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Syndent Die Grinder Bits

Syndent Die Grinder Bits

Syndent die grinder bits, also known as carbide die grinder bits, are made from the highest quality tungsten carbide materials.

We produce all of the die grinder bits on the advanced 6 axis CNC machines.

You can widely use die grinder burr bits for shaping, smoothening, grinding hard materials, weld bead removal, etc.

Syndent has been manufacturing die grinder bits for more than 11 years.


Cylinder die grinder bits are ideal for contour finishing, flat surface removal.


Cylinder with end cut die grinder bits are suitable for removal contour and right-angled corners


Cylinder with radius end die grinder bits are suitable for processing contour and arc surface at a certain angle


Ball shape die bits are good for machining round edge and end pre-processing before brazing


Oval shape die grinder bits are suitable for round edge removal


Tree with radius end die grinder bits are perfect for grinding round edge in long and narrow positions


Tree with pointed end die grinder bits are used for machining round arc contour in long and narrow places


Flame shape die grinder bits are good at round edge machining


Cone shape die grinder bits function like a countersink. Suitable for chamfering inner hole


Taper with radius end die grinder bits are widely used for round contour removal in narrow positions, and surface machining


Taper with pointed end die grinder bits are suitable for narrow position deburring and counter surface machining


Inverted cone die grinder bits are suitable for rear-side chamfering from the inner side.

Why Syndent Die Grinder Bits

Syndent fabricates these perfect die grinder bits with laboratory-certified tungsten carbide. The tungsten carbide is very hard, next to diamond. So our tungsten dies grinder bits are very durable.

Syndent dies grinder bits are ideal for different hard tasks, such as grinding, deburring, carving, drilling, cutting, etc. You can broadly use our die grinder bits in aerospace, mold, shipbuilding, jewelry, casting, art sculpture, etc.

Syndent die grinder bits come with various grinding bits in different sizes and shapes. We can manufacture all popular die grinder bit shapes on the 1/8”(3mm), 1/4”(6mm), and 3/32”(2.35mm) shank. If you cannot find what you demanded sizes, kindly let us know by email.

We will make a rapid response to your special requirements. We have most regular shapes including cylindrical die grinding bits, ball dies grinding bits, tree shape die grinding bits, taper die grinding bits, etc.

Syndent already got a CE certificate for the die grinder bits. We developed not only die grinder bits but also dental grinder bits, nail grinder bits. Also, we have the common die grinder bit set for your free choice.

Syndent makes a strict quality control system for all of our die grinder bits. You will always benefit from its steady quality performance and best product cost savings.

Die Grinder Bits material

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of die grinder bits before production.

Die Grinder Bits brazing

Syndent automatically brazes die grinder bits with silver in a low temperature.

Die Grinder Bits balance

We must make the die grinder bits jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Die Grinder Bits bending

Syndent examines the hardness of die grinder bits shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

Die Grinder Bits shaping

Solid die grinder bits needs a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Die Grinder Bits toothing

Syndent CNC grinds the die grinder bits teeth after the tests approved

Die Grinder Bits polishing

Syndent polishes the die grinder bits shaft, and its brazing position

Die Grinder Bits package

Syndent makes your logo on the die grinder bits, and stick your own label on the case.



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Your Best Supplier of Die Grinder Bits

Syndent has 40 sets of CNC machines. We have massive production of die grinder bits every day. It ensures you will have enough tungsten carbide die grinder bits supply at any time.

Because of the enormous output of many die grinder bit orders from worldwide customers, Syndent can get much better prices of the raw material. Meanwhile, it is helpful to minus the costs while mass run. And we must pass the cost savings to you. You will be more competitive in your die grinder bits market.

All of our R&D staff have more than 5 years of experience. Syndent can design exactly the same die grinder bits based on your samples. You only need to send samples to us, we can help you custom design the existing brand you are selling. Meanwhile, we can provide OEM upon your die grinder deburring bits. That means you will have your own brand.

