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Carbide E File Bits

Syndent Carbide E File Bits

Syndent carbide e file bits help you for speedy preparation and removal of nail enhancements on your client’s nails.

We manufacture carbide e file bits needed for faster, safer, and hygienic polishing of nail surfaces. You must have the best e file bits for both experienced and beginners in the nail industry.

Due to its unique sharp flute design, you can shape an enhancement with great confidence and ease.

We constantly produce quality carbide e file bits appreciated by all nations all over the world. Originating from China, Syndent is the center for all your e file bits.

Carbide E File Bits

Cylindrical carbide e file bits. Diameter 6.6mm

Carbide E File Bits

Cylindrical carbide e file bits. Diameter 5.3mm

Carbide E File Bits

Cylinder with top edge radius carbide e file bits

Carbide E File Bits

Cylinder with radius end carbide e file bits

Carbide E File Bits

Ball-shaped carbide e file bits

Carbide E File Bits

Tree shape radius end carbide e file bits with 2# and 3# flute.

Carbide E File Bits

Tree shape radius end carbide e file bits with 2#, 5# and 7# flute.

Carbide E File Bits

Flame shape carbide e file bits with 2# cut

Carbide E File Bits

Flame shape carbide e file bits with 1# and 5# cut

Carbide E File Bits

Taper radius carbide e file bits with super sharp flute.

Carbide E File Bits

Taper radius carbide e file bits with 2# cut.

Carbide E File Bits

Taper with a top radius, end by a radius bottom. LD series carbide e file bits

Carbide E File Bits

Flame and pear-shaped carbide e file bits

Carbide E File Bits

SBM series 5 in 1 carbide e file bits, with a top end cut.

Carbide E File Bits

SBM series 5 in 1 carbide e file bits, with a top end cut.

Carbide E File Bits

RD6 series 5 in 1 carbide e file bits, without end cut.

Carbide E File Bits

RD6 series 5 in 1 carbide e file bits, without end cut.

Carbide E File Bits

Tree with radius end carbide e file bits, popular style with cross cut.

Carbide E File Bits

Taper with pointed end carbide e file bits

Carbide E File Bits

Cuticle and callus removing carbide e file bits.

Carbide E File Bits

Dust proof carbide e file bits – Tapered

Carbide E File Bits

Dust proof carbide e file bits – Cylindrical

Why Syndent Carbide E File Bits

Syndent carbide e file bits can powerfully remove gels and acrylics. You can use our product to buff tough calluses, cut or shape thicker nails.

Moreover, you can quickly grind, sharpen, cut, and remove dip powder. Our carbide e file bits also help you prepare, finish, and polish artificial nails without causing damage.

E file bits have various abrasive marks, which enables you to achieve anything you want on a client’s nails.

You can choose freely on coarse, extra-coarse, medium, or fine grit, and so on according to your needs. You will make the full pedicure and manicure process easy, faster, and engaging with our efile bits.

Syndent assures you of a quick response to your request. For that reason, you can reach us through our 12-hour hotline, an online contact, or chat.

More so, we fully embrace the use of Skype, Messenger, and WhatsApp media platforms. Therefore, after you’ve placed your carbide e file bits order, our salesperson can respond to your questions.

Syndent ensures you receive the exact product described in our promotions or packaging. We have always served you with a lot of integrity and honesty for more than 11 years.

Hence, we have built a formidable business relationship with great companies. We gain more when we achieve word-of-mouth marketing with our carbide e file bits.

Carbide E File Bits

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of carbide e file bits before production.

Carbide E File Bits

Syndent automatically brazes carbide e file bits with silver in a low temperature

Carbide E File Bits

We must make the carbide e file bits jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Carbide E File Bits

Syndent examines the hardness of carbide nail bit shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

Carbide E File Bits

Solid carbide e file bits need a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Carbide E File Bits

Syndent CNC grinds the carbide e file bits teeth after the tests approved

Carbide E File Bits

Syndent polishes the carbide e file bits shaft, and its brazing position

Carbide E File Bits

Syndent makes your logo on the carbide drill bits, and stick your own label on the case.

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  • Syndent has all the popular carbide cutters and shapes. Succeed in helping many customers save costs in the past decades.

