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carbide cone bits

Syndent Carbide Cone Bit

Syndent carbide cone bit is a safety nail bit that cuts your time in half on artificial nails. Our carbide cone bit has the highest portability, and you can use it at home or in busy salons.

Syndent has dominated the abrasive industry for quite some time. Thus, we have enough experience and understand the tools you need.

We manufacture useful carbide cone bits, perfect for the safe filing of acrylic or any other enhancement.

You can order directly from our Company located in China, and we can help you with the safe shipment.

carbide cone bits

Cone shape radius end, carbide cone bit with 2# and 3# flute.

carbide cone bits

Tree shape radius end, carbide cone bits with 2#, 5# and 7# flute.

carbide cone bits

Flame shape carbide bits with 2# cut

carbide cone bits

Flame shape carbide bits with 1# and 5# cut

carbide cone bits

Taper radius carbide cone bit with super sharp flute.

carbide cone bits

Taper radius carbide cone bit with 2# cut.

carbide cone bits

Taper with a top radius, end by a radius bottom. LD series carbide cone bit

carbide cone bits

Flame and pear-shaped carbide bits

carbide cone bits

SBM series 5 in 1 carbide cone bit, with a top end cut.

carbide cone bits

SBM series 5 in 1 carbide cone bit, with a top end cut.

Carbide Cone Bit

RD6 series 5 in 1 carbide cone bit, without end cut.

Carbide Cone Bit

RD6 series 5 in 1 carbide cone bit, without end cut.

carbide cone bits

Tree with radius end carbide bits, popular style with cross cut.

carbide cone bits

Taper with pointed end carbide cone bit

carbide cone bits

Cuticle and callus removing carbide bits.

Carbide Cone Bit

Dust proof carbide cone bit – Tapered

Carbide Cone Bit

Dust proof carbide cone bit – Cylindrical

Why Syndent Carbide Cone Bit

Syndent carbide cone bit helps you bring nail beauty into life. You can shave off the gel polish from your client’s nails much easier and faster. Furthermore, it works perfectly within the cuticle area.

You can use it to seal in the nail without experiencing lifting problems like other tools. Other than the cuticle area, you can also use our carbide cone bit at the sidewall of the nails.

Syndent designs the cone bit for grinding, shaping, filing, polishing, and faster gel enhancement removal. Bring your beauty salon home with our product.

Syndent designs carbide cone bit with sharp cutting effect and high durability. Besides, we achieve an outstanding balance between longevity and great price. You can benefit from our quality product at a reasonable price.

At Syndent, we ensure that we maintain the consistent manufacture of quality carbide cone bits. We assure you of the actual delivery of a carbide cone bit order according to the samples requested.

Besides, our QA guarantees continuous quality production of our products. We can produce high-quality carbide cone bits at all times.

Syndent assures you of speedy delivery of your carbide cone bit order. Therefore, your business retains the same flow of customers.

In addition, we can research and add new CNC machines to the ones we already have. Hence, we increase our production capacity to fulfil the delivery speed requirements. As a result, you can have your order delivered to you on time.

Carbide Cone Bit

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of carbide cone bit before production.

Carbide Cone Bit

Syndent automatically brazes carbide cone bit with silver in a low temperature

Carbide Cone Bit

We must make the carbide cone bit jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Carbide Cone Bit

Syndent examines the hardness of carbide nail bit shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

Carbide Cone Bit

Solid carbide cone bits need a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Carbide Cone Bit

Syndent CNC grinds the carbide cone bits teeth after the tests approved

Carbide Cone Bit

Syndent polishes the carbide cone bit shaft, and its brazing position

Carbide Cone Bit

Syndent makes your logo on the carbide bits, and stick your own label on the case.

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Your Best Supplier of Carbide Cone Bit

Syndent operates on a 2 000 square meters area. We are amongst large factories and manufacturers of carbide cone bits in China.

In addition, we have more than 40 sets of entirely automatic CNCs with up to 50 workers. We can supersede the production capacity needed a day. Syndent can produce and deliver your carbide cone bits faster.

We derive our welding technology and equipment from the USA. In addition, we have self R&D capabilities. So, we can use CNC machines or fully automatic welding machines to simultaneously produce several carbide cone bits.

