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Carbide Grinding Burrs

Syndent Carbide Grinding Burrs

Syndent carbide grinding burrs means deburring tools skillfully designed to remove various unwanted materials.

Syndent has for 11+ years developed handy and sturdy carbide grinding burrs for your commercial use. Our versatile and feature-filled tool has high efficiency that can significantly reduce your workload faster.

Located in China, Syndent has unique advanced CNC equipment that can produce several orders quickly. Our highly qualified staff have knowledge of operating our machines and quickly make your orders ready on time.

We guarantee you stable and quality supplies through our automatic development system. Syndent can at all times meet your demand for carbide grinding burrs.

Carbide Grinding Burrs

Cylinder carbide grinding burrs are ideal for contour finishing, flat surface removal.

Carbide Grinding Burrs

Cylinder with end cut carbide grinding burrs are suitable for removal contour and right-angled corners

Carbide Grinding Burrs

Cylinder with radius end carbide grinding burrs are suitable for processing contour and arc surface at a certain angle

Carbide Grinding Burrs

Ball shape carbide grinding burrs are good for machining round edge and end pre-processing before brazing

Carbide Grinding Burrs

Oval shape carbide grinding burrs are suitable for round edge removal

Carbide Grinding Burrs

Tree with radius end carbide grinding burrs are perfect for grinding round edge in long and narrow positions

Carbide Grinding Burrs

Tree with pointed end carbide grinding burrs are used for machining round arc contour in long and narrow places

Carbide Grinding Burrs

Flame shape carbide grinding burrs are good at round edge machining

Carbide Grinding Burrs

Cone shape carbide grinding burrs functions like a countersink. Suitable for chamfering inner hole

Carbide Grinding Burrs

Taper with radius end carbide grinding burrs are widely used for round contour removal in narrow positions, and surface machining

Carbide Grinding Burrs

Taper with pointed end carbide grinding burrs are suitable for narrow position deburring and counter surface machining

Carbide Grinding Burrs

Inverted cone carbide grinding burrs are suitable for rear-side chamfering from the inner side.

Why Syndent Carbide Grinding Burrs

You can extensively use grinding burrs carbide in cutting different materials. You can undisputedly apply Syndent carbide grinding burrs in fluent removal of hard metal, steel, cast iron, etc.

Also, our carbide grinding burrs can provide you with best performance on aluminum, zirconia, ceramic, plastic, etc.

You can confidently source from Syndent highly efficient carbide grinding burrs for your projects. Our grinding burrs can make your work easier and not hard.

Syndent manufactures grinding burrs carbide using tungsten carbide steel materials for quality performance. Tungsten carbide naturally has an extreme hardness of 91.8 or more. Thus, Syndent carbide grinding burrs can cut metal like slicing through butter.

Syndent consistently builds and delivers to you quality carbide grinding burrs. We also have guaranteed after-sales service on our product.

Once you realize errors or underperformance with our tool, we immediately respond to your request. We can promptly solve the issue in 3 working days so that your business reputation doesn’t fall.

We can, in any case, assist you with the most reliable and suitable shipping option and company. Syndent has rich experience and cooperates wonderfully with well-known freight companies. Syndent can undoubtedly find the best rate category you want and receive quality services.

Carbide Grinding Burrs

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of carbide grinding burs before production.

Carbide Grinding Burrs

Syndent automatically brazes carbide grinding burs with silver in a low temperature.

Carbide Grinding Burrs

We must make the carbide grinding burrs jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Carbide Grinding Burrs

Syndent examines the shank hardness of carbide grinding burrs after the brazing, and tests the bending strength strictly.

Carbide Grinding Burrs

Solid carbide grinding burrs need a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Carbide Grinding Burrs

Syndent CNC grinds the carbide grinding burrs teeth after the tests approved

Carbide Grinding Burrs

Syndent polishes the carbide grinding burrs shaft, and its brazing position

Carbide Grinding Burrs

Syndent makes your logo on the carbide grinding burs, and stick your own label on the case.



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  • Syndent has all the popular carbide cutters and shapes. Succeed in helping many customers save costs in the past decades.

  • Range from the dental laboratory to clinic purpose. Either a dental technician or dental doctor could find what you demand here.

  • You have creative nails through Syndent amazing nail carbide burrs. We can do better and think about what you think.

Your Best Supplier of Carbide Grinding Burrs

The promotion of Syndent carbide grinding burrs every time rhymes with the description. You receive grinding burrs carbide that match our product description.