Your Best Supplier of Carbide E File Bits

To serve you in a better capacity, Syndent works tirelessly to meet your various payment methods. Syndent provides PayPal, MoneyGram, Banks, TT, Western Union, L/C, etc.

Moreover, we can bring on board other safer and convenient channels to make your payment swift. At Syndent, you’ll never worry about a few and unsafe payment options.

Syndent carbide e file bits have special process needs. Furthermore, through our handcrafted CNC equipment, the surfaces of our finished carbide e file bits have a sparkling effect.

You can easily compare it with that of stainless steel. You can sell our product in your location quickly without incurring a lot of sales expenses.

Syndent carbide e file bits have significant wear resistance, last longer, and without turn around. We strive to provide quality products that correspond to your requests.

Moreover, our regular carbide e file bits have guaranteed sharpness and a service life more than our peers’.

Syndent has collaborated with various customers worldwide in replacing other international brands. So, exploit the opportunity and see how we do it for you.

You can request samples, and Syndent can deliver them to you at any location in the world. You won’t pay for testing costs; therefore, risk-free.

Excluding carbide e file bits, you can request diamond nail drill bitsnail bits5-in-1-nail-drill-bit, etc.

To request an instant quotation or make an order of Syndent carbide e file bits, contact us.

Carbide e File Bits: A Fulfilled FAQ Guide

For you to shape enhancements on a client’s nails with confidence, a nail tech needs an ideal tool. The market has a variety of nail drill bits designed from different materials.

Nonetheless, we feature carbide e file bits in this guide. We have the e file bits explained and all your questions answered.

What Are Carbide e File Bits?

Carbide e file bits refers to dedicated tools suitable for removing:

  • Acrylic gel.
  • Gel polish.
  • Dip powder from nail surfaces.

Any nail technician who has ever used a standard file to remove a nail enhancement can attest to time consumption. However, carbide drill bits e file save a lot of time, are highly versatile, convenient, and safe to use.

In any selection of a handpiece for the job, you need to pay attention to the e file bits. In essence, the bit plays an integral part in the device.

For example, they determine your comfort and compelling performance when doing the job on a client.

Carbide e File Bits

Carbide e File Bits

Carbide e file bits are sharp and durable cutting tools designed for more advanced nail techs. Thus, they can fluently cut or shape acrylic nails and not intended for natural nails.

Syndent makes carbide e file bits in extra coarse, coarse, extra-fine, fine, and medium grits. That implies you can confidently select a tool that can serve a specific function well.

For example, an extra-coarse grit can sufficiently remove the acrylic or gel overlays.

Furthermore, it can help you accurately shorten a client’s nails. Coarse grit on the hand can safely file the sidewalls of the acrylic nails or shape the fingernails or toenails.

A medium grit can serve as an excellent multi-functional carbide e file bit. Manicurists choose them when they want to shorten acrylic nails.

In addition, you may select them as great tools for cutting in new smile lines or reshaping the whole surface.

A fine grit can help a manicurist to file the whole nail surface correctly. Moreover, nail techs prefer them as excellent tools for shaping gel and acrylic nails.

If you encounter traces of acrylics, the carbide e file bit fine grit can correctly remove them. Also, it can reasonably create a smooth smile line on smaller gel or acrylic nails.

Most of our carbide e file bits have square tips. Thus, they can nicely refine the whole nail surface without leaving a mark or traces of enhancements. A tapered version, for example, can help you remove acrylic or gel overlays from the corners or the sides.

How Do You Use Carbide e File Bits?

Using carbide e file bits requires a few simple steps a beginner should master before you become an expert.

In essence, a carbide e file bit runs on an electric nail machine. Therefore, choosing an appropriate electric machine plays a vital role in producing better results.

That implies a newbie should understand how an electric machine operates, which we shall cover later on. But, first things first.

As mentioned, our carbide e file bits are great tools that can efficiently remove different enhancements on nails.

Therefore, you shouldn’t use them on natural nails as they can damage the natural nail bed. Nonetheless, Syndent designs sanding caps in different grits, suitable for natural nail application.

Once you’ve got the suitable drill machine, assemble the carbide e file bit and make sure it fits properly. Then select an appropriate speed on the device.

