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Gold Nail Drill

Syndent Gold Nail Drill

Syndent gold nail drill is a premium nail bit uniquely designed to suit various manicure applications.

Designed from different materials and with gold color, our product can remove various enhancements from your nails. It can also help you do diversified professional nail artwork on your clients’ nails.

Syndent manufactures a wide range of gold nail drill products. You can explore the comprehensive collection of the products and find a bit that suits your needs.

Besides good quality, Syndent offers attractive discounts when you buy several of our nail drill bits. Our products also have a lifetime warranty.
Please make use of your gold nail drill purchases with us and enjoy an outstanding shopping experience.

Gold Nail Drill

Cylindrical gold nail drill. Diameter 6.6mm

Gold Nail Drill

Cylindrical gold nail drill. Diameter 5.3mm

Gold Nail Drill

Cylinder with top edge radius gold nail drill

Gold Nail Drill

Cylinder with radius end gold nail drill

Gold Nail Drill

Ball-shaped gold nail drill

Gold Nail Drill

Tree shape radius end gold nail drill with 2# and 3# flute.

Gold Nail Drill

Tree shape radius end gold nail drill with 2#, 5# and 7# flute.

Gold Nail Drill

Flame shape gold nail drill with 2# cut

Gold Nail Drill

Flame shape gold nail drill with 1# and 5# cut

Gold Nail Drill

Taper radius gold nail drill with super sharp flute.

Gold Nail Drill

Taper radius gold nail drill with 2# cut.

Gold Nail Drill

Taper with a top radius, end by a radius bottom. LD series gold nail drill.

Gold Nail Drill

Flame and pear-shaped gold nail drill

Gold Nail Drill

SBM series 5 in 1 gold nail drill, with a top end cut.

Gold Nail Drill

SBM series 5 in 1 gold nail drill, with a top end cut.

Gold Nail Drill

RD6 series 5 in 1 gold nail drill, without end cut.

Gold Nail Drill

RD6 series 5 in 1 gold nail drill, without end cut.

Gold Nail Drill

Tree with radius end gold nail drill, popular style with cross cut.

Gold Nail Drill

Taper with pointed end gold nail drill

Gold Nail Drill

Cuticle and callus removing gold nail drill.

Gold Nail Drill

Dust proof gold nail drill – Tapered

Gold Nail Drill

Dust proof gold nail drill – Cylindrical

Why Syndent Gold Nail Drill

Syndent gold nail drill is a perfect bit made from optimum strength materials to offer quality cuts. Our product can provide diversified uses on gel nails and acrylics, like removing hard gel nails.

You can swiftly remove acrylics, gel nail polish, hard gel nails, nail extension gels, dip powder, etc. Moreover, Syndent gold nail drill can clean under your nails, remove cuticles and remove dead skin or calluses.

Our product can satisfy all your different professional nail art jobs like cutting, carving, reshaping, polishing, and sanding. It can also help you shorten your artificial nails, creating little dust and heat.

Syndent gives a guaranteed after-sales service. In addition, we promise to respond to queries regarding the product. Syndent can provide feedback in three working days.

Syndent dispatches 90% of its cargo in most locations worldwide. We have garnered enough experience and have had incredible coordination with popular shipping companies with time. Syndent can advise you on the most reliable shipping option and company that suit your scale.

Syndent provides an effective 24/7 hotline besides an online chat and contact. We also support Skype, Messenger, and WhatsApp. So you can get in touch and receive instant feedback in case of any concern.

Gold Nail Drill

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of gold nail drill before production.

Gold Nail Drill

Syndent automatically brazes gold nail drill with silver in a low temperature

Gold Nail Drill

We must make the gold nail drill jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Gold Nail Drill

Syndent examines the hardness of carbide nail drill bit shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

Gold Nail Drill

Solid gold nail drill needs a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Gold Nail Drill

Syndent CNC grinds the gold nail drill teeth after the tests approved

Gold Nail Drill

Syndent polishes the gold nail drill shaft, and its brazing position

Gold Nail Drill

Syndent makes your logo on the gold nail drill, and stick your own label on the case.

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Your Best Supplier of Gold Nail Drill

Syndent’s long-term stability and development reflect our responsible service to you. We furnish you with a gold nail drill that has a lifetime warranty.