Syndent aims at creating good friendships through good business. We target the achievement of word-of-mouth marketing. Without fail, Syndent commits to treating all business transactions with sincerity.

Syndent has senior skilled engineers and other employees. We all work hand in hand to ensure Syndent carbide grinding burrs consistently lie in the required industrial position.

Syndent carefully inspects every batch of tungsten carbide steel received for errors before entering the warehouse.

We check for material accuracy, appearance, and the correct size. Our warehouse manager only signs a fully inspected tungsten steel raw material batch into a warehouse.

Your Syndent carbide grinding burrs order at all times avoids possible quality issues straight from the source.

Syndent carbide grinding burrs includes all sizes and models available on the market. We provide you free selection of rough grinding, fine and polishing grinding burrs carbide burrs.

Syndent covers the industrial and dental field. We can help you in free selection as you increase your product line.

Besides Syndent carbide grinding burrs, we can supply you with other quality products too. Syndent production line includes carbide burr for steel, carbide burr set, carbide burr for stainless steel, etc.

In any case, you may contact us for inquiries or instant quotations of Syndent grinding burrs.

Carbide Grinding Burrs

Carbide Grinding Burrs – Ultimate FAQs Guide

Grinding has never been so convenient and smooth before Syndent’s carbide grinding burrs. The sharp flute teeth scratch the metal surface as quickly as the knife cuts the butter.

With over ten years of experience, Syndent is manufacturing and supplying high-quality tungsten carbide grinding burrs worldwide.

This comprehensive write-up will answer all your queries related to carbide burrs, their types, specifications, sizes, and application.

Let’s get started.

Carbide Grinding Burrs


What Are Carbide Grinding Burrs?

Carbide grinding burrs are sharp rotary files that help grind, hone, milling, and deburring excess metal pieces.

You can use these burrs in multiple tools like pendant drills, pneumatic rotary tools, and die grinders. Syndent manufactures sharp and durable carbide grinding burrs in up-to-date 6-axis CNC machines.

With the help of silver brazing technology, the burrs get the most pleasing welding results. Sharp flute teeth, resilient shaft, and strong tungsten carbide make Syndent’s carbide burrs exceptional.

Numerous industries get benefits from tungsten carbide grinding burrs. Some of the primary sectors are automobiles, construction, aerospace, and engineering.

Let’s move further to know more about the various types of carbide burrs available in the market.

What Are the Various Types of Tungsten Carbide Grinding Burrs?

Syndent manufactures a wide variety of tungsten carbide rotary files. We can classify them into various categories:

  • In terms of cuts
  • In terms of shapes
  • In terms of application

Let’s get to know about each category step by step.

Types of Carbide Grinding Burrs in Terms of Cuts

Carbide burrs are available in variable cuts. Some of these are standard cuts like:

  • Single cut
  • Double cut
  • Aluminum cut

While others are unique cuts like:

  • Coarse cut
  • Fine single cut
  • Foundry cut
  • Diamond cut
  • Chipbreaker cut
  • Fast mill cut
  • Carbide Grinding Burrs

Standard Cuts

  • Single-cut flutes are ideal for removing large metal chunks. Single cut means that all the flute’s teeth are in one direction. It removes the material faster and efficiently.
  • Double cut flute means the flute has got two-sided teeth intertwined together. It is an ideal burr for removing small metal chips. It gives the surface a smoother and finished look.
  • The third type is the aluminum cut. These burrs have got wider teeth. These rotary burrs are helpful in fast operation. You can efficiently remove larger metal chunks. You can attain the desired grinding result in less time with an aluminum-cut carbide grinding burr.

Special Cuts

Unique flute cuts are ideal for removing metal chips from various materials. You can get a particular burr for a specific material or surface.

If you want any help or guidance regarding the best suitable cut for a particular surface, you can contact Syndent’s team anytime.

Let’s get to know about the shapes of carbide burrs.

What Are the Various Types of Carbide Grinding Burrs in Terms of Shapes?

Syndent manufactures carbide grinding burrs in various shapes to work on every surface effortlessly. These shapes are:

  • Cylinder air grinder bit with the end cut
  • Cylinder air die grinder bit
  • Cylinder air grinder bit with radius end
  • Oval air grinder bit
  • Ball-shaped air grinder bit
  • Flame-shaped air grinder bit
  • Pointed tree air grinder bit
  • Round tree air die grinder bit
  • Cone-shaped air grinder bit
  • Inverted cone air grinder bit
  • Taper air grinder bit with radius end
  • Taper air die grinder bit with a pointed end

In the next topic, you will find how these shapes are helpful in variable applications.

