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Die Grinder Burr Manufacturer

Syndent Die Grinder Burrs

Syndent die grinder burrs, also called die grinder carbide burr feature various industrial uses. We can manufacture a variety of quality die grinder burrs you need. Based in China, Syndent has manufactured professional die grinder burrs for the past 11 years.

We produce your ideal die grinder burr using the advanced CNC machine.
Syndent also offers great deals on after-sales services to ensure your business risk-free.
We manufacture Syndent die grinder burrs, widely used on different materials.

Die Grinder Burrs

Cylinder die grinder burrs are ideal for contour finishing, flat surface removal.

Die Grinder Burrs

Cylinder with end cut die grinder burrs for hard steel is suitable for removal contour and right-angled corners

Die Grinder Burrs

Cylinder with radius end die grinder burrs are suitable for processing contour and arc surface at a certain angle

Die Grinder Burrs

Ball shape die grinder burrs are good for machining round edge and end pre-processing before brazing

Die Grinder Burrs

Oval shape die grinder burrs are suitable for round edge removal

Die Grinder Burrs

Tree with radius end die grinder burrs are perfect for grinding round edge in long and narrow positions

Die Grinder Burrs

Tree with pointed end die grinder burrs are used for machining round arc contour in long and narrow places

Die Grinder Burrs

Flame shape die grinder burrs are good at round edge machining

Die Grinder Burrs

Cone shape die grinder burrs function like a countersink. Suitable for chamfering inner hole

Die Grinder Burrs

Taper with radius end die grinder burrs are widely used for round contour removal in narrow positions, and surface machining

Die Grinder Burrs

Taper with pointed end die grinder burrs are suitable for narrow position deburring and counter surface machining

Die Grinder Burrs

Inverted cone die grinder burrs are suitable for rear-side chamfering from the inner side.

Why Syndent Die Grinder Burrs for Hard Steel

Our Syndent die grinder burrs come in various shapes for your different applications. You can use the cylindrical end cut, cylindrical ball nose, ball, oval, and so on. You can get them in full sizes like 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, etc. suitable for different applications.

Also, Syndent offers all popular die grinder burrs in different numbers and sizes. It must meet your most application demands.

Syndent smaller die grinder burrs generally work on smaller applications to help you produce finer, smooth job. Larger die grinder burrs suit higher, faster stock removal, ideal for your larger jobs.

You can use die grinder burrs to fluently extract cast iron, hard metal, and steel and so on.

You can comfortably use Syndent die grinder burrs in grinding, deburring, cutting, shaping, and so on. Syndent die grinder burrs come either in single/aluminum cut and double cut. Large single/aluminum cut die grinder burrs feature right cut spiral flutes. You can widely apply them on copper, steel, brass, cast iron, and several ferrous materials.

On each manufacturing process, Syndent makes extremely quality control. We also offer a quality check on every die grinder burr before we deliver. This ensures every die grinder you receive has no issues.

Die Grinder Burrs

Syndent must examine the raw material sizes of die grinder burrs before official manufacturing.

Die Grinder Burrs

Syndent makes silver solder brazing automatically on die grinder burrs at a low temperature.

Die Grinder Burrs

We will perform the die grinder burrs wobble test after welding. The difference is less than 0.1mm.

Die Grinder Burrs

Syndent strictly examines the hardness of the die grinder burr shank after brazing and tests the bending strength.

Die Grinder Burrs

Shaping solid carbide from the carbide rod material to the desired contour die grinder burr.

Die Grinder Burrs

Syndent professionally fabricates the die grinder burr teeth by CNC after the tests passed.

Die Grinder Burrs

Syndent polishes the shank of die grinder burr, and its step.

Die Grinder Burrs

Syndent makes a unique logo on the die grinder burr and sticks the official label on the box.



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  • Syndent has all the popular carbide cutters and shapes. Succeed in helping many customers save costs in the past decades.

  • Range from the dental laboratory to clinic purpose. Either a dental technician or dental doctor could find what you demand here.

