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E File Drill Bits

Syndent E File Drill Bits

Syndent e file drill bits can accurately and perfectly grind all the topcoats and shape your acrylics.

Our file drill bits come with super sharp cutting flutes with hard-wearing characteristics. You can conveniently process your artificial nails quickly with a smooth finish.

We make our file bits for drill with adaptability in mind. You can therefore use it to perform different tasks successfully and accurately.

Syndent is an international and professional firm situated in China. We focus at producing professional and refined products that meet international standards.

Syndent e file drill bits pass through our advanced CNC machines. We have over eleven years of premium e file drill bits production.

E File Drill Bits

Different carbide E file drill bits against professionals.

E File Drill Bits

Super durable carbide E file drill bits, coated and uncoated.

E File Drill Bits

High performance and extremely sharp carbide E file drill bits

E File Drill Bits

All kinds of ceramic E file drill bits for your choices

E File Drill Bits

Super long life ceramic E file drill bits

E File Drill Bits

Custom design ceramic E file drill bits as you wish

E File Drill Bits

Best-selling diamond E file drill bits

E File Drill Bits

Most popular diamond E file drill bits for technicians

E File Drill Bits

Custom design diamond E file drill bits for professionals

E File Drill Bits

All carbide drill bits for pedicure by podiatrist

E File Drill Bits

All diamond drill bits for pedicure by podiatrist

E File Drill Bits

High quality sanding caps used by podiatrist for removing dead skin.

E File Drill Bits

Different kinds of nail sanding bands for the beginners and professionals

E File Drill Bits

Matching with all of the regular sanding bands

E File Drill Bits

Suitable for all of the sanding caps in different sizes

Why Syndent E File Drill Bits

Syndent e file drill bits can adapt to several functions and can cut any nail enhancement or topcoat.

You may use our top-quality e file drill bits for carving, filing, drilling, shaping, sanding, buffing, polishing, etc. Our drill bits for e-file also shape all gel nails with perfect precision.

Syndent e file drill bits can provide tremendous performance on acrylic nails, poly nail gel, dip powder, etc.

You can quickly reach very tight positions and remove dirt or ridges. Also, our products can help you to shape and smooth your nailbed accurately.

Syndent has the best global fast delivery speed and can manufacture several e file drill bits at once. We can independently experiment and make new CNC equipment with the latest technology.

Therefore, we can significantly and quickly expand our production capacity when required. Syndent can conveniently meet your various delivery speeds at any time.

Our quality production and supply of e file drill bits remain consistent and stable. Whether with samples, official order, the first order, or a follow-up, we retain the same quality supply.

Syndent has achieved this for the past eleven years and has treated credibility as the champion of our lives.

Syndent has a unique quality control system in place. Therefore, we can trace back to responsibility for every development process. We guarantee to always supply only stable and consistent top-quality e file drill bits.

E File Drill Bits

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of E file drill bits before production.

E File Drill Bits

Syndent automatically brazes E file drill bits with silver in a low temperature

E File Drill Bits

We must make the E file drill bits jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

E File Drill Bits

Syndent examines the hardness of nail drill bit shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

E File Drill Bits

Solid E file drill bits need a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

E File Drill Bits

Syndent CNC grinds the E file drill bits teeth after the tests approved

E File Drill Bits

Syndent polishes the E file drill bits shaft, and its brazing position

E File Drill Bits

Syndent makes your logo on the E file drill bits, and stick your own label on the case.

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Your Best Supplier of E File Drill Bits

Syndent e file drill bits include different designs and sizes on the current market. We develop drill bits for e-file in coarse, medium, and fine grinding.

We have head sizes that vary from 0.5 mm and go up to 30 mm in diameter. We can willingly help you to freely choose the right file bits for drill and increase your product line.

Syndent can make e file drill bits with durability, sharpness, and wear resistance characteristics in mind.

We can supply e file drill bits that correspond to your quality demand. Many customers have benefited from us in replacing multiracial brands. We can also help you if you show us an opportunity.