Either you need die grinder bits for metal, die grinder bits for hard steel, or die grinder bits for stainless steel, we can meet all of your demands. In addition, we also supply die grinder bits for wood, die grinder bits for aluminum.

Syndent has a perfect after-sale policy. We will make quick action upon the problems you might happen with. Generally speaking, we will replace the die grinder bits when your customers make any complaints. You can also claim a money refund. You will have not any risks on your die grinder bits business when cooperating with Syndent.

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Die Grinder Bits

Die Grinder Bits: Complete FAQ Guide

As manufacturing expert of carbide burrs for over 11 years, Syndent remains a trusted company in China. We supply the whole world with numerous quality cutting tools made from quality selected raw materials.

Tungsten carbide stands out as the only hard material next to diamond which features in manufacturing the rest of the products. Amongst tools Syndent produces include die grinder bits.

As a newbie in the industry and wondering how Syndent die grinder bits work. Well, trust us to take you through everything you need to know about the product.

What is Die Grinder Bits?

Die grinder bits means special cutting tool, made for outstanding performance on different projects. Basing on international standards, our QA team receives and scrutinizes raw materials from which die grinder bits come from. Tungsten carbide features equal portions of tungsten and carbide that produce strong and powerful die grinder bits.

Syndent owns special processing 6 axis CNC machines, one of the kinds introduced in China. The carbide die grinder bits pass through the advanced computerized process to the end without missing important details. Final tungsten die grinder bits can therefore grind, shape, and smoothen hard materials.

Die Grinder Bits

Syndent ensures certification of tungsten carbide burr through our laboratories for perfect final tungsten carbide die grinder bits. We, therefore, produce an extremely hard tools, almost like diamond for durable performance.

The main functions our customers apply with die grinder burr bits include drilling, grinding, cutting, carving, deburring, etc. Broadly applied in shipbuilding, aerospace, automotive, etc.

We manufacture die grinder deburring bits in all popular sizes and shapes. From 1/8” (3mm), 1/4” (6mm) to 3/32” (2.35mm) shank sizes. We quickly respond to your special requirements if you want different sizes from what we provide.

Simply email or call us for a rapid response. Besides sizes, we provide the tools in all regular shapes like ball shape, cylindrical, cone shape, tree shape, etc.

Syndent confidently owns CE certificate for die grinder bits. Also, you can’t miss die grinder bit set on our list of special and durable products. Not only does Syndent produce die grinder bits, also featured on the list include nail grinder bits, dental grinder bits, etc.

All our durable die grinder bits strictly observe the quality control system. This benefits users from ever-steady high performance with the best product that saves you costs.

Die Grinder Bits

Which Steps Involve Production of Die Grinder Bits?

We follow few steps in manufacturing perfect and highly durable die grinder bits. Syndent deploys a group of highly skilled R&D staff that operate advanced CNC equipment.

Our 11 years’ experience proves Syndent’s capabilities and strength in the industry to outshine most manufacturing companies. We quality raw materials of cemented carbide, highly experienced R&D staff, and 40 sets of computerized equipment.

Material evaluation

Before anything else, we evaluate materials received from a trusted supplier. Top companies supply us with materials obtained from mines they fully own. The QA team inspects and allows top-quality carbon and tungsten into the warehouse to begin with the production.


Syndent now uniformly brazes hardened steel on the die grinder bits with silver at absolutely low temperatures.


After brazing, die grinders bits undergo jump testing aimed at obtaining tolerance level. CNC machines help in ensuring die grinder bits manufactured have a balanced tolerance level. In our case, it should have 0.1mm tolerance level or below.

Die Grinder Bits


When we achieve balanced tolerance of die grinder bits, Syndent tests the measure of hardness. Therefore, we apply a certain degree of bending to ascertain the required strength.


After assurance of maximum strength and hardness, die grinder bits need an ideal shape. Using our very own advanced CNC equipment, we grind uniformly to the appropriate shape.


After we have the tests, Syndent proceeds to give die grinder bits unique teeth called flutes. We accurately grind the die grinder bits head through the CNC machine to give flutes.


