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Die Grinder Burr Bits

Syndent Die Grinder Burr Bits

Syndent die grinder burr bits are quality tools that you can use in various industries to process different materials.

We have a historic manufacturing process that spans a period of more than 11 consistent years.

Syndent manufactures the only premium die grinder bits that feature on the top level in the industry.

We use advanced CNC machines and welding technology derived from the USA.

Besides, we have highly skilled workers with great experience in designing and producing quality performing die grinder burr bits.

You’ll have high efficiency, durability, smooth finish and economic cost of Syndent die grinder burr bits.

Die Grinder Burr Bits

Cylinder die grinder burr bits are ideal for contour finishing, flat surface removal.

Die Grinder Burr Bits

Cylinder with end cut die grinder burr bits are suitable for removal contour and right-angled corners

Die Grinder Burr Bits

Cylinder with radius end die grinder burr bits are suitable for processing contour and arc surface at a certain angle

Die Grinder Burr Bits

Ball shape die grinder burr bits are good for machining round edge and end pre-processing before brazing

Die Grinder Burr Bits

Oval shape die grinder burr bits are suitable for round edge removal

Die Grinder Burr Bits

Tree with radius end die grinder burr bits are perfect for grinding round edge in long and narrow positions

Die Grinder Burr Bits

Tree with pointed end die grinder burr bits are used for machining round arc contour in long and narrow places

Die Grinder Burr Bits

Flame shape die grinder burr bits are good at round edge machining

Die Grinder Burr Bits

Cone shape die grinder burr bits function like a countersink. Suitable for chamfering inner hole

Die Grinder Burr Bits

Taper with radius end die grinder burr bits are widely used for round contour removal in narrow positions, and surface machining

Die Grinder Burr Bits

Taper with pointed end die grinder burr bits are suitable for narrow position deburring and counter surface machining

Die Grinder Burr Bits

Inverted cone die grinder burr bits are suitable for rear-side chamfering from the inner side.

Why Syndent Die Grinder Burr Bits

You can voluminously use Syndent die grinder burr bits in various industrial sectors. This includes shipbuilding, automobile, aviation, machinery, chemical engineering, process engraving, etc.

Our die grinder burr bits can suit all your industrial project needs. You can typically deburr, hollow out material, chamfer, engrave, shape, cut, carve, drill, polish, smoothen surfaces, etc.

you can vastly use Syndent die grinder burr bits in machining steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, silver, etc. Also, our die grinder burr bits can help you cut aluminum, cast iron, copper, silver, and other metals.

You may conventionally use our die grinder burr bits on non-metal like wood, jade, bone, marble, plastics, ceramics, and more. Syndent die grinder burr bits withstand the test of time.

The actual Syndent die grinder burr bits you receive will always match our product description. We make the honest transactions and deliver to you what you read and request.

Through business, we make great partnerships with our goal to achieve word-of-mouth marketing. Syndent treats every transaction with credibility and honors your request.

We have a 12-hour hotline so that you can easily contact our salesperson for die grinder burr bits orders. Syndent also as an online chat and contact.

At the same time, we support WhatsApp, Messenger, and Skype platforms. This makes your communication with us more easy and convenient. You can reach us through your convenient platform and we will respond to your requests quickly.

Die Grinder Burr Bits

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of die grinder burr bits before production.

Die Grinder Burr Bits

Syndent automatically brazes die grinder burr bits with silver in a low temperature.

Die Grinder Burr Bits

We must make the die grinder burr bits jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Die Grinder Burr Bits

Syndent examines the shank hardness of die grinder burr bits after the brazing, and tests the bending strength carefully

Die Grinder Burr Bits

Solid die grinder burr bits need a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Die Grinder Burr Bits

Syndent CNC grinds the die grinder burr bits teeth after the tests approved

Die Grinder Burr Bits

Syndent polishes the die grinder burr bits shaft, and its brazing position

Die Grinder Burr Bits

Syndent makes your logo on the die grinder burr bits, and stick your own label on the case.



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  • Syndent has all the popular carbide cutters and shapes. Succeed in helping many customers save costs in the past decades.

  • Range from the dental laboratory to clinic purpose. Either a dental technician or dental doctor could find what you demand here.

  • You have creative nails through Syndent amazing nail carbide burrs. We can do better and think about what you think.