  • You have creative nails through Syndent amazing nail carbide burrs. We can do better and think about what you think.

Your Best Supplier of Die Grinder Burrs

Syndent feature amongst the earliest Chinese factories that use CNC to process die grinder burrs.

You don’t need to worry about your budget. Syndent die grinder burrs have great balance point that combines long life with reasonable price. It must help you save money without losing performance.

Syndent also focuses on the consistency and stability of the quality die grinder burrs. Based on over a decade of experience, the quality control system guarantees credibility in quality products. Syndent promises to offer you a very stable die grinder burr.

Syndent has existed in the production research as well as development experience for the past 11 years. We’ve technical research and development engineer, an equipment maintenance engineer, and a business sales supervisor. Syndent has enough capacity to produce and supply. Because of a stable enterprise structure, we must provide a rock-solid supply chain to you.

Other than Syndent die grinder burrs, we produce other products too. We manufacture fiberglass router bits, tungsten carbide cutters, and die grinder bits, and so on.

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Die Grinder Burrs

Die Grinder Burrs – Ultimate FAQs Guide

You are here to find out more about the powerful rotary tools. In this article, you will find all the helpful details related to die grinder burrs.

These are small rotary tools, also known as die grinder bits or carbide burrs. You can use them in many industries for many purposes.

Let’s move further to know more about them.

What Are Die Grinder Burrs?

Die grinder burrs are fast-moving rotary tools. These are small deburring tools. You can grind, shape, and cut with the help of your die grinder burrs.

Die grinder bits are available in variable sizes and multiple shapes. You can use them in many industries like automobiles, construction, and aerospace.

Syndent manufactures your die grinder burrs with the finest-quality tungsten carbide and makes them in 6-axis CNC machines.

Syndent has been manufacturing die grinder burrs for more than 11 years. Our high-quality rotary tools are used globally.

Our durable and heat-resistant burrs are suitable for working in high-temperature. You can comfortably use Syndent’s die grinder bits in oil rigs, mines, and manufacturing industries.

Die Grinder Burrs

How Can You Benefit from the Die Grinder Burrs?

Here is a list of benefits you may get by using die grinder burrs:

  • You can get benefits from its high metal removal rate. The sharp flute teeth allow you to efficiently and quickly remove the unwanted metal chunks.
  • Your die grinder burrs from Syndent have a long and durable life span. It enjoys a 50 – 100 times longer life than regular HSS rotary files.
  • Your die grinder burrs are highly versatile. You can use them in variable ways like deburring, shaping, grinding, and honing.
  • Your die grinder burrs serve many industries like aerospace, automobiles, engineering, and carving.
  • Syndent manufactures your die grinder burrs in a wide range of shapes. It allows you to work on curved, flat, round edges and narrow spaces.
  • We provide you with cost-effective die grinder burrs. You can enjoy more discounts on bulk purchasing.

How Can You Utilize Die Grinder Burrs?

You can use your die grinder burr in many ways. It is a small rotary tool that can solve many issues like cutting, grinding, shaping, and deburring.


It is a perfect tool you can use for grinding purposes. It immediately grinds rough metal and gives a smooth finish to the surface.

The sharp flute of die grinder burrs gives you a quick and smooth grinding solution.


You can use Syndent’s die grinder burrs to shape a de-shaped metal piece. For example, the handle of your bicycle got de-shaped because of an accident. You can use your die grinder burr to grind it, shape it, and fix it.

The following video shows its various uses.


Deburring means you neaten and smoothen a rough surface. Dir grinder burrs are popular for their deburring properties.

Have you got a rough door lock?

No need to worry. We will facilitate you with our cylindrical die grinder burrs. You will be amazed to see the deburring results.


Cutting is not a die grinder burr’s domain. However, you can use it for hole enlargement or cutting a metal piece.

You may not get very smooth cutting results, but we have a solution for you. You can grind and deburr the rough edges later on

What Are The Different Types of Die Grinder Burrs Syndent Manufactures?

