How to Use Electric Nail File on Cuticles

An electric nail file can make a perfect tool for filing your cuticles without incurring any injury.

Nonetheless, it will also demand the correct technique and a suitable nail machine. Our guide shows you how to use an electric nail file on cuticles instead of a file or other tool.

Also, remember that filing around the cuticle area requires a lot of caution because of high sensitivity.

Electric Nail File on Cuticle - Syndent

Electric Nail File

As with many new skills, electric nail filing can take time for any manicurist to master. But, it would help you understand the task’s demands to avoid damaging the nail fold and the Eponychium.

Therefore, removing cuticles demands patience in learning and mastering the proper technique. That implies that different methods are applied in any cuticle removal process.

The journey of how to use an electric nail file on cuticles begins with how you hold the handpiece. When filing cuticles, hold your handpiece like you would have a pencil.

Nevertheless, keep the shank of the electric nail file horizontal to the nail plate.

And before you start filing, try to manipulate a client’s finger to achieve the desired angle. But, you may shift from such a position to other parts of the nail.

With the best angle, begin filing with the top of the electric nail file. Additionally, remember to keep the electric nail file horizontal at all times. Otherwise, changing the angle can accidentally slice through the natural nail.

Begin from the middle and fill the left side towards the sidewalls. Consequently, you will use the forward motion. Then, file the right section with a reverse movement with a suitable electric nail file.

A thin electric nail file pushes the cuticle to the nail fold and leaves the dead, dry tissue separately. Hence, it leaves the entire area smooth and very clean.

Also, it is ideal that your tool doesn’t vibrate because of a bend. The faulty nail file can damage the nail, and to the extreme, it might damage your nail machine.

The principle of safe filing along the cuticle region involves using a low speed that doesn’t exceed 5000 RPMs. Otherwise, you’ll lose control of the tool and cuticle filing process.

Additionally, you want to keep a suitable pressure that doesn’t affect the tool’s performance and the general results.

The procedure provided above will enable any technician to know how to use electric nail file cuticles.

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