Finally, with the back and forth motion, start shaving off the enhancement from the nails.

While using the carbide e file bits on the artificial nails, make sure you keep them away from the skin.

In principle, the carbide e file bits can easily damage the skin, especially when using the pointed tip versions.

In addition, you should ensure the tool lies flat on the surface and not at an angle. Consequently, file the nail from sidewall to sidewall and very lightly.

With a wide selection of carbide e file bits, you can select a particular shape for a specific function. Thus, the carbide e file bits can do many things other than just filing off acrylic or gel nails.

You can remove cuticles, clean the nail bed, or prepare the nail surface before gel application with our product.

Carbide e File Bits

Various Shapes of Carbide e File Bits

Which Material Do Carbide e File Bits Have?

Syndent manufactures carbide e file bits using tungsten carbide elements. The elements are pretty dense with a light gray and bluish tinge color.

The rigidity of tungsten carbide lies around nine on a Mohs scale. It means it lies slightly behind diamonds. Thus, it is a valuable element that can benefit users with very many applications in the industry.

The hardness of tungsten carbide makes it more robust than steel, ceramic, or titanium. For example, comparing tungsten carbide to steel offers twenty times better rigidity than steel.

Because of the outstanding rigidity, tungsten carbide is quite durable. Hence, it can hold on to demanding tasks exposed to.

Besides its outstanding rigidity, you can easily recycle tungsten carbide and use it to manufacture other durable products.

For instance, various manufacturers collect tungsten carbide scrap, melt it down, and reform it to better outcomes.

Because of its toughness, companies willingly buy them for recycling because they have guaranteed durability.

What Are Concentric Carbide e File Bits?

Concentric carbide e file bits means balanced bits that cannot vibrate or wobble when cutting artificial nails.

If, for instance, the carbide e file bit you purchase lacks a perfect concentricity, you can have the worst results.

Consequently, the bit spins while hitting the client’s nail. As a result, it can cause damage or a micro shattering.

Which Handpiece Should You Choose for Carbide e File Bits?

When using carbide e file bits, always note that they come in two regular shank sizes. The carbide e file bits predominantly feature a 1/8-Inch shank diameter and a 3/32-inch shank diameter.

A manicurist can choose a drill machine that accepts a 1/8-inch shank diameter carbide e file bit.

Or, if you have one with a 1/8-inch shank diameter, it means you should choose a compatible handpiece. In most cases, traditional handpieces accept carbide e file bits with the 1/8-inch shank size.

Carbide e File Bits

Nail Drill Machine

How Do Carbide e File Bits Differ From Bits That Have Grits?

You can easily differentiate carbide e file bits from bits with grits based on the tip design.

In principle, we manufacture carbide e file bits from carbide metal. It means that the tip has a unique design.

Carbide e file bits have tips with flutes that resemble sharp blades. The blade-like flutes remove materials through a cutting process rather than grinding. Therefore, the process doesn’t generate heat because of little friction.

Thus, carbide e file bits can remove nail top coats smoothly without leaving scratches.

On the contrary, diamond nail bits, buffing bits, and sanding bands have grits on the tips. Hence, they remove nail overlays through grinding.

While using bits that have grits, ensure that you don’t concentrate at one point for a long time. Also, use the slightest pressure to avoid heat buildup in the area that might cause pain.

Can You Use Carbide e File Bits to Remove Cuticles?


Carbide e file bits come in different shapes to fulfil specific applications on nails. Thus, a nail tech can select a tool that suits a particular task.

We have e file bits for cuticle removal. For example, a cone-shaped carbide e file bit can perfectly cut the cuticle and work around the cuticle area.

Consequently, a cone bit is quite long, slim, and with a tapered shape. Therefore, you can use cone-shape carbide e file bits for several functions.

For example, the bit can perfectly prepare the cuticle area, sidewalls, clean underneath your client’s nails, etc.

Nail technicians can also use cone-shaped carbide e file bits to file the surface of the nail. However, the shape provides better performance on toenail surface work than with fingernails surface job.

Carbide e File Bits

Cone Shape Carbide e File Bit

In principle, all cuticle safety carbide e file bits safely remove cuticles. This is because they have a rounded top and come in other shapes apart from the cone shape.

