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  • Leading manufacturer of flame burr over 11 years.
  • Flute making technique comes from USA
  • Lower temperature brazing technology originates from USA
  • Laboratory certified high grade tungsten carbide material
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Syndent Flame Burr

Syndent Flame Burr

Syndent is the leading flame burr supplier in China. Flame burr, also called carbide rotary flame burr simply as SH carbide burr, is designed for metalsmithing, welding, chamfering, farriers, sculpting, die casting, metal casting, dental laboratory, and wood carving. Syndent manufactures carbide flame burr for over 11 years.


S/C cut flame burris ideal for general purpose fluting. Produces long chips..


D/C flame burr is suitable for very efficient stock removal. Creates a small chip. Good finish. Excellentoperator control.


Alu cut flame burr is suitable for nonferrous materials. Aggressive stock removal.

Why Syndent Flame Burr

Syndent flame burr is manufactured with super grade tungsten carbide materials. Our flame burr is suitable in various applications for deburring, cylinder head porting, mold making, tool and die, metalworking, tool grinding, foundry, etc.

Syndent flame burr is available in all special grinds for every deburring and shaping operation imaginable. And we offer flame burr with the popular styles, including double cut flame burr, single cut flame burr, non ferrous flame burr, dental finishing flame burr, nail flame burr, etc.

Syndent perform 5s management for flame burr manufacturing process. It ensures every production process is under complete control.

1-Flame Burr material

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of flame burr before production.

2-Flame Burr brazing

Syndent automatically brazes flame burr with silver in a low temperature.

3-Flame Burr balance

We must make the flame burr jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

4-Flame Burr bending

Syndent examines the hardness of flame burr shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

5-Flame Burr shaping

Solid flame burr needs a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

6-Flame Burr toothing

Syndent CNC grinds the flame burr teeth after the tests approved

7-Flame Burr polishing

Syndent polishes the flame burr shaft, and its brazing position

8-Flame Burr package

Syndent makes your logo on the flame burr, and stick your own label on the case.



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Your Best Supplier of Flame Burr

Flame burr has a narrow(smaller) diameter on top and bottom. Syndent brazes the flame burr with unique technology. It always ensures the high strength of flame burr welding position.

Syndent engineers develop various geometries to meet different special applications on both hard and soft materials. You can find what you demanded flame burr at any time.

We have 41 sets of advanced 6 axis CNC machines. Syndent huge capacity guarantees fast delivery of your flame burr order every time.

90% of Syndent carbide burr is exported to the USA and Europe. We have served many famous big companies in the world and gained lots of experience. Syndent must offer you both good quality flame burr and excellent service.

We also have cylindrical carbide burr, carbide ball burr, cone carbide burr, oval burr, etc.

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Flame Burr

Flame Burr: The Complete FAQ Guide

Syndent belongs features amongst best pointed suppliers of carbide burrs to many big companies in America and Europe. Amongst our quality products, we produce sharper carbide flame burr with sharper flutes from grade K25 material. Syndent carbide flame burr represents a durable tool, applied in many applications.

So, join us to learn more about the flame carbide burr.

What is Carbide Flame Burr?

Sometimes called SH type carbide burr, the carbide flame burr can help you in machining round edges. Made from high-grade K25 material, flame carbide burr has built-in sharper flutes for precise cutting. Syndent carbide flame burr offers durable performance and can find different coatings of TiN, TiALN, LTE, and TiCN.

Most industries across the world widely apply flame carbide burr on materials like steel, aluminum, zirconia, ceramic, stainless steel, etc. The ideal rotary file ideally grinds, cuts, engraves, cleans, polishes, deburrs, etc.

Syndent carbide flame burr has tungsten carbide compounds as the main raw material we use to manufacture. Using CNC machines, our professional and experienced engineers work hand in hand to produce highly marketable flame carbide burr.

You greatly benefit from a quality carbide flame burr that has high operational efficiency and doesn’t clog easily with most materials. Our ideal flame burr has higher accuracy, offers precision cutting, and friendly to you and the environment.

Carbide flame burr designed by Syndent offers very simple functionality in all tooling demands. Furthermore, it reduces labor intensity while improving your working environment. An easy-to-control carbide burr that promotes high safety with great reliability.

