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Syndent Carving Burrs

Syndent Carving Burrs

Syndent carving burrs, also known as tungsten carbide carving burrs, are different than all of the existed styles on the market now.

Our flutes of the carving burrs are not vacuum brazed, but grow in the carbide head. All of the power carving burs cut teeth are produced by CNC machine. This technology is currently unique in the world.

Syndent has been manufacturing carving burrs for more than 11 years.

SA Type Carving Burrs

Cylinder carving burrs is ideal for contour finishing, flat surface removal.


Cylinder with end cut carving burrs is suitable for removal contour and right-angled corners



Cylinder with radius end carving burrs is suitable for processing contour and arc surface at a certain angle


Ball shape carving burrs is good for machining round edge and end pre-processing before brazing


Oval shape carving burrs is suitable for round edge removal


Tree with radius end carving burrs is perfect for grinding round edge in long and narrow positions


Tree with pointed end carving burrs is used for machining round arc contour in long and narrow places


Flame shape carving burrs is good at round edge machining


Cone shape carving burrs functions like a countersink. Suitable for chamfering inner hole


Taper with radius end carving burrs is widely used for round contour removal in narrow positions, and surface machining


Taper with pointed end carving burrs is suitable for narrow position deburring and counter surface machining


Inverted cone carving burrs is suitable for rear-side chamfering from the inner side.

Why Syndent Carving Burrs

Syndent carving burr is what an amazing carving bits. It is made with tungsten carbide material. Tungsten carbide is much harder than high speed steel. Syndent carving burr is very harder than steel carving bits. You can widely use our carbide carving burrs for many different materials, such as hardwood, stone, bone, jewelry, metal, etc.

Syndent carbide carving burrs perform very well on so many different materials. Meanwhile, it has an amazing long tool life. You do not need to spend time sharpening the cut teeth. The cut tip edge of our carving burr always lasts best. You can focus all your energy on your jobs. Syndent rotary tool carving bits must be your best choice.

Syndent has various types of carving burrs. You can find carving burrs with the shank 1/4”(6mm), 3/32”(2.35mm) and 1/8”(3mm).  Also, we can manufacture the extended shank carving burrs when your position is difficult to reach. Syndent can offer different grit sizes rotary carving bits, like fine carving burrs, coarse carving burrs, extra coarse carving burrs, etc.

Carving Burrs material

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of carving burrs before production.

Carving Burrs brazing

Syndent automatically brazes carving burrs with silver in a low temperature.

Carving Burrs balance

We must make the carving burrs jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Carving Burrs bending

Syndent examines the hardness of carving burrs shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

Carving Burrs shaping

Solid carving burrs needs a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Carving Burrs toothing

Syndent CNC grinds the carving burrs teeth after the tests approved

Carving Burrs polishing

Syndent polishes the carving burrs shaft, and its brazing position

Carving Burrs package

Syndent makes your logo on the carving burrs, and stick your own label on the case.



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Your Best Supplier of Carving Burrs

Syndent carving burrs are produced with solid carbide. The body is full carbide. The cut teeth are still carbide. Most important is Syndent grinds the flute from the solid carbide.

CNC machine ensures every tip end of the carving burr is sharp enough. And all flutes are regularly spaced between each. Syndent power carving burrs always leave a fine smooth surface ready for final finishing.

Due to the high requirements for carving burr precision, Syndent regularly checks all test tools every 3 months, to check whether the measurement results are accurate enough. At the same time, the accuracy of processing equipment will also be tested. If the tolerance exceeds our company’s control standards, Syndent will promptly replace the related equipment parts. It ensures the consistency and stability of the precision for your carving burrs and die grinder bits for wood.

Carving Burrs

Syndent pays attention to employees’ career planning. And pouring attention to the rich experience accumulated by the team members in Syndent for a long time. We treat them as one of the Syndent’s core assets. Therefore, our senior skilled engineers can ensure that our carving burrs are always in the best position in the industry.

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Carving Burrs: Complete FAQ Guide

For the longest time, now 11+ years, Syndent has manufactured quality carbide burrs used in many industries. We make professional tools industries can use in different fields. Syndent exists as professional manufacturers of carbide burrs in China. In this guide, we feature carving burrs which literally differ from all other existing styles available on the market.

What Does Carving Burrs Mean?

Carving burrs, sometimes called tungsten carbide carving burrs refers to carving tool made of premium tungsten carbide steel.

Tungsten carbide has superior compared to high speed steel therefore very hard compared to steel carving bits. The body comprises of full carbide as well as the teeth.