For it to look more attractive and catchy to the eyes, Syndent polishes the shaft part as well as brazing position. Polishing appears as the last production process before packaging.


Packaging comes last before shipment to relevant customers. This involves creating logos and sticking of customer labels, awaiting delivery to orders available.

Die Grinder Bits

Which Ways Can You Use Die Grinder Bits?

Die grinder carbide bits have diverse functions that benefit distinct industries in most continents. The considerable functions die grinder bits offers include enlarging holes, shaping, cleaning, polishing, deburring, etc.


The best way you can conveniently shape materials for your project is through the application of die grinder bits. Shaping applies to particular materials like cast iron, steel, copper, hardwood, stone, bone, etc.


In modern industries, grinding becomes one of the frequently applied things when handling projects. You can nicely grind materials to smooth perfection, from soft materials to extremely hard.

Die grinder bits with cemented carbide, characterized by extreme hardness naturally has super strength. The strength that tough HSS can’t afford to break it. In addition, the flutes have a very special cutting effect because of their magnificent sharpness. No material can stop you from carrying out your specific tasks like grinding.


Before you exercise any other function on a given material, first you cut according to project requirements. Cutting comes easier and faster with a sharp cutting tools which those handling several projects switch to die grinder bits.

As earlier mentioned, the flutes define the cutting effect of an ideal quality tool. Sharp flutes should work as blades and Syndent initiates this phenomenon in carbide die grinder bits to another level. You can never regret cutting your different materials with Syndent’s superb die grinder bits.

Die Grinder Bits


Another frequently applied use in modern industries includes deburring materials. Basically, material deburring refers to modification. You modify by clearing small sharp objects (burrs), on a project after say, cutting or grinding. After deburring, you make the material safe for handling.

Enlarging Holes

Die grinder bits can drill drywall, metal, wood, stone, glass, bone, etc. Drilling involves chipping deep into a material and remove the chips to make a hole. Syndent makes specific die grinder bits as single fluted, to aggressively remove bigger chips. Die grinder with single cut creates perfect hole-depth and width.

From what we have explained above, Syndent die grinder bits preeminently outshines other cutting tools you think of. The striking applications achieved on projects quickens your work and produce distinguished results.

How Many Types of Die Bits Shanks?

Die bits are fully named die grinder bits. It is a high-efficient grinding tool for you to rapidly remove all kinds of hard materials.

Syndent manufactures die bits with hardened steel that come from Japan. Auto brazing machine best joints tungsten carbide head with the steel shank using the USA welding technique. Your die bits from Syndent will never encounter with break-off. Meanwhile.

You can find all types of standard and non-standard shanks as you needed in our product lines.

  • 3/32″ shank die bits
  • 1/8″ shank die bits
  • 1/4″ shank die bits
  • 5/16″ shank die bits
  • 3/8″ shank die bits
  • 2.35mm shank die bits
  • 3.0mm shank die bits
  • 6.0mm shank die bits
  • 8.0mm shank die bits
  • 10mm shank die bits
  • extended long shank die bits

Which Tools Does Die Grinder Bits Rhyme with?

Die grinder bits superbly rhymes with a set of automated tools like micro motors, die grinder machine, etc. Syndent die grinder bits have noticeable features of fitting in a standard popular rotary tool.

The shank size and diameter of die grinder bits restfully fits in die grinder machines. Other industries own different automated tools mentioned above which die grinder bits rhyme with.

Whether a pneumatic tool, die grinder, or other rotary tools, the tool should fit truly.

Die Grinder Bits

Do Regular Drill Bits Used in Dremel?

Not really.

A Dremel bit best applies in any regular drill with Dremels only accepting bits that have specific shank sizes. This simply implies of drill bits can’t fit in Dremel.

Which Correct Way Suits Easy Fitting of Die Grinder Bits on Rotary Tools?

Die grinder requires very simple and straightforward assembly to any rotary tool. It fits in all modern popular tools.

