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Electric Nail Drill Bits

Syndent Electric Nail Drill Bits

Syndent electric nail drill bits are professional quality tools for multiple uses on your customer’s artificial nails.

Portable with a compact design, our products feel light and easy to carry and handle when processing your nails.

Our versatile electric nail drill bits can help you bring quality and efficiency to your busy salon.

We choose the finest grade raw materials and strictly adhere to the industrial standards when manufacturing our products.

Syndent has its manufacturing operations in China and produces professional products. We use high-tech machines and USA-based technology to build premium tools. Besides, you can receive 50% discounts depending on the number of pieces purchased.

Electric Nail Drill Bits

Different carbide electric nail drill bits for professionals.

Electric Nail Drill Bits

Super durable carbide electric nail drill bits, coated and uncoated.

Electric Nail Drill Bits

High performance and extremely sharp carbide electric nail drill bits

Electric Nail Drill Bits

All kinds of ceramic electric nail drill bits for your choices

Electric Nail Drill Bits

Super long life ceramic electric nail drill bits

Electric Nail Drill Bits

Custom design ceramic electric nail drill bits as you wish

Electric Nail Drill Bits

Best-selling diamond electric nail drill bits

Electric Nail Drill Bits

Most popular diamond electric nail drill bits for technicians

Electric Nail Drill Bits

Custom design diamond electric nail drill bits for professionals

Electric Nail Drill Bits

All carbide drill bits for pedicure by podiatrist

Electric Nail Drill Bits

All pedicure diamond electric nail drill bits

Electric Nail Drill Bits

High quality sanding caps used by podiatrist for removing dead skin.

Electric Nail Drill Bits

Different kinds of nail sanding bands for the beginners and professionals

Electric Nail Drill Bits

Matching with all of the regular sanding bands

Electric Nail Drill Bits

Suitable for all of the sanding caps in different sizes

Why Syndent Electric Nail Drill Bits

Syndent electric nail drill bits can help you do your pedicures and manicures. At the same time, you can quickly process the fingernails and toenails of your client. For instance, you can effortlessly use them to remove acrylics, gel nails, gel polish, dip powder, etc.

Furthermore, our versatile and easy-to-use tools can appropriately remove the dead skin, cuticles, calluses, etc.

You can have efficient nail polishing work with low vibration, less dust production, low friction, and excellent heat dissipation. For your client’s healthy and beautiful nails, choose Syndent electric nail drill bits.

Syndent ensures effective delivery of our electric nail drill bits to all our valued customers. Whether you have a steady fount of customers or work with a limited budget, we offer equal considerations.

Syndent can self-sufficiently analyze and construct the latest high-tech machines to increase our production volume. We strive to meet your various speed dispatch needs.

Our quality electric nail drill bits can offer sharp cuts to remove a tremendous amount of enhancements on your nails.

At the same time, you can find a fantastic price tag on our products. Syndent provides durable tools at an affordable cost.

Syndent offers assured after-sales services on our electric nail drill bits. If your order doesn’t work according to your expectations, feel free to contact us. We pledge to provide a quick response and solution to your request.

Electric Nail Drill Bits

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of electric nail drill bits before production.

Electric Nail Drill Bits

Syndent automatically brazes electric nail drill bits with silver in a low temperature.

Electric Nail Drill Bits

We must make the jumping test of electric nail drill bits after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Electric Nail Drill Bits

Syndent examines the shank hardness of electric nail drill bits after brazing, and tests the bending strength carefully

Electric Nail Drill Bits

Solid electric nail drill bits need a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Electric Nail Drill Bits

Syndent CNC grinds the teeth of electric nail drill bits after the tests approved

Electric Nail Drill Bits

Syndent polishes the shaft of electric nail drill bits, and its brazing position

Electric Nail Drill Bits

Syndent makes your logo on the electric nail drill bits, and stick your own label on the case.



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  • Syndent has all the popular carbide cutters and shapes. Succeed in helping many customers save costs in the past decades.

  • Range from the dental laboratory to clinic purpose. Either a dental technician or dental doctor could find what you demand here.

  • You have creative nails through Syndent amazing nail carbide burrs. We can do better and think about what you think.