Flame Burr

Commonly used on handheld electric but many industries use it with compatible rotary tools like Pneumatic tools or hobby drills.

Made with high rotation ability, flame carbide burr works across many tasks within no time. Since it comes in several flute types, you can easily cut the hardest and soft materials with a suitable special tool.

In our brief description, you see that Syndent flame burr has lots of useful advantages across many materials.

Which Ways Can You Use Flame Burr?

Syndent produces carbide flame burr with both standard and special flute types. Each flute type of our flame carbide burr has special performance on different materials. With a specific flute, you can aggressively remove material, drill, fine finishing, etc.


A major use of carbide flame burr includes material shaping. If not all, most industries work on aluminum, brass, plastic, unhardened steel, hardened steel, Nimonic alloy, titanium, etc. They focus on getting shapes out of such materials.

We mentioned earlier that Syndent has carbide flame burrs in several flute types. Industries use any of the ideal burrs to shape the mentioned materials and others.

By molding a material with quality Syndent flame carbide burr, you can produce a pleasing and fine-looking shape that has great dimensions.

Flame Burr


We supply carbide flame burrs of high quality that grinds soft and hard metals, hard and soft wood, plastics, etc. Industries locally and internationally remove excess material from workpieces by grinding with ideal flame carbide burrs.

At Syndent, we make carbide flame burrs using cemented carbide compounds. Cemented carbide is an extremely hard material, difficult to break. The carbide flame burr has blade-like sharp teeth. Because of extremely sharp cutting edges, it grinds materials of different nature to any smoothness or design.

Besides blade-like sharp cutting edges, Syndent flame carbide burrs rotate at extreme speeds when in rotary tools. Because of rapid rotation, carbide flame burr’s sharp cutting edges easily grind materials to shapes or designs.


Designed with features like sharp flutes, Syndent flame carbide burr swiftly slices material like butter. We design the flutes that resemble sharp blades which cuts materials into small desired pieces.

Because of sharp flutes, you make precise dimensions on a workpiece, you can cut any size and make shapes. Therefore, Syndent carbide flame burr makes cutting work simpler, easier and saves time.


For easy and fast modification of small and large workpieces, industries use flame carbide burrs. Syndent carbide flame burr finely removes remaining sharp edges on workpieces, leaving a fine and very smooth material surfaces. You can always trust us in supplying high-performing flame carbide burrs depending on your budget.

Flame Burr


With an ideal carbide flame burr, you can enlarge an existing hole on a material. Many users apply our flame carbide burrs for high productivity and faster results on such applications.

With single-cut carbide flame burr, you can as well drill holes on materials as it produces generally long chips.

You can easily notice that Syndent flame carbide burr has very many uses on many material surfaces. We assure you a highly versatile carbide flame burr used by many of our trusted customers.

Which Rotary Tools Applies on Flame Carbide Burr?

You can comfortably fit carbide flame burr on most rotary tools especially die grinders. Other users incorporate fit them on:

  • High-speed engravers
  • Pneumatic tools
  • Pendant drills
  • Hobby rotary drills
  • Micro motors
  • Flexible shafts

Regardless of the rotary tool you use the flame carbide burr on, firmly fit it in the tool’s chuck. It should firmly seat and not wobble for better performance.

Our carbide flame burrs come in standard designs that fit on standard tools to cut, grind, polish, remove material, etc.

Flame Burr

What Makes Carbide Flame Burr a Special Versatile Tool?

Syndent, through its qualified QA team, selects high standard grade tungsten and carbon materials. This assures us of a quality end product, applied to different consumer demands.

Combining tungsten with carbon produces a tough, hard metal when used on hard metals like high-strength steel (HSS).

Because of such unique characteristics, industries have prioritized buying Syndent carbide flame burr. A flame carbide burr can serve many purposes as deburring, grinding, cutting, polishing, etc.

Our trusted customers in China, America, and most countries in Europe have found Syndent carbide burr a versatile tool. With more than 40 advanced CNC machines and qualified staff, Syndent can meet all orders.

Can You Use Carbide Flame Burr on Stone?


