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Syndent Long Shank Carbide Burr

Syndent Long Shank Carbide Burr

Syndent designs the long shank carbide burr for the positions normal shank may difficult to reach. So it also called long reach carbide burr.

You can use Syndent long shank carbide burr as usual for deburring, grinding, finishing hard metal, alloy steel materials.

We devote ourselves to the production of long shank carbide burr for more than 11 years.

You can also find high-quality flexible shaft carbide burrs in our company.


Cylinder long shank carbide burris ideal for contour finishing, flat surface removal.


Cylinder with end cut long shank carbide burris suitable for removal contour and right-angled corners


Cylinder with radius end long shank carbide burr is suitable for processing contour and arc surface at a certain angle


Ball shape long shank carbide burr is good for machining round edge and end pre-processing before brazing


Oval shapelong shank carbide burr is suitable for round edge removal


Tree with radius end long shank carbide burr is perfect for grinding round edge in long and narrow positions


Tree with pointed end long shank carbide burr is used for machining round arc contour in long and narrow places


Flame shape long shank carbide burr is good at round edge machining


Cone shape long shank carbide burr functions like a countersink. Suitable for chamfering inner hole


Taper with radius end long shank carbide burr is widely used for round contour removal in narrow positions, and surface machining


Taper with pointed end long shank carbide burr is suitable for narrow position deburring and counter surface machining


Inverted cone long shank carbide burr is suitable for rear-side chamfering from the inner side.

Why Syndent Long Shank Carbide Burr

Syndent manufactures long carbide burr with the top grade cobalt tungsten carbide raw material. The long shank is made with hardened steel with extra good concentricity.

Our long shank carbide burr is best suited to deburr, shape, grind, and finish the very hard material. Our long shank burr bits are widely used in various applications for die casting, and metal casting, metalworking, tool grinding, surgical grinding, and drilling, etc.

Syndent offers you a full line of long shank carbide burr for tough, difficult-to-reach grinding applications.

1-Long Shank Carbide Burr material

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of long shank carbide burr before production.

2-Long Shank Carbide Burr brazing

Syndent automatically brazes long shank carbide burr with silver in a low temperature.

3-Long Shank Carbide Burr balance

We must make the long shank carbide burr jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

4-Long Shank Carbide Burr bending

Syndent examines the hardness of long shank carbide burr shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

5-Long Shank Carbide Burr shaping

Solid long shank carbide burr needs a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

6-Long Shank Carbide Burr toothing

Syndent CNC grinds the long shank carbide burr teeth after the tests approved

7-Long Shank Carbide Burr polishing

Syndent polishes the long shank carbide burr shaft, and its brazing position

8-Long Shank Carbide Burr package

Syndent makes your logo on the long shank carbide burr, and stick your own label on the case.



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Your Best Supplier of Long shank carbide burr

Syndent carbide burrs with extra-long shank come with a variety of shapes, sizes, and fluting styles, including tree shape long shank carbide burr, cylindrical shape long shank carbide burr, ball round long shank carbide burr, etc.


Meanwhile, you can request the long carbide burr bit with a single cut, double cut, aluminum cut, and so on. Furthermore, Syndent offers extra-long carbide burrs with different lengths. The extended length carbide burr ranges from 3” (75mm) to 12” (300mm). And 6 inch carbide burr is the most regular length.

Syndent recommends you to rotary long shank die grinder bits with a slower speed than the standard shank. We control better tolerance than most suppliers. But as the shank length increases, the long die grinder bits will jump more and more.


Syndent advise you not to use carbide burr extension. The function of the carbide burr extension is to connect the standard carbide burr to an extended shaft. The balance of the long burr bit after the extension connection must be much larger than that of directly extending the shank.

Also, it is not economical to use an extension. Syndent manufactures the long shank carbide burr for you with a little bit of a cost increase.

Long Shank Carbide Burr


Syndent invests a high cost on quality control every year. This ensures you always have stable and high-quality long shank carbide burr from us.

We always have a small inventory for the popular long shank burr. Syndent can make fast shipping as your demand.

You can customize a long carbide burr set with different shapes. Syndent will help you find a suitable container for your own long reach carbide burr set. And we would also help laser mark the logo and paste your private label. Syndent will be your most reliable supplier of long shank carbide burr

Send us your inquiry for long shank carbide burr now!

