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Carbide Nail Bits

Syndent Carbide Nail Bits

Syndent carbide nail bits refer to great rotary grinding tools that you use to cut or shape acrylic nails smoothly.

We manufacture wide range of quality carbide bits for nails using top-grade carbide raw materials. You can powerfully use our products to shave off any artificial product from your nails quickly.

Syndent designs carbide bits nails in different coarseness levels with sharp flutes. You can make an order easily based on your all kinds of different needs.

We have over 11 years of experience in abrasives and supply professional products at an excellent price.

Cylindrical carbide nail bits. Diameter 6.6mm

Carbide Nail Bits

Cylindrical carbide nail bits. Diameter 5.3mm

Carbide Nail Bits

Cylinder with top edge radius carbide nail bits

Carbide Nail Bits

Cylinder with radius end carbide nail bits

Carbide Nail Bits

Ball-shaped carbide nail bits

Carbide Nail Bits

Tree shape radius end carbide nail bits with 2# and 3# flute.

Carbide Nail Bits

Tree shape radius end carbide nail bits with 2#, 5# and 7# flute.

Carbide Nail Bits

Flame shape carbide nail bits with 2# cut

Carbide Nail Bits

Flame shape carbide nail bits with 1# and 5# cut

Carbide Nail Bits

Taper radius carbide nail bits with super sharp flute.

Carbide Nail Bits

Taper radius carbide nail bits with 2# cut.

Carbide Nail Bits

Taper with a top radius, end by a radius bottom. LD series carbide nail bits

Carbide Nail Bits

Flame and pear-shaped carbide nail bits

Carbide Nail Bits

SBM series 5 in 1 carbide nail bits, with a top end cut.

Carbide Nail Bits

SBM series 5 in 1 carbide nail bits, with a top end cut.

Carbide Nail Bits

RD6 series 5 in 1 carbide nail bits, without end cut.

Carbide Nail Bits

RD6 series 5 in 1 carbide nail bits, without end cut.

Carbide Nail Bits

Tree with radius end carbide nail bits, popular style with cross cut.

Carbide Nail Bits

Taper with pointed end carbide nail bits

Carbide Nail Bits

Cuticle and callus removing carbide nail bits.

Carbide Nail Bits

Dust proof carbide nail bits – Tapered

Carbide Nail Bits

Dust proof carbide nail bits- Cylindrical

Why Syndent Carbide Nail Bits

Syndent carbide nail bits represent multi-functional tools in the nail industry. That means you can use our products in cleaning, shaping, grinding, carving, sanding, sharpening, polishing, etc.

In addition, Syndent carbide bits for nails can help you remove all gel nails, including acrylic nails. Also, you can quickly remove gel nail polish, dip powder, poly nail gel, etc.

Therefore, you can perfectly remove hard gel nails with little friction, dust, and heat emission with our carbide nail bits. You can keep your customers’ nails healthy with our carbide nail bits.

With Syndent carbide nail bits, you have guaranteed sharp and long-life performance. Besides, we balance between quality performance and price. Hence, you can buy our carbide bits nails at an excellent price on the market with promising quality performance.

The quality of Syndent carbide nail bits always remains stable and consistent. Regardless of the samples sent to you and the actual order, Syndent maintains a constant supply.

With 11 years of experience, we deliver our services with honesty and sincerity. Besides, we easily trace every development process through our quality assurance system. Based on this, we provide you with high-quality carbide bits for nails.

Syndent assures you satisfaction guaranteed after-sales service. If you face any challenge with our product, we will quickly answer your call in three official days.

Carbide nail bits

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of carbide nail bits before production.

Carbide nail bits

Syndent automatically brazes carbide nail bits with silver in a low temperature

Carbide nail bits

We must make the carbide nail bits jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Carbide nail bits

Syndent examines the hardness of carbide nail bit shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

Carbide nail bits

Solid carbide nail bits need a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Carbide nail bits

Syndent CNC grinds the carbide nail bits teeth after the tests approved

Carbide nail bits

Syndent polishes the carbide nail bits shaft, and its brazing position

Carbide nail bits

Syndent makes your logo on the carbide drill bits, and stick your own label on the case.

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Your Best Supplier of Carbide Nail Bits

We are a certified company operating in China with EU certification and CE certificates. Thus, you can conveniently access the import customs approval. In addition, you have unrestricted permission to legally selling of our product locally using a unique identity.

Our carbide nail bits feature a competent report by the Stork Herron Testing Laboratory, USA. Therefore, you buy products that have undergone uncompromising standards and conditions with guaranteed quality.

