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Diamond e File Bits

Syndent diamond e file bits

Syndent diamond e-file bits render you professional pedicure and manicure maintenance services.

With Syndent bits, you will create a new and perfect look on your fake nails, smooth your heel, etc. It will extend to filing the palm and removing those dead skin, corns, or calluses.

You will experience sideways nail fold processing free from pain caused by other tools. Syndent diamond e file bits are professional salon products manufactured under strict conditions.

As a result, we supersede our competitors to bring you bits for complex applications through modern technology. Plus, you’ll find our toolset at cost-effective prices.

Diamond e File Bits

Cylindrical diamond e file bits

Diamond e File Bits

Taper with flat end diamond e file bits

Diamond e File Bits

Cylinder with radius diamond e file bits

Diamond e File Bits

Ball shaped diamond e file bits

Diamond e File Bits

Tree shape with cylinder body diamond e file bits

Diamond e File Bits

Drop-shape diamond e file bits

Diamond e File Bits

Flame shape diamond e file bits

Diamond e File Bits

Taper with radius end diamond e file bits

Diamond e File Bits

Cone shape diamond e file bits

Why Syndent Diamond e File Bits

Syndent diamond e file bits with your nail machine facilitate excellent artificial nails, natural nails, and skin processing. Our diamond e file bits can treat your lateral nail without feeling any pain.

The diamond e file bits have tremendous sturdiness. You would quickly smoothen, reshape, carve, sharpen, polish, and neaten your artificial nails, such as acrylics, etc.

You can additionally process hard gel nails, gel polish, dip powder nails, etc.

Syndent diamond e file bits could also remove corns, calluses, dead skin, cuticles, etc. You will work like a pro using our e file bits.

Syndent diamond e file bit will last longer with its best diamond materials. You will work with our products cost-effectively. Our diamond e file bits ensure quality cost performance.

We have a large supply-demand worldwide for both small and large customers. Syndent will ensure an efficient delivery rate of ordered quality e file bits.

We promise a continuous supply of quality e file bits by using modern technology, quality machines, and enough workforce.

Diamond e File Bits
Body Machining

Syndent will design and make diamond e file bits steel body on CNC precisely by himself.

Diamond e File Bits

Our skilled workers leave the diamond e file bits stand in lines on the board

Diamond e File Bits
Plating Process

Plate all the diamond e file bits bodies with high-quality diamond powder

Diamond e File Bits
Shank Test

We will test and be sure the good shank hardness of  your diamond e file bits one by one carefully

Diamond e File Bits
Grinding Test

Making the test of life and sharpness for your diamond e file bits

Diamond e File Bits

Syndent polishes the diamond e file bits shaft, and leaves a mirror finishing

Diamond e File Bits
Drying Process

Put the diamond e file bits in the drying oven after the color ring was made

Diamond e File Bits

Syndent makes your logo on the diamond e file bits, and stick your own label on the case

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Your Best Supplier of Diamond e File Bits

Syndent will send you quality samples of our e file bits. The official order requested will have matching properties with the illustrations. We have consistency in supplying quality e file bits products.

Syndent has a substantive EU certification CE certificate. You, therefore, have unrestricted permission to import customs. You will also sell our quality bits locally using a unique name.

We cling to the friendly principle. Syndent has excellent career planning for its employees. Through the rich experience our employees have accumulated, Syndent diamond e file bits will always compete with top brands.

Syndent has developed the e file bits for over a decade. Our success involves coordinating with significant clients throughout Europe and America. Therefore, no cases will arise regarding confidentiality.

The diamond e file bits materials come from the most prominent mining factories worldwide. Plus, the supply of the materials is stable and on time. Therefore, with relevant materials and a quality fabric supply, you’ll receive your order quickly.

Apart from diamond e file bits, Syndent has indistinguishable tools like ceramic cuticle bitvolcano nail drill bit, etc.

Contact us so that we can provide an instant quotation of the e file bits. We value your feedback.

Diamond e File Bits: A Conclusive FAQ Guide

Do you need nail drill bits with guaranteed after-sales service and low MOQ? Do you face challenges finding the right and quality tool for your nails?

We remain ready to give a solution to all your needs. Therefore, we provide an informative FAQ regarding diamond e file bits.

What Are Diamond e file bits?

Diamond e file bits are nail tools made using only the highest diamond materials with high density. Since the materials used have high density and purity, the bits have long-lasting life, hard wear, and the best durability.

Diamond e File Bits

Diamond e file bits

The bits can suit both right and left-handed nail technicians. At the same time, both beginners and professionals will find the bits useful for pedicure manicure applications.

Besides filing away extra skin and removing non-living tissue, diamond e file bits help treat non-abrasive lateral nail folds. In addition, you’ll use the tool for crack, cuticle, and callus treatment.

Diamond e file bits will provide all the essential functions you’ll need in a nail tool. Built with versatility, the e-file bits will file, grind, carve, smoothen, shorten, or shape the artificial nails.