Carbide Grinding Burrs

What Are the Different Types of Carbide Grinding Burrs in Terms of Application?

For your convenience Syndent manufactures variable-shaped carbide grinding burrs. These burrs are suitable for specific shapes and spaces.

For Flat Surfaces

Grinding a flat surface is possible with the help of cylinder-shaped carbide burrs. These burrs freely remove undesired material and smoothen the surface within seconds.

You can grind a flat surface, a flat surface with a right angle, and a flat surface with a curved edge withSyndent’s cylinder-shaped burrs.


Because the cylinder-shaped carbide grinding burrs are available in three variable ends:

  • Flat end
  • End cut
  • Radius end

For Curved/Round Surfaces

The type of carbide grinding burr suitable for grinding curved and arched surfaces are the ball-shaped or oval-shaped burrs.

These burrs can conveniently grind the round edges and curves.

Carbide Grinding Burrs

For Deep Narrow Areas

To grind in a deep and narrow area, Syndent has two solutions for you:

  • If the area is round, you must go with the radium end taper or tree-shaped carbide burrs.
  • If the area is deep yet pointed, you can use tree-shaped sharp burrs or taper pointed burrs to contour the surface perfectly.

For Chamfering Holes

Syndent manufactures cone-shaped carbide burrs and inverted cone-shaped carbide files for treating inner holes and rare-sides, respectively.


How Does Syndent Manufacture the Ideal Carbide Grinding Burrs?

Syndent ensures to undertake the whole manufacturing process of carbide grinding burrs with perfection.

Syndent’s QC team inspects that the quality standards are up to the mark from gathering raw material to final packaging.

Gathering Raw Material

Syndent gathers tungsten carbide from the state’s best cobalt suppliers. The production process doesn’t start until and unlessSyndent’ss quality control team approves the raw material’s standard.

Brazing Technique

Welded raw shafts and flutes are then brazed with the silver under low temperature. Brazing is a technique by which the welding point of two metal pieces is filled with a substance.

Syndent uses silver as the brazing material. It makes the joints durable and solid.

Carbide Grinding Burrs

Balancing and Bending Test

After brazing, the carbide burr has to go through a balancing test. The test checks the tolerance level of the burr.

The bending test follows the balancing test. In this test, the shaft is bent at a certain level to check it’’ flexibility. Brittle shafts break down quickly. Syndent’s quality control team ensures that the shaft is malleable and strong.


At this stage, the flute gets its shape and cuts. It is ground thoroughly to attain sharp predetermined teeth.

Polishing and Packaging

The carbide grinding burr is then polished until it is smooth and shiny by using an abrasive material.

It is the final stage where Syndent’s high-quality carbide burrs are packed and sealed. Syndent’s logo is the symbol of ideal tungsten carbide burrs.

However, you can get customized packing (on demand) with your brand’s name and logo imprinted on the packaging.

For What Purposes Can I Use a Carbide Grinding Burr?

Carbide Grinding Burrs

You can use your carbide grinding burrs for several purposes other than grinding. For example:

Enlarging holes

You can enlarge holes on uneven surfaces. It is an ideal burr to enlarge holes on metals and gives smooth finished results.

It was never easy to enlarge holes on a metal surface before – thanks toSyndent’ss high-speed carbide burrs.


One of the primary purposes ofSyndent’ss carbide grinding burrs is deburring. Sharp flutes with variable cuts remove small chunks and give a smoother surface.

You can choose the size and shape of your carbide burr according to the metal piece you are working on.


Carbide burrs effectively remove the metal chunks from the surface. You can shape the metal by grinding the extra material quickly.

For example, a cornered material can easily be curved with the help ofSyndent’ss ball-shaped and oval-shaped carbide grinding burrs.


Another essential purpose of Syndent’s carbide burrs is carving and engraving. After the invention of these fast-moving sharp carbide burrs, sculptors can conveniently work on metal pieces, wood, plaster, or fiberglass.

They quickly carve the surface with the help of variable-sized carbide burrs and brings out a piece of art in no time.


Can I Cut Metal with Carbide Grinding Burr?

Yes, definitely!!

You can use your carbide grinding burrs for cutting metals and other materials, but it is not the primary function of Syndent’s carbide burrs.

You may end up with uneven edges after cutting with carbide burrs. There is nothing to worry about it.

You can grind the uneven edges later on with a suitable carbide burr according to the surface. Or, you can use a rotary cutter for cutting purposes and leave the finishing job for carbide grinding burrs.