Long Shank Carbide Burr: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

As a leading manufacturer of the most brittle and quality carbide burrs in China, Syndent promises several other high-performing products. We produce long carbide burr from highest grade cobalt-tungsten carbide raw materials. Syndent obtains the materials from trusted top suppliers, generated from their own firms. We braze your long shank burr with silver material using United America technology.

What is Long Shank Carbide Burr?

Also called long reach carbide burr, long shank carbide bur refers a precise cutting tool of many materials. The specially designed carbide burr can reach positions that ordinary shank carbide burrs can’t reach. That’s why Syndent calls it long reach carbide burr and we use it commonly in cutting, grinding, deburring, etc.

Most of our customers we supply with our extra-long carbide burrs use them on hard metals, alloy steel materials, etc. Syndent makes the shank of the ideal carbide burr using hardened steel with best concentricity.

You can at any time request for long carbide burr bits with single cut, aluminum cut, double cut, etc. Furthermore, Syndent can offer extended length carbide burrs in different lengths. The shank carbide burr range from 3-Inch (75mm) to 12-Inch (300mm). The most regular long shank includes the 6-Inch carbide burr.

Long Shank Carbide Burr

Syndent recommends rotary long shank die grinder bits that have a lower speed than a standard shank. Syndent controls the best tolerance of long shank carbide burr than most of other suppliers. But as the carbide burr’s shank length increases, long die grinder bits jump more.

We advise you to avoid using carbide burr extension. The carbide burr extension mainly connects the standard carbide burr to the extended shaft. The long burr bit balance after connecting the extension should exceed the directly extended shank.

Using extension tends to cost higher. Syndent produces cost-effective long shank bur by investing in high cost for quality control yearly. You can at all times order a high-performing and stable long shank carbide burr from Syndent.

How Do We Produce Long Shank Carbide Burr?

Syndent naturally uses the highest grade cobalt-tungsten carbide as core raw materials in the production process. We make the long shank using hardened steel through keen concentricity so it cuts, shapes, deburrs, grind, finishes, etc.

It involves the following process:

Material evaluation

Syndent checks all the raw materials got from our top-grade suppliers. We involve cobalt-tungsten carbide for the head diameter of the burr and hardened steel for the shank. The raw materials should meet international standards.


We then use silver to braze our long shank carbide burr at a very low temperature.


Immediately after balancing, Syndent jump tests the long shank carbide burr for tolerance. We always service our CNC machines periodically and fix any issues found. This assures that our long shank carbide burr at balancing level receives correct tolerance of not more than 0.1mm.

Long Shank Carbide Burr


After achieving the required tolerance level, Syndent examines the long shank carbide burr’s hardness. We test by bending to examine the strength.


At this level, our solid long shank carbide burr requires shaping from carbide rod materials. We uniformly grind the materials to the expected ideal shape.


This follows immediately after obtaining the required shape of our long shank carbide burr. After approving the tests, we give our ideal carbide burr required teeth. We grind using CNC materials.


To have a fine-looking and functional long shank, we polish the shaft and the brazing position.


Syndent finally makes logos to the long shank carbide burr, stick your label on a case, and then ship respectively.

How Can You Use Long Shank Carbide Burr?

Syndent long shank carbide burr has very many industrial applications. This can include deburring, finishing, cutting, and grinding hard metals and alloy steel materials. Our ideal carbide burr best suits metal and die casting, surgical grinding, drilling all non-ferrous metals, tool grinding, etc.


Syndent long shank carbide burr can accurately shape heavy non-ferrous metals, abrasive materials, and cast iron. We make them in different flutes so you can shape workpieces from most non-ferrous and other materials.

Long Shank Carbide Burr


Other than shaping, long shank carbide comfortably grinds specific to those hard-to-reach grinding areas of your workpiece. Grinding heavy non-ferrous materials require a high-performing tool that doesn’t break or grow hot easily.

Syndent long shank carbide burr features cemented carbide raw materials. The raw materials have natural strong features that you can’t break easily. Together with very sharp blades, it can grind materials to a very fine smoothness.

Built with high rotation abilities and sharp cutting flutes, your grinding appears an easy task.


Syndent designs long shank carbide burrs with special sharp teeth known as flutes that precisely slice various materials. The flutes look like sharp blades and can finely cut specific metals to smaller manageable pieces.