The flutes of Syndent carving burrs do not feature vacuum brazing but rather grow in carbide head. We produce all power carving burs flutes through CNC machine.

This technology still stands out as unique worldwide. Through CNC machine, we make sure each of our carving burrs tip has desired sharp cutting effect.

Carving Burrs

We achieve regularly spaced flutes. Therefore our power carving burrs certainly leaves fine smooth surface.

Industries can widely use Syndent power carving burs on various different materials. This include stone, hardwood, bone, metal, jewelry, etc.

It has better performance on such and other materials and guarantees better tool life. Our tool doesn’t require sharpening of the cut teeth.

We built cut tip edges on Syndent tungsten carbide carving burrs that have a better life. With carving burrs, you focus on the job with less energy, a better choice for your projects.

Syndent designs several types of carbide carving burrs. Our quality power carving burrs come in 1/4″ (6mm) shank, 3/32” (2.35mm) and 1/8” (3mm) shanks.

We can as well design for you carving burrs with an extended shank that can carve hard-to-reach positions.

Syndent can as well provide rotary carving bits in numerous grit sizes. They may include fine carving burrs, coarse carving burrs, and extra-coarse carving burrs and so on.

What Services Do Carving Burrs Provide in Industries?

As multi-purpose tool, Syndent tungsten carbide carving burrs provides everything needed that includes carving, engraving, material removal, etc.

We skillfully design carving burrs that can fit various tasks on different materials. Syndent assures you of great processing quality with power carving burs. Industries that handle hard materials require tools with tough carving ability.

Carving Burrs


Made of premium tungsten carbide, Syndent carving burrs finely shape materials like wood, stone, bones, etc. Industries can make perfect shapes from such materials easily.

Our quality carving burrs appear in divergent shapes and sizes with a cutting style set. Different cutting styles can offer rapid and precise shaping on materials.

Through shaping, you simply mold your workpiece. Therefore Syndent carving burrs best applies in molding shapes from given materials.


You can also grind different materials suing power carving burrs. Material grinding may come as part of finishing. When you actively grind any rough edge on given material, you simply smoothen the surface.

Carbide carving burrs that have suitable cut can help you easily and conveniently grind materials to preferred smoothness.

You can steadily grind surfaces from extreme roughness to precise smoothness with the effect of rapid rotation. Syndent includes special geometry and offers tremendous performance and doesn’t heat up easily.


You can amazingly use Syndent carving burrs to cut stone, hardwood, bone, etc. Our tungsten carbide carving burrs have built-in quality cutting edges. We designed them with maximum strength that almost compares to diamond.

The flutes with the similar cutting action of blades provide powerful and sharp cuts on materials. They cut hard materials like hardwood, stone, etc.

Carving Burrs

Syndent can willingly supply you with strong, sharp power carving burs for a lasting and powerful cut. The cuts offered can promise precise dimensions for an attractive finished project.


Also, Syndent carving burs can assist you to remove burrs from materials you have cut, shaped, drilled, etc. Burs remain on your workpiece until you clear them to make smooth surfaces.

Burs, small particles left on materials, causes unusual smoothness which you deburr them using power carving burrs.

This implies Syndent carving burrs have the capacity of modifying different materials with way of deburring. You need the right cut that can remove burs, dual-cut in this case.


Also, with quality carving burrs, you can enlarge holes on unrelated materials to fulfill project demands.

Other than making drills on hardwood, stone or bones, power carving burrs with ball shape can make perfect hole-enlargement.

Single fluted carving burrs in ball shape remove large chips out of specific workpieces, creating desired drills.

Thus, you can possibly increase the size of the hole on your work piece with the right cutting choice.

With the list of uses indicated above, you can openly see the usefulness of Syndent carbide carving burrs in industries.

Whichever material you need to carve, our quality performing tungsten carbide carving burrs can deliver.

Carving Burrs

How Do You Produce Carving Burrs?

In step by step production of Syndent carbide carving burrs, we use premium tungsten carbide steel. It has a long working life near to diamond in hardness.

These carving burrs can give you anything you need in carving, drilling, polishing, grinding, removing the sharp edges, etc.

It, therefore, suits wood and stone carving, bone and metal working, fulfilling the different needs of various projects.

Material selection

The main material that we use comes from state-owned mining factories. They supply us with the best-grade tungsten carbide steel.

Syndent receives the raw materials fresh from the mines and makes them on time. This promises you on-time deliveries of your orders as well.