Your Best Supplier of Die Grinder Burr Bits

Syndent welding technology and welding machine come from the United States. Also, we have our own R&D capabilities.

Whether fully automatic welding machines or CNC machine tools, the R&D department can manufacture and adjust accordingly.

Syndent is the only factory in China that can design and produce equipment and die grinder burr bits. We can quickly make a new machine and generate die grinder burr bits that have the latest geometric parameters. Our die grinder burr bits always meet industry development needs.

Furthermore, Syndent can enlarge the production capacity severally to meet all your industrial needs. Our R&D technology is guaranteed cornerstone for your search of premium Syndent die grinder burr bits.

Syndent die grinder burr bits have unique process requirements. With our own developed CNCs, our die grinder burr bits surface shines brightly like stainless steel.

This can improve your local sales without the need of doing a lot of marketing. You can rock your customers with Syndent die grinder burr bits.

Besides Syndent die grinder bits, you can buy die grinder bits for hard metal, die grinder bit set, metal deburring bit, and more.

For instant quotation of Syndent die grinder burr bits, contact us.

Die Grinder Burr Bits: The Complete FAQ Guide

After a long such for an optimal manufacturer of die grinder burr bits, we made it your final destination. This FAQ page carries all the valuable information you need about types, specifications, merits, and uses of burr bits.

What Are Die Grinder Burr Bits?

It refers to small and potent rotary equipment that allows you to process various surfaces in innumerable ways.

Various surfaces here mean that die grinder burr bits can effortlessly finish tasks on hard and soft materials. Thus, you attain desired results within the shortest time possible.

Innumerable ways mean that you can quickly grind, shape, drill, shape, deburr, or prepare surfaces for polishing.

Syndent is an established manufacturer of die grinder burr bits from only the best grade tungsten carbide. The heat-treated durable tungsten carbide offers the best tool working life.

The carbide burr bits rotate at extremely high speeds to produce remarkable results in few seconds. In addition, it gives you excellent fine detail work on your project.

Another fantastic feature of Syndent carbide burr dies grinder bits is the ability to fit in different rotary tools. Also, the ideal die grinder burr bits are suitable for any skill level in the industrial field.

What Material Do We Make Die Grinder Burr Bits?

As indicated, our die grinder burr bits feature heat-treated premium tungsten carbide steel. The burr bit has three main parts: head, neck, and shank. The head part comprises the premium grade tungsten carbide, while the shank contains steel components.

Tungsten carbide is an exceptionally dense, metal-like material, light gray with some bluish tinge. It decomposes instead of melting at 2 600o C (4 700o F). To prepare it, you heat the powdered tungsten and black carbon in hydrogen. It happens from 1 400o C to 1 600o C (2 550o F – 2 900o F.

Tungsten carbide produce has desirable features like unique physical, chemical, and mechanical properties. Therefore, it has enhanced hardness, outstanding thermal and electrical conductivity, and a high melting point. Moreover, tungsten carbide raw material has high corrosion resistance.

During the manufacturing process of die grinder burr bits, we bound together with the carbide particles. Alternatively, we cement them using a soft, ductile metal binder which makes them highly resistant to fracture.

Syndent manufactures premium die grinder burr bits using state-of-the-art CNC machinery. As a result, we create different sharp cut styles without any comparison to competitors’. To join the hardened steel shank and the head together, Syndent uses USA-based welding technology. Moreover, it includes an extra-strong solid silver weld.

Whether your work involves precision metal tasks, tool making, welding, deburring or chamfering, quality die grinder burr bits can process.

What Are the Uses of Die Grinder Burr Bits?

Die grinder burr bits can have multiple industrial applications. The main applications include:

  • Milling
  • Shaping
  • Grinding
  • Cutting
  • Casting
  • Cylinder head porting
  • Deburring
  • Drilling
  • Carving
  • Engraving
  • Chamfering
  • Polishing
  • Cleaning
  • Enlarging holes
  • Sanding
  • Preparing surfaces for polishing

Made of tungsten carbide, the most rigid material, Syndent carbide burr bits provide faster cutting to save your precious time.

What Are the Different Types of Die Grinder Burr Bits?