Syndent operates as part of the largest developers of carbide nail bits in China. In principle, we have 2 000 square meters of the operational area.

It holds 41 sets of entirely automatic six-axis CNC equipment and more than 40 skilled workers. Therefore, we can produce carbide bits for nails to a maximum capacity. As a result, you can have your product manufactured and delivered on time.

We remain the only firm in China with the potential of developing and producing machines and abrasives. Hence, Syndent can rapidly build new ultra-modern machines to have carbide bits nails with new geometric criteria.

Besides, we can extend our production magnitude severally if required. Thus, Syndent can quickly meet your demand for high-quality carbide nail bits.

Other than carbide nail bits, Syndent designs nail drill bitsdental carbide burs, etc.

Contact us for your best quotation of Syndent carbide nail bits.

Carbide Nail Bits: The Perfect FAQ Guide

In the nail industry, we have several nail drill bits that make the nail art complete. Since we have many brands on the market, you need to know what each type of nail bit provides.

Consequently, we have amassed a helpful carbide nail bits guide for beginners & professional nail technicians.

What Are Carbide Nail Bits?

Carbide Nail Bits

Carbide nail bits

Carbide nail bits are multi-functional tools perfect for professional jobs on your clients’ nails. For example, you may robustly use carbide bits for nails in shaping artificial nails.

But, more so, it would assist if you had an electrically powered handpiece. It makes the shaping complete and more effective.

When choosing the exemplary handpiece for a quality carbide nail bit, you achieve efficient and accurate work. Furthermore, our quality carbide nail bits have exceptional sharp cutting edges.

Thus, they rotate significantly faster on an effective handpiece to remove extra material on artificial nails.

Syndent carbide nail bits comprises of various shapes, sizes, and grits. Hence, a nail technician can quickly meet the requirements on artificial nails of a client.

Syndent manufactures carbide nail bits using quality materials. The raw materials used come from state-owned companies.

In addition, we use modern CNC machines to produce high-quality products highly accepted in the nail industry.

Carbide bit nails can also include divergent abrasive marks. For example, we have red, black, white, blue, etc.

Also, you can find the markings on the neck of the carbide nail bits. In the case, each color indicating an ideal grit.

Therefore, you should understand the markings so that you can select and use the right tool.

What Should You Use Carbide Nail Bits


Nail technicians use carbide nail bits to fulfill different tasks besides removing enhanced products off the nails. Moreover, we have different types of carbide bits for nails.

Thus, it helps when you select an ideal nail bit for a given job. Consequently, it quickens your work hence you save time.

With different sizes and shapes of carbide bail bits, you can use them in different ways on artificial nails.

Therefore, you can use carbide bit nails to do the following:

  • Clean the cuticle area and sidewalls, fingernails, and toenails.
  • Polish gel nails, poly nail gel, and dip powder.
  • Remove hard gel nails with minimal dust emission.
  • Remove extra gel polish enhancement.
  • Fine finish your clients’ artificial nails.
  • Remove dead skin around the cuticle area.
  • Buff the nail surface through the removal of discolorations, ridges, peculiar marks, or spots.
  • Shorten and reshape acrylic nails.
  • Create new smile lines on the nails of your client.
  • Reshape the whole nail surface.
  • Effectively remove calluses on a client’s feet.

Carbide Nail Bits

Multi-uses of Carbide Nail Bits

Which Material Does Carbide Nail Bits Contain?

Based on the subtitle, you can tell the material composition of carbide nail bits. Syndent selects top-grade cemented carbide steel material to manufacture our product.

Cemented carbide represents a rigid material suitable for making durable cutting tools. Moreover, the compositions include fine carbide particles cemented in a composite with a binder metal. Also, our cemented carbide includes tungsten carbide as an aggregate.

At all times, nail bits designed from carbide leave a fine surface finish. Besides, they allow faster machining compared to High-Speed Steel.

Moreover, unlike HSS tools, cemented carbide withstands extreme temperatures at a cutter-workpiece interface. Hence, it provides an important reason for faster machining.

For that reason, Syndent carbide nail bits provide an ideal way to cut rigid materials. Thus, you can predominantly use our product to shave off acrylic or gel nails, dip powder, etc.

Do Carbide Nail Bits Have Grit Variations?


Syndent carbide nail bits include different grits designed from optimum strength tungsten carbide composite. Therefore, they can offer other functions when grinding artificial nails.

In addition, they have optimum strength with extreme sharpness t shape and smoothen acrylic and gel nails.

