How to File Cuticles?

Filing cuticles remains one of the important tasks a manicurist can do when preparing the nail bed.

However, it demands a unique technique to complete the entire process successfully. In addition, you might need the right cuticle file bit for high precision and accurate results.

How to File CuticlesFile bit for cuticles

When filing the cuticles, it is important that you protect your client against injury. In essence, the cuticle is a very sensitive region that requires a specific tool.

In addition, it is important that you identify the cuticle. You might wrongly identify the cuticle because many technicians have failed to distinguish the eponychium from the cuticles.

The eponychium is part of living skin and it comes next to your nail plate. On the other side, the cuticle is a non-living tissue attached to the nail plate.

Thus, you can easily damage yourself or a client when you touch the eponychium. In essence, the cuticle represents a shed of the eponychium.

Once you have differentiated the cuticle from the eponychium, the following steps can guide you on how to file cuticles:

  • Use the right tool to remove the nail polish or any other enhancement from the nails.
  • Push the eponychium so that it exposes the cuticles. However, avoid placing the tool below the nail fold because it might result to injury.
  • Choose a correct cuticle pusher that can safely expose the cuticles.
  • Hold the tool like you would hold a pen, and with a light but firm grip. Ensure the edge of the tool lies against your eponychium.

Gently press the tool against the eponychium so that it slides back and exposes the cuticle.

  • After exposing the cuticle, you will consider starting the filing process from the center.
  • With a forward direction, file the left part of the cuticle towards the sidewalls of the nail. However, the cuticle file bit should lie flat to the nail.
  • Using the reverse technique, file the remaining part. Position the bit at the center and file gently towards the right and onto the sidewalls.

The steps listed can guide you on how to file down cuticles correctly.

Useful Note: With a cuticle file bit, you won’t require a cuticle pusher. The file bit essentially pushes the cuticle back while removing the cuticles. Also, it would help if you apply a low RPM speed; about 5 000 RPM.

Beginners should consider using a cylinder file with a rounded top for safe application. However, professionals can use a pointed or any other type of cuticle bit. Also, choose a bit that you feel comfortable using.

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