What you only need is a wrench to help you tighten die grinder bits in a specific rotary tool. First, locate the chuck or collet of the die grinder. The shank of die grinder bits seats in the chuck. And with the aid of the perfect grip of a wrench, tighten your die grinder. After tightening, die grinder carbide bits shouldn’t wobble at all. A wobbling die grinder bit in die grinder loses efficiency faster and has reduced effectiveness on particular projects.

Useful note: For more details on how to fix die grinder on rotary tools, read provided user manual.

Die Grinder Bits

Why Does Die Grinder Bits Considered Great Exceptional in Most Functions?

As initially stated, Syndent invents die grinder bits with fruitful features out of hard and tough tungsten carbide. You can begin your project and end on a superb note without experiencing showdowns. The hardness ensures die grinder bits by Syndent can really last longer regardless of the hard tasks subjected to.

Not only does Syndent develop die grinder bits from tough raw materials. We build the flutes with strong and powerful cutting abilities. Actually, you dint need extra power to cut or dig through tough materials.

We follow international standard guidelines to extensively develop a tool that guarantees better life and praise from customers. On top of that, Syndent die grinder bits can give high tolerance to all functions featured. Superior hardness enables brittle Syndent die grinder bits to withstand high degree hotness and still operate for some time. It literally provides versatile functions and materials that seem tough to work on.

Does Die Grinder Bits Cut Stones?


Syndent makes spectacular die grinder bits from the toughest raw materials, almost similar to diamond. Because of the high density, the tool has amazing strength and sharpness, cutting or shaping glass comfortably. It also allows grinding and fine smoothening of given glass.

When you deal with a glass, use protective gear, especially on hands and eyes to protect against possible injuries.

The most ideal and recommended tool used on glass is fiberglass router bit, also developed by Syndent. It handles the tasks at hand on fiberglass without wearing them easily.

Can Die Grinder Bits Shape, Carve or Engrave Wood?

Die grinder bits undoubtedly can do more than shaping, carving, and engraving a piece of wood. Developed in handful cutting styles, high cutting ability handles all tooling demands at hand effectively. Die grinder bits smoothens, cleans, and polishes wood for eye-catching end product.

Syndent develops professional die grinder bits under strict observation of QA team through CNC machines. We produce the product mainly for cutting which prompts us to apply effective cutting edges. But since we structure them into a couple of useful cuts, the versatile tool can now grind, polish, drill, engrave, etc.

Amongst our quality carbide burrs, Syndent offers a perfect alternative to manage wood projects. By using carbide burr for wood carving, wood carving, cutting, engraving, and grinding look better and easier. Industries that mainly deal with woodwork can find carbide burr for wood carving better solutions for their daily tasks.

Can We Use Die Grinder Bits in Carving Stone?


Die grinder bits from Syndent have endless uses which include material cutting, wood and stone carving, and engraving, amongst others. Applications stretch further on stone with limitless uses as well like engraving, shaping, carving, etc.

It has high brittleness and strength so it works your projects to perfection. Its unique geometry constructively produces better results on bone and tissues by removing tough debris.

What Other Materials Can You Apply Die Grinder Bits?


  • Fiberglass
  • Cobalt
  • Aluminum
  • GRP
  • Platinum
  • Carbon steel
  • Titanium
  • CRP
  • Silver
  • Copper
  • Nickel
  • Wood
  • Drywall
  • ZincDie Grinder Bits

Who Can Use Die Grinder Bits?

If you work in industries you definitely cannot miss carbide die grinder bits. Most production industries that deal with metal, wood, stone, and materials alike handle specific tasks with superior die grinder bits.

Those who use our product include:

  • Model engineers
  • Metal workers
  • Grinders
  • Engineers
  • Sculptors
  • Carvers
  • Engravers
  • Welders
  • Jewelry makers
  • Dentists

They practically apply in:

  • Making of quality jewelry
  • Carving numerous materials
  • Engraving
  • Chamfering
  • Grinding
  • Sculpting
  • Casting

Can Die Grinder Bits Drill Materials?