Flame Burr

Using Syndent abled diamond cut carbide flame burr, you can smoothly shape, cut, grind, polish stone. Actually, you can do more than one task on stone with diamond cut flame carbide burr.

The diamond cut carbide flame burr cuts stones and other hardest materials. Also offers you excellent control when using it on a rotary tool, leaving the best finish on a material surface.

You need more concentration, patience, and caution while using diamond-cut flame carbide burr on stone. It takes more time than most other materials because of extreme compactness. It means the carbide burr has high risks of burning up therefore try making brief stoppages.

Besides using diamond cut carbide flame burr on stone, we highly advise choosing the appropriate Syndent die grinder bit. The die grinder bits also features grade carbide which we pass through 6 Axis CNC machines.

Can Carbide Flame Burr Cut Fiberglass?


Just like we have seen with stone, a diamond cut carbide flame burr can cut fiberglass. It has a very unique design with special double flutes. It provides easy user control with better material surface finishes.

Instead of fiberglass router bit, industries use diamond cut flame carbide burr. Otherwise, we advise that you use Syndent fiberglass router bit, designed for fiberglass, GPR, resin, fiber cement, etc.

How Should You Use Carbide Flame Burr on Wood?

Syndent carbide flame burr has free and fast-cutting action that allows equal cutting on wood grains and knots. The special design doesn’t cause easy clogging of material deposits and if clogged, the right brush removes them easily.

You can engrave, cut, curve and grind soft and hardwood, bone, stone, etc. with a flame carbide burr. You can make a carved fine and smooth image out of wood with Syndent flame burr. The carbide burr has great performance on wood and materials of the like with reduced chances of heating up.

Can Carbide Flame Burr Cut Bones?


Syndent’s highly versatile carbide flame burr meets most of your highly demanding tasks on hard and soft materials including bones. It allows wide applications on a bone like cutting, engraving, grinding, polishing, etc.

Built-in special geometry acquired through advanced Syndent CNC machines can cut hard tissue or bone, removing debris as well.

What Other Materials Does Flame Burr Cut?

Other materials that carbide flame burr cuts include:

  • Plastics
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Hardened and unhardened steel
  • Nimonic Alloy
  • Titanium
  • Bronze
  • Cast iron
  • CopperFlame Burr

Who Can Use Carbide Flame Burr?

Based on the multitude uses of carbide burr indicated, the following consumers use Syndent carbide flame burrs:

  • Sculptures
  • Grinders
  • Model engineers
  • Wood carvers and engravers
  • Tool makers

Popularly used in:

  • Dentistry
  • Engraving and carving
  • Contouring
  • Cleaning
  • Deburring
  • Jewelry making
  • Engineering
  • Cylinder head-porting
  • Metal working

Can You Use Carbide Flame Burr in Drill?


Besides other functions of Syndent flame burr, industries use it in drilling metals and most other materials. Syndent makes it a versatile tool by adding different types of flutes that serves more than one function.

A single cut flame carbide burr has general applications, producing long chips ideal in drilling materials. The single right-handed flutes of flame carbide burr run upward to provide an up cut. Drills hardened steel, steel, cast iron, ferrous metals, etc. by removing the material of the workpiece rapidly.

Syndent doesn’t produce carbide flame burr specifically for drilling. We however have a special rotary file bit, uniquely made for drilling purposes. Our rotary file bits offer high performance, which we regularly supply to our customers worldwide.

Flame Burr

What Pros Do You Receive with Each Carbide Flame Burr You Use?

  • Long-lasting performance
  • Versatility in terms of application and tasks
  • Great in machining round edges
  • Sharper flutes for precise cutting and overall performance
  • Tough on hard materials
  • Fast stock remover
  • Performs longer in longer productions

Why Shouldn’t You Keep Carbide Flame Burr Still for Long?

When handling tasks with carbide flame burr, keep it in continuous motion. Otherwise, the carbide burr might stop digging dip into workpiece or stop jabbing your workpiece. When it stops jabbing or digging, it causes a rough material surface and unexpected unsightly marks.

Useful note: Always aim at an upstroke end. This produces a wonderful smoother finish on material surfaces.

Why Just Little and Not Too Much Pressure While Using Flame Burr?

