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Grinding Barrel Nail Bit

Syndent Grinding Barrel Nail Bit

Syndent grinding barrel nail bit offers perfect manicure and pedicure functions on your client.

We design our grinding barrel nail bit from fine-grade tungsten carbide for your personal or professional use.

Because of sharp cutting and hard-wear resistance functions, you can have reasonable price.

Our product has easy-to-use features thus, a very convenient and comfortable tool to use even for beginners.

We are a professional manufacturer of high-quality grinding barrel nail bit products in China.

Syndent supplies to large companies around the world like Fortune 500. When you order several pieces directly from our factory, we guarantee 50% discounts.

Grinding Barrel Nail Bit

Different carbide grinding barrel nail bit for professionals.

Grinding Barrel Nail Bit

Super durable carbide grinding barrel nail bit, coated and uncoated.

Grinding Barrel Nail Bit

High performance and extremely sharp carbide grinding barrel nail bit

Grinding Barrel Nail Bit

All kinds of ceramic grinding barrel nail bit for your choices

Grinding Barrel Nail Bit

Super long life ceramic grinding barrel nail bit

Grinding Barrel Nail Bit

Custom design ceramic grinding barrel nail bit as you wish

Grinding Barrel Nail Bit

Best-selling diamond grinding barrel nail bit

Grinding Barrel Nail Bit

Most popular diamond grinding barrel nail bit for technicians

Grinding Barrel Nail Bit

Custom design diamond grinding barrel nail bit for professionals

Grinding Barrel Nail Bit

All carbide drill bits for pedicure by podiatrist

Grinding Barrel Nail Bit

All pedicure diamond grinding barrel nail bit

Grinding Barrel Nail Bit

High quality sanding caps used by podiatrist for removing dead skin.

Grinding Barrel Nail Bit

Different kinds of nail sanding bands for the beginners and professionals

Grinding Barrel Nail Bit

Matching with all of the regular sanding bands

Grinding Barrel Nail Bit

Suitable for all of the sanding caps in different sizes

Why Syndent Grinding Barrel Nail Bit

Syndent grinding barrel nail bit comes with a unique construction. You can comfortably use for grinding artificial nails. Made from fine-grade cemented carbide, you can use our product to reshape the nails of a client.

As a beginner or skilled manicurist, you may ideally use our product to remove dead skin, cuticles, etc.

The intersecting stripes on the nail bit can help you reshape or fine-polish a client’s nails to a smooth finish.

Other uses can include removing the gel from nails, cleaning under the nails, removing dip powder, shortening acrylic nails, etc. Our grinding barrel nail bit offers the best universality. You can do a lot of nail artwork.

Syndent has always offered guaranteed after-sales services. If our grinding barrel nail bit doesn’t meet your expectations, we can help you fix the problem. We will respond to your call in three official days.

We dispatch most of our cargo to different regions around the world. Thus, we have worked with varying forwarders of freight and understand the industry well.

Because of that, Syndent has very many connections and rich experience in the shipping industry.

Therefore, we can suggest for you an appropriate shipping company and enjoy excellent services at a reasonable price. In addition, we take care of shipping issues.

To meet your different payment options needs, Syndent provides multiple safe and reliable methods. You can choose from Banks, Western Union, Visa, PayPal, TT, MoneyGram, L/C, etc. We can expand the list based on your request or suggestions.

Grinding Barrel Nail Bit

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of grinding barrel nail bit before production.

Grinding Barrel Nail Bit

Syndent automatically brazes grinding barrel nail bit with silver in a low temperature.

Grinding Barrel Nail Bit

We must make the jumping test of grinding barrel nail bit after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Grinding Barrel Nail Bit

Syndent examines the shank hardness of grinding barrel nail bit after brazing, and tests the bending strength carefully

Grinding Barrel Nail Bit

Solid grinding barrel nail bits need a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Grinding Barrel Nail Bit

Syndent CNC grinds the teeth of grinding barrel nail bit after the tests approved

Grinding Barrel Nail Bit

Syndent polishes the shaft of grinding barrel nail bit, and its brazing position

Grinding Barrel Nail Bit

Syndent makes your logo on the grinding barrel nail bit, and stick your own label on the case.



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  • Syndent has all the popular carbide cutters and shapes. Succeed in helping many customers save costs in the past decades.

  • Range from the dental laboratory to clinic purpose. Either a dental technician or dental doctor could find what you demand here.

