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Diamond Nail Bits

Syndent Diamond Nail Bits

Syndent diamond nail bits are appropriate nail instruments for cleaning cuticles and smoothing your nails. Our diamond bits for nails make removing false nails easy like butter.

The bits will offer a lot of convenience in nail processing and saves time. Additionally, Syndent designs the diamond nail drill from a super sharp diamond. You will perform your manicure/pedicure professionally and for longer.

Syndent is a point supplier of quality diamond nail bits to Fortune 500 companies. Plus, the order made has good after-sales services.

We will always remain your favorite and trusted manufacturer domestically and internationally for durable bits.

Diamond Nail Bits

Cylindrical diamond nail bits.

Diamond Nail Bits

Taper with flat end diamond nail bits.

Diamond Nail Bits

Cylinder with radius diamond nail bits

Diamond Nail Bits

Ball shaped diamond nail bits

Diamond Nail Bits

Tree shape with cylinder body diamond nail bits

Diamond Nail Bits

Drop-shape diamond nail bits

Diamond Nail Bits

Flame shape diamond nail bits

Diamond Nail Bits

Taper with radius end diamond nail bits

Diamond Nail Bits

Cone shape diamond nail bits

Why Syndent Diamond Nail Bits

Syndent diamond nail bits present a high-quality salon product for professionals and new users. Our different types of nail bits will facilitate quick nail and skin processing. You will apply the diamond nail bits for edgewise treatment of artificial nails without incurring pain.

The diamond nail bits will file off any nail design close to cuticles and perform tremendous surface work. Also, you’ll use it to reshape and shorten acrylics, gel nails, dip powder, etc.

Moreover, it will work truly in backfill cutting or making a new smile line. Besides, the easy to clean and use features provide the easiest way to clean diamond nail bits.

Our mandate in the nail field involves practicing consistency with our products. And before dispatching your actual order, we can send samples.

All the illustrations and real diamond nail bits have matching characteristics. Our honest dealings span over ten years and will remain at your service forever.

Syndent has one of the trusted after-sales services. When faced with difficulties, our team will help you in the shortest time possible.

When you choose Syndent diamond nail bits, we will ensure a proper and safe freightage process. With over 90% of our items reaching far countries, Syndent has had experience in freightage. We can help you discover the most effective freight forwarding company at your cost rate.

Diamond Nail Bits
Body Machining

Syndent will design and make diamond nail bits steel body on CNC precisely by himself.

Diamond Nail Bits

Our skilled workers leave the diamond nail bits stand in lines on the board

Diamond Nail Bits
Plating Process

Plate all the diamond nail bits bodies with high-quality diamond powder

Diamond Nail Bits
Shank Test

Quality control persons will test the shank hardness of the diamond nail bits one by one carefully

Diamond Nail Bits
Grinding Test

Making the test of life and sharpness for your diamond nail bits

Diamond Nail Bits

Syndent polishes the diamond nail bits shaft, and leaves a mirror finishing

Diamond Nail Bits
Drying Process

Put the diamond nail bits in the drying oven after the color ring was made

Diamond Nail Bits

Syndent makes your logo on the diamond nail bits, and stick your own label on the case

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Your Best Supplier of Diamond Nail Bits

Syndent diamond nail bits purchased will come with a lifetime warranty. If there are quality performance issues with our instruments, Syndent will freely replace them immediately. It will help you to make your local sales bigger.

Our steady growth that spans ten-plus years has helped us attract several significant customers. For example, Syndent has famously cooperated with Snap-on and Grainger.

Also, our partnership has included Fortune 500. Thus, no confidentiality cases received.

Each batch of materials Syndent receives will face strict inspection before al to the warehouse. We ensure that the materials have the required grade after chemical analysis.

Syndent also tries to find the materials’ regular appearance and the correct size. Your diamond nail bits order will evade any quality fault.

Our diamond nail bits will come in all models/sizes on the market. We include rough grinding, soft grinding, and medium grinding.

Syndent diamond nail drill bits sizes range from 0.5 mm and more. In addition, you may expand your product line through our assistance.

Our line of manufacture involves interchangeable products, including carbide nail drill bitsfine nail drill bits, dental lab burs, etc.