Syndent remains your favorite and trusted diamond e file bits manufacturing company in China. We have always focused on developing innovative, high-performance, and superior-quality nail products that nail technicians can desire.

Today, Syndent remains a leading international nail brand famous in spas, beauty shops, and salons worldwide.

Diamond e-file bits appear in various helpful shapes and sizes. Therefore, beginners and professional manicurists can achieve desired nail filing results.

The tools can include a collection of diamond e file bits comprising mismatched models or shapes. It ensures enhanced facilitation when doing a full manicure or pedicure service.

What Are The Functions of Diamond e File Bits?

Diamond e-file bits help a manicurist smoothly remove surplus dead skin and non-living tissue around a nail bed.

Manicurists will use diamond e file bits primarily for:

  • Cuticle work.
  • Removing extra skin around the cuticles.
  • Cleaning and prepping the nail.
  • Shaping and shortening the nails.
  • Removing dirt and debris under the nails.
  • Backfill filing.
  • Sidewall cutting.
  • Surface and infill work.

With diamond e file bits, you can do more than filing the cuticles. And because you use an electric machine, the removal process becomes more manageable and effective. Thus, you’ll save maximum time while increasing the output.

The bits have sharp edges that remove materials from the nails professionally and efficiently. Besides, they ensure the nail’s surface remains smooth and more attractive to the client.

Do Diamond e-file Bits Burn Natural Nails?

Diamond e file bits won’t burn your natural nails quickly, especially when you have mastered filing techniques.

A professional manicurist will always know how to control. Usually, the technician knows the amount of pressure required on a nail surface while filing.

The rule states heat and pressure bring friction, and heat comes from friction. Therefore, the nail won’t grow hot if you fail to apply more pressure on the surface. Using a freshly purchased bit doesn’t demand a manicurist to use excess pressure.

Diamond e File Bits


The best technique required for filing the nail includes little pressure. Also, you might want to move the bit constantly o reduce the extent of generating more heat.

Besides, the best technique enhances accurate results while increasing the shelf-life of diamond e file bits.

In some cases, heat pressure can occur because a client can tense so that the finger presses against a bit. Thus, sometimes it helps explain the pressure and friction theory to the client.

Hence, the client will cooperate during the entire process so that the bit doesn’t burn the nail. At the same time, it prevents causing discomfort to a client’s finger.

Which Types of Diamond e File Bits Can You Find?

Diamond e file bits appear in popular models like cone, flame, ball, barrel, etc. Therefore, you’ll choose depending on the task you want to accomplish.

Furthermore, each type of bit plays a different integral function. Hence, manicurists would find it helpful to purchase diamond e file bits set for complete manicure pedicure services.

Diamond e File Bits

Types of diamond e file bits

Flame Diamond e File Bits

The flame bit comes in handy when doing cuticle work. First, it will help lift the cuticle from the nail plate. Essentially, the flame shape will allow faster and smooth removal of gel polish and cuticles. The bit has become popular with most manicurists in the field because of its versatile nature.

Cone Diamond e File Bits

cone diamond e file bit can adequately prepare the cuticle region on a client’s finger. Besides, nail technicians prefer them for sidewall filing. Additionally, professionals can remove ridges, dirt, or debris under the nail with the same bit.

Designed with a tapered shape, a cone bit looks slim and more protracted. Therefore, it will fill the toenail excellently. But, only professionals with tremendous experience will produce good results out of the tool. Thus, we highly object to beginners using the cone.

Needle-shape Diamond e File Bits

Also popularly referred to as under nail cleaning bit (UNC), the needle bit remains very popular amongst technicians. Essentially, the UNC appears in a narrow barrel or cone-like shape. Furthermore, the bit has a pointed tip and is relatively small.

Diamond e File Bits

Needle type

The specific design of the UNC bit helps a technician maneuver quickly under the nail to remove debris or dirt. Moreover, it allows technicians in sidewall filing and precise designer holes on artificial nails.

Depending on the level of expertise, a technician can freely use the UNC on a medium or high-speed level.

Bullet Shape

Bullet diamond e file bits help techs create the apex and stress point region. A technician will choose the bullet bit when doing stilettos, ballerinas, or coffin nails.

The bullet bit remains ideal for qualified technicians only and requires working at slower speeds. In addition, experienced technicians can use the bullet to clean the cuticle region.

Diamond e File Bits

Bullet shape

Safety Diamond e File Bits

Typical barrels include safety e file bits. They essentially comprise rounded and smooth tops that lack cutting edges. Hence, their design fits experts and beginners for grinding, reshaping, shortening, sharpening, carving, etc.

Safety diamond e file bits help in surface removal of excess product. Besides, the bits can perfectly smooth out the surface of the artificial nail for a top coat application.

Besides diamond e file bits, many other tools have specific designs for different functions. For example, Syndent provides cuticle drill bitscarbide nail drill bits, etc.

You can always reach us for an order of your favorite nail e-file bits.

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