Yes, it does.

Die grinder bits constructively drill materials of specified nature. They have immense strength and natural ability designed to dig drywall, steel, hardwood, hardened steel, titanium, stone, and much more.

Each flute type has a notable role it plays in provided materials. Single cut in its natural form has distinguished function from other cuts like double cut and aluminum cut. It exceptionally creates superior longer chips that undoubtedly allow the drilling of materials. It provides impressive holes of desired diameters, uncommon from other cuts mentioned.

Another Syndent exceptional tool you can deploy for specific drilling purposes is rotary file bit. Syndent rotary file bit has striking performance in terms of drilling tough or soft materials.

What Kind of Drill Bits Appear Hardest?

Cobalt appears an upgrade of HSS since it consists of 5 to 8% Cobalt. This looks great alternative to drilling hard materials like hardened steel or stainless steel. However, Carbide appears the hardest and highly brittle of most drill bit materials.

Die Grinder Bits

Why Do Die Grinder Bits Producers Advice Not to Keep Them Still for Long When in Operation?

You shouldn’t keep die grinder bits still for quite a longer period when using it because of a few reasons. The main one, your tool won’t produce good results on your project. It leaves the workpiece with unsightly marks furthermore, causes unpleasant smoothness. As result, the tool’s life deteriorates rapidly than it should.

We, therefore, recommend applying a smooth and continuous flow operation when grinding, polishing, removing material, etc. This magnificently improves the performance of die grinder bits and brings spectacular results while increasing durability.

Useful note: Applying the final upstroke seemingly can produce fine smoothness with improved tool durability.

Then, Why Apply Low Pressure with Die Grinder Bits on Materials?

Die grinder bits have extraordinary fine cutting abilities and as a matter of fact, rotate rapidly especially with die grinders. For that specific reason, you don’t really need to work hard when using such a tool.

We at Syndent, develop typical die grinder bits to traditionally reduce workload as you work easy. Therefore, little pressure while guiding die grinder bits on the job gives rise to ever-performing tools and brilliant results.

Otherwise, die grinder bits efficiency deteriorates if you exert more than needed pressure. Sharp flutes begin to fade, cutting efficiency degrading tremendously.

Which Cuts Can Die Grinder Bits Offer?

Die grinder bits can offer you three common cuts including single, double, and aluminum cut.

Single Cut

Characterized by spiral, single and right-handed flutes going upward, single cut practically presents longer chips.


  • Deburr
  • Clean materials
  • Present longer chips
  • Mills
  • Aggressively removes heavy material stockDie Grinder Bits

Double cut

Popularly used in industries and characterized by the ability to manage highly demanding projects. Has two flutes that resemble a web pattern that presents smaller chips.

Greatly attributed in:

  • Smooth finishing
  • Creation of very small chips
  • Removing medium-light stock
  • Cleaning
  • Polishing
  • Grinding
  • Deburring

Aluminum Cut

Aluminum cut offers durable and lasting cut on aluminum and materials like zinc alloys, plastics, soft steel, etc.


  • Aggressive cut
  • Smooth finishes
  • Deburring
  • Hole enlargement
  • Grinding
  • Removal of welds
  • FinishesDie Grinder Bits

Can You Recycle Die Grinder Bits?


Manufacturers possibly have the potential of recycling dilapidated die grinder bits to other brand new products. Responsible Syndent department has high skills and experience of converting ruined die grinder bits once we receive them.

Through our responsive customer service section, Syndent customers can arrange for deliveries or pickups of ineffective die grinder bits.

Cemented carbide in die grinder bits doesn’t look hard to recycle and don’t directly affect the environment negatively. Make your living and working area safe and clean when you allow us to recycle tools that lose their working efficiency.

Do Companies Produce Die Grinder Bits in Multiple Shapes?


For the demanding needs of enormous projects in industries, you need versatile tools. Syndent ensures die grinder bits have handful shapes that see you from project to another.