You can visit us or contact us to receive an express quotation.

Diamond Nail Bits: An All-Inclusive FAQ Guide

Modern nail drill bits have come a long way and are all you need for modern nail beauty. Therefore, our guide will lead you if you need a manufacturer and reliable supplier of such products. Our focus relates explicitly to diamond nail bits, their features, uses, and performance.

What Does a Nail Bit Mean?

A nail bit means a specific nail tool comprising two main sections adjoining each other; shank and head. A shank practically appears in a tin cylindrical manner than the head. The head has partials for diamond nail bits and flutes for tungsten carbide and ceramic bits.

The shank will come in a 3/32-inch shank size, a universal and commonly used size. Moreover, size 3/32 will primarily fit table-tops and portable nail drill tools.

Nevertheless, the industry also can provide nail bits with a shank size that measures 1/8 inches. Consequently, nail bits with such shank measurements don’t dominate the market like the 3/32-inch. Moreover, you’ll conveniently apply them with older nail drill machines.

A nail bit owes its origin to a predecessor drill bit. The drill bit helps work an array of materials such as wood, plastics, metals, etc.

In terms of nails, the earliest tool that came into existence was an elementary Mandrel. The Mandrel in the old days used to work in conjunction with sanding bands. Nevertheless, the Mandrel still works in modern salons, beauty shops/parlors, and spas. In addition, manufacturers introduced sanding caps for the Mandrel as well.

With technological advancement, several nail-bits came into existence. Modern bits have enhanced features based on materials used to manufacture them. Therefore, the tools will do several specific jobs, including fill-ins, cleaning, polishing, removing enhancements, etc.

What Are Diamond Nail Bits?

Diamond nail bits mean items manufactured using predominantly diamond components. Nonetheless, some tools will have a diamond coating to bring out diamond properties. But, diamond nail bits that contain 100% pure diamond perform better than coated ones.

Diamond Nail Bits

Diamond nail bits

Superior diamond nail bits give excellent finishing while making the bit hard-wearing. Also, diamond bits for nails can provide excellent heat dissipation when used appropriately. In addition, diamond nail bits will provide good rust resistance. You can wash them with soapy water after use, and they won’t rust.

Quality diamond nail bits will ensure you achieve shiny and beautiful nails. Besides doing the manicure, a diamond nail drill will help a podiatrist do a fantastic pedicure. Moreover, the bits help grind the dead skin, corns, calluses, etc.

As a manicurist or podiatrist, you will always find diamond nail bits in the most popular and valuable shapes. For instance, the nail field will provide diamond bits for nails in a ball, cone, cylindrical, needle shapes, etc.

Also, the different types of nail bits will appear in a range of suitable sizes. For example, it may vary from 0.5 mm head diameter onwards. Thus, the different designs will remain necessary for doing various nail jobs.

With all sizes available, you will do nail polishing, carving, grinding, shaping, cleaning, drilling design holes, etc.

Most diamond nail bits in the field come in compatible shank sizes; 3/32-inch shank. The universal size suits the most popular electric and rechargeable nail drills in the field. Therefore, it is a perfect diamond nail drill for manicurists who value compatibility.

All the diamond bits for nails include the most popular grits in the field. You can find rough/coarse grinding, medium grinding, fine grinding, etc.

Moreover, there are various sets of diamond nail bits designed by Syndent. For instance, a handy kit can include pieces comprising of different grits, shapes, sizes, or designs. Hence, buying a handy kit will supply all polishing tasks effectively. As a result, it will make the complex part of your nail processing or skin removal easy and faster.

What Are Popular Applications of Diamond Nail Bits?

Diamond Nail Bits


Superior diamond nail bits present high-quality devices designed using fine-grade diamond materials. Diamond essentially includes excellent rigidity than any other metal.

Fine grade material ensures the diamond nail bits files to the best performance. At the same time, diamond increases the bits’ durability hence increasing shelf life.

Diamond has optimum strength and reasonable sharpness. Thus, the diamond nail bits will deliver the highest precisions in all nail art tasks.

You will do more than remove materials from natural nails with quality diamond nail bits. For instance, different diamond bits for nails can cut hangnails, remove cuticle edges, etc.

