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Flame Bits

Syndent Flame Bits

These flame bits are diamond coated in flame shape. Manufactured with the extreme hard diamond for most of your nail processing needs.

Our flame bit for nails will offer excellent manicures or pedicures, making your fake nails look very attractive. You can conventionally use the nail flame bit in removing dry cuticles stuck on your nails.

Syndent flame bits work gently and smoothly to do the task and prevent the formation of hangnails. You will not feel pain common with other nail bits on the market.

Syndent manufactures classical and portable flame drill bit products for salon and home use. Our professional flame bit is suitable for beginners or professional nail technicians.

Flame Bits

Tree shape with cylinder body flame bits

Flame Bits

Drop-shape flame bits

Flame Bits

Most popular flame bits

Why Syndent Flame Bits

Syndent flame bit aids effective nail processing when used with an effective nail machine. You will do professional nail artwork like cleaning the sides of your fingernails.

Our diamond flame bits clean the dead skin, removes cuticles that sticks on the nails, etc. Our flame bit always works well to help separate the cuticle from the nail.

It lifts the skin nicely so that you can safely buff or cut it off. Syndent flame bit works safely, runs smoothly, and helps you save time.

Syndent flame bit products have durable sharp grinding edges. Plus, our Russia flame bit remain reasonably pocket-friendly. You always enjoy a perfect balance point of great longevity and affordability.

Syndent has guaranteed delivery rate regardless of your cash flow. Through independent research, we can produce both steel body and plating. Thus, Syndent guarantees you an effective delivery speed always.

Flame Bits
Body Machining

Syndent will design and make flame bits steel body on CNC precisely by himself.

Flame Bits

Our skilled workers leave the flame bits stand in lines on the board

Flame Bits
Plating Process

Plate all the flame bits bodies with high-quality diamond powder

Flame Bits
Shank Test

We will test the flame bits shank hardness one by one carefully

Flame Bits
Grinding Test

Making the test of life and sharpness for your flame bits

Flame Bits

Syndent polishes the flame bits shaft, and leaves a mirror finishing

Flame Bits
Drying Process

Put the flame bits in the drying oven after the color ring was made

Flame Bits

Syndent makes your logo on the flame bits, and stick your own label on the case

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Your Best Supplier of Flame Bits

Syndent flame bit items guarantee you consistent quality. We always ensure that both the official order and sample delivered have the same stable quality.

At Syndent, we have a historical experience of over a decade. We also have transparency in any business dealing. You can make us your reliable partner and manufacturer of flame bit items at wholesale.

Syndent is a professional and certified manufacturer of diamond flame bit 021, 023. We have verified CE certificate EU certification. You can easily import our bits and use or sell them freely in your region.

We are the largest amongst many manufacturers of flame bit items in China. We manufacture in a space of 2 000 square meters.

Syndent also has the newest machines and deploys the latest technology. Plus, we have the most qualified and enough staff. Hence, you can well receive your order without worries.

Syndent holds fast to the staff-oriented principle. And, we attach a lot of importance to the career planning of our staff.

With rich experience accumulated, our senior-skilled engineers ensure we produce flame bit items that compete at top levels.

Other than flame bit, we have similar items that work well with your nails. For instance, Russian manicure bits and e file bits, white ceramic flame bit, can work perfectly with your nails.

For quotations and supply of quality items, kindly reach us today.


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