Syndent fabricates numerous shapes of brittle and shiny-looking die grinder bits through the latest CNC machines. The actual different shapes shine brighter as stainless steel.


Dedicated to contour finishing and sufficiently removing flat surfaces on projects.

Die Grinder Bits

Cylinder-End Cut

Has a flat end and used in industries in removing contours and working right-angled places.

Cylinder with Radius End

Industries use cylinder with end cut on metals and materials that have contours and also arc surfaces at angles.

Ball Shape

Machines the round edges of workpieces as well as ideal in pre-processing material final stages in readiness for brazing.

Oval Shape

Efficient die grinder bits in clearing round edges.

Tree-Pointed End

With pointed end in a form of a tree die grinder bits for massively grinding round edges. Allows free access of long, narrow places.

Tree-Radius End

Features radius end that conveniently machines contours of specific materials consisting of round arcs.

Die Grinder Bits

Flame Shape

Machines the round-edged materials.

Cone Shape

Appears as a cone with similar services to a countersink. Main function features chamfering the inner holes.

Taper with Radius

Makes your material smooth by finely grinding round contours. Allows easy access of those narrow places on your project while machining surfaces.

Taper with Pointed End

Designed for easy machining of the narrow places and grinding off contours.

Inverted Cone

Chamfers the workpiece’s rear part straight from inside.

It is quite obvious that by freely choosing correct tool shape for the job you can fulfil any demanding requirement. Syndent gaps the void left by most other tools by manufacturing versatile and useful die grinder bits. We proudly serve over 500 fortune famous Companies in most continents of the world.

Die Grinder Bits

Do Companies Fabricate Die Grinder Bits in Sizes and Provide RPM?

Yes, most of them do as shown in the simplified table below:

12.4mm17,000 – 26,000
23.0mm17,000 – 26,000
36.0mm11,000 – 16,5000
413.0mm8,000 – 12,000
516.0mm7,650 – 11,500

Basically, Syndent offers five possible sizes of die grinder bits, clearly shown in the table. As you can see, each size shown has recommended lowest and highest RPM speed. This implies your operation should possibly lie within the speed range. However, manufacturers do set highest speed as not more than 35,000 RPM.

Useful note: A slow start operation on material and then raising gradually can do a tremendous job.

Can I in Anyway Benefit When I Buy Die Grinder Bits?


  • Die grinder bits contain tungsten and carbon as essential components of making the final tool

Syndent comes up with highly skilled QA staff and in conjunction with the warehouse manager, work tirelessly for a superb tool. We take high scrutiny of raw materials that come from our suppliers under provision guidelines of international standards. This for sure guarantees a quality start in manufacturing.

  • Die grinder bits supplied appear in commonly sold sizes and also shapes.

This implies, whichever task the project demands, Syndent can seek you out with the right cutting tool.

Die Grinder Bits

  • Confidently produces exact dimensions different projects demands.

Syndent owns 40 sets of massive CNC machines operated by experienced and skilled QA employees. High-tech machines and experienced employees can only guarantee to die grinder bits that cut pieces with exact set dimensions.

  • You work cost-effectively with all high-demanding jobs on projects.

Syndent assures its customers who buy die grinder bits in large sums, competitive prices. Thus, you can generously apply them in different fields of projects.

  • Efficient cutting flutes can fluently and rapidly slice those hard-to-cut materials, reducing workload. This means Syndent customers handle multitudes of jobs in a very short time.

What Ways Helps You Stay Safe Using Die Grinder Bits?

Safety remains a priority in ensuring that you avoid unnecessary potential injuries that might arise when operating cutting tools. As explained in this guide, die grinder bits comprised of sharp flutes. When they cut materials, they produce small debris, harmful to the eyes and hands.

