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Electric Nail File Bits

Syndent Electric Nail File Bits

Syndent electric nail file bits are essential filing tools you can use to precisely process acrylic nails. Our e-file nail bits have sharp and perfectly angled flutes to give you precise cuts.

With a top fine quality, Syndent electric nail file bits help you achieve excellent smoothing cutting performance.

Syndent provides quality supplies of electric nail file bits that can help you to do your nail artwork perfectly.

Our super-quality products have always featured amongst top brands in the industry.

Syndent produces the e file nail bits in advanced CNC equipment. We also offer the best after-sales services for your business risk-free.

Electric Nail File Bits

Different carbide electric nail file bits for professionals.

Electric Nail File Bits

Super durable carbide electric nail file bits, coated and uncoated.

Electric Nail File Bits

High performance and extremely sharp carbide electric nail file bits

Electric Nail File Bits

All kinds of ceramic electric nail file bits for your choices

Electric Nail File Bits

Super long life ceramic electric nail file bits

Electric Nail File Bits

Custom design ceramic electric nail file bits as you wish

Electric Nail File Bits

Best-selling diamond electric nail file bits

Electric Nail File Bits

Most popular diamond electric nail file bits for technicians

Electric Nail File Bits

Custom design diamond electric nail file bits for professionals

Electric Nail File Bits

All electric nail drill bits for pedicure by podiatrist

Electric Nail File Bits

All diamond drill bits for pedicure by podiatrist

Electric Nail File Bits

High quality sanding caps used by podiatrist for removing dead skin.

Electric Nail File Bits

Different kinds of nail sanding bands for the beginners and professionals

Electric Nail File Bits

Matching with all of the regular sanding bands

Electric Nail File Bits

Suitable for all of the sanding caps in different sizes

Why Syndent Electric Nail File Bits

Syndent electric nail file bits can serve different nail artwork on your artificial nails. You can strongly use them on acrylic nails, gel nail polish, dip powder, hard gels, etc.

With our bits, you can do cleaning, cutting, filing, carving, sanding, polishing, drilling, shaping, etc.

You can benefit from multiple applications like cuticle work, backfill cutting, shortening gel or acrylic nails, etc.

You may use our bits to neatly clean what is under your acrylic/gel nails, smooth your nailbed, do surface work, etc. Our products will never disappoint.

After you have bought our electric nail file bits, you can reach our salesperson easily. Syndent provides an around-the-clock hotline, an online contact, and a chat as well.

We also support Messenger, WhatsApp, and Skype. You can freely contact us anytime. We promise to rapidly respond and rapidly manage your issue.

We guarantee stable and consistent production of electric nail file bits. The samples delivered always represent the official order supplied at the end. With more than thirteen years of authentic experience, Syndent is an honest company.

Syndent has a quality control system in place. We ensure that we freely trace every development process back to responsibility. Syndent can supply stable top-quality electric nail file bits at all times.

Electric Nail File Bits

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of electric nail file bits before production.

Electric Nail File Bits

Syndent automatically brazes electric nail file bits with silver in a low temperature

Electric Nail File Bits

We must make the electric nail file bits jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Electric Nail File Bits

Syndent examines the hardness of electric nail file bit shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

Electric Nail File Bits

Solid gel polish nail drill bits need a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Electric Nail File Bits

Syndent CNC grinds the gel polish electric nail file bits teeth after the tests approved

Electric Nail File Bits

Syndent polishes the shaft of electric nail file bits to remove gel polish, and its brazing position

Electric Nail File Bits

Syndent makes your logo on the electric nail file bits, and stick your own label on the case.

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Your Best Supplier of Electric Nail File Bits

At Syndent, we use welding equipment and technology from the USA. We also have self-R&D abilities.

Syndent can therefore use either fully-mechanized welding machines or CNC equipment. Our R&D equipment section can freely produce quality electric nail file bits and adjust them appropriately.