We emphasize very much guiding the flame burr in digging, cutting or grinding so that the tool does the job. Slight pressure can improve the performance of the flame burr and not extra force.

A good performance of Syndent carbide flame burr highly depends on guiding rather than forcing. When the flame carbide burr does the work with reduced pressure, it smoothens the material surface gradually and rapidly. Furthermore, it increases the life expectance of the ideal carbide burr. The flutes can wear out easily by applying excess pressure.

Flame Burr

How Many Cuts Does Carbide Flame Burr Produce?

Basically, Syndent produces carbide flame burrs in two different flute types: standard flute types and special flute types. Standard flute types have double cut flame carbide burr, single cut flame carbide, and aluminum cut carbide flame burr.

Special flute types feature coarse cut, fine single cut, foundry cut, diamond cut, chipbreaker cut, and fast mill cut.

Standard flute types perform the following tasks:

Single Cut Flame Carbide Burr #3

Has single and right-handed flutes that run upward the burr. The single cut serves a general-purpose and can produce long chips, suitable for making drills. Can aggressively extract heavy material from workpiece while producing smooth material finish.

Double Cut Carbide Flame Burr #6

Also, a general-purpose flame carbide burr but with small chips production. The burr has highly-advanced crisscrossed double flutes for removing middle-light material faster. Applied when you want smoother finishing and operator benefits from excellent control of the tool.

Aluminum Cut Carbide Flame Burr #1

Aluminum cut carbide flame burr has wide single upward flutes. An ideal carbide burr suitable for aluminum and most non-ferrous materials. Can aggressively remove stock from non-ferrous material.

Flame Burr

Special flute types perform the following:

Coarse Cut Flame Carbide Burr #5

Has single, compact upward flutes dedicated for use on soft ferrous materials. Removes material and leaves finer finish on material surfaces of non-ferrous alloy metals.

Fine Single Cut Flame Carbide Burr #3

Has highly compact upward single flutes, dedicated for applying on most hard materials. Highly applied to achieve a finer finish.

Foundry Cut Flame Carbide Burr #8

The foundry cut suits all foundry applications. An ideal cut for removing rough edges of material to maximum.

Diamond Cut Flame Carbide Burr #4

Designed with compact crisscrossed flutes, ideal for the toughest and hard to cut metals and materials of the like. Offers excellent user control and produces attractive finishes on material surfaces.

Chipbreaker Cut Flame Carbide Burr #3SP

Chipbreaker cut carbide flame burr has broken single chips. Accurately removes stock faster for smoother surface finishing. Offers improved user control when in use.

Fast Mill Cut Flame Carbide Burr with Chipbreaker #1SP

Fast mill cut carbide flame burr has wide but broken chips. Rapidly removes unnecessary materials on all soft ferrous materials like aluminum and plastic.

Do We Have Coated Flame Burr?


Flame Burr

Syndent can apply different coatings on carbide flame burrs for improved performance on materials.

Coated Syndent flame carbide burrs include:

  • TiN, ceramic coating Syndent applies to carbide flame burr for improved hardness. This coating promotes durability
  • TiAIN, comprises both Nitrogen and Aluminum compounds. This coating improves oxidation of the flame carbide burr and for heat resistance
  • TiCN, Syndent develops this thin film coating out of Titanium Nitride. The coating improves the burr’s hardness slightly than TiN coating. Also, improves friction coefficient slightly in many applications
  • LTE coating

Can You Recycle Carbide Flame Burr Raw Materials?

Absolutely yes.

Syndent easily recycles tungsten carbide raw materials found in carbide flame burr if delivered to us. Tungsten carbide has no harm, so feel free to make deliveries to us for any worn out flame burr.

We recycle the cemented carbide of flame burr and iron rods to weld different products.

The worn out Syndent flame carbide burr usually combines a solid carbide and iron. Syndent has the potential of making other useful tools out of the worn out flame burr. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry at all about where to dispose used-up flame carbide burr.

Flame Burr

Can You Have Carbide Flame Burrs in Various Head Diameters and Shank Lengths?


You can determine Syndent flame burr’s application based on the head diameter and length of the shank.

Syndent supplies flame carbide burs in shank lengths and head diameters of:







SH-5359.53 38




How Do You Pair Carbide Flame Burr with a Rotary Tool?