We can have different types of die grinder burr bits based on the surface coating of the head. However, composite coatings enhance the functionality of the die grinder burr bits. Thus, composite coatings have emerged as the best way manufacturers can modify the carbide burr bits.

Surface coating often presents the highest corrosion resistance than the component itself. The most commonly applied coatings include:

TiAlN– Titanium-aluminum-nitride coating refers to an all-around surface coating that you can universally apply. TiAlN comprises three elements: titanium, aluminum, and nitrogen, and provides a coating thickness of 1 to 4 micrometers.

The coating can provide high resistance to oxidation and heat. Therefore, you work with an enhanced cutting speed which accelerates your working process than uncoated tools. Subject to an application, die grinder burr bits with Tialn coating can have ten times improved service life.

TiCN – TiCN coating provides excellent rugged toughness, improved adhesion, and high resistance to chipping. Therefore, tools coated with TiCN composite can excellently drill and ream cast iron, copper, high silicon aluminum alloys, etc.

TiCN has blue grey color with a hard but smooth finish for enhanced wear and built-up edge resistance.

TiN – Titanium Nitride coating has the famous gold color and is a trendy general use coating. It has the highest adhesion and ductile features of the various layers offered. Featuring brilliant wear resistance, low friction coefficient, and thermal stability minimizes built-up edge. Thus, it improves the thermal transmission of heat from a specific tool.

Therefore, you can apply TiN coated die grinder burr bits in drilling, milling, counter boring, and reaming.

Diamond-like coating – Diamond-coated die grinder burr bits can provide tough but rough grinding. Thus, you can quickly grind even hard-to-cut metals and other surfaces.

Which Materials Do Die Grinder Burr Bits Cut?

As seen in the figure above, die grinder burr bits can process a vast collection of materials. With metals, you can easily machine iron, carbon steel, steel casting, alloy steel, hardened steel, stainless steel, etc.

Moreover, Syndent die grinder burr bits can process non-metals, including ceramics, stone, fiberglass, hardwood, plastic, glass, etc.


Carbide burr bits can machine steel with much ease. Our die grinder burr bits include cemented carbide.

In essence, tungsten carbide is a rigid material, better than any steel or other metal apart from diamond. Thus, with sharp and powerful blades, it slices steel and other metals easily.

However, Syndent provides burr bits for steel suitable for cutting steel. For example, you can choose carbide burr for steelrotary file for steel, or die grinder bits for steel.

Stainless steel

Besides steel, carbide burr die grinder bits can precisely process your various stainless steel projects.

Tungsten carbide has a better lifetime, with more than four times hardness than stainless steel. Therefore, you can make fine cuts on stainless steel with such extreme hardness and sharp cutting strength properties.

Besides die grinder burr bits, we have a rotary file for stainless steel and carbide burr for stainless steel. Therefore, we provide an exhaustive list of valuable abrasives for processing stainless steel.


Die grinder burr bits represent suitable tools used for cutting aluminum and other materials. They give you an easy way to grasp and operate. Thus, beginners can efficiently manage them.

Nonetheless, we design a unique tool suitable for machining aluminum. Our Carbide burr for aluminum has quality characteristics essential for cutting through aluminum and other non-ferrous materials.

Designed from carbide steel, it has more than 90HRS hardness for enhanced longevity and rigidity. In addition, the single deeper cutting edges prevent potential clogging while processing your workpiece.


Carbide burr die grinder bits can also cut, shape, drill, or chamfer soft and hardwood. Made with sharp, powerful flutes, our carbide burr bits can grind wood with a fine finish without damaging the wood.

However, using carbide burr for wood carving produces much-needed quality results. Made of high-quality cemented carbide, it features extreme strength, sharpness, and durability. In addition, we provide well-positioned flutes for faster and automatic discharge of chips on the sides when drilling a hole. Thus, it makes it a suitable tool for carving, drilling, engraving, etc. Furthermore, it leaves a smoother finish on the material surface without causing damage.

Which Handpieces Should You Use With Die Grinder Burr Bits?

To effectively apply the die grinder burr bits, you should find a compatible handpiece for the tool. Syndent continuously automates its tools and preferably die grinders as a preferred handpiece.

You can use either electrical-driven or air-driven rotary machines. However, electrically driven machines feel heavier compared to air-driven handpieces.