Which Metals and Materials Can I Grind with Syndent’s Carbide Grinding Burrs?

Syndent manufactures specified carbide grinding burrs for various materials. Like:

Besides their specifications, you can use them in variable metals and materials. For example, you can use them for grinding:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Titanium
  • Brass
  • Acrylics
  • Nickel
  • Glass
  • Zinc
  • Polycarbonate
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Plastic
  • Ceramics
  • Cobalt
  • Stone
  • Plaster
  • Carbide Grinding Burrs

What Are the Pros of Syndent’s Carbide Grinding Burr?

Syndent’s carbide grinding burrs can benefit you in many ways. Like:

  • You can get excellent and satisfactory grinding results in just a few minutes.
  • Syndent’s carbide burrs have a longer life span.
  • You can find the carbide rotary burrs in multiple shapes and sizes.
  • Syndent’s carbide grinding burrs are versatile. You can use them on any surface.
  • To whatever industry you belong, you can get benefits from the carbide rotary burrs.
  • You can use carbide burrs in multiple gadgets.
  • Syndent facilitates you with competitive prices.

Are Carbide Grinding Burrs Useful in Construction?

Yes, definitely!

You can use Syndent’s carbide grinding burrs for steel grinding, steel fixing, fabrication, and deburring welded parts.

Besides construction, many industries get benefit from carbide grinding burrs. You can have an idea in the next topic.

What Industries Benefit from Carbide Grinding Burrs?

The primary industries are:

  • Engineering
  • Metalwork
  • Shipbuilding
  • Dental field
  • Nail treatment
  • Toolmaking
  • Welding
  • Sculpting
  • Jewelry making
  • Automation
  • Wood carving
  • Carbide Grinding Burrs

Carbide Grinding Burrs Are Compatible with Which Tools?

You can use your carbide grinding burrs in variable rotary tools. No matter which tool you have, Syndent makes the shaft to be screwed in any collet.

For example, you can use your carbide burrs in:

  • Pneumatic rotary tools
  • Die grinders
  • Pendant drills
  • High-speed engravers
  • Micromotors
  • Hobby rotary tools

What Are the Properties an Ideal Carbide Grinding Burr Must Possess?

You can look for specific properties in a carbide grinding burr to acknowledge it as the best carbide burr. These are:


To work on hard materials, the tool itself needs to be solid and hard. For this reason, Syndent chooses tungsten carbide for making quality rotary tools.

The cobalt gives you a solid and durable burr to grind hard surfaces like rock and cast iron with natural stable properties.

Carbide Grinding Burrs

High Ductile Property

To attain perfect strength, the carbide burr needs to be ductile. It is of no use if your carbide burr is too brittle to work on hard surfaces. It will break as soon as you start grinding.

For this reason, Syndent ensures and performs a bending test on all the carbide grinding burrs so that you get a durable, strong burr.

Amazing Dimensional Stability

Do you know what is the best property a carbide burr must possess?

It can work for years without losing its original shape and sharpness. Syndent’s carbide burrs are known for their dimensional stability.

You can work on hard metals or carve a rock without the risk of losing the flute’s sharp teeth.


You must look for a carbide burr that can work on multiple surfaces. It becomes tough to get separate burrs to work on each surface.

Syndent makes it very convenient for you to work on multiple surfaces with one burr.


An ideal burr must be heat-resistant. Milling and grinding the hard surfaces result in the production of heat.

The friction causes the burr to get hot, and only a heat-resistant carbide burr can tolerate the high temperature.

Syndent’s carbide grinding burrs can tolerate hot and cold conditions very effectively.

Carbide Grinding Burrs


Look for the weight of your carbide burr. Ideal burrs are always lighter in weight. It is not the weight of the burr that grinds effectively, but the pressure you put on the tools gives you better results.

How to Use Carbide Grinding Burrs?

