How to Use e-file for Cuticles

Electric files, popularly called e-files, can provide an excellent salon-based pedicure or manicure quick to achieve. For such reasons, you’ll keep the hands or feet in perfect condition.

With that aside, filing cuticles may require a set of suitable e-file bits to make the job complete.

Additionally, the technician should know how to use e-file for cuticles for excellent performance.

An e-file for cuticles will provide all the filing tasks one-half the time your hand file or buffer can offer. Consequently, mastering new skills of removing cuticles with an e-file might take time.

More so, you should file while preventing damage to a client’s nail plate. Therefore it is vital you observe patience so that you can learn and achieve a perfect technique.

E file for cuticles

e-file for cuticles

Technicians can use different techniques which you can practice to achieve desired results. Also, different companies provide various ways you can practice to master a specific technique of how to use e-file for cuticles.

When it comes to the e-file machine, hold it the way you can hold a pen. However, keep the shaft of the e-file horizontal to the nail you intend to file. Then, control the fingernail to find the right angle to the e-file. Nonetheless, you might switch from the position occasionally when doing a different task.

When using the e-file, ensure the little finger rests on the hand that holds the e-file machine against the other hand. The technique essentially provides a steadier way of controlling the action of an e-file. Also, the technician achieves excellent pressure control applied to the drill machine.

When filing the cuticle, use the top of the e-file. Additionally, observe a flat angle so that you don’t file the natural nail. Then, file from the middle of the cuticle area towards the left.

Consequently, you will need a small version of a taper or ball e-file bit to effectively file the sidewalls. Also, a ball e-file bit will help eliminate the dead skin near the nail and make the entire place smooth and clean

After doing the left part, switch to the right part and repeat the same procedure as indicated above. But, you’ll set the e-file device in reverse motion to make the process effective.

As indicated, technicians may use different technicians other than the one provided. For instance, you can file straight away from one side of the cuticle area to the other. Therefore, regardless of the technique applied, ensure you make the whole process gentle and slow.

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