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  • Leading manufacturer of carbide burr tools over 11 years.
  • 40 sets of 6-axis CNC machine promise fast shipping
  • The silver brazing technique comes from the USA
  • Laboratory certified high-grade tungsten carbide material
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Carbide Burr Tool Quality Control

Syndent Carbide Burr Tool

Syndent carbide burr tool is quite versatile and full of useful features to suit industrial functions. Located in China, our company boasts of 11+ years, producing and supplying pretty sharp carbide burrs.

Syndent owns advanced CNC equipment which we use to manufacture hard and lasting carbide burr tool. And we feature amongst the earliest Companies to introduce the CNC machine in China.

Syndent makes exceedingly quality control in step-by-step production process. Before delivering the final product to you, we check the quality. Syndent can provide you with the most stable carbide burr tool.

SA Carbide Burr Tool

Cylinder carbide burr tool is ideal for contour finishing, flat surface removal.

SB Carbide Burr Tool

Cylinder with end cut carbide burr tool is suitable for removal contour and right-angled corners

SC Carbide Burr Tool

Cylinder with radius end carbide burr tool is suitable for processing contour and arc surface at a certain angle

SD Carbide Burr Tool

Ball shape carbide burr tool is good for machining round edge and end pre-processing before brazing

SE Carbide Burr Tool

Oval shape carbide burr tool is suitable for round edge removal

SF Carbide Burr Tool

Tree with radius end carbide burr tool is perfect for grinding round edge in long and narrow positions

SG Carbide Burr Tool

Tree with pointed end carbide burr tool is used for machining round arc contour in long and narrow places

SH Carbide Burr Tool

Flame shape carbide burr tool is good at round edge machining

SJ&SK Carbide Burr Tool

Cone shape carbide burr tool functions like a countersink. Suitable for chamfering inner hole

SL Carbide Burr Tools

Taper with radius end carbide burr tool is widely used for round contour removal in narrow positions, and surface machining

SM Carbide Burr Tool

Taper with pointed end carbide burr tool is suitable for narrow position deburring and counter surface machining

SN Carbide Burr Tool

Inverted cone carbide burr tool is suitable for rear-side chamfering from the inner side.

Why Syndent Carbide Burr Tool

You can solidly use Syndent carbide burr tools in removing hard metal, steel, cast iron, etc. Also, our carbide burr can perform better when you apply on copper, zirconia, ceramic, wood, aluminum, etc.

You can accurately cut, grind, shape, remove sharp edges, removing extra material, polish, clean, remove burs, etc.

Syndent designs carbide burr to rotate at very extreme speeds. This enables the handling of the specific material you work on. With our carbide burr tool, you work easily rather than working hard.

Syndent produces a long-lasting carbide burr tool with a sharp cutting effect that can fit within your budget. We always reach a balanced point of durability and competitive price. You don’t have to worry anymore about cost performance.

Syndent can separately research and develop CNC machines. We can also increase equipment for the sake of expanding our production capacity.

This helps us meet the delivery speed of your orders at all times. Whether you work on a limited budget or a stable source, Syndent can help in building your business reputation.

Carbide Burr Tool

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of carbide burr tool before production.

Carbide Burr Tool

Syndent automatically brazes carbide burr tool with silver in a low temperature.

Carbide Burr Tool

We must make the carbide burr tool jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Carbide Burr Tool

Syndent examines the hardness of carbide burr tool shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

Carbide Burr Tool

Solid carbide burr tool needs a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Carbide Burr Tool

Syndent polishes the carbide burr tool shaft, and its brazing position

Carbide Burr Tool

Syndent CNC grinds the carbide burr tool teeth after the tests approved

Carbide Burr Tool

Syndent makes your logo on the carbide burr tool, and stick your own label on the case.



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  • Syndent has all the popular carbide cutters and shapes. Succeed in helping many customers save costs in the past decades.

  • Range from the dental laboratory to clinic purpose. Either a dental technician or dental doctor could find what you demand here.

  • You have creative nails through Syndent amazing nail carbide burrs. We can do better and think about what you think.

Your Best Supplier of Carbide Burr Tool

Syndent has 11+ years of historical experience, an honest company that treats credibility as the guardian of our lives.

We involve a quality control system to ensure that we track every process of production. We can at all times supply you with a stable and high-quality Syndent carbide burr tool.