We make thorough selection of the materials at our factories to minimize production errors. Syndent ensures materials that proceed to our houses have no defects. This can help us begin development in a good tone.


Syndent brazes error-free tungsten carbide and hardened steel together. We use silver in the brazing process.

Syndent applies very depressed temperatures, creating a strong joint that can withstand all tooling conditions.


After the brazing process, Syndent jump tests carving burrs through balancing. We do this to acquire a preferred tolerance level.

The CNC machine uniformly provides our carbide carving burrs balanced tolerance level that doesn’t exceed 0.1mm.

Carving Burrs


We then measure our power carving burs’ hardness. By slightly bending the shank of Syndent carving burrs, we determine if the tool has reached predetermined hardness and strength.


Since the tungsten carbide carving burrs have maximum strength, we provide an appropriate shape. Through CNC equipment, we apply a uniform grind on our tool until we arrive at the desired shape.


Once we have tests approved, Syndent skillfully grinds the head of carbide carving burrs via our advanced CNC equipment.

Through professional and uniform grinding, our power carving burrs receive either single or dual sharp cutting teeth.


This comes as an immediate second last production process of our unique carving burrs. Syndent applies a smooth polish on the shaft of the carving burrs and around the brazing area as well.

This provides a very smooth shank that you can comfortably enjoy using on your projects.


The process ends with the packaging of our tungsten carbide carving burrs. We counter-check the details of Syndent carving burrs, ensuring quality then prepare attractive packages.

We make your logos too for the carving burrs and labels as we arrange for deliveries.

Carving Burrs

Which Tools Do Carving Burrs Fit?

Syndent usually automates power carving burs. In our case, we prefer air tools and specifically die grinders.

Since we make our carving burrs with standard shank size, industries can use other standard tools for fitting.

You may fit on the pneumatic rotary tool with the same size as of our carving burrs shank diameter.

Other appropriate tools may include micro-motors, Pendant drills, hobby rotary tools, flexible shafts, high-speed engravers, etc.

Useful note: Whichever handpiece applied, make sure it runs true with no wobbles.

Why Choose Carving Burrs?

Syndent guarantees detailed premium power carving burrs designed in accordance with laid down industrial standards.

From selecting denser solid carbide to packaging, Syndent carving burrs can deliver surprising performance on all industrial projects.

Syndent regularly checks processing equipment accuracy, ensuring we produce carving burrs that have right precision.

Carving Burrs

With high density than high tensile steel, tungsten carbide carving burrs provides wide uses. This can apply on materials like jewelry, bone, metal, stone, hardwood, etc.

We make a wide carving burrs selection in different cuts, shapes, and sizes to freely choose from.

Each selection has greater implications when grinding, polishing, carving, cutting, removing of sharp edges, shaping, etc.

Syndent adopts the latest brazing technology from USA to join two materials uniformly and smoothly. The strong silver brazing ensures maximum strength and stability of the tool.

It can hold on to even hard caving and other tough tasks without minding the nature of the material.

Under high speeds and extreme heat, Syndent carving burrs retains its stability and efficiency. It has outstanding high resistance to rust, heat and friction.

Which Procedure Suits Fitting of Carving Burrs On Automated Tools?

In order to have stunning operation and performance of carving burrs on your automated tool, make the right fitting.

This means a suitable automated tool for the carbide carving burrs for firm fitting. A suitable automated tool provides comfortable working on projects, producing incredible results.

To assemble the carving burrs on automated tools, firmly fit the carving burrs’ shank into the automated tool’s chuck. Use a wrench to apply appropriate torque.

Useful note: If you have doubt assembling the carving burrs on automated tools, consult the manufacturer or expert.

Carving Burrs

Can Tungsten Carbide Match Diamond Hardness?

Not at such.

We know diamond as the hardest metal on earth and tungsten carbide comes in close to it. Although not as much hard as diamond, tungsten carbide has high density and tensile strength.

Diamond is superior to other materials in terms of impact strength. This goes along with the amazing brittleness than can shutter upon impact.

High Melting Point of tungsten carbide puts it higher than most other metals.

Can Carving Burrs Carve Stone?

Most definitely.

Premium raw materials featuring tungsten carbide and steel present in carving burrs provide strong cut and long-working life.

These carving burrs have everything needed in carving stone, metal working and several functions on wood. Ideally, carving burrs can drill, carve cut, make shapes, polish, and smoothen stone.

Stone is a bit compact and requires skillful approach with a hard, strong and sharp carving tool.