Using carbide grinding burrs is not a tough job. You can follow some simple steps to get the desired results. Let’s see how to use them:

  • Choose the best size and shape of the carbide file according to the area you want to grind.
  • Tightly screw your carbide burr into the rotary tool’s collet.
  • The workpiece you are working on must also be tightly clamped with the surface.
  • Ensure there is no flammable object nearby. Although the metal chunks removed from the workpiece cool down quickly, it is better to take preventions.
  • Check out the air pressure. It must not exceed 90 psi.
  • Use all the safe wearable like ear defenders, goggles, face shield, and gloves.
  • It is recommended to start your rotary tool (die grinder or drill) first and put the carbide grinding burr on the workpiece afterward.
  • Start with a slow speed and increase the speed as you move along.
  • Pressure is an essential factor while working with a carbide burr. The pressure put on the burr is mentioned in the manual guide provided along with the tool. However, for your guidance, too much pressure may cause damage to the flute’s teeth. On the other hand, too low pressure may cause metal clogging in the flutes.
  • Unwanted pressure may also result in the kickback action of your bit.
  • It would be best if you keep the rotary burr moving. Grinding on an exact place for longer may cause unwanted and uneven marks.
  • Grinding makes the carbide burr hot. Never touch it immediately after use.
  • Unplug the power connections once you are done with your grinding job.
  • After cooled down, clean the carbide bur thoroughly and place it in a safe toolbox.Carbide Grinding Burrs

How Can I Get a Firm Grip on My Carbide Grinding Burr Tool?

A firm grip provides you comfortable use and excellent results. You can consider certain factors to attain a firm grip on your rotary tool. These are:

  • Always move your rotary tool along with the rotation of your carbide grinding burr. Pushing against the rotation (conventional cutting) may result in loose gripping.
  • Maintaining appropriate pressure is very necessary. Too much pressure may cause kickback actions. It will be difficult for you than to handle a hammering carbide burr.
  • Choose a carbide burr half of the slot’s size or even smaller. Bigger sizes will make it difficult for you to move the burr in the slot, resulting in kickback actions.
  • Tightly clamped workpiece and tightly screwed burr also give you a firm gripping on your carbide grinding tool.

Why Does Metal Clog on My Carbide Grinding Burrs?

When you work on a metal surface with your carbide grinding burr, excessive use may result in metal clogging.

Small metal chunks melt and stick on the flute cuts. Moreover, when you work at a slow pace, the chance of metal clogging increases.

It is not a big issue. With some simple steps, you can clean your clogged flute quickly. Read further to know about it.

How to Clean a Clogged Carbide Grinding Burr?

It is recommended that you always clean your carbide grinding burr after each use. Clogged metal can be removed by:

  • Dipping your carbide grinding file in muriatic acid. The acid will dissolve the unwanted clogged metal chunks from the burr.
  • Use the carbide burr on soft cast iron. It can also help in de-clogging the flute.
  • Try caustic soda. It can also help in de-clogging your burr. Dip the flute of your carbide grinding burr in caustic soda and leave for a while. Use a stiff brush to remove the metal from the burr.

From Where Can I Get Best Carbide Grinding Burrs?

You can get high-speed, sharp, and durable carbide grinding burrs from one of China’s leading rotary tools manufacturers – Syndent.

It has been ten years since Syndent started manufacturing and supplying high-quality carbide burrs worldwide.

Syndent’s expert team works effortlessly to provide you innovative and superior rotary tools. High-quality raw material, use of 6-axis CNC machines, and excellent brazing technique make these burrs unmatchable.

Syndent has got all the welding plants, equipment, and CNC machines from the US. Our R&D team works round the clock to provide solutions for all your problems.

Syndent’s carbide grinding burrs are versatile, and you can use them in numerous industries. Multiple shapes provide you the ease of working on any surface.

Syndent’s engineers inspect the whole manufacturing process to ensure that the production is up to international standards.

Syndent facilitates you with high-quality carbide grinding burrs at competitive prices. You can also enjoy discounted rates on bulk orders.

The durability and strength Syndent gives to the burrs will benefit you for years. Get a quotation now. We will provide you not only with quality burrs but also fast delivery and exceptional after-sales services.

For further details feel free to contact our customer services team.

Can I Get a Customized Shaped Carbide Grinding Burr?

Yes, why not?

Syndent will be pleased to manufacture a carbide grinding burr of your choice. If you want a unique cut or shape for your industry or workshop, talk to our team.

You can get solid carbide burrs with variable flute sizes, shank sizes, and flute shapes & cuts.

Besides shape customization, Syndent offers you to get your company’s name engraved on the shanks. Or, you can get your brand’s name and logo printed on your carbide grinding burr’s packaging.

Syndent is all about your comfort and ease. You name it, and our expert team will provide the best possible solution for all your problems.

Carbide Grinding Burrs

Can I Make Sculptures with Carbide Burr Grinding?

Besides the technical industries, artists and sculptors can also benefit from carbide grinding burrs. Rotary tools have made engraving and sculpting easier.

Fast-speed carbide tools remove the unwanted material quickly to give you the desired shape.