Syndent manufactures a wide range of die grinder burrs. Each type is suitable for a unique purpose. However, you can use each of the following burrs for various materials.

In How Many Shapes Are the Die Grinder Burrs Available in Market?

For your convenience, Syndent manufactures a wide range of die grinder burrs. It is available in variable shapes that can deburr long narrow areas, curved areas, angled areas, and round edges.

Let me tell you about a few of its shapes.

Cylinder Shape

Cylinder-shaped die grinder burrs are suitable for contouring flat surfaces. These are available with flat and end-cut flute.

Flat-end die grinder burrs are appropriate for flat surfaces. In comparison, the end-cut cylinder-shaped burrs are useful for removing excess metal from right-angle surfaces.

Ball and Oval Shape

These two shapes are ideal for clearing round edges. Before polishing and brazing, you can smoothen the surface with a ball shape die grinder burr.

Tree Shape

It is a die grinder burr you may use to grind round edges in long narrow spaces.

Die Grinder Burrs

Other specific shapes are:

  • Flame shape
  • Cone shape
  • Inverted cone shape
  • Taper with radius
  • Taper with a pointed end

What Is the Manufacturing Process of Die Grinder Burrs?

Syndent ensures to manufacture of high-quality die grinder burrs with strong and durable material. For this reason, our trained engineers follow these particular manufacturing processes.

Raw Material

Syndent uses tungsten and carbide to make strong die grinder burrs. Cobalt is known for its rigid nature.

It makes grinding and deburring easy and efficient. Syndent obtains high-quality raw material from authentic state-owned companies.

Syndent engineers conduct thorough checking of raw material before the production process.

Brazing Technique

It is a process of joining the flute part with your die grinder burr’s shank. We use silver for brazing.


After brazing, Syndent does the balancing and jump testing. We ensure that your die grinder burr’s tolerance level must not exceed 0.1mm.

Die Grinder Burrs


Syndent conducts the bending test to invest the strength of your die grinder burr.


In this process, your die grinder burr attains its specific predetermined shape.


In this process, your die grinder burr starts to obtain its primary flute shape. We grind the flute’s teeth to obtain the desired result.


Polishing helps to attain a smooth and shiny look.


It is the final manufacturing process. Syndent puts your finished die grinder burr in a specific casing. You can also get your customized logo on the packaging.

On What Metals and Materials Can You Work with Die Grinder Burrs?

You can use your tungsten carbide die grinder burr on variable metals and materials like:

  • Gold
  • Titanium
  • Brass
  • Silver
  • Acrylics
  • Nickel
  • Wood
  • Zinc
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless steel
  • Cobalt
  • Fibreglass
  • Cast iron
  • Glass
  • Polycarbonate
  • Cast steel
  • Ceramics
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Carbon steel

However, we will recommend using die grinder burrs that are specifically prepared for specific metals. For example, Syndent has unique burrs for stainless steel, hard steel, metal, and aluminum.

Die Grinder Burrs

How Do I Know My Die Grinder Burrs Are the Best?

There are many factors you must consider before buying your best die grinder burrs.

Here are certain factors that would help you to select the perfect rotary files for your workshop.

Manufacturer’s Reputation

You must consider that you are selecting your die grinder burrs from a reputable and experienced manufacturer.

The manufacturer must have appropriate machinery and tools to provide you a wide range of durable burrs.

Specifications of Die Grinder Burrs

You must consider your die grinder burr’s specifications. Check the following specifications;

  • Life span
  • Raw material used
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Weather-resistant
  • Compatible with your application
  • Brazing and balancing qualityDie Grinder Burrs


One important thing you must consider for getting the best die grinder burr is that it enjoys a specific warranty period.

A warranty shows that the manufacturer has confidence in its products. Therefore you must buy die grinder burrs that have a specific warranty period to save your investments.

Do All Die Grinder Burrs Work on the Same Speed?

