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Syndent Cylindrical Carbide Burr

Syndent Cylindrical Carbide Burr

Syndent cylindrical carbide burr, also called cylinder burr is designed for deburring and rough milling straight edges and plain surfaces. You can also use them for general purposes chamfering on the outer(external) corner.

Our cylindrical carbide burr is best at its balance between sharp flute and great tool life. Most of persons like both good sharpness and life. You will have the most potential target customers against our cylindrical carbide burr.

Syndent professionally manufactures cylindrical carbide burr for more than 11 years.

S/C cut cylindrical carbide burr is ideal for general purpose fluting. Produces long chips.

D/C cylindrical carbide burr is suitable for very efficient stock removal. Creates a small chip. Good finish. Excellent operator control.

Alu cut cylindrical carbide burr is suitable for nonferrous materials. Aggressive stock removal

Diamond cut cylindrical carbide burr is good for heat treated and tough alloy steels where control is important. Creates a powder-like chip. Excellent finish.

Steel cut cylindrical carbide burr is suitable for aggressive removal steel

INOX cylindrical carbide burr is perfect for grinding stainless steel without clogging.

Cast iron cylindrical carbide burr is used for machining very hard iron metal.

Extended cylindrical carbide burr has a longer shaft. Used for the areas hard to reach.

Why Syndent Cylindrical Carbide Burr

Syndent cylindrical carbide burr made with advanced sintered cobalt-tungsten carbide alloy. Our excellent cylindrical rotary burr is suitable for deburring and polishing metal or nonmetal materials up to HRC 70 hardness. You can use cylindrical carbide burr for cutting, shaping, grinding, and for the removal of sharp edges.

Its general name is cylindrical carbide burr. But it is sometimes called straight grinder bits in some areas. The type name is SA(ZYA). For example, SA 5 carbide burr means A1225 cylindrical carbide burr with 12mm cutter diameter and 25mm cutter length.

When you remove the straight surface, you like to grind the top end vertical position. You can use Syndent cylindrical carbide burr with top end cut. We also call it SB(ZYAS) cylindrical type carbide burr.

Syndent have a complete quality tracking system. Also, we test and check every piece of cylindrical carbide burr before the shipping. You will have not any risks for your business while sourcing from Syndent.

1-Cylindrical Carbide Burr material

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of cylindrical carbide burr before production.

2-Cylindrical Carbide Burr brazing

Syndent automatically brazes cylindrical carbide burr with silver in a low temperature

3-Cylindrical Carbide Burr balance

We must make the cylindrical carbide burr jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

-Cylindrical Carbide Burr bending

Syndent examines the hardness of cylindrical carbide burr shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

5-Cylindrical Carbide Burr shaping

Solid cylindrical carbide burr needs a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

6-Cylindrical Carbide Burr toothing

Syndent CNC grinds the cylindrical carbide burr teeth after the tests approved

7-Cylindrical Carbide Burr polishing

Syndent polishes the cylindrical carbide burr shaft, and its brazing position

8-Cylindrical Carbide Burr package

Syndent makes your logo on the cylindrical carbide burr, and stick your own label on the case.



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Your Best Supplier of Cylindrical Carbide Burr

Syndent has been engrossed in offering a vast collection of cylindrical carbide burr, like double-cut cylindrical carbide burr, single cut cylindrical carbide burr, non-ferrous cylindrical carbide burr, etc. The head diameter ranges from 0.5mm to 25mm as you wish.

In addition, we also supply SF 5 carbide burr, cone carbide burr, flame burr, oval burr, carbide ball burr, etc.

Your best cylindrical carbide burr 1

Whether you are removing welding scar, chamfering, surface preparation, or deburring, Syndent cylindrical carbide burr is the most competitive and extremely durable.

Your best cylindrical carbide burr 2

Syndent cylindrical carbide burr is manufactured on the advanced 6 axis CNC milling machines. That offers your cylindrical carbide burr the highest consistency and the most steady quality burr flutes. At the same time, Syndent sales team can make a response to you with 7×12 hours.

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