Syndent can also greatly increase its production level and meet your various demands. With our R&D technology, we remain solid in the massive production of top-notch electric nail file bits.

Syndent carries out routine service to manage our equipment. After we operate the equipment for some time, we check and replace counterproductive parts.

Syndent checks the testing tool after every three months to ensure the measuring instruments provide accurate results.

We also test the preciseness of our processing equipment and replace ineffective parts. Our equipment management promises consistent and stable precision of your electric nail file bits order.

Syndent uses Japanese tailstock. It helps us to design a rigid handle to the tool. Your electric nail file bits handle won’t bend when used in different applications.

Our electric nail file bits come as one of several sophisticated tools we manufacture. You can request other products like nail drill bit set, nail drill bits, rotary file bit, etc.

Syndent can provide an instantaneous quote for a subsequent electric nail file bits order now! Please contact us today.

Electric Nail File Bits: An Ideal FAQ Guide

The journey of finding the most suitable tool for filing nails has seen a transformation from traditional to modern files.

Today, assorted and highly versatile tools can make your filing very comfortable and faster. One of the tools includes electric nail file bits, which we feature in our guide today.

What Are Electric Nail File Bits?

Electric nail file bits, or e-file nail bits, are electrically driven rotary tools for processing nails. Moreover, technicians will use the bits for extra functions, including removing enhancements, buffing down dip powder nails, etc.

The bits, therefore, remain the best gift a beginner can start a journey to the nail art world. At the same time, they remain helpful for professional manicurists in their bid for professional manicure and pedicure services.

Electric Nail File Bits

E file nail bits

Made from premium raw materials, electric nail file bits are hard-wearing, durable, and sharp. Additionally, nail art tools undergo delicate crafting. Therefore, the bits will not burn hot when exposed to prolonged application.

As a professional manufacturer of premium tools from China, Syndent designs electric nail file bits in many textures. For example, we provide the bits in fine, medium, coarse, extra-fine, extra-coarse grits, etc.

So, depending on the nature of the job, you’ll freely choose a bit with an appropriate coarseness. Hence, a technician will accomplish the job comfortably.

Our electric nail file bits also come in various shapes and sizes. For example, the shapes/models might include bullet, cone, ball, flame, tapered, barrel, needle, etc.

The sizes begin from the lowest diameter of 0.5mm onwards. Thus, technicians can explore different functions with the help of qualified and professional electric nail file bits.

For example, it can help you to reshape, polish, file, grind, smoothen, carve, or neaten artificial nails.

Electric nail file bits come in multiple sets for various user preferences. That implies any nail technician can find tools that can suit the tasks you need to handle.

In addition, a set of tools can manage your work effectively. It also helps a technician save money and time while ensuring you receive the best and most accurate results.

Electric nail file bits set will take off different enhancements from the nails such as gel polish, acrylic layer, etc. Moreover, you can do it in half time and effortlessly than when you use a traditional file.

With e-file nail bits, you don’t worry about spending a lot of time in expensive salons or spas. Instead, you can bring beauty to your home.

Electric Nail File Bits

E file nail bits set

What’s the Function of Electric Nail File Bits?

Electric nail file bits help in filing the nails besides doing other tasks like enhancement removal. Designed to dissipate heat away, nail e-file bits will not burn and can perform the following functions:

  • Shaping/buffing: The bits will help you find that desired nail design through shaping and a manicured finish through buffing. Thus, you can buff down the dip powder before sealing the nail.

Electric nail file bits can shape the top of the nail and smooth out the whole area. It takes off extra materials quickly.

  • Cleaning: A similar needle shape will facilitate the effective removal of dead tissue or debris. You can reach fixed positions under or on the sidewalls and clean the entire nail.
  • Drilling: With the right bit, a professional technician can quickly make designer holes in fake nails.
  • Grinding/filing: You can grind and file nails to remove enhancements or dirt. You can smooth out the

Other standard electric nail file bits functions include polishing, sharpening, carving, neatening, smoothing, etc.