Syndent covers 2,000 square meters and we own 41 fully automatic 6 Axis CNC equipment. We also have a range of between 40 and 50 experienced staff. This can help us produce and deliver your order on time.

Syndent can quickly blueprint new equipment to produce your carbide burr tool with the latest geometric specifications.

We acquired welding technology as well as welding equipment from the USA. Syndent’s R&D department can easily produce and adjust itself. We guarantee you a higher-quality carbide burr tool for all your industrial needs.

Syndent buys quality raw materials from state-owned enterprises with timely delivery. We then apply our advanced equipment to produce high-class carbide burrs. This can stabilize your order quality and steady delivery time.

Syndent produces quality items other than carbide burr tools. We offer choices of rotary file, solid carbide burr, long shank carbide burr, carbide burr for aluminum, etc.

To receive Syndent carbide burr tool instant quotation, contact us!

Ball-shaped Carbide Burr Tool

Carbide Burr Tool – Ultimate FAQs Guide

Syndent manufactures the world’s best and high-quality carbide burr tools. Our highly-educated engineers and trained technicians work with dedication and proficiency.

A QA/QC team from FORTUNE 500 examined the whole manufacturing process by themselves. They checked every detail from raw material compilation to final packaging and concluded that Syndent is the best tungsten carbide burr tool manufacturer.

Let’s move further to know more about Syndent’s rotary burrs.

What Is a Carbide Burr Tool?

The Carbide burr tool is a powerful rotary tool that helps you grind, deburr, shape, enlarge holes, and cut many materials.

You can use your carbide burr cutter in many rotary tools, like die grinder, pendant drills, and pneumatic rotary tools.

Carbide burr tools are helpful in many industries like automation, engineering, and construction.

It is a convenient-to-use handheld rotary tool, and many sculptors prefer to use carbide rotary tools for sculpting.

Syndent manufactures durable carbide burrs with high-quality tungsten carbide. The best state-owned agencies supply tested and verified raw material to Syndent.

Tungsten is a naturally strong metal. When mixed with carbon, it makes a strong a durable rotary file bit.

It is recommended to use Syndent’s ideal carbide burr tools to attain precise and fast milling and drilling results.

What is a Carbide Burr Tool

How Syndent Manufactures High-Quality Carbide Burr Tools?

Syndent’s experienced engineers undertake every step with expertise and skillfulness. The durable carbide rotary burrs are made in advanced 6-axis CNC machines.

Let’s have a step-by-step overview of the carbide burr tool’s manufacturing process.

Gathering Raw Material

The production of an ideal carbide rotary bit is not possible without a high-quality raw material. Syndent gets all its genuine raw material from state-owned companies.

The trusted raw material suppliers provide quality tungsten carbide, which is then inspected by our quality control team.

After the approval from our engineers, begins the manufacturing process.

Silver Brazing Technology

Brazing is a technology by which two metals are joined together by filling in the material. Syndent’s trained technicians weld the flute with the shaft and fill in silver at a low temperature.

Balancing Test

Syndent’s supreme carbide rotary tool possesses > 0.1mm tolerance level. It is ensured by conducting a jump test on all the carbide rotary burrs.

Bending Test

The strength and durability of Syndent’s carbide burr tools are tested by conducting a bending test. The burrs are bent to a certain extent to confirm whether the burrs are ductile or brittle.

Flute Shaping

At this stage, the flute is ground to attain the predetermined shape. Whether it is cylindrical, cone-shaped, or round, grinding provides the flute its ultimate shape.

Shaping Carbide Burr Tools

Sharpening Flute’s Teeth

After grinding the flute into the required shape, it is further ground to make sharp and uniform teeth. Syndent’s carbide burr tools are known for sharp teeth.

A precise sharpening is done under our engineer’s supervision.


It is time to give carbide burr its finished look. The carbide rotary bit’s shank is polished with an abrasive material. After polishing, the smooth and shiny carbide burr is ready to be packed.


It is the final stage. You can get customized engraved logos on the shank or get a label on the plastic casing of your carbide burr tool.

Syndent’s logo ensures that the packaging contains a high-quality tungsten carbide burr.

What Are the Uses of Carbide Burr Tools?

Do you know what the best thing about Syndent’s carbide burr tools is?

You can use them in several ways and on many surfaces. Let’s dig in to find out various applications of carbide burrs.