The special design and sharp flutes also offer greater dimensions while precisely cutting materials. The ideal carbide burr basically makes your cutting job very simple and helps you save time considerably.


At some point materials in industries require modification through deburring. Deburring simply makes a workpiece smooth by grinding small pieces left after cutting known as burrs.

Syndent long shank carbide burr can effectively remove the burrs for an attractive and smoother-looking workpiece.

Enlarging holes

Sometimes some workpieces in industries require drilling and enlarging holes. Syndent long shank carbide burr can dig deeper into a material to make the desired hole. You can as well increase the width of the hole.

You realize that Syndent long carbide burr has multiple uses that include shaping, grinding, cutting, enlarging holes, and deburring. It applies to different materials like hardened steel, cast iron, etc. Our long shank carbide burr functions in areas other ordinary carbide burrs can’t reach.

Long Shank Carbide Burr

Which Tool Truly Pairs with Long Shank Carbide Burr?

Ideally, Syndent makes long shank carbide burrs with standard shanks that fit most rotary tools. We automate Syndent long shank carbide burrs therefore you must pair with automated tools like die grinders. Since it revolves at a very high speed, when paired with a die grinder machine, long shank bur works efficiently.

Apart from die grinder machine, Syndent long shank carbide burr fits perfectly in chucks of pneumatic rotary tools, etc. Other automated tools include high-speed engravers and micro motors. Whichever automated tool you choose, make sure you correctly and firmly fit in the collet.

How Can You Pair Long Shank Carbide Burr In A Die Grinder?

Our long shank carbide burr can perfectly fit on a die grinder. Most industries can use hobby drills, micro motors, etc. The shank sizes of the ideal carbide burr come in a standard size which means they fit on various automated tools.

The shank of Syndent long shank carbide burr seats in the collet of the die grinder or other rotary tools. For secure and best performing long shank carbide burr, wrench the shank firmly into the rotary tool. This ensures the long shank bur doesn’t wobble. A wobbling carbide burr reduces its high performance and lifespan.

Useful note: Remember to go through the manufacturer’s user manual for more information about the proper fitting of the burr.Long Shank Carbide Burr

What Makes Long Shank Carbide Burr a Great Cutting Tool?

We design long shank carbide burr with grade materials of cemented carbide which pass through our highly advanced CNC machines. The CNC grinding wheels finely works on solid carbide raw materials. This enables the long shank receives sharp functional teeth known as flutes.

Syndent long shank carbide burrs basically operate with a great benefit of working areas in other burrs can’t reach. The burr gives the best tolerance ever. Through automatic brazing with silver, Syndent long carbide burr guarantees a fully functioning burr. Built with adorable strength, a long shank carbide burr can meet most demanding tasks even in hot conditions. It allows you comfortably cut tough metals including hardened steel.

Can Long Shank Carbide Burr Cut Stone?


Because Syndent makes it with extreme strength, hardness, and high density, long shank carbide burr can cut stones. The burr performs to its best when cutting, shaping, carving, and engraving stone and materials of the like. You can end with fine finishes with quality Syndent long shank carbide burr.

However, you need higher concentration and patience when working on stone. A hard material like stone needs a tool that offers great user control like Syndent long shank carbide. With the advantage of a long shank, grinding, cutting, carving, and engraving on your workpiece seems a much easy thing.

Stone has a lot of compactness and needs much caution. To reduce chances of clogging and burning of the carbide burr, create braking intervals.

To cut, engrave, carve, shape and grind your stone comfortably, use Syndent die grinder bit. Made under strict adherence to international standards, die grinder bits seem great for cutting stone, glass, bone, drilling drywall, etc.Long Shank Carbide Burr

Can Long Shank Carbide Burr Cut Glass?


As earlier mentioned, our long shank carbide burr effectively cuts glass, stone, carbon fiber, bone, fiber cement, etc. It can also shape, grind and deburr your glass accordingly because it has high user control. With wide choices from long reach carbide set, the long shank carbide burr cuts tight and hard-to-reach areas.

Otherwise, you can generously apply Syndent quality fiberglass router bit for desired results. Syndent fiberglass comes in a special design specifically for cutting fiberglass and other tough materials.

Does Long Shank Carbide Burr Shape Wood?