Consider the following measures:

  • Fit die grinder bits the correct prescribed way in the desired rotary tool. You improve the tool’s performance and durability by observing simple measures
  • Consider the amount of pressure used when cutting materials and in this case, little pressure.
  • Use an effective workbench to secure any workpiece before you begin working on it to avoid breakage.
  • Don’t snag or even try to jam the tool which usually affects cutting edges negatively when they chip.
  • Protect eyes against small debris from materials and your hands with right protective gear.Die Grinder Bits

What Can Attract You in Buying Die Grinder Bits?

Die grinder bits should have features that improve your cutting abilities. Should have an impressive outlook, long-lasting, high working efficiency, etc.

Meticulousness: This simply reflects characteristics of die grinder bits in relation to international industrial standards. Die grinder bits Syndent manufactures undergo strict quality production procedures to pick relevant details.

Durability: You should have the best performance ever with die grinder bits. Structured out of cemented carbide, die grinder bits can tolerate heat, resin, rust, etc.

High-temperature tolerance: Should tolerate extreme heat and continue cutting even under such conditions. Syndent develops die grinder bits from the hard-to-break compound called cemented carbide. When exposed to severe conditions, die grinder bits overcome them all.

Accuracy/Stability: This means it should cut or shape objects with correct and accurate dimensions and sizes. Highly designed die grinder bits should help you work on materials in a stable way.

Weight/Versatility: A very important characteristic that determines how effective and fast you can manage projects. Lightweight tools tend to offer better stability and efficiency than heavy die grinder bits. The tool should again provide a high level of versatility to save costs of buying numerous tools.

How Can I Clean Die Grinder Bit?

After using die grinder bits for a given period, you can realize that they pick small debris from materials. When the debris clog into the cutting edges, they render the tool ineffective to cut, grind, etc. Thus, you should always clear them off to continue having effective die grinder bits.

Two methods can best clear clogged materials in die grinder bits flutes depending on which material you use it on.

First and foremost, with cases of aluminum metal, muriatic acid best apply for effective removal. But you have to first manually clear heavily invested debris by chipping with a soft brush. Soak the tool in a container filled with muriatic acid for not less than ten minutes. This helps in completely dissolving aluminum deposits in the acid.

The other method that manufacturers highly suggest as best for use is ultrasonic. This method can clear all other debris from the flutes that the muriatic cannot remove. Use a holder in strongly securing die grinder bits in place. For 2 minutes or more, apply enzymatic cleaning. Then use extra few minutes like 2 or more to rinse it clean through cold water.

Useful note: Make cleaning a routine procedure to continue adding durability and efficiency.

Which Factors Immensely Contribute to Production Time-Frame of Die Grinder Bits?

Several factors can affect the way and time of producing die grinder bits for our customers in various industries.

Die Grinder Bits

They include:

Standard designs: Syndent main production bases on standard die grinder bits. Since we value you as trusted customers, we adjust accordingly to produce customized tools. Because of their natural simplicity, standard die grinder bits take less time. They have very few obvious details.

Customized designs: Customized items have complex added features according to clients’ choices. They demand our QA team to fully adjust CNC equipment to suit the requirements. This eventually requires plenty of time compared to standard designs.

Order quantity: Due to Syndent success in supplying die grinder bits to big 500 fortune companies, the demand has increased. We serve customers of all nature, small and big. Order quantity matters on how long it takes to reach you. Small orders definitely won’t take much time as opposed to large.

Pending Orders: Syndent supplies nations like the USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Russia, and France with quality performing die grinders. Due to the large and several orders Syndent receives, you can wait longer or shorter to receive what you ordered.

If at the time you ordered we had several others waiting, it might take longer to ship to you. If you order first or the orders seem few, delivery takes short time.

We can quicken the delivery if you opt to use our rush order choice. Although we charge an extra cost, you don’t need to wait longer.

All numerous die grinder bits Syndent manufacturers have enormous output according to our buyers everywhere in the world. For that reason, Syndent adheres to tool demand and always provides enough die grinder bits. Our high supply-demand.

Most popular Syndent die grinders include die grinder bits for hard steel, die grinder bits for metal, etc.

Receive an instant quote of reliable die grinder bits when you contact us.

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