Although smaller and lighter than electric tools, air tools offer greater power and improved speed. Besides, they have enhanced hits per revolution compared to electric devices. Moreover, you can easily adjust them for better torque. Thus, with sharp, hard die grinder burr bits attached, it allows you to finish jobs quickly and more effortlessly.

Some standard handpieces compatible with die grinder burr bits include:

  • Die grinders
  • Pneumatic tools
  • High-speed engravers
  • Pendant drills
  • Micro motors
  • Flexible shafts
  • Dremel

How Can You Change Die Grinder Burr Bits on a Die Grinder?

When changing a die grinder burr bit from a die grinder, you need two spanners. The spanners usually come along with the purchase of the grinder tool.

Locate the collet and use the small wrench on the minor groove while the larger one on the big track.

Carefully turn each in the opposite direction to loosen the die grinder burr bit from the collet. Next, remove the old burr bit and replace it with a new one. Use the same spanners to tighten it in position.

How Should You Use Die Grinder Burr bits When Processing Materials?

As with carbide burrs and rotary files, allow the die grinder burr bits to do their job. Only use low pressure unless you subject the cutting edges to chipping or wear. Excessive stress also can make the flutes excessively smooth. Thus, it reduces the life of the die grinder burr bits.

In designing the carbide burr die grinder bits, we select unique cemented carbide. Because of its extreme toughness, you can use carbide burr bits for very demanding tasks without over-stretching your muscles.

Since they have higher resistance to higher temperatures, you can operate them continuously while hotter. Thus, you can choose Syndent die grinder burr bits for long-term execution.

When using carbide burr bits, don’t allow them to stand longer, preventing them from fastening into materials. Thereby, it causes roughness and unsightly marks on the material surface.

At Syndent, we offer our customers with actual application formula so that you can significantly reduce your operating costs.

Which Is the Recommended Speed to Use on Die Grinder Burr Bits?

The speed at which you intend to use the die grinder burr bits in a rotary tool depends on materials.

Since we have different types of materials, the speed can change based on the toughness or softness.

For more complex material surfaces, you need to adjust your handpiece to a higher speed for effective grinding.

With softer materials like softwood, aluminum, or mild steel, we recommend a low recommended speed. However, note that with soft materials, high selecting high speed can damage your material. Besides, it produces inaccurate results.

The following table indicates the approximate speeds an operator can apply on a specific material surface.

You can realize that we don’t have a fixed rate. For each burr bit diameter provided, we have a range you can work within.

Burr bit diameterRPM
1.6mm/1/16”25 000 – 35 000
2.35mm/3/32”17 000 – 26 000
3mm/1/8”17 000 – 26 000
6mm/1/4”11 000 – 16 500
12mm/1/2”  8 000 – 12 000
16mm/5/8”  7 650 – 11 500

Helpful note: We suggest selecting slow speed as you start the tool and increase as you carry on.

If the die grinder burr bit comes off easily, it highly suggests that you’ve selected a light speed. It is because high speed can stop clogging of the flutes of die grinder burr bits.

For the best finishing, apply a steady motion instead of taking breaks. End the tasks using an upstroke. It ensures you attain a smooth finish on a specific material surface.

Can Flute Size of Die Grinder Burr Bits Have an Effect on The Grinding Speed?


The size of the selected die grinder burr bits can affect its grinding speed. Note that carbide burr bits, single and double-fluted, come in different sizes and shapes.

We suggest buying a kit that includes all the sizes and shapes. Then, from the set, you can choose the right tool to fulfill a variety of tasks.

How Long Can Die Grinder Bits Last?

Certain factors influence the service life of die grinder burr bits.

First, the design structure of various die grinder burr bits plays a significant role in enhancing their longevity.

Meticulously designed carbide burr die grinder bits can guarantee efficiency at all times in terms of durability.

The application intensity also has a significant influence on the tool’s durability. Tooling appears relentless; hence, using the device with a lot of pressure makes it wear faster.

The material used in constructing the tool also determines its service life. For example, materials like carbide or hardened steel appear relatively more rigid. Thus, they guarantee higher durability.

In addition, the diameter of the die grinder burr bits fundamentally affects the tool’s life. Smaller diameter wears out quickly than more significant diameter carbide burr bits.