For example, a woodcarver can easily carve the wood with the help of Syndent’s carbide rotary burrs.

Carbide burrs are available in multiple sizes and shapes. You can choose a burr of your choice according to the size of your workpiece.

You can use tiny bits to carve fine sculptural details. Or, use aluminum cut flutes to remove undesired material quickly.

Carbide grinding burrs are available in variable shank sizes. For example, if you are working on a narrow slot, you can choose long shank carbide burrs to reach challenging areas.

Syndent manufactures specific burrs to work on typical materials, but it is not necessary. You can use your carbide grinding burrs on multiple surfaces.

Whether you want to carve a block of wood, sculpt a plaster block, or work on a metal piece, you can conveniently work with your carbide rotary tool.

You can cut, deburr, shape, grind, and give a smooth surface polishing with your carbide rotary bit.

Sculpture making has become easier with rotary tools because these tools are convenient to use. It provides you easy gripping and comfortable use.

Sculpting small wood logs is very easy with small handy rotary tools like die grinders.

Carbide Grinding Burrs

What Is the Lead Time of Sourcing Carbide Grinding Burrs?

Syndent has got 40 sets of CNC machines and abundant raw material in the facility. So that on-time production and delivery become possible.

Syndent delivers your carbide grinding burrs in 15 – 30 working days.

Fast delivery is our priority. However, specific reasons may affect the average lead time like:

  • Standard designs take less time to dispatch than customized designs. Customizations need more study and designing time.
  • Bulk orders take more time as compared to small orders.
  • Syndent serves all the valuable customers in sequence. In-sequence deliveries make it easier for us to keep track of orders. Sometimes your order gets late because of the pre-bookings Syndent has in the pipeline.
  • Your country also affects the delivery time. Nearby countries get the delivery earlier as compared to faraway lands.

What Is the Ideal Working Speed of a Carbide Grinding Burr?

Speed plays a vital role in giving you the best grinding results. A moderate pace is ideal for working with your carbide grinding burr.

Too high speed may cause vibration, and too slow a pace can damage your carbide burr.

Syndent provides speed guidelines in the user manual. The shank’s head size works in contrast with the speed. A giant head means less speed and vice versa.

Let’s see a few speed examples of the most commonly used shank sizes:

  • A 3mm shank head diameter can work best on 20,000 – 30,000 RPM
  • For a 5mm shank’s head, the ideal working speed is 15,000 – 30,000 RPM.
  • 11,000 – 16,500 RPM is the perfect working speed for a shank head with a 6mm diameter.Carbide Grinding Burrs

How Much Does Syndent’s Carbide Grinding Burrs Cost?

Here are certain factors that determine the final cost of your carbide grinding burrs:

  • The raw material that is used in the manufacturing of your carbide burrs. Inferior raw material can cost you less but will result in low-quality carbide burrs. On the other hand high-grade tungsten carbide may cost a little more, but will give you top-quality carbide burrs.
  • Standard designs and sizes cost less than customizes rotary bits.
  • Bulk orders bring discounts to you. Small order cost you relatively more than bulk orders.
  • The size also matters in determining the prices. Smaller bits cost less than bigger carbide bits.
  • Like the manufacturing costs, shipment costs also vary. Delivering a order to a nearby country costs less than going to a faraway land.

How Long a Carbide Grinding Burr Last?

The lifespan of carbide grinding burr is 50 – 100 times longer than regular HSS burrs. Fortune 500 had examined the whole manufacturing process and declared that Syndent manufactures durable carbide burrs.

Many US and European distributors have acknowledged that Syndent manufactures carbide burrs that have long life spans.

Besides the best raw material and reasonable manufacturing procedures, you can also increase the life of your carbide grinding burrs.


By keeping your carbide tool neat and clean!

Make sure you clean your carbide burr thoroughly after every use. If you use acid to remove the clogged metal, ensure that the acid doesn’t touch the shaft.

Syndent uses unique K25 material for the flutes that protects the flute from acid damage. But shanks may get damaged.

Your working style and speed may also affect the ultimate lifespan of your carbide grinding burr. Always try to work on the recommended pressure and rate.

Are Syndent’s Carbide Grinding Burrs Certified?

Syndent follows all the international safety standards while manufacturing the best carbide grinding burrs for you.

Syndent’s all the rotary tools are CE certified. We have got many national and international certificates. These certificates build trust between you and Syndent and help you supply carbide grinding burrs in your country.

Our priority is your trust in Syndent!

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