Your Best Supplier of Electric Nail Drill Bits

Our electric nail drill bits include regular sizes and shapes you can find on the market. In addition, we can supply rough to fine grinding electric nail drill bits and all standard sizes available. We pledge to assist you in having a proper selection from a comprehensive collection.

Syndent will always provide electric nail drill bits comparable to the characteristics you requested. We manufacture standard products that have guaranteed sharpness and a service life that succeeds our peers’.

Our electric nail drill bits have unique design requirements. Through our self-invented high-tech machines, our products have a shiny and attractive finished surface. As a result, you can conquer your clients with quality and beautiful products without many sales.

We send most of our products to Europe and America. Furthermore, Syndent features in many exhibitions where we obtain new information on different product models in time.

Also, you can mail us your latest samples for customizable products. Syndent can therefore do a market survey and manufacture the latest electric nail drill bits every month. It can help you sustain your customers.

Apart from electric nail drill bits, Syndent develops supplementary abrasives. For example, we can furnish you with carbide nail drill bitssanding caps, tornado nail drill bit, etc.

Receive a direct quotation of Syndent electric nail drill bits now. Kindly get in touch with us.

Electric Nail Drill Bits: Your Complete FAQ Guide

In every part of the world, beauty dominates. And when it comes to manicure and pedicure, we have different ways to enhance beauty. Thus, nail drill bits dominate the nail art field, with various tools dominating the market.

But, which device should you choose for your specific nail artwork? Well, we take a look at the electric nail drill bits.

What Are Nail Drill Bits?

Nail drill bits refer to nail files that a nail technician uses to remove or shape artificial nails. However, it involves using an electric drill machine to complete the whole process.

Electric Nail Drill Bits

Electric nail drill bit with nail machine

The paramount importance of using a nail drill bit over a traditional nail file includes:

  • Effective removal of artificial nails.
  • Faster shaping and removal of your nails.
  • Processing of complex nail enhancements like acrylics, hard gel nails, etc.
  • Increased performance.
  • High reliability.
  • Saving time and energy.
  • Accurate and attractive results.

A nail drill bit consists of two major parts; the shaft, a slender cylindrical rod, and a wider head/tip. In addition, the shanks of a nail drill bit can have different diameters. For instance, we have a 1/8-inch shank size and a 3/32-inch shank size.

Older nail drill machines accept the 1/8-inch shank nail drill bit in most cases. On the other hand, a portable or tabletop electric device can receive a 3/32-inch.

The nail drill bits used in the olden days include the simple cylindrical rod to which they attached sanding bands/caps. Although you can still use them today, they have some limitations.

When used with either sanding caps or bands, the mandrel is not entirely effective as modern electric nail drill bits:

  1. They remove an enhancement slower than electric nail file bits.
  2. You can only use them on a single client and discard them.
  3. You can use them to do light tasks like final touches.

Nonetheless, the mandrel/sanding bands or caps are ideal bits you can safely use on natural nails.

What Are Electric Nail Drill Bits?

Electric nail drill bits are professional bits that feature a meticulous design suitable for manicure tasks. For example, a quality electric nail drill bit can perfectly remove acrylic or hard gel nails.

A manicure drill bit uses an electric machine for the technician to execute the nail art skills on a client. And, for quality results with e-file bits, you must have a quality nail machine.

High-quality electric nail drill bits come from highly refined materials. Thus, they can do more outstanding tasks other than shaving off enhancements from your client’s nails.

If you choose a suitable manicure machine, it can make your nail artwork much easier. At the same time, it saves your valuable time, and you can fully satisfy your client’s demands.

The current market has a multitude of electric nail file bits. Moreover, the electric nail drill bits come in assorted sizes and shapes. That implies, as a manicurist, you can find the right bit that can meet several nail artwork demands.

What Are the Different Shapes of Electric Nail Drill Bits?

Electric nail drill bits can feature different shapes. As a result, the user can find different and easiest ways to execute the various tasks on artificial nails.

For instance, you can remove heavy and hard topcoats on your nails with multiple profiles.

In addition, you can find the right tool to clean, remove cuticles, carve, shape, polish, shorten nails, etc.

The list of shapes of electric nail files is quite extensive, which we cannot exhaust one by one. However, you can find the following shapes on the list:

  • Ball shape.
  • Cylinder shape.
  • Tapered barrel.
  • Cone shape.
  • Typhoon electric nail drill bit.
  • Flame shape.
  • Tree shape.
  • Taper shape.
  • Flame and pear-shaped.
  • 5-in-1.
  • Needle/cuticle electric nail drill bit.

