How To Do Cuticles with Electric Nail File?

Removing cuticles remains essential for grooming attractive and shiny nails. But before you think of how to do cuticles with an electric nail file, you must identify the cuticle.

It can fundamentally help in removing the correct material without injuring your client. Additionally, you will need a suitable electric nail file that works appropriately around the cuticle area.

And once you identify the cuticle and have an appropriate tool, you can choose a filing technique. Eventually, you’ll achieve tremendous results with high precision.

The best way to trim cuticles involves pushing the Eponychium first along the nail bed. And a cuticle pusher can facilitate safe pushing so that you expose the dead tissue. The cuticle fundamentally is the dead tissue resulting from the live tissue (Eponychium).

Choose the correct electric file machine and attach your electric nail file correctly. Then, gently file down the cuticles from one side of the nail to the end.

And while filing, apply the slightest pressure on the nail file. The electric nail file will trim down the cuticles with sharp edges without pressing hard.

At the same time, you will file slowly with a speed of at least 5 000 RPM. Also, note that the idea is to remove the excess dry skin and the hangnails only. Therefore, the electric nail file should not proceed to the live tissue.

Electric Nail File For Cuticle

Electric Nail File Tools

The correct way to do cuticles with an electric nail file involves keeping it horizontal. Observing the rule consequently helps to maintain control of the electric nail file. Nonetheless, you will initiate some movements with the tool to obtain a smooth finish.

When using a safety tool around the cuticles, use the top part as you try to keep the tool flat. Observing the rule helps to avoid filing into the natural nail.

In addition, strive to balance your little finger while using the file. With your hand holding the handpiece firmly, rest the little finger on the hand holding a client’s finger.

Also, exercise a firm grip of a client’s finger on the machine. The tight grip minimizes vibration and helps obtain complete control throughout the process. The technique eventually results in excellent results.

During the filing process, try speaking to the client to know their feelings. If, for instance, the client feels uncomfortable, try lifting the electric nail file in intervals. Or, try using another technique that makes them feel comfortable.

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