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Cuticle Bit

Syndent Cuticle Bit

Syndent cuticle bit can ease help you exfoliate dead skin and cuticles within your cuticle zone. Our lightweight and versatile cuticle file bit fit most e-file machines on the market.

It will help you meet all nail artwork needs besides preparing the cuticle area.

Syndent manufactures and sells the tool at a great wholesale price worldwide. You can also order directly from our manufacturing plant in China.

We offer up to 50% discount for products ordered in large quantities. You shall also be ensured adequate and precise delivery of our items. It’s worthwhile making Syndent your one-stop shop for quality cuticle bits.

Cuticle Bit

Different carbide cuticle bit for professionals.

Cuticle Bit

Super durable carbide cuticle bit, coated and uncoated.

Cuticle Bit

High performance and extremely sharp carbide cuticle bit

Cuticle Bit

All kinds of ceramic cuticle bit for your choices

Cuticle Bit

Super long life ceramic cuticle bit

Cuticle Bit

Custom design ceramic cuticle bit as you wish

Cuticle Bit

Best-selling diamond cuticle bit

Cuticle Bit

Most popular diamond cuticle bit for technicians

Cuticle Bit

Custom design diamond cuticle bit for professionals

Why Syndent Cuticle Bit

Syndent cuticle bit primarily facilitates faster removal of cuticles for a cleaner and smoother cuticle area. You may also use our bit for sharpening, grinding, carving, trimming, reshaping, or shortening. It can help you clean the entire nail before you apply a product or nail enhancement.

Our cuticle clean bit can completely remove the dead skin around the nail and remove calluses, corns, fungus, etc. It will help you buff the nails or the cuticle area and remove and stop the formation of hangnails. Syndent cuticle bit is quite versatile for all nail applications.

Syndent cuticle cleaner bit lasts longer and comprises sharp cutting features. Plus, we ensure our price fits across every budget. Syndent provides an equilibrium of quality and price.

Syndent will retain an effective, consistent, and quick delivery of our bit instruments regardless of your budget. We can quickly increase its production rate through our massive CNC machines. We promise on-time delivery of a quality cuticle bit order.

Syndent guarantees stability and consistency in delivering quality devices. Besides the samples, the actual cuticle bit order delivered retains exactly the same quality. This is because Syndent has a twelve-year plus of practical manufacturing experience. We treat credibility at the highest level.

Cuticle Bit

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of cuticle bit before production.

Cuticle Bit

Syndent automatically brazes cuticle bit with silver in a low temperature

Cuticle Bit

We must make the jumping test of cuticle bit after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Cuticle Bit

Syndent examines the shank hardness of cuticle bit after brazing, and tests the bending strength

Cuticle Bit

Solid cuticle bit needs a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Cuticle Bit

Syndent CNC grinds the teeth of cuticle bit after the tests approved

Cuticle Bit

Syndent polishes the shaft of cuticle bit, and its brazing position

Cuticle Bit

Syndent makes your logo on the cuticle bit, and stick your own label on the case.

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Your Best Supplier of Cuticle Bit

We are certified to manufacture and distribute approved cuticle bit items. Our CE certificate allows you to import customs consent. We help you sell Syndent cuticle bit items in your area legally and freely without question.

Our QA system helps in bringing out the responsibility of every process. Syndent can accordingly dispatch quality filing items and keep its steady level all time.

Syndent cuticle bit undergoes a competent Stork Heron Testing Laboratory inspection report in the USA. As a result, the nail cuticle bit you buy has passed uncompromising standards and exhibits guaranteed quality.

Syndent is a top-large manufacturer of bit products in China. Our production area covers 2000 square meters, which accommodates close to 41 fully-automated six-axis CNC equipment.

At the same time, Syndent deploys close to fifty employees for the cuticle bit production. Thus, we guarantee maximum production.

The technique used in fabricating our cuticle bit devices comes from the USA. Besides, we will test the parameters one by one. Therefore, our cuticle bit will realize any nail artwork you demand.

Besides manufacturing cuticle bit instruments, we design carbide nail drill bits devices, Russian manicure bits, etc.

Kindly make a cuticle bit order with us today.

Cuticle Bit: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Do you need the right nail drill bit to remove dead tissue and make your cuticle area smooth and attractive? We have a solution for you and other nail needs. We have prepared an all-inclusive guide about the best cuticle bit on the market.

What is a Cuticle Bit?

Cuticle Bit

Cuticle bits

A cuticle bit is a nail drill bit ideal for cuticle removal and other nail needs. Fundamentally, manicurists use the cuticle bit for prepping the nail bed to stop lifting. It can help you prepare the cuticle zone without damaging a client’s nail. Additionally, it will facilitate the creation of a perfect canvas for gelly tips, dip powder, acrylic nails, etc.

The versatility of our cuticle file bit and its quality help improve your technique and speed. Additionally, the tool has jagged tips called flutes or partials.

The sharp-edged flutes act as blades that slice the material like butter. Thus, you’ll use minimal effort when executing the task on a client.

With a nail cuticle bit, a technician can remove cuticles and clean the entire nail bed. The flute-like cuts gently and precisely remove cuticles and dead skin from a client’s nail bed. Thus, it is an excellent tool for cuticle cleaning and overall nail preparation.