The bits can facilitate practical cuticle work while shielding the sensitive live tissue from harm. As a result, you can carry out professional nail tasks without any hint of teeth dulling.

Which Materials Do We Use To Make Electric Nail File Bits?

For premium electric nail file bits, we use various materials like diamond, tungsten carbide, ceramics, etc.

Initially, the industry had the primary Mandrel with sanding bands made from durable emery paper. You’ll find the same tool on the market today because nail technicians love them because of their versatile features.

But, we have much-improved sanding caps made from the highest grade abrasive materials that offer a durable service life

Electric Nail File Bits

Types of electric nail  file bits

Premium carbide electric nail file bits emanate from carbide metal. The carbide material in the bits gives them twenty times more strength than steel. They, therefore, last longer and are shaper.

Moreover, nail e file bits manufactured from carbide come with flute-like cuts. Consequently, you’ll shave off materials rather than scratch them. That way, you reduce the possibility of creating more heat.

Electric nail file bits designed or coated with ceramic material have excellent heat dissipation characteristics than carbide or diamond. However, they don’t heat up quickly, even under extended applications.

Ceramic bits also offer comprehensive nail filing services. In addition, they have flutes just like carbide.

Carbide and ceramic electric nail file bits come in various grits like medium, coarse, fine, etc. Essentially, the depth of flutes on the tip of the bit. The bit that has deeper flutes means coarser grit and will provide very sharp cuts.

Electric nail file bits that have shallower flutes indicate a finer grit. That suggests the tool removes material fluently but not with sharp cuts like the coarse grit.

Consequently, anything between shallower and deeper is medium grit. Thus, the bit’s nature will offer more versatility than fine and coarse grits.

With diamond electric nail file bits, manufacturers can derive them synthetically or naturally from diamond materials. Consequently, diamond is pretty rigid than any other metal.

Thus, bits derived from such a material can effortlessly remove built-up products. However, the electric nail file bits will scratch to remove the product.

Diamond bits create a lot of friction and dust than carbide and ceramic electric nail file bits. Therefore, using such tools require little pressure on the surface.

The nail tech needs to file the nail without concentrating on a particular area for a long. Nevertheless, diamond electric nail file bits are ideal for cuticle work.

Which Types of Electric Nail File Bits Do We Have?

The nail field consists of various models of electric nail file bits like tapered, cone, needle-shape, ball, barrel, etc.

Top-quality e file nail bits will offer much more apart from shaving off enhancements from the nails. In addition, different models of nail e file bits are currently on the market.

Although they might do many tasks, some will perform more excellently in specific functions than others. As a nail tech expert, you will choose the right tool for a particular role. The correct choice will make your filing process quicker and more enjoyable.

Electric Nail File Bits


As seen earlier, we categorized electric nail file bits according to the material composition. Once more, we can also tag the tools based on the models or shapes they appear. So, let’s talk about e-file nail bits shapes.

We have many shapes in the nail domain, which cannot fully exhaust mentioned here. But, we have those that technicians use very frequently.

The Barrel

Barrel electric nail file bits will help techs work the nail surface effectively. The barrel can also help in backfill cutting, shaping, shortening the nail, or making a smile line. However, a barrel without a ball top should not file around the cuticle zone.

Bullet Type

Bullet electric nail file bits create an apex suitable for stress point areas. Additionally, the bullet bit works well when processing coffin nails, stilettos, and ballerinas.

Bullet bits require a lot of expertise, and professional nail technicians can use them at low-speed levels. Nonetheless, you can professionally use them for cleaning a client’s cuticles.

Nib Bit

The nib bit gently lifts the Eponychium (the nail fold found at the nail plate’s base) and removes hangnails. It also facilitates smooth, delicate cuticle work.