More significantly, the RPM you apply when using the die grinder burr bits can affect its longevity. A higher RPM causes the flutes to wear out rapidly than a recommended RPM.

How Much Do Die Grinder Burr Bits Cost?

The cost of die grinder burr bits depends on many factors. The tool’s material is the first element that can determine the amount you can pay for it.

Note that we design die grinder burr bits from tungsten carbide, which comes in different grades. Finer tungsten carbide costs higher compared to coarser tungsten carbide. Therefore, you’ll pay more for finer tungsten carbide burr bits.

The shape/design of an ideal tool you buy also determines how much you can spend on it. Different shapes/designs have separate price tags.

The number of items you order also can influence the cost. Ordering few prices can cost higher than when you order several of them. Suppliers can give discounts for purchases made in bulk.

The supplier you purchase from can also determine how much you can spend on the die grinder burr bits.

Suppliers price their products differently, some high while others are affordable. Syndent provides competitive prices on our quality abrasives.

The location of delivering your order is another factor that affects the cost. Longer distance demands an extra charge on the die grinder bur bits ordered. You pay less for shorter distances or when you buy locally. Overseas shipment involves additional freight and customs duty.

Syndent is an abrasive manufacturer based in China. We have experience in shipping and can ship your order effortlessly, quickly, and at an affordable cost.

How Can You Make Die Grinder Burr Bits Perform Better In Your Projects?

For die grinder burr bits to perform better when doing your projects, you have to consider few things.

You should find the right way to handle and operate the carbide burr bits. Handling means the way you manage the tool before and after using it. For example, die grinder burr bits require a unique handling method when operating and storing them after use.

You should also find the right way to operate when processing materials. We recommend the application of very little pressure in any function as you allow the tool do its job. It helps you achieve precise and accurate results.

Carbide burr die grinder bits need regular maintenance for sustained durability and better performance. Clogged flutes can affect the performance of the tool, hence poor results.

Use a proper air or power handpiece. An incompatible handpiece can cause the carbide burr bits to wobble. Thus, it hinders achieving precise results in your project. Choose a compatible handpiece and ensure it fits firmly.

Where Can You Use Die Grinder Burr Bits?

Die grinder burr bits provide varied applications in various industries. You can use them in:

  • Body shops
  • Brake shops
  • Die manufacturers
  • Industrial shops
  • Fabrication shops
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Welding
  • Sculpting

Which Features Determine Quality Die Grinder Burr Bits?

With mere observation, you can hardly tell the quality of die grinder burr bits. Thus, you need to factor in other approaches, including the following:

Meticulous design: A quality die grinder burr bit should undergo a thorough and careful procedure with perceived industrial standards.

During the construction process, the tool should capture relevant details suitable for a specific application.

Built to harsh tolerance: The specific, precise die grinder burr bit should meet the needs of international standards. In addition, it assists in removing all traces of possible defects.

Durability: Without a doubt, a quality die grinder burr bit should have extreme tolerance against all kinds of tooling conditions. Therefore, it should have enough strength that handles all metallic materials without compromise the quality outcome.

High-temperature tolerance: Premium die grinder burr bits perfectly perform when exposed to extremely high temperatures. It is essential because you can extend your operation on materials even when with the burr bits hotter.

What do You Benefit from Using Die Grinder Burr Bits?

Die grinder burr bits offer different benefits in identical aspects. Thus, it is worth your investment because of the following:

These tools can help you attain more excellent removal rates. In essence, you obtain better results from a particular tooling process you undertake with this tool.

Unlike HSS burrs, carbide burr bits, you experience remarkable tool life. If you use them properly, you receive approximately 5 and 100 times enhanced longevity than with HSS.

You can make relatively robust cuts and a greater aggressive feed rate with a fantastic surface finish with our tool.

Designed with extreme hardness from rugged materials, our tools can hold on to any tooling application. Thus, it benefits industries like automotive, aerospace, precision engineering, and casting.

Die grinder burr bits allow you to machine multiple materials. Because of this, you don’t have to purchase many tools to process different materials.

Carbide burr die grinder bits come in various types: sizes and designs, standard and customized. Therefore, you have many options that can suit your many applications.

Besides die grinder burr bits, Syndent’s other abrasives include dental carbide bursfiberglass router bits, etc.

We kindly advise you to contact us for quotation and inquiries.

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