Safety carbide e file bits can conveniently extend to the cuticle area or sidewalls.

Consequently, they file the cuticle area and sidewalls without damaging your nails. Therefore, you can categorically use them for the in-fill cuticle job.

In addition, Syndent manufactures the flame shape carbide e file bits. With this shape, you can assuredly use them for creating the lip of a dead cuticle. Thus, you can smoothly remove the dead skin.

However, the flame shape is an excellent shape that removes hangnails, extra dirt, or dead skin near the nail plate. Also, a nail tech can use them to clean the nail area before and after applying a product.

How Can You Safely Use Carbide e File Bits Around The Cuticle Area?

To safely remove cuticles on a client’s fingernails or toenails, do it with safety bits or a round top cone. It essentially shields the skin against possible damage.

First, hold the safety bit at a slight angle within the cuticle area. In practice, 50% of the safety carbide e file bit should contact the client’s nail.

Then, with your machine turned on, begin filing the right side of the nail and to the left side. Moreover, use the wrist and rotate the nail towards the bit.

Using a low speed, apply the technique on all nail surfaces. Furthermore, observe the formation of the dust on your safety bit. It essentially helps you know the exact contact point.

Observe from the sides as you work. Consequently, it helps in beveling the topcoat at an accurate angle with the natural nails.

Which Factors Affect The Selection of Ideal Carbide e File Bits?

The market has different brands of carbide e file bits. Moreover, specific e file bits can offer specific functions when beautifying artificial nails.

Thus, a buyer should know the brand. Also, you should understand the type of carbide e file bits that can fulfil specific needs.

For that reason, newbies can find this section helpful in choosing the correct tool for the job.

First, note that we have different types, sizes, and shapes of carbide e file bits. More so, they come with different coarseness.

Consequently, each shape, size, or coarseness can bring variations in the performance of a given tool.


The shape of a given e file bit can determine the kind of job it can do effectively. Hence, a buyer should know the various forms and choose wisely an appropriate shape for the job.

Shank size

As discussed earlier, you can find carbide e file bits in two sizes; a 1/8-inch and a 32/2-inch. Moreover, a regular handpiece measures 1/8 inches. Hence, in whatever case, you cannot perfectly fit professional carbide e file bits.

It, therefore, implies that you need a 32/2-inch electric handpiece to fit professional carbide e file bits.


Syndent carbide e file bits come in different coarseness. For instance, we manufacture them in coarse, extra-coarse, fine, extra-fine, and medium.

When it comes to coarseness of the product, you can quickly tell the difference with a mere look.

For example, fine coarseness has compact and refined flute formation compared to extra-coarse. Flutes that have large partials on coarse carbide e file bits have the lowest grits formation.

Hence, we recommend that you master the number of abrasive grit per square inch.


In any circumstance, quality carbide e file bits can determine their durability, performance, and results. Hence, it makes much sense when you buy a quality product to remove any nail enhancement.

Syndent carbide e file bits can offer 20 times better performance than e file bits designed from high-speed steel. In brief, we suggest selecting a product based on material composition.

E file bits function differently depending on material composition. Moreover, they have different durability.

Can You Find Carbide e File Bits for Left-Handed Nail Techs?


Manufacturers can produce carbide e file bits suitable for left-handed users. However, not all the products favor left-handed users.

Nonetheless, we have handpieces designed with both reverse and forward features. Hence, any user can swiftly switch between the functions and remove enhancements.

In such a case, always pay attention to the design of the carbide e file bits you buy. For example, lefties should buy tools compatible with their hands. The same also applies to right-handed users.

However, 5-in-1 carbide e file bits can suit both right-handed and left-handed users. That means you should also have a nail drill machine that you can adjust to fit both users.

Carbide e File Bits

5 in 1 left and right carbide e file bit

Helpful Note: When adjusting the nail drill machine to favor your type of use, ensure to switch it off. Otherwise, you can rapidly damage the motor or enhance its rapid wear.

Can Carbide e File Bits Create Ring of Fire on A Skin?

Carbide e file bits can create a ring fire on a client’s skin if not correctly used. Therefore, manicurists should consistently acquaint themselves with better skills of filing using the product.