Our e file drill bits have unique design requirements. With the assistance of our handcrafted advanced CNC machines, Syndent designs products with stainless steel-like finished surfaces.

You can sell locally without much promotion. Our e file drill bits can help you conquer your customers.

We can deliver samples requested to any location globally for free. With Syndent, you don’t pay for the testing. You are, therefore, risk-free.

Syndent aims at meeting all the needs in different industries. We, therefore, have a line of massive production such as burr drill bits, fine nail drill bit, russian manicure drill bits, etc.

For making your next order of e file drill bits, please contact us immediately. We provide you with an instant quotation.

E File Drill Bits: An Extensive FAQ Model

From the traditional sanding band to nail drill bits, the nail field has tremendously grown and continues to expand.

Hence, you’ll always find anything you need because the industry is full of all the essential tools for nails. Furthermore, we provide a detailed FAQ guide about e-file drill bits.

What are E File Drill Bits?

E file drill bits are art nail tools that eliminate cuticles and non-living tissue, trim sides and sidewalls, etc.

Fabricated using superior raw materials and with keen crafting, e file drill bits have smooth sides with hard-wearing characteristics.

In addition, file bits for drill are sturdy, rust-proof, heat-resistant, and durable. Thus, we guarantee unique and high performance with our e file drill bits.

E File Drill Bits

E file drill bits

With quality e file drill bits, technicians will not require to put much pressure when drilling or filing the nail. Instead, the e file drill bits will do precise filing as you shape or eliminate large enhancement chunks in seconds.

E-file drill bits work with much stability and will not skip any task on the nail. In addition, the nail e-file bits for e file will also work in reverse. Hence, left-handed technicians can enjoy using them comfortably.

E-file drill bits can comprise a professional kit with different bits. Moreover, each set can include pieces with different coarseness like fine, super-fine, medium, coarse, or super-coarse.

It can also have bits designed with different sizes and shapes. Therefore, all nail enthusiasts will find a set of e file drill bits that suit their preference.

In most cases, you will find e file drill bits replacement with 3/32 inches shank sizes. That implies the standard size will fit most electric nail drill machines on a modern market like the tabletop. However, we have few that fit traditional machines with shank sizes that measure 1/8 inches.

What is the Jurisdiction of E File Drill Bits?

E file drill bits help in drilling, carving, shaping, polishing, engraving, removing cuticles, cleaning, and making the nail neat. The scope of e file drill bits is pretty significant because of the versatility of the tools.

Syndent, one of the top-large companies in China, manufactures professional e-file drill bits of different sizes and models. Thus, our e-file drill bits can fulfill the needs of nail art requested by any client.

E File Drill Bits

Using an e file drill bit

Other than removing manufactured products/enhancements from your nails, e file drill bits offer the following variations in functions:

  • Removes cuticles, cleans the cuticle area, and files the sidewalls. When applied correctly, e file drill bits clean a client’s fingers and toenails.
  • Helps polish the artificial nail.
  • Easily removes extra product buildup or other debris under the nail.
  • Removes the gel polish topcoat uniformly.
  • Offers a smooth filing finish on your fake nails.
  • Removes any non-living tissue around the nail bed.
  • Buffs the nail surface and clears discolorations, ridges, marks, and particular spots from the nail.
  • Reshapes and shortens thick and irregular nails with high-degree preciseness and smoothness.
  • Cuts in the new smile line to give your artificial nail a unique and beautiful look.
  • Removes the dead skin, corns, and calluses on the palm and feet, leaving your skin smooth and beautiful.
  • Offers precise backfill cutting.
  • Removing nail design positioned next to the cuticle region smoothly without harming the nail.

How Do E File Drill Bits Function?

Generally, e file drill bits work when installed on a quality e-file nail drill machine. And with the device connected to a power source, you can proceed to drill, carve, polish, or smooth out products.

Before using e file drill bits, the first step includes figuring out it works. Then you can learn how it works when assembled on a machine.