Electric Nail Drill Bits

Different shapes of electric nail drill bits

Because of the various shapes and sizes of electric nail drill bits, you can satisfy the following needs:

  • Clean your client’s cuticle area and do sidewall filing.
  • Clean under the finger and toenails of a client.
  • Polish your fake nails.
  • Remove extra acrylics or ridges under your nails.
  • Remove a gel polish overlay perfectly.
  • Apply a smooth finish on a client’s artificial nails.
  • Comfortably buff the nail surface, eliminating the discolorations, ridges, spots, or marks.
  • Shorten and reshape your acrylic or gel nails.
  • Neatly cut a new smile line.
  • Remove the dead skin or calluses from the feet and hands.

Why Do We Manufacture Electric Nail Drill Bits with Different Materials?

Industries manufacture electric nail drill bits using different materials for specific reasons. But, generally, most of the materials used to manufacture the electric nail drills have guaranteed quality. That means the tool you buy can give you the best performance with promising longevity.

Syndent manufactures different sizes and shapes of electric nail drill bits using ceramics, diamonds, or cemented carbide. Moreover, we purchase premium raw materials from top miners globally that ensure we have the correct quality elements.

In addition, Syndent has ultra-modern CNC machines. At the same time, we apply modern welding technology from the US.

Therefore, we can build ultra-modern electric nail drill bits with enhanced quality. Moreover, all our electric nail drill bits have the relevant international industry standards requirements.

Designing the e-file bits using various materials can make a difference in quality performance. At the same time, it provides varying longevity from one type of bit to the other.

Diamonds, for example, are well-known to have the highest hardness of any other metal worldwide. For that reason, electric nail drill bits with diamond composite have optimum strength and last longer. Hence, they have promising performance on rigid materials like hard gel or acrylics.

On the other hand, Cemented carbide is also a hard metal, with optimum strength and hardness, almost like a diamond. In addition, carbide has natural sharp cutting power than any other metal. Therefore, most manufacturers use carbide to make very sharp cutting tools.

Ceramic electric nail drill bits also are pretty durable materials. And like carbide, they offer sharp cuts and can remove enhancements quickly and precisely.

Electric Nail Drill Bits

Ceramic electric nail drill bits

Ceramic and tungsten carbide electric nail drill bits have sharp edges called flutes. Moreover, the flutes come in various grits, as mentioned earlier. Therefore, they can slice the overlay on your nails like butter.

Because of the flutes, ceramic, and carbide electric nail drill bits cut the acrylic nails instead of scratching. For that reason, they can create low friction; hence, they don’t generate a lot of heat.

Therefore, you can hardly develop rings of fire on a client’s nails. At the same time, you can rarely feel the impact of the bit on your nails. Therefore, it makes the whole nail artwork process comfortable and enjoyable.

Diamond electric nail drill bits have cutting edges in the form of partials. In practice, the partials remove the topcoat by scratching them off the nails. Hence, they provide a slightly increased resistance which can generate some heat.

We advise applying the best filing technique to avoid excess heat when using diamond electric nail drill bits. For instance, apply little force when scratching the topcoat off a client’s fake nails.

The bits have very sharp edges that quickly remove materials without pressing them hard on the nail surface.

Moreover, grind the surface of the nail evenly. In principle, you should not scratch the same area for a long time. Instead, remove the material with back-and-forth movement to allow an even distribution of heat.

All in all, each type of electric nail drill bit remains essential in any artwork.

How Can You Use Electric Nail Drill Bits?

Ideally, you can use electric nail drills to fulfill contrasting tasks on your artificial nails. And, to achieve the tasks, manufacturers design the electric nail drill bits in different textures.

For instance, the bits can have extra-coarse, coarse, medium, fine, etc. Thus, the technician can do polishing, carve, shape, or shorten artificial nails.

Extra Coarse Grit

Electric nail drill bits with extra-coarse grit have more significant and deeper flutes or partials. As a result, you can remove heavier and harder nail topcoats on all artificial nails.

For example, you can effortlessly remove dip powder, acrylic, and gel overlays. At the same time, they can shorten your client’s nails and also for backfill filing.