Since Syndent flame burr pairs with rotary tools, you need firm fitting for the burr to perform well. The flame burr usually goes into the rotary tool chuck and for firm holding, tighten with the aid of a wrench.

A user manual from the manufacturer can show the correct procedure to follow when installing flame carbide burr to a die grinder. This can highly improve efficiency and user control when tasking. A wobbling carbide flame burr in a die grinder leads to premature wear and reduced overall performance.

What Benefits Does Carbide Flame Burr Offer?

By using Syndent flame burr, we guarantee you the following benefits:

  • Provides high density, great strength, and hardness/toughness in most tasks

Syndent flame carbide burr comes from two quality raw materials: carbide and tungsten. They have high density, hard and tough to break, even on extremely tough materials. During the intense process of production, Syndent carbide flame burr picks relevant features that corresponds to international standards. You benefit from a long-lasting and high-performing tool.

  • Our tools come in described head diameters and shank lengths to suit each of your demands.

You can have options from many of our options many of your tooling demands.

  • Syndent offers the most cost-effective way of grinding, deburring or cutting ferrous and non-ferrous material through flame carbide burr.Flame Burr

With many uses Syndent carbide flame burr has to offer, you have great freedom of doing any task. As a result, you save hugely especially when you purchase in bulk from Syndent.

  • As seen, we produce a highly versatile flame carbide burr. It gives much freedom of meeting multiple tasks faster and easier.
  • Syndent carbide flame burr once again has high efficiency that prompts you to perform the many pending tasks. Built-in sharp cutting edges handle both soft and hard tasks before you.

How Do We Manufacture Carbide Flame Burr?

Our emphasis as manufacturer and supplier of quality carbide flame burr involves a tool that conforms to industrial standards. Syndent follows strict adherence to the intense manufacturing process. That’s why we deploy QA qualified team to ensure we confine to the standards. We do this for the benefit of our trusted and frequent customers.

Syndent thus creates an enhanced trust with customers when they allow only quality flame carbide burrs to consumers.

In an effort to supply you with a quality flame carbide at a competitive price, Syndent selects tungsten carbide as its main material. Received from top supplying companies, we analyze and receive only high grade then forward to warehouse ready for the production process.

The process includes:

Material Evaluation

We always have a beginning in our production. We partner with the most trusted raw material suppliers who have their own firms of generating the materials. The warehouse analyzes them and only receives what suits the manufacturing process.

We use high-grade tungsten carbide in this case, hard and tough compounds.

Flame Burr


With the right raw materials in place, we commence our production by brazing carbide burr component with silver. We keenly braze the two materials lowly and uniformly.


We then balance our brazed carbide flame burr in a form of jump-testing. We make sure we get a preset tolerance. The Syndent flame carbide burr tolerance should lie within the range of 0.1mm or below. Anything higher than that prompts us to reexamine the process and find where the mistake came from.


Here, we know that the carbide flame burr has acquired the required strength. We must guarantee a strong performing shank of flame carbide burr. Therefore we bend to a certain degree as an assurance of meeting hard tooling demands.


Since we supply Syndent carbide flame burrs having different shapes, head diameters and shank lengths, we shape them. Grinding guides us in acquiring different shapes.


After shaping, our tool must have ground and cutting teeth commonly called flutes. You can only identify a type of flame cut based on the flutes. We produce single and double-fluted flame carbide burrs. Through our CNC machine, we grind them to deserved sharp cutting blades which we term as teeth.

Flame Burr


After toothing, the carbide flame burr needs a polish to make it almost ready for deliveries. We add a fine smooth and polish the carbide burr. With burr almost finished, Syndent adds abrasive.


As our final process, we ensure flame carbide burr has all details before we pack it. Before packaging, Syndent adds a logo and then ships the product according to orders.

What Safety Measures Must You Observe When Applying Carbide Flame Burr?

When you use Syndent flame burr, always make safety a priority to avoid injuries and for the tool’s durability. You might suffer stab wounds from flame carbide burrs by neglecting simple safety precautions.

