptor, you will love to play with Syndent top-class carbide burrs for wood carving.

Likewise, for hole-enlargement, Syndent cone-shaped burrs are recommended.

So, don’t miss out on the chance to have Syndent top-notch carbide burr cutters. They will indeed reveal the fun hidden in the mechanical applications.

Carving with Carbide Burr Cutter

Carving with Carbide Burr Cutter

What Are the Advantages of Steel Carbide Burr Rotary Cutter Files?

Syndent steel carbide burr rotary cutter files are beneficial for you in numerous ways. Namely:

  • Versatility
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Sharpness
  • Durability
  • Compatibility
  • Heat-resistance
  • User-friendliness
  • Easy cleaning
  • Flexibility

What Is the Application of Carbide Burr Drill Bit Set Cutters?

As mentioned, carbide burr cutters are easy to use and has various benefits. So, you may take advantage of their versatility by using them in various applications.

Industrial Application

Burr cutters apply to numerous industries like engineering, automotive, designing, artifact making, jewelry making, etc.

Besides industrial usage, carbide burr cutters are also ideal for minor domestic maintenance services.

Carbide cutters are compatible with lightweight handheld hobby tools. It makes your fun grinding and carving even more enjoyable and fruitful.

carbide burr cutter

Surface Application

If we talk about versatility in surface application, carbide burr cutters have various solutions for that.

Syndent manufactures numerous shapes to meet the need of your workpiece. Whether these are flat and curved surfaces, narrow and wide surfaces, deep and edged corners, or more, these are grindable.

You can also make and enlarge holes, contour rough edges, and create a curved corner with the help of these cutters.

So, no doubt, Syndent carbide burr cutting tools are a must-have for your toolbox.

What Are the Properties of Steel Carbide Burr Rotary Cutter Files?

You need to know the exemplary properties of Syndent carbide burr cutter before finalizing the order. These properties are:

  • It has a hardcore. It means the raw material (tungsten carbide) Syndent uses to make it solid and hard-wearing.
  • It possesses sharp flute teeth. A unique material, K25, is used to create specific flute cuts.
  • Carbide burr cutters are resistant to oxidation. It is due to the unique K25 material that keeps Syndent burrs safe from rust.
  • Tungsten carbide has a high thermal conductivity. It means you can work for an extended time without damaging the burr shape.
  • Syndent rotary file bit is highly tensile. Hence, you can conveniently work on hard materials and in deep grooves. The flexible shafts bear the vibrations and prevent the burr from breaking.
  • These burrs have a high tolerance and excellent accuracy.
  • carbide burr cutter

What Are the Different Types of Carbide Rotary Burr Cutters?

You can classify the carbide burr cutter types by different means. To illustrate:

Classification According to Flute Shape

Syndent manufactures numerous flute shapes so that you can conveniently attain your desired results. These shapes are:

  • Cylindrical
  • Oval
  • Round
  • Conical
  • Tear-like shape
  • Tapered

Grading about Flute Cuts

Similarly, you can classify carbide burr cutters according to variable flute cuts. Flutes for fine finishing are:

  • Diamond-cut flutes
  • Double-cut flutes
  • Fine single-cut heads
  • Coarse cut burr head

Moreover, carbide burr cutters that can remove material aggressively have the following flute cuts:

  • Single-cut flute head
  • Aluminum-cut flutes
  • Foundry cut head
  • Chip breaker burr head
  • Fast mill cut carbide burr head
  • carbide burr cutter

Grouping According to Sizes

You can categorize carbide burr cutters according to their sizes. You can have standard, miniature, and extended-length burr cutters.

The standard sizes are as follows:

Standard Sizes

Standard flute lengthStandard flute diameterStandard shank length
6mm (1/8”)1.5mm (1/16”)38mm (11/2”), 50mm (2”), and 75mm (3”)
14mm (9/16”)3mm (1/8”)38mm, 50mm, and 75mm
19mm (¾”), 25mm (1”), and 38mm (11/2”)9.5mm (3/8”)63mm (2 1/2”), 69mm (2 3/4”), and 83mm (3 ¼”)

Extended-Length Carbide Burr Cutters

Syndent’s extended-length burr files are an ideal remedy when you want to mill deep grooves. You can get exceptional results by machining hard-to-reach areas with these burrs.