Speed has an important role in the performance of your die grinder burr. Too much high speed can cause vibration. On the contrary, too slow speed can damage your die grinder burr.

Speed also depends on the size of the die grinder burr’s head. A larger head diameter means less speed. For example:

  • A die grinder burr with a 3mm head diameter can work on a speed ranging from 17000 – 25000 RPM.
  • A 5mm head diameter can run on 15000 – 30,000 RPM.
  • Similarly, a die grinder burr with a 6mm head’s diameter can work on 11,000 – 16,500 RPM.

For your safety, read the user’s manual carefully before using your die grinder burrs. We provide all the useful information about the speed so that you can work safely.

Die Grinder Burrs

What Is the Cost of Die Grinder Burrs?

The cost of your die grinder burrs depends on different factors. These factors are:

  • Customized burrs cost you more than standard ones.
  • The quantity plays a vital role in determining the cost. You may avail of discounts on bulk orders.
  • Superior grade tungsten carbide die grinder burrs are comparatively costly than inferior ones. Different suppliers offer different rates. Syndent provides you with cost-effective tungsten carbide burrs.
  • If you are not from China, you may include the shipment, customs, and delivery charges in the total cost.

What Is The Application Of Die Grinder Burrs?

You can use your die grinder burrs in many ways – commercial and domestic.

In homes, you need little maintenance now and then. A handy tool like a die grinder helps you a lot to repair things quickly and effectively.

There are many industries which get benefit from Syndent’s die grinder burrs, like:


In construction, you can use your die grinder burrs to grind and deburr excessive metal pieces.

  • Metalworking
  • Toolmaking
  • Engineering (mechanical and electrical)
  • Automotive industry
  • FabricationDie Grinder Burrs


Workers who get benefits from Syndent’s die grinder burrs are

  • Mechanics
  • Technicians
  • Fabricators
  • Boilermakers
  • Welders
  • Ironworkers
  • Sheet metal workers
  • Sculptors
  • Carvers
  • Model engineers
  • Dentists

Can I Get Customized Die Grinder Burrs?

Syndent manufactures many die grinder burrs in terms of shapes, flute length, and shank length.

These shapes and sizes can fulfill your requirements in many situations. However, if you need special sizes and shapes, you can give our specialists details.

We will provide you with your desired design and sizes. Syndent’s mission is to satisfy our valuable customers.

What Is the Lifespan of Die Grinder Burrs?

Syndent makes die grinder burrs with tungsten and carbon compounds. Tungsten itself is a hard element; with carbide, it becomes more solid and resilient.

It also depends on your usage. Use your die grinder burr by keeping in mind all the necessary precautions and techniques, and it will serve you for a lifetime.

Can I Use Die Grinder Burrs in Other Rotary Tools As Well?

Yes. Why not!

Die Grinder Burrs

You can use your die grinder burrs with many other power tools, like:

  • Drill machines
  • Hobby rotary tools
  • Micromotors
  • Flexible shafts
  • Die grinders
  • High-speed engravers
  • Pendant drills
  • Pneumatic rotary tools

Are Die Grinder Burrs CE-Certified?

Yes, Syndent manufactures all its rotary tools by keeping your safety in high esteem. Our QA/QC team controls the product quality throughout the manufacturing process.

Syndent makes your die grinder burrs up to international safety standards and has got many international certifications. If you are a wholesaler, you can sell them to your customers without any risks.

Our high-quality performance must help your customers to have a high working efficiency and save costs.

Are Die Grinder Carbide Burrs Recyclable?


Tungsten is a recyclable material.

Almost 30% of the tungsten is recycled every year. Syndent believes in eco-friendliness. After your rotary burr worn out, do not throw away. They could be collected and used for making other coated abrasive products. Syndent uses fully new tungsten carbide to manufacture your die grinder burrs.

How Much Time Does It Take from Order Confirmation to Shipment Delivery of Your Die Grinder Burrs?