Professional diamond nail bits, which have a pretty and meticulous design, will meet various nail and skin needs. For instance, the best diamond bits for nails can assist you in reshaping, polishing, shortening, carving, smoothening, grinding, sharpening, etc.

Diamond nail bits present great tools suitable for professional nail technicians and nail art beginners.

Syndent incorporates the highest professionalism and latest technology to make the newest diamond nail bits. Therefore, all the diamond bits for nails produced have standard features and smooth grinding edges.

Based on the features described, the diamond nail drill can do uncountable nail tasks, including:

  • Cleaning and polishing a client’s or your nail surface or clearing off debris under or from the sides.
  • Removing built-up gel and filing cuticles from the cuticle area.
  • Sidewall filing, backfill cutting, and making designs on your artificial nails.
  • Safely remove all the dead skin formed near your cuticle region.
  • Doing surface preparation and finishing for backfill cutting and shaping of your acrylics and other artificial nails.
  • Filing down dead skin, corns, or calluses from the palm and heel.
  • Removing and stopping the formation of hangnails.
  • Trimming or shaping the fake nails looks pretty healthy while offering consistent growth.
  • Correct isolation of cuticles from your natural or false nails.
  • Lifting the skin so that a manicurist can do perfect buffing or quickly and nicely cut the dead skin.
  • Drilling accurate and attractive design holes on all types of false nails.

Which Types of Nail Bits Can You Find?

Diamond Nail Bits

Types of diamond nail bits

Syndent provides versatile nail bits in popular shapes, sizes, or designs. The designs or shapes from high-quality diamonds will give excellent and accurate nail art finishing. Besides, fine grade diamonds make the bits for nails hard-wearing, rust, and heat resistant.

The diamond nail bits provide all necessary applications on false or natural nails with versatile shapes. It can also facilitate the flawless removal of calluses, corns, fungus, or dead skin.

Made with an ergonomic design, diamond nail bits work to ensure the user has multiple ways of preparing nails.

The list of shapes is pretty extensive and non-exhaustive. But, the few that have found a cut into the industry include:

  • The flame and pear.
  • Cylinder.
  • Cylinder (tope edge radius).
  • Cylinder (radius end).
  • Cone shape.
  • Ball (large and miniature).
  • Barrel shape.
  • Cuticle remover.
  • Tree-shaped.
  • Tapered shape.
  • Needle shape.

With the few shapes named above, you will perform various nail functions effectively. Consequently, some shapes will perform excellently in certain areas than others.

For instance, needle-shaped diamond nail bits will more than a barrel type will clean under the nails. This is because the needle looks like a needle which fits perfectly under the nails and in tight places. Therefore, it will clean comfortably in hard-to-reach regions.

The barrel, on the other hand, has a wide filing diameter. Therefore, it will not go as far as the needle bit can go. Hence, you will predominantly use it on the nail surface in removing the nail design on top.

A ball barrel top will remove the enhancement close to the cuticle area without injuring your nail. Therefore, beginners will find it comfortable working with a ball barrel top diamond nail bit.

Diamond Nail Bits

Ball head

A barrel will also trim and shorten very thick and broken nails. Furthermore, it makes a perfect smile line and precise backfill cutting.

Ball diamond nail bits will help repair ugly bubbles that appear in enhancements. Besides, the ball head bits work comfortably on your cuticle region, remove dead skin, and can provide perfect sidewall filing. Moreover, you might use them for polishing corners and sharp ends on fake nails.

Ball head diamond nail bits offer a gentle and smooth approach when processing nails. In addition, they will cut and prevent the occurrence of hangnails.

On the other hand, cone-shaped quickly remove nail gel and other enhancements. Additionally, the cone head diamond nail bits help the user trim a client’s nails before polishing. At the same time, users can find the cone head helpful in removing dead skin, corns, or calluses.

Diamond nail bits will also appear in flame shapes. And the flame head helps to remove and prevent the hangnails from appearing. Furthermore, manicurists will use the particular shape in creating the lip of a dead cuticle. In the end, you will find clearing the dead skin an easy and quick task.