Carbide burr tools are the perfect solution for grinding and removing rough edges from your metal piece. The sharp teeth of carbide burrs remove the unwanted metal chunks effectively in no time.


The main function of your carbide burr tools is to deburr a rough surface. Deburring means are smoothening an uneven surface.

You can deburr any area with the amazing range of Syndent’s carbide rotary burrs.


The sharp flute of your carbide rotary burr allows you to shape a de-shaped metal piece in no time conveniently. With the help of a cylindrical burr that has end cuts, you can change a curved surface to a 90 degree angled corner.

Enlarging holes

Another benefit of carbide burrs is to enlarge small metal holes. It has never been so easy to reach out narrow spaces and grind the hard-to-reach spaces.


From small objects to large metal pieces, you can chip out undesired metal chunks with the help of your carbide bits. You can perform the milling action on variable metals and materials.


Your carbide burr tool can help you to cut the metal in the desired shape.

Carbide Burr Tool Cutting Metals

Are There Special Carbide Burr Tools for Various Metals?

Your tungsten carbide burr tools work efficiently on various materials. However, Syndent recommends you use specified carbide burrs to attain better results. The tools Syndent manufactures for specific metals are:

What Are the Available Shapes of Carbide Burr Tools?

Carbide burr tools are available in many shapes. Each shape has a specific function and benefit. Let’s get to know about the various shapes and their applications:

Cylinder Shaped

Cylinder-shaped carbide burr tools are suitable for grinding flat surfaces. The cylinder-shaped burrs are available with three types of end cuts.

  • Flat end

It is suitable to grind flat surfaces without any corners.

  • Radius end

It is appropriate for flat surfaces with arc angles.

  • Sharp end

It is an ideal carbide rotary tool for deburring flat surfaces with right-angled corners.

Flat Surface Cutting Carbide Burr Tool

Ball & Oval Shaped

Cleaning excess metal chunks from round surfaces have never been an easy task. Thanks to Syndent’s ball-shaped and oval-shaped carbide burr tools. You can conveniently smoothen a round surface with the help of these two burrs.

Tree Shaped

Tree-shaped carbide burr tools are helpful to work in long narrow spaces with round edges. You can find tree-shaped burrs in two types – round and pointed tip.

You can choose the shape according to your requirements.

Cone & Inverted Cone Shaped

As the name suggests, these two burrs are contrasting to each other. A cone-shaped carbide burr tool is ideal for chamfering inner holes. On the contrary, an inverted cone-shaped burr is suitable for chamfering the rear side.

How Is a Carbide Burr Tool Beneficial?

You can get many benefits from your carbide burr tools. Let’s see a few of them:

  • Syndent burr tools possess sharp flute teeth. It saves your time and helps you to clear the unwanted material from your workpiece quickly.
  • Syndent’s durable tungsten carbide burr tools have a longer life span as compared to HSS burrs. It lasts almost 50 – 100 times longer.
  • With a single burr, you can attain many benefits. It can grind, cut, deburr, and carve.
  • With multiple available shapes, you can comfortably mill wide and narrow spaces. The sharp and tapered burrs can reach the spaces which were never easy to grind before.
  • Syndent facilitates you with high-quality and durable rotary burr tools at competitive prices. A special discount on bulk orders is an added advantage for our valuable customers.
  • Syndent’s carbide burrs serve many industries. Let’s move to the next topic to see the list of industries benefitting from Syndent’s carbide burr tools.Carbide Burr Tool

Syndent’s Carbide Burr Tools Are Beneficial for Which Industries?

Carbide burr tools are small handheld tools. You can use it conveniently and do many repairing and constructive jobs in homes and workshops.

Professional Industries

The main industries that benefit from Syndent’s carbide burrs are:

  • Engineering
  • Fabrication
  • Construction
  • Metalworking
  • Toolmaking
  • Automotive industry
  • Dentistry
  • Carbide Burr Tool for Dental Laboratory

Hobby/Sideline Use

Besides professional usage, Syndent’s tungsten carbide burr tools are popular among art-loving people like sculptors and artisans.

You can use your carbide burrs in handheld tools like die grinders and pneumatic rotary tools. The easy-to-hold size gives you control over grinding, and you can carve a wood piece or sculpt a plaster block effortlessly.

Other personnel who get benefit from Syndent’s carbide burr tools are:

  • Welders
  • Metal sheet workers
  • Fabricators
  • Boilermakers
  • Technicians
  • Mechanics
  • Ironworkers

Let’s find out what handheld tools these personnel use for Syndent’s carbide burrs.