Flame Bits

Electric nail file bits with flame shapes are ideal for managing the cuticle job. It looks almost the same as the nib bit. In addition, it creates a lip of the non-living tissue so that the dead skin comes out smoothly.

Electric Nail File Bits

Flame bit

Ball Electric Nail File Bits

We have the regular size ball bits and the micro type. The standard size can clean the sidewalls and part of the under the nail. Also, it can provide backfill prepping.

The micro ball bit removes dead skin safely and cleans the nails and the cuticle region.

How Fast Should I File Using Electric Nail File Bits?

The average speed of most electric nail file bits on artificial nails lies between 7 500 and 15 000 RPM. However, it can change depending on the different services applied and the bit size.

Cuticle work needs slow speed than when doing a nail top surface prepping. This is because the cuticle area appears very sensitive than the top part of the nail.

Therefore, filing at a high-speed level renders the area to possible injuries. In addition, high speeds would essentially open up the nail to possible infections.

You may apply medium speed when doing a backfill cutting or filing the concave nail area. However, technicians can increase the filing rate when processing the top part of the nail. An average speed of between 15 000 RPM and above can apply at such a point.

When using electric nail file bits with larger head diameters, you want to keep them at a low filing level. Consequently, using such bits at high filing levels would render a technician inability to control the tool.

The technician can file the nail at high speeds with electric nail file bits with small grinding heads. It is essential because such bits give the user enough control even when filing at high rates.

Electric Nail File Bits

Filing technique

Helpful Note: The bit might quickly grab if you work with a slow RPM. As a result, it might become hard for the technician to make consistent and smooth headway in any filing.

On the other hand, if you apply a relatively faster RPM, you will not manage to control the bit. Therefore, you will easily damage the nail and nick the client.

What Are Electric Nail File Bits Technique Tips?

Filing the nail may require techniques like little pressure, finding the right goldilocks, choosing the right speed, etc.


  • When filing the nail, speed plays a role in determining the results of the process. As stated, find the correct rate for a given task. Understand the regions on the nail that need high speed and slow filing speed.

For example, concave parts and backfill cutting will need slow filing. However, the top of the nail will need faster filing. Nonetheless, going beyond 15 000 RPM can cause danger to a client’s nail.

  • While filing, angle a client’s hand, then use the electric nail file bit to maneuver over the nail.
  • Ensure you determine the heat buildup around the working surface to ensure the client remains comfortable. For example, hold the client’s nail and feel its top as you file the surface periodically. If the nail feels hotter, you can lift the tool before the client feels the heat.
  • Hold firmly on a client’s finger while filing. It will eliminate the possibility of vibrations reaching the finger from the electric nail file bits. The proper balancing demands using a ring or pinky finger.

Thus, you brace it against the other hand to gain balance while working. We always refer to it as the fulcrum finger.

  • Always remember to use the right amount of pressure. Otherwise, using extra pressure than stated can affect the nail. Additionally, lift the tool away from the nail surface periodically.

It will help prevent heat from building up within a single point, and we term it a suitable Goldilocks formula.

  • Choose electric nail file bits that suit the specific function. Besides, the bit should be in good filing condition. That way, the user will attest to quality results, save money and time, and enjoy the process.

How Can You Clean Electric Nail File Bits?

Before washing in clean soapy water, electric nail file bits require removing debris with a reliable brush. Like any other tool, e-file nail bits should remain clean between applications. That implies you shouldn’t use a nail bit on another client before cleaning and disinfecting it.

You can clean and disinfect carbide, ceramic, or diamond electric nail file bits. In general, scrub off the tough debris, then soak them in acetone or recommended formula. The acetone or recommended formula dissolves the product’s dust or any buildup.

Then, use a suitably recommended disinfecting solution to disinfect the bits. However, remember to abide by the manufacturer’s guidelines about soaking time.

Besides electric nail file bits, there are other nail tools, including e-file safety bitse file bits, etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for quality durable nail e file bits.

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