Syndent stands out as the only firm in China that develops equipment for manufacturing carbide cone bits. We can rapidly design new machines and manufacture carbide cone bits with new geometric parameters.

We can quickly meet the needs of the industry development. In addition, Syndent can increase the production capacity of carbide cone bit several times.

Consequently, we can conveniently complete your demand needs. Furthermore, we rely on our R&D technology for a guaranteed high-quality Syndent carbide cone bit.

You can request carbide cone bit samples, and Syndent can deliver them at any location worldwide. Besides, we do it at an accessible cost, thus, risk-free.

Besides carbide cone bit, we develop other abrasives like safety nail bitcuticle ball bit, grinding barrel nail bit, etc.

For an instant quotation of our carbide cone bit order, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Carbide Cone Bit: An Exhaustive FAQ Guide

Everyone desires to buy a quality product. However, sourcing out for the best can sometimes look problematic and unwanted, especially if you have no idea.

The same applies to nail drill bits, and in our case, the carbide cone bit. Nonetheless, you are on the right page as we strive to make your work easier.

What Is A Carbide Cone Bit?

A carbide cone bit is a circular nail tool with a smooth taper from the base to the tip. The solid nail bit features a tungsten carbide composite on the head with a premium steel shank.

In addition, the end of a carbide cone bit features different types of sharp edges called flutes. The sharp and well-designed flutes allow you to cut off artificial nails from a client t the desired finish.

Carbide Cone Bit

Carbide Cone Bit

A carbide cone bit is a knock-off tool that brings the nail artwork to reality. It demands a bit of press on the material. It shaves the gel polish and other enhancements from your nails much faster and easier.

Syndent is a professional manufacturing company specializing in quality abrasives in China, including carbide cone bit. We design tools that can reduce your working time while you improve your quality and quantity in productivity.

The layout of the flute style can provide a perfect movement when removing gel polish, dip powder, etc. However, the tool is incredibly sharp, and you shouldn’t use it to process natural nails, especially with a learner.

The Carbide cone bit can cut right through the acrylic nails without burning or hurting the client. In addition, it removes the bulk of acrylic, which makes the tool suitable for professional use.

The cone shape of a carbide cone bit makes it easy to grind the enhancement back and sides.

Which Functions Does Carbide Cone Bit Provide?

The carbide cone bit has an elongated, slim, and tapered shape. Therefore, it can serve several purposes on acrylic nails. For example, you can prep the cuticle area, process the sidewalls, clean under the nails, etc.

The carbide cone bit can also prepare the entire nail surface in readiness for a topcoat application. In addition, the carbide composite cleans the surface, leaving a smooth finish than other products.

Moreover, the Syndent carbide cone bit has an ideal shape that perfectly works on the toenail surface. However, it doesn’t work well on the surface of the fingernails.

The cone shape of the carbide cone bit allows easy maneuvering to fit in tight places. Therefore, it can conveniently reach under the toenails and fingernails for easy and quick cleaning.

Our premium carbide cone bit can perform the following:

  • Sharpen or smoothen acrylic nails.
  • Remove cuticles.
  • Remove dead skin.
  • Remove acrylic nail polish.
  • Nail prepping.
  • Toenail surface processing.
  • Shorten acrylic nails.

Does Carbide Cone Bit Come in Different Textures?


The Carbide cone bit comes with different textures to enable the nail tech to meet other tasks on artificial nails. For example, the tool can come in extra-coarse, coarse, fine, extra-fine, and medium textures.

For that reason, a nail technician can freely choose a suitable texture to fulfill the available task on artificial nails.

Due to different textures, carbide cone bit can remove the following:

  • Dip powder.
  • Gel polish.
  • Acrylic nails.
  • Thick extension nails.
  • Builder gel nails.

We have three standard textures found with carbide cone bit; coarse, medium, and fine.

Fine Carbide Cone Bit – If you intend to remove gel polish on natural nails, use a fine carbide cone bit. Fine carbide cone has a lower texture which can provide alight removal of the gel polish on toenails.

Most manicurists use the fine carbide cone bit to refine

Nonetheless, you should not apply extra polish on natural nails with the bit as it can easily damage them.

Coarse Carbide Cone Bit – If you intend to remove thick gel polish, choose a rough carbide cone bit. The ideal bit removes away most of the product from the acrylic nails, leaving a smooth finish.