  • You have creative nails through Syndent amazing nail carbide burrs. We can do better and think about what you think.

Your Best Supplier of Grinding Barrel Nail Bit

Syndent clings to team-oriented fundamentals. Also, we attach a lot of importance to the professional development of our workers as they attach significance to teamwork.

Our well-trained and experienced engineers team together to develop products that compete with top brands in the industry. It helps you tune out outstanding geometric parameters of our grinding barrel nail bit.

Syndent adjusts the equipment at regular intervals after operating for some time. After every three months, we check the testing tools for our internal measuring equipment to ascertain accurate results.

We also test our processing machine accuracy. Syndent then replaces obsolete parts to keep up with the latest technology. Our company thrives on ensuring consistency in the quality of yourrinding barrel nail bit.

For more than 11 years of consistent growth, Syndent has propitiously partnered with other customers. We have engaged Snap-on, Fortune 500, Grainger, etc. We, therefore, have a rich customer experience. Syndent can provide you with efficient and most professional services.

Our grinding barrel nail bit products include different sizes and shapes currently on the market. You can freely choose from coarse, extra-coarse, medium, or fine.

We provide the most available head diameter sizes. Syndent can help you select an appropriate shape or size to increase your product line.

Apart from grinding barrel nail bit, Syndent produces supplementary products. For example, we have sanding capsdental carbide burs, cuticle nail drill bits, etc.

For more information regarding Syndent grinding barrel nail bit, feel free to contact us.

Grinding Barrel Nail Bit: The Utmost FAQ Guide

For decades now, since the arrival of nail drill bits in the nail industry, many things have changed. On the practical side, manicurists have had a swift transition from the old, slow nail processing.

Now, you can process your nails faster with modern tools like the grinding barrel nail bit.

What Is A Grinding Barrel Nail Bit?

Grinding Barrel Nail Bit

Grinding barrel nail bits

A grinding barrel nail bit refers to a nail file that helps a manicurist grind off enhancements from nails. Moreover, you can primarily use a grinding barrel nail bit on the surface of your nail.

Syngenta is an international company based in China. We produce high-quality professional abrasives acceptable and commonly used in various industries. Thus, our ideal milling abrasive can provide the best execution on any artificial nail.

We use the highest quality alloy raw materials, which we pass through a careful selection and treatment.

Thus, our grinding barrel nail bit has the best rust resistance. Therefore, it reduces the risk of transferring infection.

The grinding barrel nail bit has excellent surface hardness and good durability. Therefore, you cannot damage it quickly, and you can use the bit repeatedly, unlike sanding bands or sanding caps.

In essence, the sanding bands allow you to have a single application on the nails. Afterward, you need to discard them and use new ones for the next client.

The ideal grinder for nails can help you do any manicure process on fake nails. For example, you can use it for sharpening the nails and diluting your acrylics efficiently. It, therefore, makes it an ideal nail file for professional manicurists.

The grinding barrel nail bit has a unique shape with professionally designed flutes. Besides flutes, others made from diamond alloy materials have professionally built partials.

Thus, the unique flutes or partials allow the user to remove an enhancement perfectly and faster. Also, the tool’s shape gives a safe removal of the topcoat without injuring the skin.

The bit also features a durable and robust handle diameter designed from steel. As a result, it can manage all the specific nail artwork tasks. At the same time, the universal handle diameter is highly compatible with most machines on the market.

Furthermore, we build the manicure device with portability in mind. In essence, our grinding barrel nail bit comes in a small and lightweight size.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter wherever you go, and you can move with it conveniently in your bag, suitcase, etc. Hence, it is a suitable device for traveling or family use.

A grinding barrel nail bit is a multifunctional abrasive for nails that you can change for use. For example, some of our designs can provide either a positive or negative rotation. It, therefore, implies the specific bit favors both left-handed and right-handed users.

Which Functions Does Grinding Barrel Nail Bit Provide?

The grinding barrel nail bit provides an easy way to remove and reassemble. Thus, it gives the user the convenience of doing other functions on nails besides grinding.

A manicurist can use the grinding barrel nail bit to do the following:

  • Shaping your artificial nails.
  • Sharpening the fake nails of a client.
  • Removing nail gel or polish.
  • Removing dead skin or calluses.
  • Carving radian.
  • Removing heavy acrylics from your nails.
  • Polishing the whole nail surface.
  • Backfilling.
  • Cutting out the trenches.
  • Reshaping and shortening your extra thick or irregular nails.
  • Carving the nails.
  • Removing cuticles and for sidewall filing.
  • Making a smile line.