Coarse Grit

You can also have electric nail drill bits with coarse grit. In particular, the ideal manicure drill bit has slightly more significant and more profound edges than extra-coarse. And with such texture, you can safely do sidewall filing of artificial nails. At the same time, it is a suitable grit used to shape both the finger and toenails.

Medium Grit

Medium grit electric nail drill bits have slightly refined cutting edges. For that reason, you may use the bits for various applications. Consequently, you may primarily use the bits to shorten acrylic nails. Similarly, you can correctly cut a new smile line or reshape the surface of your fake nail.

Fine Grit

Fine grit electric nail drill bits have exquisite flutes and offer different artificial nail solutions. For example, you can correctly refine a client’s nail surface or make desired shapes on acrylics and gel nails.

Fine grit electric nail drill bits can remove all the marks, spots, ridges, or discolorations left on the nails. You can as well use them to cut smile lines on artificial nails.

How Many Cuts Do Electric Nail Drill Bits Have?

In principle, ceramic and carbide electric nail drill bits can have multiple cuts. Hence, they offer different user options for processing the nails. Nonetheless, diamond bits have partials that appear in different textures.

The flute style determines the type of cut a particular bit can have to fulfill a specific function.

A single cut, for example, has unique single flutes and appears in the form of a spiral. In addition, the flutes run along the bit and in the right-hand direction. As a result, the specific bit provides fluent removal of heavy nail overlays.

Double cut electric nail drill bits feature cross-sectional flutes. Thus, they offer a smooth operation when grinding, polishing, cutting, shaping, or cleaning your client’s fake nails.

Apart from single and double cuts, we also have other unique amounts. For instance, you can have 3#, 5#, and 7# cuts.

The 3# has more straight flutes than single and double cuts. On the flip side, 5# can provide a smoother grinding than 3#. That means an increase in flute formation gives the specific nail drill bit a more enhanced grinding smoothness.

Do Electric Nail Drill Bits Have Different Sizes?


Syndent is amongst the best sellers of premium abrasives in China. In addition, we design, produce and supply high-performing electric nail drills in multiple sizes.

The industrial standard sizes of our electric nail drill bits include:

12.4 mm17 000 – 26 000
23.0 mm17 000 – 26 000
36.0 mm11 000 – 16 500
413.0 mm  8 000 – 12 000
516.0 mm  7650 – 11 500


Besides having the electric nail drill bits in the most popular standard sizes, we have a recommended speed. As a result, a nail technician should work within the given range.

The industry doesn’t provide a specific speed level you can use when processing nails. That implies you can use a particular size at varying speed levels. However, the speed shouldn’t supersede the recommended maximum level.

As you can see in the table, electric nail drill bits with larger sizes require the least speeds.


Because you can lose control when operating large-sized electric nail drill bits at more incredible speeds. However, if you work within the specified rate, it gives you complete control of the bit. And you can produce great results with high precision.

With small-sized electric nail drill bits like the needle-shaped, it is pretty easy to operate them with higher speeds. Furthermore, they can remove material well when used at a higher rate.

We have various types of electric nail machines. Moreover, the devices can have different speed adjustments depending on the manufacturer. For example, some come with 20 000 as their speed limit. However, such machines are suitable for beginners.

Nonetheless, other quality machines for professional technicians can have a maximum speed setting of 40 000. However, no matter the higher setting provision, you can only work comfortably with the rate of 35 000 maximum.

Can You Use Electric Nail Drill Bits to Cut Natural Nails?

Not advised.

Electric nail drill bits can easily cause damage when used on your natural nails. In essence, e-file bits are relatively sharp tools designed to cut rigid materials like acrylics, dip powder nails, etc. Hence, the sharp edges can accidentally cut past the natural layer when you use them to cut natural nails.

Adjust your nail machine to a low-speed level if you prefer using the bit to cut the natural nails. It essentially allows you to control the bit as you cut the natural nails comfortably. For example, you can use 2 000 RPM as the maximum level.

When using electric nail drill bits on the natural nails, take utmost care, especially around your cuticle area. Moreover, choose a safety bit like the rounded top barrel electric nail drill bit.

Which Type of Electric Nail Drill Bits Can Professionals Use?