Medium Carbide Cone Bit – A medium grit carbide cone bit can serve different functions when working on acrylic nails. We, therefore, term it as a multifunctional bit, and you can use it, especially when you approach the natural nails. Also, it can help when you reach the base of acrylics, and you don’t want to remove a particular layer.

Carbide Cone Bit

Medium Grit Carbide Coe Bit

A medium carbide cone bit can also help in shortening acrylic nails and cutting a new smile line. Furthermore, it can reshape the whole surface.

However, you can also have an extra-coarse carbide cone bit. You may use it to remove acrylic or gel top coats on artificial nails. Furthermore, it can help for safe sidewall filling and shape the fingernails and toenails.

Syndent brand new carbide cone bit best reduces down enhancements such as acrylics or hard gels.

Superior tungsten carbide composite provides beginners and experienced nail techs with durable, perfect polishing encounters on artificial nails.

In addition, it has a unique geometry that makes it suitable for both left and right-handed users.

You can quickly tell the difference in coarseness based on the appearance of the flutes. For instance, the fine carbide cone bit has shallower and small flutes suitable for fine nail artwork.

On the other hand, coarse carbide cone bit has more profound and larger flutes ideal for removing heavy material.

Therefore, as the flutes grow more profound and more immense, you have a coarser grit. Hence, it can provide advanced functions for all nail art technicians and is an excellent tool for processing acrylic nails.

Do We Have Large and Small Carbide Cone Bit?


Syndent can manufacture both large and small carbide cone bits for specific uses. The two types of carbide cone bits represent absolute all-rounder tools in the nail field.

The unique cone shape provides the nail tech with a risk-free cutting of gel and acrylic nails. You can even remove a 3-phase gel without generating heat with a small or large carbide cone bit.

The difference in size brings about the convenience of processing the nails. For example, a significant carbide cone bit helps inefficient removal of quantity nail enhancement compared to a smaller version.

Therefore, if you intend to remove excess material faster, you should use a larger version carbide cone bit.

With a smaller version, it gives you the convenience of processing artificial nails in limited areas. For example, you can flexibly work around the cuticle area or under the nails. Furthermore, it can process the surface of the nail that has a little topcoat.

Carbide Cone Bit

Small Carbide Cone Bit

Both versions of our carbide cone bit leave an optimal operational vase after processing for a further nail.

Experts can use a maximum speed of up to 40 000 RPM because of the geometry and quality design.

Which Precaution Measures Should You Observe When Using A Carbide Cone Bit?

When using any carbide cone bit, observe the necessary precautions. In principle, the protection can help you in avoiding accidents. For instance, you can injure your client if you use the tool poorly. Furthermore, poor handling can lead to a faulty device that won’t give accurate results.

Therefore, observe the following safety measures:

  • Check the condition of your carbide cone bit before use for the best performance and accurate results.
  • Check to ensure your e file machine works properly.
  • Always wear eye protectives like safety glasses or a face shield.
  • Put on gloves.
  • Preferably a professional should use the carbide cone bit.
  • Avoid using a carbide cone bit that has dropped down as it might produce inaccurate results.
  • Keep the carbide cone bit out of reach of children.
  • Always clean and disinfect the tool after every use to avoid contamination.

What is a 5-in-1 Carbide Cone Bit?


Figure 4 5 in 1 Carbide Cone Bit.

The 5-in1 carbide cone bit can meet several needs of different nail artwork. Syndent designs the ideal tool as a multi-purposeful bit.

That means you can use the bit for cleaning, prepping, shortening, smoothing cuticles on the surface and under the nails.

You can quickly and rapidly remove the product, reshape your client’s nails, or perform fill-in within the shortest time possible.

In addition, a 5-in-1 has great versatility in terms of functionality and better quality. Thus, the user benefits from improved speed and can exploit all the nail art techniques with ease.

The texture of the 5-in-1 carbide cone bit transforms from top to bottom. For instance, the top has the finest grit and grows coarser towards the bottom.

Therefore, you can use the bottom side to remove heavy and hard enhancement. At the same time, you can refine your nail with the fine top part of the bit.