What Are Rotary Handheld Machines Compatible with Carbide Burr Tools?

Various industries use different handheld tools for grinding and deburring. Here is a list of few compatible rotary tools:

  • Pendant drills
  • Drill machines
  • Die grinders
  • Micromotors
  • Hobby rotary tools
  • High-speed engravers
  • Pneumatic rotary tools
  • Carbide Burr Tool Fixed on Rotary Machines

On What Metals and Materials Can I Use Carbide Burr Tools?

You can use your carbide burr tools on numerable metals and materials. The following table shows some of them:

Cast iron
Stainless steel
Carbon steel


What Are the Various Properties of a Carbide Burr Tool?

The properties that make Syndent’s carbide burr tools best of all are:

Hard Wearing

Syndent manufactures carbide burrs with naturally strong cobalt–tungsten carbide. The strong and durable properties of tungsten make it reliable and long-lasting.

You can conveniently work on hard metals without the fear of damage.

High Tensile Strength

The high tensile strength ensures working for a longer period without getting damaged.

Dimensional Stability

One of the best properties of Syndent’s carbide burr tools is that they do not lose their original dimensions even after massive use.

Precise Sizes of Different Carbide Burr Tools


You can use multiple shapes of your carbide burr on multiple surfaces. You can attain desirable results, whether a soft metal surface, hard metal or non-ferrous object.


A carbide burr bit with less than a 0.1mm balance tolerance is ideal for getting excellent grinding results.


Syndent’s carbide burr is very lightweight. It allows you to hold it tightly and apply recommended pressure to attain the best results.

Do All Carbide Burr Tools Possess Same Flute Cuts?

You can find variable flute cuts in the market. Syndent manufactures standard and special flute cuts to suit specific metals. The standard flute cuts are:

Standard Flute Cuts

There are three types of standard flute cuts:

Double cut

Two-dimensional cuts intersecting each other make the double-cut flute. It is ideal for small chip removal with an efficient speed.

Double-cut carbide rotary burr tools are ideal for general-purpose grinding.

Double Cut Carbide Burr Tool

Single cut

As the name suggests, it has one-sided flute cuts. It helps you to do your work faster by removing long metal chunks.

Aluminum cut

Aluminum cut carbide burrs possess wider cuts. These cuts aggressively remove larger metal chunks.

It is an ideal solution for non-ferrous objects.

Special Flute Cuts

Some special flute cuts are:

  • Coarse cut
  • Fine single cut
  • Foundry cut
  • Diamond cut
  • Chipbreaker cut
  • Fast mill cut

How to Use Carbide Burr Tools?

Here is a step-by-step guide to using your carbide burr tool.

  • Select an appropriate shape and size of your carbide burr according to the workpiece.
  • After selecting the burr, tightly screw it in your rotary tool. You can use a die grinder, drill, or pneumatic rotary tool for using a carbide burr.
  • While screwing the burr into the collet, ensure your tool is unplugged.Screw Carbide Burr Tool into the Collect
  • Tightly clamp the workpiece on a flat surface.
  • Start your rotary tool first before putting the spinning burr on the working surface.
  • It is preferable to start your work slowly and gradually increase the speed as you move along your work.
  • It would be best if you keep your carbide burr tool moving. Keeping the burr at one point for longer can cause unwanted lines on your workpiece.
  • It is recommended to work at high speed. Slow speed will cause metal clogging on the flute.
  • To maintain a firm grip on the rotary tool, you must move along the rotation of your carbide burr tool.
  • Moving in the opposite direction can result in the kickback action of your carbide burr.
  • A smaller rotary file than the slot is preferable. The burr must behalf of the working slot or even smaller to attain the desired results.
  • Clean your carbide bits thoroughly after each use.

How to Change the Carbide Burr Tool on Your Die Grinder?

In this topic, you will have a complete idea to change your die grinder bits effectively.

  • Before changing the burr, ensure your die grinder is unplugged.
  • The collet of your die grinder will open up in an anti-clockwise direction. Use a spindle lock wrench to open it up.
  • Insert three fourth of your carbide burr tool into the collet.
  • Clamp it tightly.
  • Turn your die grinder after connecting the air hose.
  • The air pressure must not exceed 90psi.
  • After the use, remove your burr from the die grinder (after cooling down).
  • Clean it thoroughly.
  • Place your burr safely in the toolbox.