The long shanks with high balance and tolerance result in low vibration and more control.

Standard Shank Diameters

You may get Syndent carbide burr cutters in three standard shank diameters. These diameters are 1/8” or 3mm, 1/4” or 6mm, and 3/8” or 9mm. You can conveniently fix your burr in any rotary machine you have.

Moreover, if the collet of your machine is not compatible with the standard shank diameters, you can:

  • Add separate collet adapters to fix the carbide burr cutter perfectly into your machine, or
  • Get burrs with customized shank diameters from Syndent.

Customized Solutions

Talking about customizations, Syndent welcomes you to give your demands regarding burr sizes. Syndent experiences engineers and trained staff fully understand your specifications, samples, or drafts.

After understanding, a high-grade and exact solution as per your requirements is manufactured for you.

Customized Carbide Burr Cutters

Customized Carbide Burr Cutters

From Where Can I Get Carbide Burr Set 1/8 Shank?

Carbide burr set having burrs with 3mm shank are available at Syndent. This set comprises nine miniature carbide burr cutters.

All these burrs have 1/8” or 3mm shank. Precise machining is possible with these efficient burrs. For instance, they are ideal for carving minute details on a wooden piece or a glass structure.

Carbide Burr Cutter Sets

Syndent is your go-to manufacturer for carbide burr sets. Likewise, you may get many other sets. Like:

Carbide Burr Cutter Set

Carbide Burr Cutter Set

How Do You Smooth Sharp Edges Of Metal With Carbide Cutter Burr?

Fine-cut rotary burr cutters are suitable to smoothen sharp edges. You can clean several metals and materials with carbide burr cutters.

Syndent made metal grinding carbide burr cutter is an essential tool if you are related to metalworking. These bits are specifically made to remove uneven edges from metal.

The sharp flute teeth cut the metal like butter. Carbide bits are appropriate for all problems, whether working on hard or soft, ferrous or non-ferrous metal.

How to Get Fine Finishing with Carbide Burr Cutters?

Flutes with diamond-cut or double-cut can give your metal piece a refined, smooth finished look. For this, you need to follow the following techniques:

  • Keep your burr moving all over the workpiece. Grinding on the same place for longer may result in uneven lines.
  • Work on a stable rotational speed. Constantly increasing or decreasing the rate may not give you the desired results.
  • Let the sharp teeth do their job. Do not put unnecessary pressure.
  • Move along the burr cuts. Working in the opposite direction may cause vibration and tension on the rotary machine.
  • For better results, tightly clamp your workpiece on the bench.
  • Choosing an appropriate carbide burr cutter size is equally important as selecting the shape.

Removing Small Metal Chunks

Removing Small Metal Chunks

What Materials Can Rotary Burr Cutter Work Well on?

Syndent manufactures specific rotary burr cutters for particular materials. Like:

In short, carbide burr cutters are compatible with:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Titanium
  • Nickel
  • Bronze
  • Ceramics
  • Bone
  • Plaster
  • Concrete
  • PVC
  • Plastic
  • Copper
  • And much more

The reason behind this compatibility is the raw material Syndent utilizes. Tungsten carbide is the second most hard material on earth after diamond.

It enables you to chips out soft and hard surfaces conveniently. In fact, it doesn’t lose its sharpness or shape during aggressive milling.

Therefore, you can say, Syndent carbide burr cutters are reliable, durable, and indispensable.

What Is the Difference between Diamond and Carbide Rotary Burr Cutter?

Carbide rotary burr cutters with their sharp heads can penetrate the material and chip it off. In contrast, diamond rotary tools have embedded powder-like diamonds on the flute.

As the most rigid material on earth, Diamond gives the power to the burr to grind the most challenging materials.

Secondly, diamond-coated burrs have a shorter life span as compared to carbide cutters.

Moreover, diamond plated burrs are cheaper.