Essentially, the e-file drill bit comprises a shank and a head. The shank part looks slender and extended and is what goes into the chuck of a machine and fastened.

You’ll find e-file drill bits with different shank diameters as described. But the standard one includes 3/32 inches, commonly found on the market. In comparison, the 1/8 inch is a traditional size.

E File Drill Bits

3 32 Inch e file drill bits

Once assembled on the machine, the head part of the e file drill bit will ease the nail processing procedure. Additionally, the head features a sequence of uniquely fabricated tiny slicing edges.

Thus, when pressed against any part of the nail or dead skin, the edges remove the unwanted material rapidly.

Most of the e file drill bits have the edges formed in one direction. Therefore, the teeth will provide a particular direction cut to remove the material. Because of that, you’ll find e file drill bits labeled as right-handed or left-handed.

Generally, right-handed e-file drill bits have had a significant market share for the longest time. Therefore, left-handed techs struggled to use the bits to achieve their nail art goals.

Nevertheless, left-handed e file drill bits came into place and changed everything for lefties. Now they can file nails comfortably.

Which Are Some of the E File Drill Bits Grits?

We have e file drill bits fabricated in fine, coarse, medium, super-fine, super-coarse, etc., coarseness. Each type of coarseness determines the degree of sharpness of the given e file drill bit.

Extra-Coarse Grit

E file drill bits with extra-coarse grit have very sharp edges. Beginners will therefore find it uncomfortable working with them because of the threat of injuring a client.

Nonetheless, extra-coarse grit e file drill bits will shave off gel overlays and acrylics from the artificial nails. In addition, you can do it faster than when using any other grit.

In addition, extra-coarse reshapes and shortens the artificial nail size accurately. Also, it will suit backfill cutting than bits with different grits.

Coarse Grit

Coarse grit looks almost the same as the extra-coarse. That implies the bit has very sharp edges with deeply fabricated edges. However, the depth does not match that of extra-coarse.

Consequently, coarse grit offers the same function as the extra-coarse but not as fast as the extra-coarse.

E File Drill Bits

Coarse e file drill bits

Medium Grit

Medium grit comes between coarse and fine in terms of coarseness and represents an all-purpose bit. That implies it can fulfill various nail art functions like smoothing, polishing, drilling designer holes, filing, cleaning, engraving, etc.

In addition, medium grit can shorten the acrylic or gel nails, make a new smile line, or reshape the nails. It can also remove a product from the nail surface but not as fast as coarse and extra-coarse grit.

Fine Grit

Fine grit has shallower cutting edges. Therefore, it remains smooth and smooth to the nail and skin. Generally, fine grit helps in polishing, smoothing, and cleaning the nail and skin. In addition, it can refine the whole nail surface, shape, or shorten gel, acrylic, or dip powder nails.

Fine grit will fluently remove marks of acrylics that other grits cannot remove. That means techs often use them instead of ‘cutting in’ bits. And as cutting in bits, fine grit can produce smooth and beautiful smile lines when processing shorter fake nails.

Why Do E File Drill Bits Have Color Stripes Around Them?

E file drill bits will come with color stripes around their neck, indicating the coarseness. In addition, the color stripe implies the degree of roughness. Therefore, technicians, especially beginners, can identify the e file drill bit by looking at the color.

With color stripe, you can quickly identify your favorite e-file drill bit from a set of tools. Hence, it makes your selection quick, saves time, and ensures you work with the right tool.

The colors used in identifying e file drill bits include yellow, blue, green, black, Red, Orange, and pink. Consequently, they mean the bits have the following roughness:

  • Yellow – Extra-fine.
  • Red – Fine.
  • Blue – Medium.
  • Green – Coarse.
  • Black – Extra-coarse.
  • Orange – XX – Coarse.
  • Pink – XXX – Coarse.

The colors on the e file drill bits came due to an international convention without alteration. It helps users understand the e file drill bits and their various ways of application.