Absolutely true.

The other greatest task you can handle with Syndent long shank carbide burr. Especially with difficult areas to reach, long shank carbide burr remains the only solution. It provides a smooth grind, clean-cut, polish, and cut.

The special free, fast-acting features allow Syndent long shank carbide burr to manage various tasks easily. Our carbide burr cuts knots and grains on wood equally.

Try out Syndent carbide burr for wood carving as a better choice of wood carving, engraving, cutting, polishing, etc. Syndent manufactures carbide burr for wood carving with flutes resembling the diamond cut. We highly recommend this carbide burr for wood and materials like FRP, GRP, bone, stone, etc. It has reduced material clogging and provides a smooth working experience.

Can Long Shank Carbide Burr Cut Bones?


Amongst other top uses of Syndent long shank carbide burr include bone cutting, shaping, carving, engraving, etc. Our cost-effective carbide burr features a unique geometry. This best applies on tissues, bone, wood, stone, GRP, and other materials in the same category. The burr fluently removes stubborn debris from wood and specific materials.

What Else Does Long Shank Carbide Burr Cut?

You can realize that Syndent long shank carbide burrs cut glass, bone, hardwood, and stone. Other materials include:

  • Cast iron
  • Aluminum
  • Porcelain
  • Ceramic
  • Drywall
  • GRP
  • FRP
  • Steel
  • Gold
  • Hardened steel
  • BrassLong Shank Carbide Burr

Who Can Use Long Shank Carbide Burr?

Many industries worldwide can highly benefit from Syndent long shank carbide burr. We make the burrs for our local and international users.

Popularly used by:

  • Sculptors
  • Engineers
  • Model engineers
  • Machinists
  • Tool makers
  • Engravers and carvers

Our trusted existing and potential customers can use Syndent long shank carbide burr in:

  • Jewelry making
  • Grinding different materials
  • Machining
  • Cylinder head porting
  • Dentistry
  • Carving and engraving
  • Chamfering

Can You Use Long Shank Carbide Burr In Drilling?


With a considerable long shank and in different flute types, our ideal carbide burr offers an option of drilling. You can comfortably switch between flutes and apply the right one for the job.

A single cut long shank carbide burr for example provides a right-up cut and removes materials aggressively. This indicates that, by creating long chips, it can make drills in materials easily. You can undoubtedly drill hardwood, cast iron, plastic, porcelain, bones, stone, drywall, etc.

It even helps increase the depth or width of the drilled hole since we manufacture them with different head diameters.

We however don’t highly recommend transforming long shank carbide burr into a drilling tool. You can correctly drill using our rotary file bit, suitable for wood, drywall, bone, stone, etc.Long Shank Carbide Burr

Why Should I Keep Long Shank Carbide Burr Moving When Working?

Syndent insists that while using long shank carbide burr, avoid exposing it to prolonged stillness. Always try to maintain continuous cutting, digging, grinding, jabbing or whoever application. This can greatly increase a better working experience by removing materials faster and smoothly.

Acting otherwise can damage your workpiece by leaving unsightly marks and an unreasonable rough ending. Also, the long shank carbide burr wears out faster than expected.

Useful note: To finish your task smoothly, use an upstroke.

Why Apply Little Pressure and Not Extra While Using Long Shank Carbide Burr?

Low pressure at all times works well while working with long shank carbide burr on given workpieces. Once paired on a die grinder machine, Syndent long shank carbide burr requires minimum application of pressure while you guide.

Naturally, we make long shank carbide burrs to minimize the burden of excessive use of pressure. With the ability to rotate faster, it needs a simple action and does the work.

The burr can wear out much faster with an application of more than needed force. Thus, make your work easier and use little pressure, and save the life of long shank carbide burr.

Which Cuts Can You Achieve With Long Shank Carbide Burr?Long Shank Carbide Burr

We have three popular cuts Syndent long shank carbide burr offers. The single cut long shank carbide burr, double cut long shank bur, and aluminum cut.

Single Cut Long Shank Carbide Burr

Single cut long shank carbide burr has spiral flutes (single), running up the burr. They generally provide up cut on particular materials. They make longer chips as while digging deeper and removing extra material aggressively. Used on copper, hardened steel, cast iron, stone, hardwood, etc.