Diamond-Coated Burr Cutters

Diamond-Coated Burr Cutters

What Is the Difference between Carbide Burr Cutter and Router Bit?

The vital purpose of the router bit is to shape and design. At the same time, carbide burr cutters are created for grinding and deburring.

A router bit cannot be used as a grinding tool. In contrast, a burr cutter can shape irregular surfaces.

Syndent burr cutter for fiberglass is an ultimate solution to grind the edges of soft and sophisticated materials.

Furthermore, router bits are designed for soft milling surfaces. On the other hand, carbide bit cutters may grind hard metals as conveniently as soft plastics.

In terms of versatility, Syndent is unmatchable. Sophistication, aggressiveness, and accuracy are a few adjectives that describe Syndent carbide burr cutters.

Router Bits

Router Bits

How Auger Bits Are Different than Carbide Burr Cutters?

First of all, you need to know the purpose of both cutting tools. Auger drill bits are suitable for making and enlarging holes. In contrast, carbide burr cutters can work in grinding, deburring, cleaning, and enlarging holes.

As they differ in their vital purpose, their shape, size, and application also vary.

For example:

  • Carbide cutters have sharp heads. At the same time, auger bits have long, strong spirals that run along the burr’s length.
  • Carbide rotary cutters have sharp teeth. Unlike carbide burrs, auger bits have sharp spirals on the bit with a pointed head end.
  • Auger drill bits are specified for wood. On the other hand, carbide burr cutters can work on countless surfaces.
  • Unlike the versatile carbide files, auger bits are available only in long shanks.
  • Carbide bits work at a higher speed.

Auger Drill Bits

Auger Drill Bit

Can I Get Tungsten Carbide Cutter Rotary Burr Set?

Yes, why not?

You can get a wide range of carbide burr cutter sets at Syndent. Besides the standard burr sets, you can also ask for custom-made rotary file sets.

Syndent can provide you with custom sizes, flute shapes, flute cuts, and the number of burrs in a set.

Moreover, you can have your brand’s name imprinted on the shank or packaging. These are the added perks that Syndent offers you, along with the high-quality carbide burr cutters.

Carbide Burr Cutter Set

Carbide Burr Cutter Set

Are Carbide Cutter Burrs Single Use?

Long life span is the unique ability of Syndent tungsten carbide burr cutters. In contrast to abrasive burrs and diamond-plated burrs, Syndent carbide rotary burr cutters may last longer.

Aggressive grinding doesn’t adversely affect the sharpness of the flute cuts. Whereas in the abrasive grinding bits, the grits become flat and blunt with excessive grinding.

Unlike carbide burr cutters, the abrasive rotary files need to sharpen after every use. It is because the abrasive grits become blunt while grinding.

More likely, diamond-coated are single-use burrs. Similarly, when your carbide rotary cutters are clogged by metals, like aluminum, you may reuse the burr after cleaning. The following details may give you a better idea of carbide burr cutter cleaning techniques.

Note: Clogging doesn’t mean that your burr is of no use.  

Clogged Carbide Burr Cutter

Clogged Carbide Burr Cutter

How Do You Clean Aluminum Off Carbide Cutter Burr?

If you experience metal clogging on your carbide burr cutter, don’t worry!

The first and the most convenient way is to chip out the aluminum by using a sharp cutter or stiff brush.

Furthermore, you can conveniently clean the aluminum by using acid or caustic soda. Dip your burr in the liquid for a few moments.

After that, with a stiff wire brush, you can rub the metal chunks off the burr.

Secondly, you can use heating to remove the clogged aluminum off. Fix the burr in the grinder’s collet. Clamping the machine to the workbench may be helpful for better and easy cleaning.

Start the machine and apply heating to the rotating carbide burr cutter. The aluminum will melt and pull out of the sharp flute cuts.

Thus, leaving your burr neat and clog-free. These are a few ways to clean your Syndent tungsten carbide cutters.

You can contact Syndent right away to get your carbide burr cutter order confirmed.

Efficient Carbide Burr Cutter

Efficient Carbide Burr Cutter

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