Also, they can quickly process builder gel nails, thick extension nails, and natural nails but with a lot of care.

Our carbide nail bits include coarse grit, extra-coarse grit, medium grit, and fine grit.

Coarse Grit

Coarse grit carbide nail bits help in the safe filing of the nail sidewalls. Furthermore, they can offer accurate shaping of both toenails and fingernails of a customer’s nails.

Extra-coarse Grit

Nail bits that feature extra-coarse grit can provide efficient shaping of gel and acrylic overlays on nails.

Also, you can use extra-coarse grit carbide nail bits to shorten the artificial nails of a client accurately. Nail artists can use the ideal carbide nail bits for a backfill cut.

Medium Grit

You can use medium grit carbide nail bits for multiple applications. For instance, the ideal medium grit can shorten the acrylic nails, reshape the whole nail surface, etc.

Therefore, we can term medium grit carbide nail bits as multi-functional tools.

Fine Grit

Syndent fine-grit carbide nail bits can help a nail artist impeccably refine the whole surface of the nail. Besides, you can use fine grit to reshape acrylic and gel nails smoothly.

Fine grit carbide nail bits can fluently unearth leftovers of acrylics that other grits cannot remove. Consequently, they provide cutting in for smile lines to provide shorter gel and acrylic nails.

Carbide Nail Bits

Grit Variations

Which Sizes of Carbide Nail Bits Do We Have?

Carbide nail bits can comprise different essential sizes available on the market. Usually, we have two regular standard shank sizes in which you can find carbide nail bits.

The standard sizes include 3/32-inch or 1/8-inch shank diameters. Consequently, you select a drill machine of a similar size to have perfect nail art on a client’s nails.

The two shank size variations mean that the carbide nail bits can execute tasks differently. As a beginner, therefore, you should take note of the shank size variation.

It helps you know when to apply the specific carbide nail bit and which drill machine to choose.

Besides the different shank diameter sizes, carbide nail bits can have different shank lengths and head diameters.

The differences in shank sizes and head diameters bring about conveniences in different application scenarios.

For example, a small-sized needle-like head carbide nail bit can effectively work underneath a client’s nails. On the other hand, carbide nail bits with a broader head diameter can work whole top surface.

In addition, some applications require carbide nail bits with long shanks for perfections. On the flip side, you may need regular-sized shank lengths for general duties.

Therefore, the size variations in head/shank diameters and shank length sizes bring about conveniences in various applications.

The following table shows the different head diameters and shank sizes of carbide nail bits:

NoShank length sizesHead diameter
14.5 cm/1.7 inches0.2 cm/0.08 inches
24.7 cm/1.85 inches0.5 cm/0.2 inches
35.1 cm/2.0 inches0.4 cm/0.1 inches
45 cm/1.97 inches0.7 cm/0.28 inches
55.3 cm/2.09 inches0.6 cm/0.24 inches
64.5 cm/1.77 inches0.2 cm/0.08 inches
74.4 cm/1.73 inches0.2 cm/0.8 inches


Do Carbide Nail Bits Have Assorted Shapes?


Carbide Nail Bits

Different Shapes of Carbide Nail Bits

Nail art demands you have contrasting shapes of nail bits to complete different jobs on the nails effectively. Consequently, Syndent manufactures carbide nail bits in most available forms.

It essentially helps a nail artist to shape, sharpen, grind, clean, carve, sand, and artificial polish nails.

Therefore, non-identical shapes of carbide nail bits bring about flexibility and save time. In addition, they help in reducing expenditure, especially if you purchase sets.

The shapes include the following:

Cylinder A01

Our cylindrical A01 carbide nail bit measures 6.6 mm in diameter and provides incredible versatility. For instance, you can use it to efficiently clean the cuticle area, polish the surface of the nails, etc.

In addition, it offers effective performance when doing either manicures or pedicures.

The cemented carbide provides the cylindrical A01 with excellent heat and rust resistance. However, the flutes don’t efficiently inhibit dust particles from different enhancements and clean easily.

Cylinder A02

Our cylindrical A02 carbide Nail bit features a diameter of 5.3 mm. Moreover, it is an ideal nail bit that suits beginners and professional manicurists.

Consequently, you may use the cylindrical A02 type on clients that desire to have shinny and attractive nails. In addition, they provide effective cleaning of the cuticles.

Cylinder A03

Syndent cylindrical A03 carbide bit nails feature a top edge radius. In addition, Syndent can provide various grits to suit different applications. For example, you can come across coarse, extra-coarse, medium, and fine grits.