Syndent carving burrs produce the best carving, shaping and drilling performances on individual materials and projects.

Can Carving Burrs Cut Glass?


Carving Burrs

Carving burrs are versatile tools that Syndent builds in independent shapes, sizes, and flutes. Syndent also uses grade cemented carbide steel in building the carving burrs.

Tungsten carbide has greater density and sharp flutes. Choosing power carving burrs with appropriate cut can cut or carve glass.

However, carbide carving burrs cannot provide fulltime performance on the glass. You need a dedicated tool that provides full functions on glass-like precise cutting, carving, shaping, etc.

For many years, Syndent has professionally built quality fiberglass router bits for classical functions on fiberglass.

Can Carving Burrs Carve Steel?

We build power carving burrs using denser raw materials that comprises of cemented carbide steel.

The carving burrs widely apply to several kinds of materials including metal, jewelry, hardwood, bone, etc.

This implies Syndent carbide carving burrs can efficiently cut or carve steel. Actually carving burrs have a higher density than steel itself so it can perform absolutely well on steel.

Syndent fully understands the industry and knows how to satisfy the market. We make plenty of carbide burr for steel that can meet several demands of steel.

Carving Burrs

Can Carving Burrs Cut Stainless Steel?


Just like we have seen with other materials, power carving burs can amazingly perform on stainless steel.

Using single cut carving burrs, you can immensely remove high amounts of material from stainless steel metal.

Good tool industries can use when chamfering, engraving, carving, deburring and preparing rough stainless steel surfaces.

Syndent encourages using carbide burr for stainless steel when you have stainless steel projects.

Does HSS Have Similarities With Tungsten Carbide?


In hardness and performance on both soft and hard materials, tungsten carbide is above high speed steel.

It has a better lifespan than HSS, advanced resistance to corrosion, friction and heat. It can last 20 times more when compare to HSS.

Can Carving Burrs Carve or Engrave Wood?


Carbide carving burrs have detailed features and come in favored individual sizes and shapes. The most amazing feature of them all include special extra sharp cutting edges.

We built discrete flutes that don’t clog easily when processing wood, aluminum, plastic, or other similar materials.

Using carbide burr for wood carving, you can process your piece of wood without forming a lot of dust. This creates a safe working environment for you and the entire community.

Syndent carbide burr for wood carving offers reliable, safe, convenient in control, and simple to apply functions. It significantly reduces labor intensity.

Can Carving Burrs Carve Bones?


Amongst many materials carving burrs can cut include bones, stone, wood, porcelain, metals, etc.

Can perfectly replace the function of a tiny grinding wheel in most cases and work without dust pollution.

You can work with high accuracy when cutting or engraving bones and a lot of other similar materials.

In hospitals, we use carbide carving burrs in treating fractures. Surgeons commonly use them in treating osteoporosis by cutting the bones of the body.

Also used in dental when preparing teeth cavities. You can powerfully cut bones and tissue with accurate results using Syndent carbide carving burrs.

What Materials Do Carving Burrs Cut?

Carving Burrs

You carve, cut, grind, polish or remove sharp edges using carving burrs on materials that include:

  • Fiberglass
  • Hardwood
  • Cast iron
  • Aluminum
  • Porcelain
  • Ceramic
  • Stone
  • Bone
  • Zinc
  • Gold
  • Stainless Steel
  • Steel
  • Titanium
  • Nickel
  • Silver
  • Copper
  • Platinum
  • Bronze

Who Uses Carving Burrs?

Modern industries don’t need a lot of manpower when they work with quality carving burrs. One person can use tungsten carbide carving burrs to manage multiple projects within the shortest time.

So industries may have a lean working staff to cut on manpower costs. And yet you can have quality and quantity results.

People who may use power carving burrs in many industries include:

  • Fabricators
  • Engineers
  • Engravers
  • Carvers
  • Model engineers
  • Casters
  • Tool makers
  • Grinders
  • Sculptors
  • Jewelry makers

Power carving burs commonly apply in:

  • Metal smith
  • Laboratories
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Sculpting
  • Hospitals
  • Shipyard
  • RailwaCarving Burrs

The critical uses of carving burrs in modern industries include:

  • Rounding
  • Chamfering
  • Engraving
  • Carving
  • Preparing welds
  • Removal of welding slag
  • Smooth finishing the hole surfaces
  • Processing grooves

Can Carving Burrs Drill Materials?


Sometimes you may apply tungsten carbide carving burs on materials by drilling or enlarging holes.