If the product incurs quality issues, we can immediately replace it with a new one. It can help you have enhanced customer stability and a better market share.

With more than 11 years of successive growth, Syndent has had a strong partnership with major customers. Our collaboration includes Snap-on, Fortune 500, Grainger, etc.

We surely have amassed quality customer experience. Syndent can provide an effective and most professional service.

Syndent orders the raw materials from popular companies that guarantee quality and stable deliveries. The state-owned enterprises mine the raw materials from their mining fields.

With the help of our completely automated CNCs, we can produce guaranteed quality gold nail drill. Syndent can supply quality products with a stable delivery time.

Syndent can send samples requested at your designated point for free. No cost you incur with the tests.

Apart from Syndent gold nail drill, we advise you to try other products we manufacture. They include burr drill bitsnail file drill bits, diamond nail drill bits, etc.

We invite all your orders. Get in touch for an instant quotation of Syndent gold nail drill.

Gold Nail Drill: An Informative FAQ Guide

When shopping for nail drill bits, you desire to shop for the best.

However, finding the best can seem an arduous task because of different brands on the market.

Therefore, we have prepared an informative guide specifically for the gold nail drill.

What is Gold Nail Drill?

Gold Nail Drill

Gold nail drill bits

A gold nail drill means a nail drill bit with a gold surface coating. In essence, you can use the bit in processing your acrylic or gel nails to perfection.

Moreover, the bit features unique cutting “teeth” that slice the enhancement like butter.

In most cases, manufacturers design the gold nail drill from tungsten carbide and then apply a gold coating. Nonetheless, you can also find a mandrel with gold color.

But for the mandrel, you’ll also require sanding caps or sanding bands that you slip onto the mandrel.

The color doesn’t enhance the tool’s efficiency but adds beauty to the bit. However, tungsten is pretty tough. And, its rigidity compares almost to diamond, the most rigid component on earth.

Tungsten carbide is twenty times more rigid than steel. Thus, a gold nail drill with tungsten carbide steel components guarantees extra durability.

Therefore, you can use them to remove different enhancements without wearing them out quickly.

A gold nail drill is a pretty versatile bit that can produce various performances when doing your fake nails. For example, it can help a technician accomplish diversified professional tasks like:

  • Cleaning.
  • Grinding.
  • Carving.
  • Shaping.
  • Polishing.
  • Sharpening.
  • Shortening.
  • Sanding.
  • Backfill cutting.

Gold Nail Drill

Removing topcoat with a gold nail drill

Gold nail drill bits can also come in multiple valuable shapes and sizes. In principle, the shapes or sizes enable technicians to meet all the nail artwork needs in the beauty industry.

For example, an appropriate shape can help you fluently remove bulk material faster. Moreover, you can find the correct shape to reach tight areas on the nails and remove polish.

In addition, a gold nail drill has a compact design. Therefore, a technician can carry it along and use it at any place. The lightweight design helps the user properly control the bit when in use.

Syndent features amongst the best abrasive companies in the world. And, as a distributor of nails and beauty tools, we aim to provide superior quality and professional products.

Therefore, we supply our products to different distributors, wholesalers, and retailers worldwide. Moreover, our quality gold nail drill bits guarantee excellent shelf life.

What Is the Function of Gold Nail Drill?

Like most of our different nail drill bits, a gold nail drill can provide a tremendous cutting performance.

In addition, it has excellent durability, creates minimal dust, and creates less friction and heat. Therefore, it is ideal for professional industrial applications and home use.

You can use Syndent gold nail drill to execute the following tasks:

  • Removing cuticles and cleaning the cuticle area without damaging your skin.
  • Shaping the acrylic and gel nails.
  • Removing gel polish from your acrylic or gel nails.
  • Shortening a client’s acrylic/gel nails.
  • Processing thick toenails.
  • Removing top bulk layers from your acrylic or gel nails.
  • Removing deep powder nails.
  • Polishing your nails.
  • Making your nail bed smoother.
  • Backfill cutting.
  • Removing the callus and dead skin from your feet and hands safely and smoothly.
  • Sidewall filling of the nails.
  • Buffing.
  • Removing ridges and dirt under your nails.
  • Prepping your nail surface for a new topcoat application.