What Are the Various Factors to Consider While Working with Carbide Burr Tools?

Here are certain techniques that you can use while working with your carbide burr tools. These techniques will help you to attain excellent grinding results with fewer kickback actions.

  • Pressure is a major factor to consider while working with your carbide burr. Too much pressure can cause damage to the burr. On the contrary, too low pressure can cause metal clogging on your carbide burr.
  • It is recommended to start the work slowly and speed it up as you go along.
  • Keep moving the burr around the workpiece. Because keeping the burr at one point for longer can cause uneven lines and texture.
  • Move along the rotation of your carbide burr tool. Moving in the opposite direction can cause jumping and needs a more firm grip.
  • For a smoother finish end, you work with an ‘up’ stroke.
  • It is highly recommended to use precautionary measures while working with carbide rotary tools.

What Is the Relation Between a Carbide Burr Tool Head and Its Working Speed?

Syndent manufactures carbide burr tools in variable sizes. The most commonly available sizes are:

  • 16mm / 5/8 inches
  • 5mm / 3/8 inches
  • 6mm / ¼ inches
  • 3mm / 1/8 inches

Each size is suitable for different applications. The speed of your rotary file works in contrast to the burr head size. The larger the head size, the slower the speed will be. For example;

  • A 3mm or 1/8” burr head works on a speed ranging from 17,000 – 26,000 RPM.
  • A burr head of 6mm (1/4”) can work on a speed ranging from 11,000 – 16,500 RPM.
  • A 16mm burr head can work on a speed varying from 1,650 – 11,500 RPM.Carbide Burr Tool

Are the Metal Chunks Harmful to the User?

The metal chunks that fly in the air while grinding and deburring are very small in size. It is very minimal that they cause any damage to the user. However, you must take the preventions.

The precautionary measure you must take while milling with your carbide burr tools is:

Safety Wearables

  • Wear gloves
  • Put on your ear, defenders.
  • Wear face protective shield
  • Wear protective glasses
  • Wear flame-retardant cloths
  • In case of respiratory allergies, wear a breathing protection mask.

Rotary Tool Safety

  • Disconnect the power supply while changing or cleaning your carbide rotary burr.
  • Keep the air pressure of the air hose below 90psi.
  • Ensure all the connections of your rotary tool are secured.
  • Your carbide burr tool must be in good condition. Never use damaged burr. It might damage the workpiece and cause harm to you.
  • Never touch the burr immediately after the use. It might be very hot.
  • After every use, clean your burr thoroughly and keep it safely in a toolbox.

Workplace Safety

  • The workplace must be clear from oil, sharp objects, and flammable objects.
  • The floor of your workshop must be free from any slippery material.Safety Using of Carbide Burr Tool

Who Is the Best Carbide Burr Tool Manufacturer in China?

Syndent is one of the leading carbide burr tools manufacturers in China. Syndent’s high-quality burrs made in state-of-the-art 6-axis CNC machines are popular globally.

With over 11 years of experience in burr manufacturing, Syndent innovates variable sizes and shapes of carbide files.

Syndent gets the best raw material from the country’s renowned tungsten carbide suppliers. Our highly qualified engineers check the quality of the raw material. When approved, the technicians start the manufacturing process.

Syndent’s has got 40 sets of CNC machines. We have got the best CNC machines, welding plants, and processing units from the USA.

Syndent uses silver as the filling material for the brazing technology. The error-free flute teeth sharpening provide you similar flutes.

Syndent manufactures all the flutes with special K25 material that is resistant to corrosion. You can conveniently use acids to clean your carbide burr tools.

Syndent has got excessive raw material in the factory all the time. Forty sets of CNC machines and excessive raw material ensure on-time order compilation and delivery.

In case you want to know more about us, feel free to contact our sales & services team. They will respond to you within 8 hours.

What Is the Cost of a Carbide Burr Tool?

Syndent keeps your investments in high esteem. For this reason, we provide you world’s best carbide burr tools at competitive prices.

However, certain factors determine the exact price of your carbide rotary burr tools. These are:

  • The quality of your carbide burr tool
  • The quantity of your order
  • Shipment costs
  • Possible Costs of Carbide Burr Tool

The raw material Syndent uses for making durable and strong carbide files costs comparatively more than regular steel or stone.