Grinding Barrel Nail Bit

Different applications of a grinding barrel nail bit

A high-quality grinding barrel nail bit can do several tasks other than just grinding off products from the nails. At the same time, having the correct nail file for your nails can make your nail artwork much easier. Meanwhile, it saves valuable time and money when processing your customer’s nails.

Therefore, a grinding barrel nail drill bit designed with the highest precision is suitable for your nail care. For instance, you can use the specific bit for peeling, pedicure and manicure, polishing, cutting, shaping, etc. Also, the bit allows the user to neaten, smoothen, remove, carve, and reshape the acrylics.

Which Products Does The Grinding Barrel Nail Bit Remove?

Grinding Barrel Nail Bit

Removing different enhancements

The primary function of a grinding barrel nail bit includes beautifying a client’s nails. In particular, the beauty of your nails involves removing the old product in readiness for a new application.

We design the grinding barrel nail bit from materials with the highest precision. Thus, our bits have optimum strength, durability, and sharpness.

They also provide a powerful slicing ability and free filing consistency needed while delivering the least friction.

Thus, our grinding barrel nail bit gives an accurate cut for better results. More so, it does not produce extra heat faster due to minimal friction while grinding out the product.

Because of such qualities, the grinding barrel nail bit can remove products like:

  • Acrylic nails.
  • Gel nails.
  • Gel polish.
  • Dip powder.

Can You Find Various Types of Grinding Barrel Nail Bits?


A grinding barrel nail bit can come with a flat end or a rounded top. More so, the tool can come in different sizes. For example, you can find a large and small grinding barrel bit. The tiny grinding barrel helps you grind specific regions on the nail where a larger barrel cannot reach.

You cannot use a flat grinding barrel nail bit around the cuticle area. In its nature, the bit has a sharp tip that can quickly harm your cuticle area. Moreover, it can easily injure your skin. Therefore, never use a flat end grinding barrel bit to remove cuticles.

Flat Top Grinding Barrel Nail Bit

Syndent flat top grinding barrel nail bit provides the nail technician with the needed simplicity of processing your nails.

For instance, it can enable you to cut, reshape, neaten, polish, shortens, carve, remove, or clean your client’s nails. Also, most manicurists can use the ideal nail bit for backfilling.

However, it would help to practice utmost care when working on your cuticles. The flat-top grinding nail bit has exceptionally sharp edges. Hence, if you use the tool carelessly, it might cut into a client’s skin.

The flat-top design and sharp edges can provide accurate cuts on acrylics or other tough enhancements. It simply means that it can shorten your various nails ideally.

Also, you can neatly make smile lines or shape extra thick or irregular nails.

The flat-top grinding barrel nail bit has two size options. It ideally helps the manicurist tackle different tasks accordingly. For instance, the large barrel allows you to tackle larger surface areas effectively. On the contrary, smaller barrels are ideal for a small surface area to process.

Grinding Barrel Nail Bit

Flat top grinding barrel nail bit

Rounded Top Grinding Barrel Nail Bit

A barrel nail bit ideally means a bit with a circular, round shape. In our case, the ideal barrel nail bit has a circular shape with a rounded top. For that reason, we can categorize it amongst safety nail bits.

Therefore, you can use the rounded top grinding barrel nail bit to process the cuticles safely. It also means that the round top barrel nail bit is suitable for beginners as it doesn’t project any danger.

The safety bit helps a nail artist remove any nail design attached to your cuticle area. And, it doesn’t cause damage to your cuticles.

A more significant rounded top grinding barrel nail bit can perform unique grinding on the top surface of your nails. Consequently, you can choose between medium and coarse grit to eliminate your old sculpture enhancement.

Therefore, it implies the more significant rounded top barrel bit can help you prepare your nails for the next fill.

Alternatively, you can use the specific significant radius top grinding barrel nail bit in shaping your newly sculptured nail.

You can achieve a matte pre-polish fine finish if you choose an extra-fine grinding barrel nail bit. In addition, if you have an ultra-fine grinding barrel nail bit, you can make a very smooth and shiny finish.