With the right shape of a gold nail drill, you can design acrylic nails perfectly and quickly. For instance, the gold nail drill can help you make shapes like:

  • Oval.
  • Round.
  • Square.
  • Squoval.
  • Almond.
  • Stiletto.
  • Ballerina.

What are the Different Types of Gold Nail Drill Bits?

Gold Nail Drill

Types of gold nail drill bits

You can find gold nail drill bits in diversified shapes to help the technician apply various skills to artificial nails.

For example, you can shape, clean, cut, carve, polish, or shorten the nails with different shapes.

Student designs gold nail drill bits in multiple shapes such as:

  • Cylinder shape.
  • Ball shape.
  • Tree shape.
  • 5-in-1 shape.
  • Flame shape.
  • Tapered shape.
  • Flame and spear-shaped.
  • Needle-shaped cuticle and callus removal.
  • Cone shape.

Which Type of Gold Nail Drill Can Remove Nail Overlays Faster?

When removing bulk nail overlays, it can help if you choose a gold nail drill with a broader surface. The specific bit removes a more significant part of the nail surface.

Therefore, it allows you to remove large chunks of nail overlays. Hence, it slices your working time in half.

Large barrel

Gold Nail Drill

Giant barrel gold nail drill

A giant barrel gold nail drill can help a technician remove heavy nail enhancement fluently. Moreover, it enables you to achieve a smooth finish on the nail surface, ready for the next application.

Large barrel gold nail drills come in distinct textures. For instance, you may find coarse, medium, or fine. Furthermore, you can find extra rough or extra-fine textures to suit specific applications.

A large barrel gold nail drill can also come with a radius end or without a radius end. A radius end essentially can safely remove an overlay without damaging the skin around your cuticle area.

When removing material around the cuticle area, it helps if you choose a large barrel with a radius end. In addition, you should choose one with a fine texture to safely and smoothly prep the cuticles.

Besides removing bulk nail overlays, a large barrel gold nail drill can also fulfill other tasks. For example, it can shorten and shape the nails, make a smile cut, and backfill cutting.

Cone shape

Gold Nail Drill

Cone gold nail drill

A cone gold nail drill is slim and with a tapered shape, and it offers several purposes. For example, you can use it on the nail’s surface to remove large chunks of overlays.

Moreover, it can help prepare a client’s cuticle area, clean under the nails, or sidewall filing.

A cone shape gold nail drill can provide a tremendous job when doing surface work on the toenail. Furthermore, it helps a manicurist when shaping the fingernails. Therefore, it is a valuable tool you need for pedicures and manicures.

5-in-1 Gold Nail Drill

The 5-in-1 gold nail drill represents an all-in-one bit. In essence, it allows the manicurist to perform five tasks simultaneously.

For instance, its coarseness gradually changes from top to bottom. Therefore, it reduces a technician’s working time in half.

With a 5-in-1 gold nail drill, you can remove heavy enhancement from the nail’s surface with a smooth finish.

Also, it helps in cleaning the cuticle area, preparing your nail bed, shaping and shortening your nail nails.

Furthermore, a manicurist can find a 5-in-1 gold nail drill effective in cleaning under the nails.

Syndent 5-in-1 rose gold nail drill offers two-way rotation features. That means both left-handed and right-handed nail techs can use it without difficulties.

Moreover, they come in different textures like coarse, medium, and fine. Therefore, you can conveniently find your preferred choice.

Gold Nail Drill

5 In 1 gold nail drill

Where do You Use the Needle Shape Gold Nail Drill?

The needle shape gold nail drill is an ideal bit for removing cuticles. Moreover, you may conveniently use it to remove dirt under the nails.

The needle-shaped gold nail drill is pretty tiny and pointed, also called the Under the Nail Cuticle (UNC) bit. Therefore, it can reach tight areas that other bits cannot and offer incredible performance.

The UNC’s point size may change from one manufacturer to another. Besides cleaning under your fingernails, the needle shape gold nail drill can also do a sidewall filing.

Furthermore, experienced nail technicians can also correctly use the UNC to make designer holes in your nails.

What is a Safety Gold Nail Drill Bit?

A safety gold nail drill means a safety bit designed to perform safe cuticle tasks. In principle, a safety bit has a rounded top, and you can find them in a great collection of shapes.

A manicurist can conveniently reach the sidewalls and cuticle with such like bits. More so, they serve their purpose excellently without injuring your natural nail. Therefore, you can confidently use them for a tremendous in-fill cuticle job.