When doing a professional job on a customer’s fake nails, you require professional bits. In particular, the ideal tools can help a technician apply advanced nail artwork.

Electric nail drill bits with carbide components are suitable for high-skilled technicians. In addition, the electric nail file bits have flutes designed to provide sharp cuts on materials. As a result, you quickly achieve any design your client demands on artificial nails.

Because of sharp edges, you benefit from a super performance that contributes to precise results.

Professionals can also use ceramic electric nail drill bits for advanced applications. In most cases, ceramic bits work the same way carbide electric drill bits work.

Therefore, they can easily replace the carbide version for professional applications. In addition, they can replace the diamond type in situations where you need to remove heavy material.

Removing a heavy topcoat from your nails requires an effective, sharp bit with high precision. In essence, diamond bits are effective and can provide high precision performance. However, they can quickly create more heat due to the scratching effect. Otherwise, ceramic is an ideal bit in such conditions.

We don’t recommend beginners using carbide or ceramic bits, especially when processing the nails near the cuticles. In truth, the specific bit can accidentally damage the cuticles or the skin near your cuticle.

Which Electric Nail Drill Bits Should You Use to Clean Under Your Nails?

Cleaning under the nails can sometimes prove a complex task. It happens especially when you don’t understand the functions of the nail drill bits. Consequently, Syndent manufactures electric nail drill bits with different shapes and sizes. Thus, it gives the user the freedom to choose a nail drill bit for a specific function.

Cleaning under the nails requires a unique nail file that can fit in the fixed space. For that reason, you should have a needle-like electric nail drill bit.

We usually call the needle-shaped electric nail drill bit (UNC) Under the Nail Cleaning bits. The UNC is small electric nail drill bits with a pointed shape. Nevertheless, you can find varying point sizes from one manufacturer to another.

The specific shape of the UNC gives the user easy access under the nails. Therefore, you can comfortably clear any dirt or ridges beneath the nails and other tight areas.

Besides freely removing dirt beneath the nails, the UNC can ideally provide sidewall filing. Moreover, qualified nail art technicians may use the bit to style designer holes in a client’s acrylic nails.

Where Can You Use Diamond Ball Top Shape Electric Nail Drill Bits?

You realize that diamond bits are pretty rigid and durable. Therefore, you may comfortably use them in processing hard materials.

For instance, the ball top shape can nicely scratch the hard skin or calluses from your feet or hands. Also, the ball top shape can remove the Eponychium and clean the loose cuticle above your nail plate.

Electric Nail Drill Bits

Ball-shaped electric nail drill bits

Can You Find Electric Nail Drill Bits Set?


Syndent builds electric nail drill bits in different sets. Moreover, we design the bits with high precision standards using hard metals. Thus, our pieces have optimum strength, durability, are vibration-free, and provide compelling cuts.

Syndent electric nail drill bits set can offer the user free-filing consistency. That means you don’t need to break and start looking for other bits in a vast collection.

A set of electric nail drill bits includes a collection of bits suitable for the tasks you intend to fulfill. That implies it comprises different shapes, sizes, or types of quality bits.

Electric Nail Drill Bits

Electric nail drill bits set

For example, if your job involves removing acrylics, you can have a specific set with the particular tools. Furthermore, manicurists can order electric nail drill bits set suitable for performing final touches.

Consequently, you can always find electric nail drill bits set for all your nail beauty. For instance, you can find a suitable set for nail polishing, peeling, cutting out the trenches, performing surface work, etc. Other sets can clean or remove the cuticles, remove calluses, clean the sidewalls, do backfilling, etc.

Therefore a set of electric nail drill bits can fulfill all your manicure and pedicure needs. In addition, it saves the cost of purchasing a single bit every time and reduces your working time.

Can Electric Nail Drill Bits Remove Dip Powder?


Dip powder is a pretty hard topcoat when applied to your nails. And, it can last for almost a month or more. Therefore, it needs a robust and sharp bit to remove them from a nail surface.

Nevertheless, you can make your work easier with an electric nail drill bit. In practice, the specific tool can gently remove the dip powder from a client’s nails without injuring the nail plate.

Also on our list, we have several other tools you can order from us. They include dental carbide burscarbide nail drill bitssolid carbide burr, etc.

You can conveniently reach us to receive a quotation for premium electric nail drill bits and other items.

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