It is an effective and helpful tool that replaces several tools. In addition, our carbide cone bit comes in fine, medium, and coarse textures. At the same time, you’ll come across extra-coarse or extra-fine bits for specific operations.

The fine carbide cone bit, for example, features fine, medium, and extra-fine. The fine bit allows the user to clean the cuticle area technically.

In addition, you can prep your client’s nail bed, shape or shorten acrylic or gel nails, etc. Consequently, it can smooth and prep the whole surface or sufficiently clean under the nails.

We design our 5-in-1 carbide cone to cut smoothly. Moreover, you can use it in either clockwise or counterclockwise directions. Therefore, it suits either right-handed or left-handed users.

Can You Have Coated Carbide Cone Bit?


Syndent fabricates the cone bit from optimum carbide metal. Consequently, tungsten carbide is a very rigid and durable element, below diamond and higher than high-speed steel.

In particular, tungsten carbide contains two elements; tungsten and carbon, which appear in equal proportions. Therefore, the rigidity surpasses that of high-speed steel about 20 or several times.

Nonetheless, Syndent can improve the durability of the carbide cone bit further. In such a case, we add a coating on the bit’s tip to make them even harder.

However, not all coatings added to the product makes it durable or more efficient. For instance, some of the layers only add beauty to the product.

Furthermore, coated carbide cone bit can lose their original sharpness. Thus, although they have enhanced durability, coated carbide cone bit performs slightly lower than the actual product.

Some of the coatings available include:

  • Silver.
  • Gold.
  • Rainbow.
  • Rose gold.
  • Diamond.
  • Titanium.

Coatings like gold, rainbow, blue, rose gold, and gold makes the product look more appealing. However, they don’t enhance the durability of the tool in any way.

Nevertheless, we have a coating like a diamond that improves the quality of a given carbide cone bit. For example, a diamond-coated carbide cone bit has an improved rigidity of about six times better than the typical product. It, therefore, promises you enhanced performance.

In addition, we have a titanium coating. It also increases the rigidity of a specific carbide cone bit hence, quality performance.

Does Carbide Cone Bit Come in A Universal Shank Size?


The shank of a carbide cone bit is a small, but long cylindrical rod welded together with the head. In principle, you insert the end part of the shank in the nail drill’s collet to start nail artwork.

In the field of nails, the industry provides a standard size of shank sizes as 1/8-inch and 3/32-inch diameters.

A 1/8-inch shank size, for example, fits into a nail drill machine with a collet measuring 1/8 inches. Moreover, the 3/32-inch shank size can rhyme with a drill machine measuring 3/32 inches.

Nail art technicians should understand that only old nail drill machines accept carbide cone bits with 1/8 shank sizes.

Just like other industries, the nail field also produces carbide cone bits in multiple shapes and sizes.

Therefore, it helps nail art technicians to know the shapes and, most importantly, the size of the shank diameter.

In addition, it helps you to have the proper selection of a tool with the nail drill machine you have.

Carbide Cone Bit

3/32-Inch Carbide Cone Bit

Why Do Nail Techs Use Carbide Cone Bit?

To begin with, carbide cone bits designed from carbide materials give the user a lasting performance.


As reiterated earlier on, carbide is a hard metal with its hardness almost similar to a diamond. In addition, tungsten carbide is a sharp metal in nature.

Therefore, the carbide cone bit offers the nail tech a sharp and lasting performance when processing artificial nails.

Next, Syndent designs a carbide cone bit that meets all the international standards. Therefore, you have guaranteed quality.

Some of the quality features a nail tech can benefit from carbide cone bit include:

  • The carbide cone bit removes material from positions other bits cannot reach easily.
  • The carbide cone bit has sharp cutting edges that remove material faster and with accurate results.
  • Due to sharp edges, our product doesn’t cause a lot of friction when shaving the material off the nails.
  • Due to reduced friction, the carbide cone bit doesn’t emit heat quickly, unlike other products. Thus, it doesn’t cause pain or a ring of fire on a client’s nail bed.
  • Carbide composite makes the ideal cone bit very sturdy and durable. Thus, you can use our product for quite some time before replacement.
  • Designed with meticulousness in mind, the product guarantees you high precision work in your nail art.
  • The Carbide cone bit represents an ideal tool suitable for beginners and experts in the nail field.
  • The tool comes in regular shank sizes that can fit the most available handpieces. Thus, you can use them with table-top nail drill machines or portable e file machines.
  • The Carbide cone bit is lightweight, highly versatile, and portable. You can carry it anywhere you go, and it provides the user with easy handling when cutting artificial nails.
  • It has high resistance to environmental conditions like rust and doesn’t wear out quickly.