Designed with a round top and gold, Syndent safety gold nail drill bit looks very stylish and more comfortable.

And, its unique design allows the bit to reach tight places like the cuticles and sidewalls. In addition, the round top helps in shielding your skin from scratching and hurting. Therefore, a nail technician and client can experience pleasant, professional nail artwork.

The strong Syndent safety gold nail drill is made from carbide steelworks excellently to serve professional tasks.

For example, it can help the user inaccurate carving, grinding, engraving, cleaning, polishing, drilling, shaping, shortening, etc. Consequently, it creates minimal dust and less friction. Thus, it can hardly generate heat when fulfilling its purpose.

Because a safety gold nail drill has no sharp edges, its rounded design can touch any part of your skin. Thus, it won’t scratch or damage your skin while processing the acrylic nails.

Gold Nail Drill

Safety gold nail drill

Syndent professional team has successfully tested the safety gold nail drill and came up with positive feedback.

Thus, it represents a terrific gift a nail salon should have or when doing your nails safely at home. In addition, it gives the technician the confidence needed to use a nail machine.

Can You Use A Gold Nail Drill to Remove Hang Nails?


Hangnails refer to jagged irritating parts of the skin that protrude on the sides of fingernails. Nonetheless, you can hardly see them on your toes.

And regardless of their name, they don’t represent part of your nail. Furthermore, they appear small but can cause much pain, discomfort, and irritation.

Although many people bite them off, it doesn’t sound like an excellent solution to illuminating them. However, with the help of the correct gold nail drill, you can safely and neatly remove hangnails.

The flame-shaped gold nail drill can help a manicurist remove hangnails to stop the discomfort, irritation, and pain.

Moreover, technicians use a particular bit when creating a dead cuticle lip. In essence, it enhances an excellent removal of the dead skin.

Besides, a flame shape gold nail drill can sufficiently remove any skin or dust around a client’s nail plate. In addition, technicians use them to clean or make perfections after applying any product.

What is the Standard Size for Gold Nail Drill?

The nail industry’s standard shank size for most nail drill bits is 3/32 inches in diameter. That means your electric nail machine with a 3/32-inch collet can accept a gold nail drill of the same size.

Consequently, most tabletops and portable electric devices can take a gold nail drill bit with a 3/32 inch shank size.

In addition, you may find some nail drill bits with 1/8-inch shank sizes. However, you can use them in older nail drill machines.

We have several sizes of rose gold nail drill bits available on the market today. Hence, newcomers in the industry might find it confusing when looking for the correct size.

How Does a Gold Nail Drill Work?

A gold nail drill has two primary parts; head and shank. Consequently, the head features a series of tiny cutting edges called flutes.

In addition, the flutes have a special sharp cutting effect. And, the specific design allows the technician to swiftly cut when pressed on a more challenging or softer enhancement.

Sometimes back, manufacturers designed the flutes of a nail drill bit facing one direction.

Therefore, you could only use the bit to remove enhancements when pressed in a particular order. And, in such a case, they favored right-hand nail technicians only.

You can find an electric nail drill gold for lefties with modern technological advancements. However, in principle, the formation of the flutes faces in a specific direction that favors left-handed nail technicians.

In addition, technological advancement has helped manufacturers to introduce a two-way rotational rose gold nail drill. That implies we also have nail machines with reverse and forward settings.

A left-handed manicurist can select the reverse(R) mode and process the nails in such a case. Otherwise, a right-handed user should choose the forward (F) option and still use the same two-way bit.

To use an electric drill gold, you require an electric machine. Consequently, you insert the bit in your electric drill machine and then power it up.

For effective removal of a nail overlay, choose a safe gold nail drill and begin grinding around the cuticle area.

Then, grind the enhancement from the middle to the side with a side-to-side cut. Or, you use the back-and-forth motion and care when cutting the cuticle area.

Alternatively, you can remove the overlay on both sides of the nail and then proceed to the middle part. Lastly, you can finish with the edge of your nail.

Why Should You Invest in Gold Nail Drill Bits?

Gold nail drill or rose gold nail bits feature premium materials. In principle, the premium materials used have optimum strength.

Moreover, they have a natural sharp cutting effect and tremendous durability.