Safety precautions you can observe include:

  • For a durable carbide flame burr, fit properly so that it seats the correct way in the rotary tool collet
  • Use little pressure as you guide the flame to work on a specific material. Begin with the highest material first
  • Hold tightly the flame carbide burr in a workbench for improved performance
  • The Carbide flame burr shouldn’t snag or allowed to jam to minimize chipping
  • Wear required safety clothes. Goggles and face masks for eyes and face respectively. Also, put on safety boots and gloves to avoid cuts

What Guides You in Purchasing Good Quality Flame Burr?

In order to manage multiple tasks effectively, you need a good-performing flame burr. It should have a bunch of important features that meet most of your demands for a long time. With many flame carbide burrs on the current market, you can differentiate an original from imitation by unique features.

Flame Burr

The unique features include:

Meticulousness– The preferred carbide flame burr must have all production details according to industrial standards. It must feature a meticulous design after it completes the manufacturing process. We manufacture flame carbide burr with meticulous design, suitable to apply on various applications.

Durability – Syndent carbide flame burr comprises of high durability features, used to manage most demanding tasks.

High-temperature tolerance – The flame carbide burr you choose should work longer on any task especially when it gets hotter. Syndent carbide flame burr always tolerates high temperatures.

Weight and Versatility – Choose flame carbide burr with high versatility, ability to work differently and effectively. You save greatly with versatile Syndent carbide flame burr.

Furthermore, lightweight Syndent flame carbide burr allows the greatest user control as opposed to heavyweight.

Accuracy and Stability – Look for carbide flame burr with sharp cutting edges for precise cutting and grinding. It should also offer great stability while working on a material.

With Syndent flame carbide burr, you work with reduced precision errors at all times.

Strength– Naturally lightweight, ideal carbide flame burr should constantly perform the same in any tooling condition. Although lightweight, Syndent flame carbide burr strongly cuts through materials due to extreme hardness with high density.

Which Procedure Sufficiently Removes Material Deposits from Carbide Flame Burr?

You should always clean carbide flame burr after every use, ready for the next task. By removing deposits from the flame burr, you improve performance and durability. A clogged flame carbide burr works slowly and can burn up with persistent use.

You can remove the deposits with ultrasonic method or using concentrated muriatic acid. Each of the two methods cleans differently.

Concentrated muriatic acid can only remove aluminum acid but first, you need to chip off the big chunks. Then soak the flame burr in the acid or a minimum of 10 minutes to perfectly dissolve all-aluminum deposits.

Alternatively, apply the popularly used and recommended ultrasonic option. Use a holder to firmly grip the carbide flame burr before applying this method. Then, for not less than ten minutes, let the flame burr go through enzymatic/cycle cleaner. Finally, for up to 2 minutes, use clean cold water to rinse off deposits.

Useful note: After cleaning the Syndent flame carbide burr, store them in respective packages. This minimizes chipping caused when the flutes come in contact with each other.

What Flame Burr’s Lead-Time Affects Its Production?

Few things can affect flame burr’s lead-time production process.


They include:

Standard Designs: Syndent does simple and complex flame carbide burr designs. Standard has simple designs and take little time to manufacture. Complex have complicated designs because of many features so they take more time.

Customized Demands: Complex carbide flame burrs take a long process mainly because we make many adjustments on CNC machines.

Flame Burr

Order Quantity: Syndent always works with orders and delivery time. Large orders take quite some time to reach your location than small orders. This involves documentation and packaging processes involved.

Pending orders: Sometimes Syndent has overwhelming orders that need responses. Because we serve customers locally and overseas, we serve according to what order came first, hence delay in deliveries.

Can My Carbide Flame Burr Have Artwork?


As long as your choice artwork comes in before the packaging process because artwork applies only after polishing. Syndent experts might help you in the modification or suggestion of preferred artwork.

Why Should You Choose Syndent Flame Burr?

As professional manufacturers and suppliers of carbide burrs for the previous 11 years, we focus on quality. We base mainly on quality and price as we provide reasonable prices for our quality flame burr.

Syndent sharper fluted flame carbide burrs come from K25 material for a better and highly durable tool. We also give our flame burrs different coatings to further improve their performances.

We supply other carbide burrs like burr bit, pencil grinder bits, oval burr, etc.

For quality flame carbide and other burrs instant quotation and inquiries at any time, contact us.

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