Even though we have special drilling rotary file bits, quality single cut carving burrs usually act as drilling tools.

Single cut carving burrs have spiral flutes that provide an up cut that fluently creates long chips on materials.

Ball-shaped carving burrs with single cut accurately enlarges holes on metals, stone, steel, stainless steel, etc.

Why Should You Keep Carving Burrs On the Move?

When carving materials, always keep the carving burrs in motion and not still for so long. This aims at having accurate and fine cuts as you remove extra material from your piece of work.

If you exercise long stillness while carving, grinding or cutting, the tool might end up not digging. This produces unsightly marks on the material surface and abnormal smoothness.

Useful note: For quick cleaning of clogged flutes, use your carving burrs on cast iron.

Carving Burrs

Which Pressure Amount Best Applies When Using Carving Burrs?

Apply very little pressure or sufficient pressure to dig materials with power carving burrs.

Syndent carbide carving burrs have special features, designed using the latest technology and advanced machines.

They have high carving speed and sharp cutting blades that don’t need putting much pressure to cut material.

With little pressure and a lot of concentration on the material, you can effectively cut materials easily.

A lot of pressure can easily and rapidly destroy the cutting blades of carving burrs. They lose their cutting action faster and with continued use, they easily overheat.

What Advantages Can Carving Burrs Provide?

  • Versatility critical in performing various tasks on different materials
  • Can give lasting and precise cuts
  • Has the ability of perfectly removing all stoke on given material
  • Helps in rightly accomplishing longer productions
  • Has greater impact on output

How Many Popular Cuts Does Carving Burrs Provide?

Syndent provides the three most popular cuts: Single, double and aluminum.

Single Cut

Carving Burrs

We provide single cut carving burrs for different purposes. The single cut has single flutes and spiral, running upward.

It ideally produces long chips when applied on separate materials. Single cut works perfectly when applied on stainless steel, stone, bone, etc.

It can:

  • Make long chips
  • Mill
  • Perfectly remove burrs
  • Deburr
  • Remove heavy stock

Double cut

Have cross-cut flutes, critical in fulfilling numerous material demands. The extra cutting edges provide the advantage of quickly removing material.

It leaves a smoother surface than single cut. Ideal when used on aluminum, wood, gold, plastics, etc.

You can best apply in:

  • Cleaning surfaces
  • Creating smaller chips
  • Removing medium light stock
  • Applying of fine finish
  • Deburring

Aluminum Cut

Sometimes referred to alu cut, aluminum cut strongly removes heavy stock on materials. Best applied when handling soft materials like aluminum, copper, gold, brass, soft wood, magnesium, etc.

The superior and aggressive cut can highly reduce the load on softer materials. Reduces the clogging effect at a bigger margin.

Carving Burrs

Good in:

  • Finishing
  • Smoothing castings
  • Shaping
  • Increasing the hole size
  • Deburring
  • Removing welds

Can You Recycle Carving Burrs?


Syndent uses safe raw materials to manufacture carbide carving burrs. We make tungsten carbide safe to use and 100% recyclable.

You may deliver to us defective or worn-out tungsten carbide carving burrs. We successfully recycle them into several other new products.

Do Carving Burrs Have Mixed Shapes?


Power carving burrs can have mixed shapes that aids in satisfying many material demands in industries.

We make taper, cone, inverted, cylinder, tree, ball, etc. They all suit in either cranny or nooks.


Carving burrs that have cylinder shapes helps in finishing contour and removal of flat surface.

Cylinder End Cut

Suitable in removing contour as well as right-angled corners.

Carving Burrs

Cylinder-Radius End

Designed for contour processing and arc surface at a particular angle.

Ball Shape

Ball shape design of carving burrs helps in the machining of round edges and to process material for brazing.

Oval Shape

You can skillfully remove round edges with oval shape carving burrs.

Tree-Pointed End

Ideal in grinding the round edges of material in long, narrow positions.

Tree-Radius End

Systematically machine round arc contours in long, narrow areas.

Flame Shape

Good carving burrs for machining round edges.

Cone Shape

Has the same function as the countersink and used in chamfering the inner hole.

Taper Radius

Taper radius can reach the narrow areas on materials and remove round contours. Also used to machine surfaces.

Taper Pointed End

Removes burrs in narrow positions and can machine counter surfaces.

Inverted Cone

Suitable in the chamfering rear side from the inner side.

Carving Burrs

Do Carving Burrs Come in Varying Sizes and RPM?


We can compare the carving burrs size with RPM as indicated in the table below.