Therefore, an expert or beginner manicurist can choose a suitable grit to help manage a specific task.

Syndent cylinder A03 carbide nail bits assure you of high durability and decisive cutting action. In addition, the cemented carbide steel makes them high-performing bits suitable to remove even complex enhancements on your nails.

The premium-made cylindrical A03 carbide nail bits can perform several nail art applications. For instance, they help in the effective removal of acrylics and gel nails.

Additionally, you may use it for backfilling or for safe surface applications. As a professional nail artist, you can carefully use them on natural nails other than artificial nails. Otherwise, beginners should only use them on fake nails alone.

Cylinder Radius A04

Syndent also manufactures cylinder radius A04 carbide nail bits. They have excellent execution on acrylic nails.

Syndent makes unique designs of cylinder radius A04 carbide nail bits and comprises of different grits.

The different grit formation on the heads of the bit nails helps both newbies and experts in free selection.

Consequently, you choose a grit that can safely shape the acrylic nails for a more refined and accurate finish.

With Syndent cylinder radius A04, you have the least experience of clogged flutes. Therefore, the carbide nail bits don’t heat up faster when you start grinding the hard gel nails. Furthermore, you operate with low friction and don’t rust easily.

Ball-shaped A05

Our ball-shaped A05 carbide nail bits feature round heads and come in different head sizes.

Furthermore, the broad shape removes large amounts of acrylic materials. Hence it saves a lot of time to help you do several tasks within a short time.

Syndent ball-shaped A05 can provide a substantial and long-lasting cut. Therefore, they have better longevity than HSS tools.

With the ball-shaped A05 carbide nail bits, you can safely remove dead skin, calluses, cuticles, and trim sidewalls.

Tree Radius End A06 (2# and 3 # Flutes)

Syndent designs tree radius end A06 carbide nail bits featuring 2# and 3# flute styles. Hence, the tool can offer professional cuts to remove different nail enhancements accurately.

With tree radius end A06, you can remove a lot of material enhancement as they offer high efficiency.

Tree Radius End A07 Featuring 2#, 5#, and 7# Cutting Edges

Manicurists can also choose the tree-shaped radius end A07 to help complete specific applications. Our ideal tree radius end A07 carbide bits for nails includes 2#, 5#, and 7# cutting edges. Thus, you can conveniently remove enough material when working on artificial nails.

Flame-shaped A08 – 2# Cut

Carbide Nail Bits

Flame Shape Carbide Nail Bits

The flame-shaped A08 features a unique design of 2# cut. In essence, you can achieve a very smooth cut because of the cemented carbide composites.

Moreover, they release little dust when removing nail enhancements. Therefore, our tool makes the environment safe for work.

A professional or newbie manicurist can use Syndent flame-shaped A08 with 2# cut in polishing the client’s nail surface. More so, you can correctly remove dead or raised skin, glue, or a stain near the client’s nails.

Flame-Shaped A09 – 1# and 5# Cut

Our flame-shaped A09 carbide nail bits includes either 1# or 5# cuts. Consequently, personal DYIyers and nail tech manicurists can comfortably use them.

Built with either 1# or 5# cuts, the ideal Syndent flame-shaped A09 powerfully removes any nail enhancement. For example, they perfectly remove acrylic nails, dip powder, hyperkeratosis, etc.

Moreover, they can adequately reach under the nails for safe cleaning and can remove dead skin. Also, a professional manicurist can use the flame-shaped A09 to cut cuticles.

Taper Radius A10

The taper radius A10 carbide nail bits represents cleaning carbide bits for nails that can offer different tasks.

In addition, our taper radius A10 carbide nail bits feature super sharp cutting edges. Thus, you can excellently remove cuticles, calluses, gel polishes, and clear cracked skin.

As a professional nail tech, you may use them when doing manicures or pedicures.

Taper Radius A11 – 2# Cut

A taper radius A11 featured 2# flute style. It means the tool fluently cuts and removes callus, complex gel polishes, cracked skin, etc.

Syndent designs uniform and smooth cutting edges. Therefore, the taper radius A11 with 2# flutes smoothly grind your client’s dead skin.

It offers a smooth application without severely damaging the natural nail bed.

Taper Top Radius End A12

Carbide Nail Bits

Taper Shape Carbide Bit Nails

Our tapered top radius end A12 means it has a radius base. Thus, we can also call it the LD series. Consequently, you use the ideal carbide nail bits in completing several functions on artificial nails.

