How to Remove Cuticles with Electric File

There are different ways technicians use for the effective filing of cuticles. In addition, manufacturers guide how you can become a professional in the nail field.

However, learning and sticking to a specific technique can increase your professionalism. Also, choosing a suitable electric file tool and machine can play a part in excellent cuticle removal.

Over the years, the nail field has undergone a tremendous transformation. For instance, new electric files have changed how modern technicians do their tasks. Additionally, it has brought various ways to remove cuticles with an electric file.

How to remove cuticles with an electric file requires a lot of caution. Moreover, it requires confidence and enough patience to use the electric file.

But then, a clean nail plate in which you can apply poly gel, acrylic, dip, or gel powder will become an obsession.

We have different tools you will find helpful when it comes to how to remove cuticles with electric file devices. The tools comprise valuable shapes and sizes that make the cuticle removal complete and enjoyable.

Electric File For Removing Cuticles

Electric File For Removing Cuticles

A cuticle pusher is integral when preparing the cuticle area for filing. It assists the technicians in pushing the Eponychium away from the dead tissue (cuticles) so that you file them freely.

However, a suitable selection of an electric file would do the pushing and filing of the cuticles at the same time. In such a case, a thin fine needle-like bit or tapered with a pointed end can help do the task effectively.

A tapered, pointed bit or thin needle-like electric cuticle file removes dead or spreading cuticles. Moreover, the professional application of the electric file performs excellently without touching the living tissue.

Before using any electric file on a client, you must sanitize them. Then, depending on your preference, you can start filing either in reverse mode or forward mode.

For instance, when in a reverse manner, it means filing from the right to the left side with the client-facing you.

Also, exercise a firm grip on a client’s finger. It facilitates complete control of the removal process to achieve precise results.

The most common way how to remove cuticles with electric file products includes beginning from the center. Then, you’ll gently file the half part and wind up with the other part. Or, you can file starting from one sidewall to the other.

However, remember to keep the exercise slow and gentle. That way, you avoid unnecessary injuries to the client’s Eponychium, nail fold, and Lunula.

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