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Syndent Carbide Burr Set

Syndent Carbide Burr Set

We provide the most popular rotary burr set in the market.

Syndent can offers you the carbide burr set according to your applications on the different positions and materials. You can complete all your jobs in one-stop.

Also, our strict quality checking system promises you to get the best performance with every carbide burr set.

Syndent manufactures carbide burr set over the last 11 years.

5 pieces tungsten carbide rotary burr set. Double cut with 1/4” or 6mm shank

10 pieces rotary carbide burr setis suitable for removal most of contour and corners

8 pieces double cut carbide burr set. Made with solid carbide. 1/4” and 6mm shank

9 pieces miniaturecarbide burr set is good for metal remove. All of them have 1/8” and 3mm shank.

Oval shape carbide burr set is suitable for round edge removal

5 pieces carbide burr set for aluminum and other none ferrous metals.

Why Syndent Carbide Burr Set

Syndent carbide burr set, also named tungsten burr set, is produced with laboratory certified tungsten carbide material. We design the tungsten carbide burr set professionally to simplify your working process. Either you like to remove any corners, or plain surface, Syndent carbide burr set can meet whatever you need.

Syndent burr bit set is used across many industries for deburring, grinding, shaping. And these tungsten burr set is best for stock removal on cast iron, steel iron, aluminum, cooper and other hard materials like wood and stone. You can also apply Syndent carbide bur set on weld slag removal with ease. Syndent die grinder burr set is mostly suitable for the engraving or sculpting operations on the hard materials. If you like to have very aggressive removal, you need to choose dual cut carbide burr set.

1-Carbide Burr Set material

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of carbide burr set before production.

2-Carbide Burr Set brazing

Syndent automatically brazes carbide burr set with silver in a low temperature.

3-Carbide Burr Set balance

We must make the carbide burr set jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

4-Carbide Burr Set bending

Syndent examines the hardness of carbide burr set shank after brazing and tests the bending strength

5-Carbide Burr Set shaping

Solid carbide burr set needs a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

6-Carbide Burr Set toothing

Syndent CNC grinds the carbide burr set teeth after the tests approved

7-Carbide Burr Set polishing

Syndent polishes the carbide burr set shaft, and its brazing position

8-Carbide Burr Set package

Syndent makes your logo on the carbide burr set, and stick your own label on the case.



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Your Best Supplier of Carbide Burr Set

Syndent carbide burr set consists of 1/4(6mm) carbide burr set, 1/8(3mm) carbide burr set, 3/32(2.35mm) shank carbide burr set, and long shank carbide burr set.

We manufacture carbide burr set with the best tungsten carbide materials on the advanced CNC machines. That ensures your carbide burr kit has excellent flutes and long life.

Syndent can produce 1000 carbide burr sets every day, including 1/4, 6mm, 1/8, and 3mm shank. We have a regular stock carbide burr set here in Syndent warehouse. You would have a fast delivery when your order placed.

Syndent has been the expert in the manufacturing of tungsten carbide rotary burr set for 11 years. We sell most of solid carbide burr set to Europe and America. Syndent has much experience to support you with the best carbide burr set.

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