Die Grinder Burrs

We have the in-stock raw material to facilitate you with instant production and delivery services. However, there are specific factors that influence the delivery time. These are:

Types of Die Grinder Burrs

If you have ordered standard die grinder burrs, it will take less time than customized ones.

Bulk Orders

The quantity of your order plays a vital role in the total time a shipment takes. Understandably, small orders take less time as compared to large bulk orders.

Inline Orders

Syndent believes in a first-come, first-serve. Sometimes when you place an order, there are already many orders in the pipeline. Therefore it might cause a little delay in the compilation of your order.

Shipment Destination

Syndent delivers rotary files worldwide. The shipment time varies in different countries. In countries that are far away, the shipment takes more time to deliver than in nearby countries.

So all-in-all many factors influence the delivery time. However, you can contact our customer service team for more details about the delivery timings.

Where to Buy Ideal Die Grinder Burrs?

Die Grinder Burrs

Are you thinking of buying die grinder burrs from Syndent?

Do you want to know more about us?

Let me give you a little detail.


Syndent is one of the best manufacturers of die grinder burrs in China. With over 11 years of experience, we are serving globally.

Syndent has high-quality equipment with fully trained staff.

Your die grinder burrs are manufactured in 6-axis CNC machines. These machines create sharp and symmetrical flute teeth to facilitate you with highly efficient burrs.

Syndent uses the finest raw material for the production of your die grinder burrs. We ensure to have sufficient raw material in storage to provide on-time deliveries.

Our QA/QC team secures excellent and error-free production of your die grinder burrs throughout the manufacturing process.

Syndent’s highly qualified team conducts the balancing and bending test to deliver you good quality die grinder burrs.

We have 40 sets of CNC machines in our facility. For this reason, Syndent is delivering on-time shipments worldwide.

We can also provide you with samples before you confirm your order.

For more information, you can contact us anytime.

Die Grinder Burrs

Are Die Grinder Burrs Available in Uniform Shank Sizes?

Syndent facilitates you with variable-sized die grinder burrs. Shank is the lower plain side opposite the flute.

You can find different lengths and diameters available in the market. The average length of a die grinder burr’s shaft ranges from 38 – 86mm.

Besides standard shank sizes, Syndent also manufactures long shank die grinder burrs. It is also called long reach burrs.


It is suitable to grind and deburr places that a standard-sized shank cannot reach. The length of long shank die grinder burrs range from 75 – 300mm.

However, the most commonly used long shank is 6 inches in length.

What Is the Difference Between HSS and Tungsten Carbide Die Grinder Burrs?

People often ask questions: Which die grinder burr is better, tungsten carbide or HSS?

See this video to understand the difference between the two:

Tungsten Carbide Die Grinder BurrsHSS Die Grinder Burrs
It consists of tungsten and carbon compounds as raw material.It is made up of high strength steel.
It has a 4 – 7 times faster cutting speed than HSS die grinder burrs.Its speed is comparatively slower.
It has got a longer life span.As compared to tungsten carbide die grinder burrs, its life span is shorter.
It costs more.It is relatively cheaper.
It is resistant to harsh weather conditions.It is not as good as tungsten carbide burrs when it comes to working in hot conditions.
Tungsten carbide die grinder burrs are ductile and solid carbide burrs.Despite of its hard and solid nature, it is brittle.

Are There Any Die Grinder Burr Sets Available In Market?

Yes, you can buy full available burr sets. You can get 4 – 25 pieces sets.

You may also order 14 or 18 pieces sets. Syndent makes these small kits to facilitate you with the most commonly used die grinder burrs in one place.

These kits help to work on any surface by providing you multiple cuts and shapes in one kit.

Die Grinder Burrs

4 Pieces Die Grinder Burr Set

It contains oval shape die grinder burrs. It is ideal for treating round edges.

5 Pieces Die Grinder Burr Set

It is a kit containing double-cut die grinder burrs with a 6mm shank length. It gives you efficient grinding and deburring results.