Diamond nail bits with a flame head will also remove extra dust or skin formed near a client’s nail plate. And it may also facilitate perfect cleaning after applying any product to the nails.

Which Enhancements Can Diamond Nail Bits Remove?

Manufacturers consider versatility when designing diamond nail bits. That implies that the instruments will do several jobs to perfection.

The primary purpose of designing diamond nail bits includes processing false nails. At the same time, podiatrists have found the instruments very helpful in filing dead skin, calluses, and corns.

With diamond nail bits, you can do full manicure or pedicure services. And because diamonds have excellent rigidity, the bits will have optimum strength. Therefore, you can use them on:

  • Hard gel nails.
  • Acrylics.
  • Gel powder nails.
  • Complex and irregular toenails.

Can Diamond Nail Bits Remove Cuticles?


For cuticle services, you will need a kit of diamond nail bits. The kit includes unique bits from grade diamond metal. The equipment presents an all-in-one nail bits, solid and suitable for drilling, filing, and removing cuticles and artificial nails.

Depending on the needs of your nails, diamond nail bits for cuticles can include various pieces. For instance, sets may consist of four components, five pieces, four pieces, eight pieces, nine pieces, etc.

Diamond Nail Bits

Cuticle nail bits

In most cases, diamond nail bits for cuticles can have the following bits:

  • Flame bit.
  • Small cylinder bit.
  • Nit bit.
  • Ball bit.
  • Safety bit.
  • Micro-ball bit.
  • Needle bits.
  • Flat-end cylinder bit.
  • Clean brush.

Different shapes in each kit will ensure the manicurist accomplishes the various tasks. For example, with the pieces, you can prepare the nail bed, trim/shorten the nail, clean up the cuticle area, etc.

The point sizes of cuticle bits vary from one manufacturer to another. However, their design will remain helpful in dealing with cuticles.

Can Diamond Nail Bits Grind Natural Nails?

Although not highly considered a suitable instrument for natural nails, sometimes professional technicians use them. This is because the bits fundamentally include partials on their grinding heads. Unfortunately, the partials with sharp cutting effects may cause a significant threat when carelessly used on a natural nail.

However, a professional technician will control the machine when used on natural nails. Moreover, the tech will determine the pressure suitable for the process. That implies that filing natural nails will require a considerably lower pressure than when filling artificial nails.

Since diamond nail bits have partials, they will scratch out the material. That will eventually create a generous amount of heat when applied unprofessionally.

The heat rule indicates that friction occurs when you apply pressure. And friction eventually results in a certain amount of heat. Consequently, the degree of heat happens based on the force used.

Therefore, if you avoid pressure when filing the nail surface, the area will not grow hot. Consequently, a diamond nail drill with new cutting edges will not require pressure while filing.

The constant moving of the bit and little or no pressure remains fundamental in any filing process. The basic technique will ensure your filing doesn’t generate heat even on your natural nails.

What Should You Do for Effective Filing Using Diamond Nail Bits?

Other than deciding on which nail bit to use for pedicure and manicure, we have certain things you should consider. Consequently, embracing essential techniques will make the filing process enjoyable and effective.

The elements listed below can offer effective nail filing processing:

  • Choosing a proper working formula can provide a wonderful filing experience. For instance, you should file incredibly soft or very harshly. Therefore, embrace gentle pressure while using diamond nail bits.
  • Hold firmly on a client’s finger for successful filing. Also, a firm grip ensures the client doesn’t feel the tool’s vibration.
  • When buying, choose well-aligned diamond nail bits. It clears the possibility of working with a vibrating device and ensuring accuracy.
  • The nail drill machine you have also determines the efficiency of diamond nail bits. Therefore, you need to choose an up-to-date handpiece for the diamond nail drill. Otherwise, using a machine that doesn’t accommodate a bit ideally will wobble during the application. The diamond nail bits will eventually wear out faster than expected.

What Should One Consider Before Shopping for Diamond Nail Bits?

Before shopping for premium diamond nail bits, a technician must consider certain vital elements. That way, you will buy diamond nail bits that will serve the purpose-designed.

First on the list include the needs of a technician. Then, depending on the application frequency, you can decide whether you require low-end or top-of-the-line tools.