When we talk about smooth finishes and durable burrs, the cost is not as important as the raw material used to manufacture the burrs.

Buying a durable burr may cost you the first time, but it will save you from the hassle of throwing off damaged burrs now and then.

Moreover, the quantity of your order plays a main part in the final cost. Syndent garnishes your bulk orders with amazing discounts. So, small orders may cost you a little more than bulk orders.

The third factor that plays a main role in determining the price you will pay for your carbide burr tools is the shipping cost.

The method you choose for shipment and the country you live in determines the shipment charges. Farther the country, the higher will be the shipment charges. By air, shipments cost you more than by train or by ship deliveries.

So, all-in-all, despite all the factors, at the end, when you get what you want, all the prices paid are worth it.

Can I Get Special Flute Cuts and Shapes for My Workshop?

Yes, why not?

Syndent’s fully trained technicians and staff are always ready to listen to your requirements. You can talk to our engineers and technicians and tell them your requirements.

They will bring out the best possible solution for your desired workpiece. Whether it is customization in the size, shape, or cut, we will provide you high-quality products according to your demands.

Custom Design Carbide Burr Tools

You can also get your company’s name and logo engraved on Syndent’s carbide burr tools as an added facility.

Get it engraved on the shaft or printed on the burr casing. It is all your choice. You can also demand various metal coatings on your carbide burr tool’s flute. Like:

  • Blue titanium coating
  • Diamond-like coating
  • Titanium coating
  • TiAIN coating

For deep and narrow spaces, you can get carbide burr tools with long shanks. So, whatever type of customization you want, tell us, and Syndent will provide the best solutions.

How Much Time Does It take from Order Confirmation to Shipment Delivery?

Syndent has got 40 sets of up-to-date 6-axis CNC machines working simultaneously in the factory. An excessive amount of raw material is available in the factory 24/7.

Our fully trained technicians and staff work effortlessly round the clock to serve you better and on time.

Syndent can deliver your order within 30 – 60 days. However, certain factors might affect the order delivery time. These are:

Quantity of Order

The quantity of your order determines the order preparation time. It is quite obvious; larger orders take more time than smaller orders.

So, bulk orders take more time to get manufactured and delivered.


Syndent serves valuable clients like you in the order placement sequence. First come, first serve.

Sometimes when you place the order, there are hundreds of pre-bookings in the pipeline. So it takes time to serve all of our honorable customers turn by turn.

Shipping Time of Carbide Burr Tool

Distance of your Country

Distance plays a vital role in shipment timing. Nearby countries are easily approachable than overseas countries. So the delivery time is also dependant on the place where you live.

Special Events

It is one of the reasons why your shipments get delayed. Most often, some special events and holidays result in late shipment deliveries.

You can contact Syndent’s customer services team in any of the cases. They will let you know about the exact shipping time and date.

Can I Get Carbide Burr Tool Sets with Variable Burrs?

Yes, Syndent provides you carbide burr tools sets with multiple burrs in them. It is a convenient way to get variable burrs in one place.

Syndent arranges the sizes and shapes in a manner that can facilitate you the most.

The available sets are:

Carbide burr set with five files

In this set, you can get carbide burrs with a 6mm or ¼” shank. The burrs inside this set have a double-cut flute.

Carbide burr set with eight burrs

It is an ideal set having double-cut carbide burr flutes. The solid tungsten carbide used to manufacture Syndent carbide burr tools gives you smooth and finished results.

These burrs are available in 6mm shank size (1/4 inches).

Carbide burr set with 9 bits

In this set, you will get nine pieces of miniature-sized carbide burr tools. These burrs are an ideal solution for removing metal. These burrs are available in 3mm shank diameter that equals 1/8 inches.

Various Carbide Burr Tool Sets

Carbide burr set with ten burrs

Carbide burr set having ten burrs is suitable for milling corners and contouring purposes.

Carbide burr set with extended four burrs

In this set, you will find oval-shaped carbide burr tools. These burrs are ideal for grinding and deburring round edges.

Aluminum carbide burr toolset

In this set, you will get five pieces of aluminum burr tools. These burrs are ideal for working on aluminum and other non-ferrous metals.

You can give us your demands anytime if you want some special carbide burr tools in your carbide burr set.

You can have same-sized burrs with different shapes or different-sized burrs. Your requirements are always our priority.

Syndent will arrange the ideal carbide burr combinations according to your choice.

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