8 Pieces Die Grinder Burr Set

It is a kit that contains 6mm shank-sized die grinder burrs. With the help of sharp double-cut flutes, these burrs can grind hard metals conveniently.

9 Pieces Die Grinder Burr Set

Nine pieces of die grinder burrs with a 3mm shank size are packed in this kit. It is a useful kit to use in any industry for variable purposes.

10 pieces Die Grinder Burr Set

You can get ten pieces of sharp flute burrs in this set. It is a useful set to remove unwanted metal chunks quickly.

Die Grinder Burrs

Aluminum Die Grinder Burr Set

It contains five pieces of die grinder burrs that are suitable to grind and deburr aluminum metal. It is also useful for non-ferrous metals.

What Safety Measures Shall I Take While Using Die Grinder Burrs?

Working with machines needs proper safety and prevention. Syndent provides a manual guide to you with your die grinder burrs.

The manual guide contains all the precautionary measures you must take before starting the grinding/deburring job.

  • Disconnect the power supply while changing your die grinder burr.
  • The air pressure must not exceed 90psi.
  • Secure all the connections.
  • Your die grinder burr must be in good condition. Do not use it if is torn or damaged.
  • Use gloves, face mask, ear defenders, and face shield.
  • Make sure your workpiece and die grinder burr in the collet is tightly clamped.
  • Your space must be neat and clean.
  • Ensure there is no flammable object near your workplace.
  • Ensure your outfit is flame-retardant and you are wearing proper boots.
  • Do not put your die grinder burr on the workpiece before starting it.
  • Immediately after the work, avoid touching the workpiece or the burr.
  • Unplug your rotary tool immediately after use.Die Grinder Burrs

How to Use Die Grinder Burrs?

Let me tell you the steps you can follow to use your die grinder burrs.

  • Choose the appropriate flute and shank size you need according to your workpiece requirement.
  • Fix your burr in the collet tightly.
  • Make sure your carbide burr is three-fourths into the collet.
  • Now connect the air hose and start working.
  • First, start your die grinder and then put your die grinder burr on the workpiece.
  • Make sure your workpiece is tightly clamped.
  • Please keep the burr moving. Grinding on the same place for a longer span can cause irregular lines.
  • Start with a low speed, and you can increase it as you go along.
  • You must maintain low pressure throughout the grinding process.
  • Don’t work at a very low speed. It will damage your sharp flute teeth.

How to Clean Die Grinder Burrs?

Yes, it is a main point of consideration. Even though you clean your die grinder burr after every use, metal chunks accumulate on the flute’s sharp teeth.

To clean these metal chunks, you can:

  • Dip the flute of your die grinder burr in acid (HCL). Leave it for some time. The acid will de-clog it quickly.
  • Caustic soda is another good option for removing the metal clogs.
  • Use your clogged burr on soft cast iron. Doing this will remove the metal from the flute teeth.

Have a look at the caustic soda cleaning process.

In How Many Popular Cuts Are Die Grinder Burrs Available?

Syndent manufactures its die grinder burrs in three popular cut styles.

  • Single cut
  • Double cut
  • Aluminum cut

Single Cut

Single cut die grinder burrs pull in one direction. It works efficiently by removing long chunks.

You can use your die grinder burr on iron-containing materials.


It is also known as cross-cut die grinder burr. It has two flute cuts across each other. Interwoven flute teeth help you to remove the unwanted metal quickly and smoothly.

It removes smaller chunks as compared to single-cut burr. The double-cut die grinder burr gives a more smooth and finished look to the surface.

A double-cut flute is popular globally because you can work more easily with it. It reduces the pulling and kick-back action and providing you with a firm grip.

Aluminum Cut

Aluminum cuts are aggressive open cuts that prevent clogging. It easily chips off unwanted metal chunks. It is suitable to use on copper, magnesium, zinc alloys, and non-ferrous metals.

It is an ideal die grinder burr for deburring, enlarging holes, removing welds, and shaping.

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