In addition, you can have a miniature version of a more significant rounded top grinding barrel nail bit. The miniature version essentially provides different alternatives to grind your artificial nails. For example, the specific nail file allows the manicurist to remove light enhancement from the nail surface. Moreover, you can sufficiently and effectively use it under the nails to clean the dirt or smooth the ridges.

The miniature version acts as the original large barrel, but its small design allows you to maneuver through complex areas.

Grinding Barrel Nail Bit

Rounded top grinding barrel nail bit

You can find any grinding barrel nail drill bit in various material designs. For example, we have diamond, tungsten carbide, or ceramic grinding barrel nail bits.

Which Materials Can You Make a Quality Grinding Barrel Nail Bit?

As mentioned, Syndent builds grinding barrel nail bits from various premium raw materials. For example, we use diamond, cemented carbide steel, or ceramic raw materials with high precision and optimum strength.

The high-quality raw materials used come from some of the popular state-of-the-art miners in the world. In addition, they provide a guaranteed supply of the fabrics we need for the development process. Also, they deliver the materials within the prescribed time frame. Therefore, we can find enough time to re-examine the components for quality and manufacture the tools on time.


Diamond has a combination of high quality and preciousness. In truth, diamonds remain the most precious and hardest gemstone worldwide. Thus, a grinding barrel nail bit designed from it has an outstanding rigidity of all other products.

Most diamonds appear tinted with some yellowish tone, and you can rarely find colorless diamonds. In addition, diamond products have the best durability and can provide a powerful cut on rigid materials. For example, it can unwaveringly cut hard gel nails, remove acrylic or gel nails, and clean your cuticles.

We usually derive diamonds through natural and synthetic means. Moreover, the bits derived from diamonds remain the most rigid nail bits found on the market. Therefore, you can use them to remove any product build-up on your nails without extra effort.

A diamond-grinding barrel nail bit removes a product enhancement through a scratching means. Thus, you can expect a slight increase in friction than when using a ceramic or carbide nail file.

Although the diamond grinding barrel nail bit produces increased friction, it won’t rust when exposed to a harsh environment. Moreover, a disinfectant applied to the bits cannot make them rust after use.


One outstanding property with ceramic is the refractory ability. It simply means that it is a rough-and-tumble material that can withstand a fair amount of abuse.

Ceramics is quite hard, primarily resist scratches, and are waterproof. Consequently, a grinding barrel nail bit that features ceramic components lasts for years.

In addition, ceramic nail bits have the best melting points. Thus, they can provide incredible resistance to heat. Moreover, their outstanding rigidity and strength make them highly durable.

Comparing ceramic grinding barrel nail bit to other tools like diamond and carbide doesn’t heat up faster. And ceramic bits have flutes that cut the enhancement rather than scratching it off.

Grinding Barrel Nail Bit

Ceramic grinding barrel nail bit

Cemented Carbide

Cemented carbide has a rigidity that you can almost compare to diamonds. For that reason, they have high strength and power to remove hard and heavy materials. Besides, cemented carbide provides the best longevity in terms of performance.

Like ceramics, cemented carbide steel grinding barrel nail bit comes with flutes. Therefore, they cut the material in the same manner as the ceramics. As a result, they reduce the possibility of overheating caused by excess friction.

Grinding Barrel Nail Bit

Grinding barrel nail bit

Grinding barrel nail bit can come in a couple of grid scales determined by the flutes or partials. For instance, a coarse grit comes from deep, more prominent flutes/partials. On the flip side, a refined bit happens due to shallower and smaller flutes or partials.

Which Color Does the Grinding Barrel Nail Bit Appear?

Besides different materials, a grinding barrel nail bit can appear in different colors. For example, we have gold, rose gold, silver, blue, rainbow, purple, black, etc.

The different colors can come as a coating that gives the bit advanced durability or beauty.

Note that the original grinding barrel nail bit has needed durability and can withstand any test. However, adding a layer makes the bit even more durable than before.

The coating makes the bit long-lasting but reduces its original sharp edges. Therefore, it cannot perform typically.

The grinding barrel nail bit with colors like blue, rainbow, gold, or rose gold gives the product an appealing look. However, the color doesn’t boost its durability whatsoever.

Nonetheless, a coating like a diamond on a tungsten carbide grinding barrel nail bit makes it more durable. In principle, it can make a typical bit six times more rigid.

A titanium coating also can boost the longevity of a specific nail bit. Furthermore, we have other coatings that can improve the performance of a given nail bit.