If you want a constant companion, then the diamond nail drill should offer the best performance. Moreover, the specific diamond nail bits must provide excellent shelf life.

Look for diamond bits for nails that have a good construction. Consequently, a good structure goes along with quality materials. The materials should come from top-grade diamonds.

Well-constructed diamond nail bits should fit various handpieces comfortably. That means you can try fitting them in different handpieces and see if they fit comfortably.

Consider vibration. As mentioned, well-aligned diamond nail bits should vibrate when in a compatible nail machine. And that goes along with perfect construction. Therefore, you will work with the tool for a long without feeling fatigued.

Consider the grits. Like nail bits made from other materials, diamond nail bits occur in multifold grits. Consequently, the type of grit applied will determine the result. For example, a coarse grit will leave the surface rough. On the contrary, a fine grit will ensure you achieve a fine polish.

Therefore, you might have all the grits if you want effective nail care. However, you may go for a specific grit if your needs call for one particular function.

Besides the size, consider the shapes. The diamond nail bits on the market occur in the most valuable forms. And as previously seen, specific forms will have dedicated functions when used on your nails.

Diamond Nail Bits

Shapes of diamond nail bits

Therefore, the nail-bits types will signify the job you intend to accomplish on your nails. For example, diamond nail bits with large grinding heads will facilitate the faster removal of nail topcoats. However, the smaller type will work well on lighter tasks.

How Do You Clean Diamond Nail Bits?

Unlike the Mandrel, which uses sanding bands and caps, diamond nail bits are multi-use. Therefore, you will need them for more than a single assignment. But before reusing the bits, a technician will first have to clean them properly.

In the beauty field, cleanness and proper sanitization remain fundamental. Good cleaning followed by proper sanitization will significantly prevent the transfer of infection.

At the same time, cleanness keeps the diamond nail bits at their peak performance. First, removing dirt between the cutting edges promotes more efficiency. You will naturally cut through enhancements quickly and more precisely.

Second, proper cleaning will ensure your diamond bits for nails don’t heat up rapidly and improves their shelf-life.

In two different ways, you can assuredly clean your diamond nail bits. The first one includes soaking the bits in a trough containing warm soapy water. But first, removing hard debris with a brush will ensure faster removal.

After soaking for a few minutes, use a cleaning brush to scrub the tool until the dirt clears out. Then use a proper disinfectant to kill the germs and store them in a preferred packaging.

The second method would require soaking the diamond nail bits in industrial chemicals like acetone. And with acetone, you will soak the tools for seven to ten minutes. After that, the device will naturally come out sparkling clean.

The two methods establish the most convenient ways to how to clean diamond nail bits. Nonetheless, don’t allow the diamond nail bits to sit in any liquid for an extended time, the usual one. When soaked for long, the liquid will erode or damage the bits.

How Fast Can You Operate Diamond Nail Bits?

Depending on the services deployed, the speed will vary between 2 000 RPM. However, the rate should not be too slow as it might grab the material. Eventually, it will restrict you from making further headway during the filing process.

If you file significantly faster, you will quickly lose control. And once you lose control of the tool, you run a high risk of nicking your client.

Additionally, not all the diamond nail drill bits will work at the same rate. For example, diamond bits for nails with large grinding heads will file slowly.

You can manage smooth and comfortable filing with large-sized diamond nail bits quickly.

You can find ways of filing faster for small-sized diamond bits for nails yet achieve excellent results.

When filing your cuticles, you need to make the process reasonably slow. This is because the cuticle area may feel pretty sensitive. Therefore, using an excessive rate to file the region will open up the place. And an open wound might inhibit infections.

Nonetheless, you will graduate from slow to medium for backfill cutting. But, when removing overlays from the nail surface, an advanced filing rate should apply.

A high filing speed will range from 15 000 RPM and so on. Also, remember that using diamond nail bits to process natural nails should fall below 2 000 RPM. Plus, the user must incorporate maximum care to avoid injuries.

Syndent has become the home of all nail drill bits. Other related bits besides diamond nail bits include a fine nail drill bitbarrel nail drill bit, etc.

If you intend to make our products your priority, contact us right now.

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