Flame & Pear Shape A13

The flame and pear shape carbide nail bits allow a nail artist to meet specific applications. For example, you can process gel nails, dip powder, acrylic nails, and other nail topcoats.

5 in 1 A14

The 5 in 1 A14 is has a top end-cut, and offers five separate ways of using the tool. For instance, it enables you to cut, shape, smoothen, or remove acrylic or gel nails simultaneously.

Carbide Nail Bits

5 in 1 Carbide Nail Bits

The coarseness of our 5 in 1 A14 carbide nail bits changes from top to bottom. In essence, the top part has extra-fine grit, followed by fine grit and a medium grit at the bottom.

So, for instance, a manicurist can use the top part to remove the dead sin and so on.

5 in 1 A15 SBM Series

The 5 in 1 A15 SBM series has two-way rotation capability. That implies, either a left-handed or right-handed user can swiftly use it.

5 in 1 A15 carbide nail bits can constructively remove enhancements, cut, clean, shape, or smoothen artificial nails.

5-in-1 A16

Syndent 5-in-1 A16 lacks the end cut and is an essential tool that offers limitless applications.

5-in-1 A17

Syndent 5-in-1 A17 SBM series also doesn’t have an end cut and can perform numerous operations simultaneously. As seen earlier on, the coarseness swaps as you start from the top towards its base.

In each case, the top has the finest grit than the bottom part. Indeed, each grit can provide a different execution than the other. But, eventually, you complete all needed functions on a client’s nails using a single nail bit.

Tree Radius End A18

Syndent tree radius end A18 is a standard carbide nail bit featuring a cross-cut. Consequently, you’ll find them with most manicurists that use them for multiple functions.

In addition, because of excellent heat dissipation, the tree radius end A18 can last longer.

Taper Pointed End A19

The taper-pointed exists as another significant carbide nail bit designed with sharp cutting power. It is a suitable tool, preferably for professionals.

A20 Type

The A20 type suits the perfect removal of cuticles and calluses.

With the different carbide nail bits mentioned above, a nail art technician can beautify clients’ nails. Thus, carbide nail bits have changed the way manicurists do specific tasks on their customers’ feet and nails.

What Are Carbide Nail Safety Bits?

Carbide Nail Bits

Safety Bits

Carbide nail safety bits refer to special tools with a specific design that offers specific tasks on nails. For example, safety nail bits can provide excellent work on nail surfaces, prepare the cuticle area and sidewalls, in-fill, etc.

Carbide nail safety bits allow the user to reach, maneuver, and remove cuticles and sidewalls. Consequently, we refer to them as safety bits because they don’t damage the nail area or skin.

Syndent carbide nail safety bits have no sharp edges because the top appears bald. So, no matter what you do around the cuticle area, you cannot cut your client at all.

When using sanding bits, for example, the area around the cuticle can heat up quickly. Hence, the client can feel some or a lot of pain depending on the extent you use.

Your client can come in, and you’re able to remove and re-apply the gel polish in 30 minutes. But, of course, you can do this only with the aid of safety nail bits.

Using our carbide safety nail bits, you can safely remove cuticles or work safely within the cuticle area. In addition, a safer rounded top allows the user to access the cuticle area and the sidewalls easily.

Should You Use Carbide Nail Bits On Natural Nails?

Not a good idea, although some manicurists use them.

Cemented carbide is a rigid element. In addition, it has powerful, sharp abilities. Consequently, such features make it a suitable material that manufacturers design cutting tools out of it.

That means Syndent carbide nail bits have very sharp cutting tips. Thus, they can quickly shave off any hard topcoat on a client’s natural nails.

If you use the carbide bit nails on artificial nails, you can easily cut through the flesh of a client. Hence, it can wound and cause infection to the client incredibly when not sterilized. Therefore, we recommend using the tool strictly on artificial nails.

If you prefer using them on natural nails, we recommend a specialist. Furthermore, it would be best to use a safety nail bit and with a lot of care; without grinding the soft tissue.

When using safety nail bits on a client’s nails, ensure you select a low speed on a drill machine. In essence, it gives you enough control of the tool when grinding or shaping the nails. Furthermore, you can rarely damage the soft tissue on your client’s nails.

Also, we encourage keeping the carbide nail bits flat when shaping the nails. In addition, use minimal pressure, applying the straight back and forth movement.

Apart from carbide nail bits, Syndent can provide other tools. For example, we manufacture dental carbide bursburr drill bits, etc.

For your next order or quotation of carbide nail bits, please get in touch with us now!

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