The e-file cuticle bit represents an excellent nail device made with high precision. Additionally, we derive the nail cuticle bit from different superior materials, ensuring that the technician benefits from the best longevity.

Through a keen selection of quality raw materials, we can guarantee that the cuticle bit for e-file performs excellently. And as a top-large manufacturer in China, Syndent produces cuticles using the most complex materials.

Some materials fabricating the cuticle bit include diamonds, tungsten carbide, and ceramics. Regardless of the materials, all the tools produce excellent execution in any nail artwork.

Cuticle Bit

Tungsten carbide

The cuticle bit fabricated also comes in industrial standard grinding coarseness. Fundamentally, a diamond cuticle bit includes partials on the tips. On the flip side, the ceramic and carbide type has flutes.

Regardless of the type of cuticle bit, you will find the bits comprising of grits like fine, medium, or coarse. Consequently, the grits determine the task each bit can perform. Thus, if you intend to perform various tasks, it would help to choose a cuticle bit set.

Syndent produces a cuticle bit kit. And as mentioned, a kit brings in the versatility of the tool. Thus, you will do all the tasks conveniently and very quickly.

What’s the Function of a Cuticle Bit?

The best cuticle bit should do more than perform excellent cuticle work. For example, you will undoubtedly use the bit to sharpen, neaten, grind, drill, carve, polish, smoothen, or reshape fake nails.

Cuticle Bit

Functions of a cuticle bit

With a cuticle bit for e-file, you’ll correctly process dip powder nails, acrylics, hard gel nails, and other nail enhancements.

Moreover, therapists use the device to help heal the cracked skin, remove and stop the formation of hangnails, etc.

Thus, it is an ideal device for spas, beauty parlors, nail salons, personal pedicure manicure tasks, etc.

Syndent cuticle bit offers fast and efficient performances when preparing the nail. Additionally, our device works gently and safely to provide a smooth finish on the nail or skin surface.

The excellently designed flute-like cuts remove cuticles accurately without injuries to a client. Plus, the high precision of the instrument allows for less vibration, low dust production, and very little mess.

Generally, the cuticle bit does the following tasks:

  • Removing cuticles and cleaning the cuticle area effectively.
  • Clearing out a product build-up while keeping the cuticle region clean and smooth at all times.
  • Polishing and cleaning the whole nail surface.
  • Filing the sidewalls with safe applications provides a unique backfill cutting.
  • Creating precise designer holes in any artificial nail.
  • File down non-living tissue using a fine cuticle head for a safe and smooth completion.
  • Shorten or trim long fake nails for a shiny new look.
  • Clear fungus, corns, dead skin, calluses, etc.
  • Cut down hangnails and stops them from growing.

Do Cuticle Bit Instruments Include Numerous Shapes?


A cuticle bit will comprise different designs or shapes. Fundamentally, the difference in design brings about effectiveness in all tasks. In addition, there are many forms in the field, but we can only speak of the most common ones.

Cuticle Ball Bit

The cuticle ball bit remains an ideal shape for providing safe cuticle removal. The ball shape practically offers secure disposal of cuticles on a client’s finger without damaging it.

Additionally, the ball cuticle bit can file the hard skin smoothly. At the same time, it will help remove loose cuticles lifted above the nail plate.

Safety Bit

A safety bit means a tool with a safety tip that cannot interfere with the secure filing of the nails. Therefore, a bit with a ball barrel top can represent an ideal cuticle safety bit.

And with such a tool, you can debulk any nail design placed next to your cuticle without damaging your nail. In addition, the same device can act well with beginners.

Cuticle Bit

Safety cuticle bit

The Needle Cuticle Bit

The needle shape allows filing residual-treated gel and treats cuticles in areas ordinary bits can’t reach. The small design also allows you to remove residuals or dirt under the nails safely and smoothly.

A needle cuticle bit can also perform sidewall filing, carve out smile lines or make unique designs on fake nails.

Cone Head

The cone head type of bit can quickly clear away the nail gel. Additionally, you can use it in trimming your nails and polishing them before applying a polish, etc. Also, the cone head bit sufficiently removes the dead skin, corns, calluses, or fungus from the palm.

When Should A Technician Replace a Cuticle Bit?

Manufacturers design cuticle bits from high-grade materials to last longer. But the tool will wear out at some point because of one factor. Therefore, it calls for an immediate replacement with the correct device.

A cuticle bit can wear out because of normal or abnormal wear. Typical wear essentially means using the bit until its time of replacement. For instance, a little press on the nail with the bit so that you allow it to do its function.

Abnormal wear can come as a result of inappropriate use of the tool. Fundamentally, improper use includes pressing too hard on the nail or skin surface with the device.

As a result, the bit may wear prematurely, and a subsequent replacement should follow.

A cuticle bit may need a replacement when it has a strong vibration while filing. A strong vibration may come as a result of a misaligned shaft.

Consequently, it may follow a poor manufacturing process. Thus, it pays to choose the proper manufacturer and supplier of a quality cuticle bit.

Besides a cuticle bit, we design acrylic nail drill kit, sanding bands for nail drill, etc.

Kindly order from us a favorite cuticle or any other bit.

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