Grinding Barrel Nail Bit

Titanium-coated grinding barrel nail bit

They include:

  • TiAIN surface layer.
  • TiCN layer.
  • TiN coating.
  • AITiN coating.

Which Features Should You Consider for a Quality Grinding Barrel Nail Bit?

Several features can define a quality grinding barrel nail bit. Generally, you need the best nail file for your manicure or pedicure tasks. Therefore, before buying a grinding barrel nail bit, consider such like features:

Meticulous built

The ideal quality grinding barrel nail bit should have a careful design based on production.

Syndent ensures you receive a quality product as we ensure the bit goes through a thorough development process.

In particular, the comprehensive development ensures the bit receives the prescribed quality features. Therefore, the tool can manage various nail artwork applications.


A durable tool means it has the potential of perfectly handling pressure, wears, and pressure. Thus, Syndent uses the most rigid materials in the world to manufacture the grinding barrel nail bit.

For instance, materials like cemented carbide and diamonds have quality features, and hardness primarily describes them all. Ceramic also is a rigid material.

For that reason, all our different types of grinding barrel nail bits have better rigidity. Hence, they don’t wear out or damage rapidly, considering the demanding tasks it handles.

High-temperature Tolerance

Syndent designs the grinding barrel nail bit from refined premium materials with optimum strength. For instance, cemented carbide steel, diamond, and ceramic grinding barrel nail bit have the best rigidity.

In addition, carbide or ceramic grinding barrel nail bit have flutes. And, fluted bits cut materials accurately like blades rather than scratching. Hence, they don’t create more friction. For that reason, the specific nail files don’t heat up faster than others.

Stability and Accuracy

The particular grinding barrel nail bit should provide accurate results when cutting the nails. But, at the same time, it should give the much-needed stability that allows you to handle tasks conveniently.

Syndent grinding barrel nail bit has high precision and stability. Therefore, a nail technician has the confidence to process a client’s nails and achieves quality results.

Versatility and Weight

When handling your nail artwork and having quality and precise results, you should consider the tool’s weight. In truth, a lightweight grinding barrel nail bit can give the user the required confidence. Thus, you can remove the nail topcoat perfectly and faster.

Syndent produces lightweight grinding barrel nail bits that offer several ways to execute your nail art skills.

What is The Recommended Speed to Use with Grinding Barrel Nail Bit?

In general, we don’t have limitations on the speed rate a manicurist can use on a grinding barrel nail bit. Nevertheless, the speed you choose can vary depending on many factors.

First and foremost, it can depend on the type of job initiated on the nails. In basic, specific tasks might require a certain speed so that you can do the job perfectly.

When removing cuticles, for example, requires that you use a slow pace. However, eliminating heavy material from the surface may demand a higher speed.

Secondly, the speed can depend on the enhancement you wish to remove. For instance, eliminating hard gel or acrylics demands a slightly higher rate. On the contrary, soft gel or regular polish requires a slower speed.

Also, the size of the bit can determine the speed limit. For example, use a more incredible speed when using a tiny grinding barrel nail bit to achieve accurate results. However, you can only have complete control of a more significant grinding barrel nail bit with a slow speed level.

Therefore, depending on the various factors, you can find a speed range from 7 500 to 20 000 RPM. In particular, such speed is suitable when handling most of the tasks. Otherwise, professional nail technicians can admire 30 000 as their preferred maximum speed.

We usually don’t recommend using a grinding barrel nail bit to cut natural nails. This is because our absolute grinding barrel nail bit features exceptionally sharp edges in the primary.

And since natural nails are pretty soft than acrylics or other enhancements, they can unmistakably damage the nail. Or, it can create a ring of fire which is quite severe on your nail.

Also, using an exaggeratedly low speed can force the dirt to stick between the flutes. As a result, it can lead to poor performance of the bit hence, poor results.

Moreover, your grinding barrel nail bit can quickly overheat because of excess dirt stuck between the edges.

In addition, an extreme speed can put you in a position of losing control over the tool. As a result, you might not achieve the desired accurate results when removing or shaping your artificial nails.

Therefore, apply a speed that feels comfortable for removing specific products or working on a particular area of the nail.

Besides grinding barrel nail bit, you may choose from other abrasives we produce. For example, Syndent has e file nail drill bitscarbide burr for steelsanding caps, etc.

You can at any time get in touch with our customer care representatives. We can instantly serve you with a quotation of the grinding barrel nail bit or other tools.

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