A carbide cone bit can help the user do different nail artworks on a client in the shortest time possible.

In addition, good resistance to heat and low friction means that the tool can handle several nail tasks.

The high portability of the tool enables the nail tech to do several tasks without feeling exhausted. Therefore, with the easy handling of the device, you can clean underneath, reshape, shorten, prep, or artificial polish nails.

Can Carbide Cone Bit Remove Soft Gel or Regular Nail Polish?


As seen earlier on, Syndent carbide cone bits appear in different textures. Thus, you can choose an appropriate grit to fulfill a particular job.

In such a case, you choose a carbide cone bit with medium or coarse grit for the job. The two bits with rough and medium texture can quickly remove regular nail polish or soft gel on your nails.

We use the products in processing acrylic or gel nails. Nonetheless, they can offer incredible performance on natural nails, most notably in the refilling of nail modeling. However, we suggest an expert use of carbide cone bit in processing natural nails.

Why Shouldn’t You Use Carbide Cone Bit On Natural Nails?

Although some professional nail technicians use carbide cone bits on natural nails, we do not highly recommend them.

In particular, a carbide cone bit features a meticulous design with well-positioned sharp cutting edges. Consequently, we design the edges to precisely cut hard materials like hard gel, acrylics, etc.

Hence, when used on natural nails, they quickly cut past the artificial nail. Consequently, reach the soft tissue of the natural nail.

However, if you choose to process natural nails using a carbide cone bit, work carefully, gentle, and patiently.

Moreover, use the most negligible speed that allows you to control the tool easily. For instance, you can apply a rate of between 2 500 RPM to 6 000 RPM. If you supersede the intended speed, the bit can accidentally crack or damage the nail surface.

While working on natural nails with the tool, ensure you keep it flat. Holding the device horizontal on the nail surface guarantees safe processing and accurate results.

Furthermore, avoid exerting excess pressure but allow the tool to do its job. For example, when you put extra force, you allow the sharp flutes to cut through the soft tissue rapidly. Or, you can create a ring of fire on the surface of the natural nail.

What is Ring Fire on Nails?

Ring of fire refers to a red semi-circle that forms on the surface of the nail. The ring fire happens when you continuously file the same point on the nail surface for a long time.

Excessive buffing or filing of your natural nails with a carbide cone bit slowly eliminates keratin in the nails. Thus, it results in a ring of fire condition that exposes the red blood cells beneath the nails.

What Should I Consider Before I Buy Carbide Cone Bit?

Meticulous design– It means careful processing of the carbide cone bit to provide detailed features. Syndent carbide cone bit has quality features in line with industrial standards.

Durability – It simply means the tool’s ability to combat wear, damage, or pressure when executing its purpose.

In designing the ideal cone bit, Syndent uses cemented carbide. Through our earlier indication, cemented carbide is a rigid material.

Therefore, the carbide cone bit is very sturdy to withstand rapid wear, damage, and pressure. Furthermore, it has better resistance to environmental conditions like rust.

High-temperature Resistance – Refined cemented carbide increases the rigidity of the bit. Therefore, it creates less friction, and as a result, it generates less heat.

Accuracy and Stability – Accuracy refers to the state of a tool in a precise or correct condition. Stability, on the other hand refers to a device in a stable state.

For professional nail artwork, you need a stable tool with great precision for accurate results. Syndent carbide cone bit is lightweight to offer incredible stability and provides accurate results due to high accuracy.

Weight and Versatility – With weight, we mean choosing a lightweight cone bit for easy control. Furthermore, the ideal tool should have the ability to provide diverse functions.

We manufacture light carbide cone bits with advanced versatility. Therefore, the user can have myriad ways of using it.

Besides a carbide cone bit, we have divergent abrasives applicable in other industries. For example, Syndent can fashion carbide dental burssanding capsbest drill bit to remove gel polish, etc.

Kindly remain in touch with us for a quotation of quality carbide cone bit now!

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