A ring of fire is a painful reddish patch that forms on a client’s nail plate after filing the nails.

Few factors can contribute to the formation of a ring of fire on your nail plate.

For instance, the sharp edges cut unevenly when you file the nail surface at an inferior angle. Hence, the uneven filing can cause part of the cutting edges to reach the natural nail surface.

Moreover, if you exert extra force when removing the topcoat, you can easily penetrate the nail plate. As a result, the affected area develops a ring of fire that makes you feel a lot of pain.

For that reason, practice and find the best technique that can correctly remove enhancements without causing a ring of fire.

For instance, avoid filing the same area for too long, apply slight pressure when cutting, and achieve the best angle.

We also suggest choosing the right shape from the various carbide e file bits types for the specific job. For example, with a round edge cone e file for the cuticle, you can safely file the cuticle area. It doesn’t cause any discomfort as a result of heat buildup.

Can Carbide e File Bits Cause Heat Buildup on a Client’s Nail?


Few things can generate heat buildup on the nail surface of a client.

First, if you file the same nail area for the longest time, the product generates a lot of friction. Therefore, it causes heat buildup. Hence, the client can feel severe pain.

Also, pressing heavily to remove the enhancement from the nails can cause heat buildup. Since the carbide e file bits have sharp edges, you need a small press on the nail surface.

Using a worn-out carbide e file bit can also generate heat buildup. Usually, the blunt flutes cause friction and eventually build up heat on the nail plate. Therefore, always use carbide e file bits with sharp cutting edges.

Can You Use Carbide e File Bits To Safely File Thick Toe Nails?

To effectively file toenails, manufacturers design toenail sanders. For that reason, nail techs can safely cut the thick toenails.

Furthermore, you can buy clippers suitable for trimming your client’s thick toenails.

Nonetheless, Syndent carbide e file bits can also help you safely cut the thick toenails. Moreover, it works perfectly even on big toenails while still damp.

We encourage you to buy the cone-shaped carbide e file bit with a more effective head diameter. It can correctly thin the big toenail surface.

When using a cone-shaped type, use an average pressure until you achieve a moderate thickness. More so, grind evenly on the surface of the toenail to avoid heat buildup.

For better results, while cutting the sides of a client’s thick toenails, choose a long shank carbide e file bit. And as advised, cut with a continuous side-to-side motion, ensuring that you use an average pressure.

If the client feels some heat around the grinding area, stop and carry on with the process later.

Can Carbide e File Bits Remove Callus on Feet?


Syndent carbide e file bits can correctly remove dead skin on the feet.

Sometimes hard and thick skin patches can develop on the skin, which we term as calluses. Moreover, calluses appear relatively more prominent than corns and look irregular in shape.

Thus, our carbide e file bits, designed with sharp edges, can unequivocally remove calluses besides corns. However, a nail tech should remain vigilant not to rapture the soft tissue on the feet accidentally.

We highly recommend using the cross-cut carbide e file bits in place of sanding bands. Because they have fine, razor-sharp teeth, the cross-cut carbide e file bits can safely file your skin area.

Thus, you effortlessly file the hard skin while leaving your client with a smoother feet surface.

When using cross-cut carbide e file bits, ensure the surface of the feet remains dry. It helps in the efficiency of the tool and for better results.

Carbide e File Bits

Cross-Cut Carbide e File Bits

Helpful note: The client might feel immediate pain when using a carbide e file bit on soft feet. Also, don’t file the area to the extreme, as you might feel pain when stepping down on your feet.

In a nutshell, we advise only qualified nail techs to use carbide e file bits to remove calluses.

Can I Use Carbide e File Bits More Than Once?


Unlike sanding bands, we design carbide e file bits ideal for more than a single-use. However, some users might dispose of the products after a single use.

Our carbide e file bits feature very rigid components of cemented carbide steel. Thus, the cutting edges can provide several uses before they become dull. Consequently, once they grow dull, you can buy new ones.

Because we can recycle the dull carbide e file bits, we can plan with you to collect the scrap.

Besides carbide e file bits, Syndent develops quality products like burr drill bitssolid carbide burr, etc.

You can receive an instant quotation of carbide e file bits from us now! Please stay in touch.

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