NoBurr SizeRPM
12.4mm17,000 – 26,000
23.0mm17,000 – 26,000
36.0mm11,000 – 16,5000
413.0mm8,000 – 12,000
516.0mm7,650 – 11,500


As you can clearly see, power carving burrs have 5 varying sizes. We also have the range in which the burr sizes lie. Syndent tungsten carbide carving burrs can go to a maximum of 35,000 RPM.

Do Carving Burrs Have Much To Offer?


  • Syndent carving burrs feature cemented carbide steel. The tungsten carbide has a high density.

We make sharp flutes thus the tool can finely cut or carve materials without the flutes wearing out easily

  • We design mixed sizes and shapes of carbide carving burrs. You can openly a tool suitable for a specific project. Thus, you can manage time and minimize costs
  • Using carving burrs helps in having definite dimensions in cutting, shaping or grinding materials. Whether wood, stone, bone, plastic, steel or stainless steel, you can make the correct dimensions
  • Carving burrs provides exceptional functions at a very affordable cost. This evidently happens when you make big purchases of power carving burs.

Syndent offers reasonable discounts on large purchases of carving burrs

Carving Burrs

What Precautions Should You Follow When Using Carving Burrs?

  • Secure the piece of work in a workbench to enable you to work safely
  • Use guidelines provided by the manufacturer when assembling the carving burr in your automated machine
  • Fit the power carving burrs well on your automated machine. The shank seats in the chuck of the tool and clamped tightly
  • Don’t jam/snag the tool during various applications on any material. This might significantly cause damage to the flutes
  • We highly recommend using gloves and eye masks to protect yourself against stab wounds
  • Carbide carving burrs have higher gravities. Always take precaution when you handle larger materials

What Should Attract You to Buy Carving Burrs?

Meticulous Design: Carving burrs you wish to buy should have a meticulous design. This means passing rigorous tests and very detailed in features.

Syndent carving burrs go through a very careful production process. It features all the industrial standards.

Durability: This means the ability to carve burrs withstanding pressure, wear or and damage. Tungsten carbide carving burrs can withstand wear and damage. Lasts longer.

High-Temperature Resistance: Means the ability to hold on with operation regardless of hot temperature.

The hot temperature doesn’t melt the carving burrs since it has hard material elements, tungsten carbide steel.

Accuracy/Stability: Accuracy refers to the state or quality of carving burrs to offer correct or exact dimensions.

Stability means nothing compels the carving burrs from carving or digging materials. Syndent manufactures carving burrs that offer both accuracy and stability.

Weight/Versatility: Lightweight carving burrs means you can do operations on materials with a lot of stability.

Besides lightweight, carving burrs should give alternative ways you can use. Syndent carbide carving burrs offers lightweight and versatile operation.

Which Procedure Should You Use To Clean Carving Burrs?

Cast iron can clear clogged flutes of the carving burrs. However, two options can perfectly clean clogged power carving burs.

If carving burrs have aluminum debris clogged in the flutes, use muriatic acid. Unscrew carving burrs from the rotary tool and immerse in the acid.

Allow it to soak until the deposits dissolve in the acid. This can take 10 or more minutes.

To remove clogs of other materials like steel, copper or titanium, use ultrasonic method. Remove carving burrs from the automated machine and hold it firmly in a holder.

Then systematically apply enzymatic cleaning for 2 minutes. Remove from holder and wash in clean water.

Which Major Factors Determine The Average Lead-Time of Developing Quality Carving Burrs?

Standard Design: Syndent standard carving burrs usually don’t need the most time to design and produce.

They have simple features, therefore, we can deliver your order in the shortest time possible.

Customized Design: Unlike standard designs, customized carving burrs demand more time.

They have more details therefore machines need further adjustments which eventually affects lead-time. This also affects the deliver time to clients.

Order Quantity: The number of items you make also can affect the production and delivery of carving burrs.

Customers with the least orders receive items faster than those with bulky orders because of packaging and shipment documentation.

Pending Orders: With a well-established customer base, Syndent can supply to every corner of the world. This implies sometimes we can have a lot of pending orders that need fulfillment.

We systematically ship out items according to how we receive orders. This can affect customers who order later and have to wait for long.

But Syndent has a rush order that requires you to incur some extra costs. With rush orders, you no longer have to wait for long.

Besides tungsten carbide carving burrs, Syndent makes similar quality products as well. We design die grinder bits for aluminum, die grinder stone bits, 1 8 carbide burr, etc.

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