How to Use Cuticle Drill Bit

The cuticle drill bit is ideal for removing cuticles or hangnails. Consequently, the tool creates a lip of the dead cuticle. Hence, you will file the dead skin correctly.

In addition, it will remove extra dust and the dead skin around your nail plate. Moreover, it can facilitate proper cleaning of the nail after applying a product. But, it helps knowing how to use the cuticle drill bit correctly.

Cuticle Drill Bit.

Cuticle Drill Bit

A cuticle drill bit can make your cuticle work easier especially when you choose the right shape. A ball, square, and round bit will facilitate the effective cuticle work and maintenance of gel polish nails.

The specific shapes essentially remain gentle when applied around the cuticle. However, each shape requires exercising precaution and special techniques.

Usually, you need a drill machine to which you attach the selected cuticle drill bit. Once you have inserted the tool in the machine, hold the finger of a client firmly for accurate filing and to avoid vibrations.

When attending to a client with gel polish, you can begin with the cuticle work before the gel polish. Consequently, work with a low speed of not more than 5 000 RPMs when filing around the cuticle area.

Consequently, filing at extreme speeds would severely damage the cuticle area or cut through the living tissue.

Additionally, file gently without pressing very hard on the nail. When you press hard, the cuticle bit can injure the eponychium and the nail plate.

How to use cuticle drill bits?

When filing, it would help removing half part of the cuticles beginning from the center of the nail.

In our case, you can file the left part using the forward motion. And from the center, you file gently toward the sidewalls of the finger.

Then switch to reverse mode and file the right part as you finish with sidewalls.

During the filing process, the finger of the client should face towards. Moreover, the cuticle drill bit should not lie beneath the nail fold for better results.

Usually, a needle or taper shape can do the perfect work of lifting the eponychium and exposing the cuticle. Thus, it would help if you begin with the needle or rounded taper cuticle drill bit. In addition, the same bit can perform excellently at the sidewalls.

A beginner should always consider using a safety bit when doing the cuticles. It will essentially provide safe and comfortable ways to do the job.

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