Gold Nail Drill

Rose gold nail drill bits

Syndent designs gold nail drill bits using freshly mined raw materials from state-owned enterprises.

In addition, we receive the materials on time and thoroughly scrutinize them for quality purposes. Thus, we can produce items with high ratings in the industry and provide quality performance.

Syndent rose gold nail drill bits are lightweight and highly portable. Therefore they can offer different conveniences for technicians working in a busy salon. In practice, the bit enables the user to have complete control when processing your nails.

Moreover, you can find the bit helpful when managing tasks like carving, removing topcoats, polishing, etc.

Manufacturers usually produce rose gold nail drill bits in diversified shapes and sizes. Thus, they can help a technician execute specific nails tasks.

Syndent manufactures gold nail drill bits concerning international industrial regulations. Thus, our bits have professional features to provide accurate and precise performance.

Made with high-quality materials, the electric nail drill gold also has super sharp cutting edges. Thus, it cuts through an enhancement with a lot of ease.

As a result, you experience very little friction that may generate heat which can cause a ring of fire.

Also, the materials have hard-wearing features, making the bit resistant to premature wear. Therefore, you can use the gold nail drill for several months before replacing it.

Can You Use Gold Nail Drill to Prepare Your Nails for Powder Application?


You can polish the surface of your nails with a gold nail drill in preparation for dip powder application. However, you should choose a bit with the right shape and grit to achieve a fine smooth surface.

Also known as SNS nails, applying dip powder nails requires a unique technique. In practice, you dip the nails into colored powder. Or, you can alternatively brush the dip powder onto your nails. Then, you use a clear sealant to cover the dip powder. Thus, dip powder can last very long and cannot chip faster.

However, dip powder starts chipping after a month or so. And, you can remove the dip powder using the best grit gold nail drill.

Moreover, when removing the topcoat, use a medium-low speed to achieve incredible smoothness. Consequently, the bit can help the technician to prepare the nail surface for the next topcoat application.

Can You Remove Gel Polish Using Gold Nail Drill?


Like most Syndent designs, a gold nail drill bit also offers almost the same performance. In essence, its structure from premium material provides it with the strength to slice through different enhancements.

For example, it can correctly process your acrylics or gel nails. Thus, you can also use it for the proper removal of gel polish from your acrylic or gel nails.

Gold Nail Drill

Removes the gel polish

A rose gold nail has unique cutting edges called flutes. In practice, the flutes are super sharp.

But, they have less aggression compared to carbide burrs used on metals and other materials.

Therefore, the gold nail drill can only remove enhancements on nails and not on different materials. Nonetheless, the bit efficiently and smoothly removes the gel polish from your acrylics.

Can You Use Gold Nail Drill On Wet Nails?

Syndent gold nail drill bits have the best cutting edges of all the bits on the market.

In addition, they offer tremendous durability because of the optimum strength material used. That means they can freely remove or cut any material on the nails like acrylics, gel nails, etc.

Therefore, you don’t need to get your nails before processing them with a gold nail drill.

Consequently, the bit can remove pesky contours near your client’s nail bed on dry nails. Additionally, the technician acquires a smooth finish on the client’s nails.

Gold nail drill bits also have high rotation ability. As a result, they remove the nail overlay faster when attached to an efficient electric machine.3

Does a Gold Nail Drill Come in Diversified Cuts?


A gold nail drill can come in more than one cut. Consequently, the differences in cuts depend on the design of the flutes on the bit.

Nonetheless, the differences help meet most nail artwork needs in the nail and beauty industry.

First, we have a single cut or 1#. Consequently, a single cut has single unique spiral flutes that appear in the right upward direction of the bit.

In essence, manicurists use a single-cut gold nail drill to remove complex enhancements. For example, the specific bit can strongly cut the gel and acrylic nails and fluently remove any extra material.

Next, the gold nail drill can feature double flutes, also known as 2#. A double cut or cross-cut means the bit has double flutes. Thus, a double-cut gold nail drill allows the technician to complete smooth work on the nails.

Other unique cuts may include 3# cut, 5# cut, 7# cut, etc.

Syndent’s mission as a distributor is to supply quality products to the nail industry. Therefore, we provide several nail drill bits other than the gold nail drill. For instance, Syndent distributes dental bursburr drill bits, etc.

For a quotation of premium gold nail drill bits, please contact us.

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