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Diamond Cone Nail Bit

Syndent Diamond Cone Nail Bit

Syndent diamond cone nail bit features amongst the most popular nail bits in the nail field. The unique features will help you to easily shape around a client’s cuticle region and clean under your nails.

Our professional tool will work perfectly when used with the most compatible nail drills. We manufacture our diamond cone bits with a precise 3/32’’ shaft. It will fit most of the electric files used by professional technicians.

The diamond nail bit can help you to professionally process acrylics, gel nails, silk, hard gel nails, etc. Syndent provides a durable construction so that a technician can manage any kind of nail task.

Diamond Cone Nail Bit

Tree shape with cylinder body diamond cone nail bit

Diamond Cone Nail Bit

Drop-shape diamond cone nail bit

Diamond Cone Nail Bit

Flame shape diamond cone nail bit

Why Syndent Diamond Cone Nail Bit

Syndent diamond cone drill bit is a versatile nail device suitable for professional and normal nail processing. You can professionally remove cracks from the hill of your feet and cuticles from your fingers.

The pointed tip of our diamond cone drill bit safely lifts up the nail fold/Eponychium. You expose and safely cut through the cuticle and remove it without damaging your nail plate. You can also remove hangnails using Syndent diamond cone nail bit.

Our diamond cone grinder can also clean and seal your cuticles after applying a product. Our diamond cone nail drill bit will meet every technician’s needs.

Syndent diamond cone nail bit has an assured stable and consistent quality. Like the quality samples you receive, we retain the same quality features for the official order. We also ensure that the follow-up matches the initial order.

Syndent’s Q&A system ensures an effective production process of the diamond cone nail bit. We can trace each processing stage to ensure quality production. Syndent promises to provide diamond cone nail bits that have high-quality grinding tips.

Compared to our peers, Syndent has an effective after-sales service. If you incur challenges using our diamond cone nail drill bit, we can assist you. Syndent can solve the matter in less than three official days.

Diamond Cone Nail Bit
Body Machining

Syndent will design and make diamond cone nail bit steel body on CNC precisely by himself.

Diamond Cone Nail Bit

Our skilled workers leave the diamond cone nail bit stand in lines on the board

Diamond Cone Nail Bit
Plating Process

Plate all the diamond cone nail bit bodies with high-quality diamond powder

Diamond Cone Nail Bit
Shank Test

Our QC person will test the diamond cone nail bit shank hardness one by one carefully

Diamond Cone Nail Bit
Grinding Test

Making the test of life and sharpness for your diamond cone nail bit

Diamond Cone Nail Bit

Syndent polishes the diamond cone nail bit shaft, and leaves a mirror finishing

Diamond Cone Nail Bit
Drying Process

Put the diamond cone nail bit in the drying oven after the color ring was made

Diamond Cone Nail Bit

Syndent makes your logo on the diamond cone nail bit, and stick your own label on the case

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Your Best Supplier of Diamond Cone Nail Bit

Syndent pays attention to the substantial experience our team members have accumulated in our company. Our staff remains part of the company’s core assets. Syndent’s senior skilled engineers ensure that your diamond cone nail bit remains strategically positioned in the industry. We help you to have the best tool for your work.

Responsibility to our customers remains part of our company’s extensive stable development. We give a lifetime warranty on the diamond cone nail bit we sell.

If the product develops quality problems while using it, Syndent ensures a free and immediate replacement. We can promptly manage all the issues.

The raw material for the diamond cone nail bits comes from the largest state-owned suppliers. The companies also promise on-time delivery of the raw materials.

Stable delivery of quality materials and using advanced equipment guarantee quality production. Besides, it guarantees a stable order quality and effective delivery speed.

Syndent inspects every batch of raw materials before entry to the warehouse. Through careful inspection, only accurate grades go through the production stage. Your diamond cone nail bit will escape quality issues from the start.

Besides diamond cone nail bit, tapered nail drill bit, smooth drill bit nail, etc. might serve as other alternatives.

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