E File Drill Bits

Red stripe indicates fine grit

What Are the Different Coatings You Can Find on E File Drill Bits?

E file drill bits may come in other color coatings like gold, silver, blue, titanium, rainbow, diamond, etc. Some of the color coatings appear on the bits for beauty. However, other layers may slightly change the rigidity and durability of the bit.

Silver and gold colors represent very classic metal coatings. However, the colors do little to strengthen the rigidity of the bits.

On the same note, blue and purple layers do little to enhance the bits. But, the colors give the tool a very fashionable outlook.

On the contrary, the diamond coating adds a bit of strength.  And will increase the power of the bit up to six times.

Titanium coating also improves the strength of e-file drill bits. However, there are different types of titanium coatings, such as TiN, TiCN, TiAIN, etc.

TiN (Titanium Nitride) looks goldish and is a popular general-purpose overlay. TiN essentially provides the highest adhesion with advanced ductility features.

TiAIN (Titanium Aluminum Nitride, has a violet bronze look. And like TiN, TiAIN has a more excellent elasticity. It can therefore help the bit provide uninterrupted drilling on a nail surface.

TiCN (Titanium Carbonitride a hard, smooth finish. Thus, it offers improved wear on the bit and a better built-up edge resistance. In addition, it means bits with TiCN coating have better adhesion, resistance to chipping, and toughness.

Like silver, gold, blue, and purple, rainbow and rose gold coatings add nothing but make the bits beautiful.

Helpful Note: e file drill bits with their original color looks sharper than those with coatings. It affects its cutting edges, whether the layer makes it beautiful or rigid.

How Do You Choose The Right Speed for E File Drill Bits?

Increasing or decreasing speed while filing depends on factors like material, the part of the nail, bit size, etc. Consequently, deciding which rate to use when e-filing with e file drill bits may take a bit of practice. First, a technician must find the rules that govern speed.

A general states that a technician should use a slower filing speed on natural nails. The same applies to UV gel, resin-wrapped nails, and filing around the cuticle zone.

Resin-wrapped or UV gel nails are not rigid like acrylics. Therefore, slow speed will work well on such materials and prevent the bits from penetrating the natural nail.

Also, the natural nail needs equal attention because of the softness and sensitivity of the soft tissue.

When filing around the cuticle area, maintaining a slow speed and a lot of care remains essential. In general, the cuticle area remains the most sensitive part of the nail.

It is because it lies next to living soft tissue. Hence, when you file at high speed, you might subject it to severe cuts or damage to the live tissue.

Besides speed, the cuticle area needs a safety bit with moderately sharp edges. It will enable the manicurist to process the site safely and smoothly.

E File Drill Bits

Safety bit

Keep a slow grinding speed when using e file drill bits with enlarged grinding heads. Big grinding heads usually require you to achieve proper control. And you’ll reach it when you keep it slow.

On the other hand, if you have micro e-file drill bits, you may adjust the speed of the machine. But it also depends on the material and area you want to process. Nevertheless, you can still control a micro e file drill bit at high speed.

If it feels like you want to increase pressure on the nail surface, it usually indicates increasing the RPM speed. On the flip side, removing bulk products using light pressure means a high-speed RPM which you should decrease.

When Should I Replace E File Drill Bits?

Worn-out e-file drill bits with dulled cutting edges or those with misaligned shanks must have a replacement. Whether fabricated using diamond or tungsten carbide, e file drill bits will grow old. But you may buy new bits with misaligned shanks. That will demand an immediate replacement too.

A handpiece that overly vibrates can indicate a bit of a misaligned shank. Consequently, a balanced bit should have its shank correctly aligned with the head.

When the e file drill bit overheats even after a few minutes, it has dulled cutting edges. In addition, if a technician uses a lot of pressure to remove a product, the bit has dulled edges. Consequently, a replacement can solve such a menace.

Our production line includes assorted items like nail piercing drillgold nail drille-file drill bits, etc.

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