Many uses include:

  • Milling
  • Cleaning
  • Deburring
  • Heavy stock removal
  • Creating longer chips

Double Cut Long Shank Carbide Burr

Popularly applied on most hard metals and materials in very many industries. Syndent long shank carbide burr has an arrangement of two flutes running against each other which offer enormous tasks. Serves best on ferrous and non-ferrous metals and with natural tendency of high speed rotation, it cuts faster and precisely.

Very different from how single cut long shank carbide burr works. The double flutes creates the smallest chips, ideal for smooth grinding, polishing, etc.

  • Creates smaller chips
  • Removes medium light materials
  • Cleaning
  • Polishing
  • Deburring
  • Grinding
  • Smooth finishingLong Shank Carbide Burr

Aluminum Cut Long Shank Carbide Burr

Designed to grind or shape aluminum and all non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials when automated. They grind tight places with precision focus. Common cut applied by machinists, mechanics and hobbyists.

  • Rapid stock removal
  • Ideal for deburring and polishing
  • For tight place grinding

Can Manufacturers of Long Shank Carbide Burrs Recycle Them?

Definitely, they do.

Syndent long-range carbide burr raw materials don’t have a direct negative impact on the environment. Therefore, you can recycle them without causing harm to us or environment. Syndent have the ability to transform long shank carbide burr into other valuable products

Our long shank carbide burr has naturally cemented carbide which takes a long time to wear. But at one time the flutes chip out and renders it unable to work anymore. In such a condition, we request you to liaise with Syndent customer care for delivery. The manufacturing department can now start working on them to create a safer working environment.

Do We Have Different Long Shank Carbide Burr Shapes?


We always meet the demand of our ever-reliable customers. Also, we stand out from the market flooded with low-quality long shank carbide burrs. It goes in hand by frequently producing quality carbide burrs and in different shapes.

Cylinder Long Shank Carbide Burr

Highly applied long shank carbide burr when removing a flat surface on the workpiece and perfectly finishing contours.

Cylinder-End Cut Long Shank Carbide Burr

The SB type long reach carbide burr features a cut at the end and greatly removes contours. It also works well in right-angled areas.Long Shank Carbide Burr

Cylinder with Radius End Long Shaft Carbide Burr

A popular long shank carbide burr used in industries to neatly process contours and arc surface at angles.

Ball Shape Extra Long  Carbide Burr

Ball shape long shank carbide burr finely machines round edges of different types of materials. It best applies in pre-processing final stages before brazing.

Oval Shape Long Shank Carbide Burr

Oval shape long shank carbide burr can remove round edges on your workpiece.

Tree-Pointed End Long Shank Carbide Burr

Tree-pointed end long shank carbide burr comes with a pointed end that grinds round edges on materials. Widely used to grind long and narrow areas on workpieces.

Tree-Radius End Carbide Burr

Tree-radius end long shank carbide burr allows machining of contours that have round arcs. Also, machines long and narrow places on workpiece.

Flame Shape Long Reach Carbide Burr

Flame shape long shank carbide burr can machine round edges of different materials.Long Shank Carbide Burr

Cone Shape Long Shaft Carbide Burr

Syndent long shank carbide burr has similar uses as the countersink. It mainly chamfers inner holes of materials.

Taper with Radius Long Shank Carbide Burr

Industries use taper with radius long shank carbide burr for removal of round contours, going through narrow places. It also machines material surfaces.

Taper with Pointed End Long Shank Carbide Burr

Syndent taper pointed end long shank carbide burr enables easy machining of narrow places and contours.

Inverted Cone Long Shank Carbide Burr

Industries prefer the inverted cone long shank carbide burr as it chamfers the rear sides of given materials from inside.

Can You Have Long Shank Carbide Burr in Various Sizes And RPM?

Yes, Syndent provides long shank carbide burrs in many sizes with different RPM. The table below shows a summary.

NoBurr SizeRPM
12.4mm or 32/3”17,000 – 26,000
23.0mm or 1/8”17,000 – 26,000
36.0mm or 1/4”11,000 – 16,5000
413.0mm or 1/2”8,000 – 12,000
516.0mm or 5/8”7,650 – 11,500


By reading through the table above, you can clearly see Syndent long shank carbide burrs come in 5 different sizes. Alongside each Syndent long shank carbide burr, we provide possible low and high RPM that best applies in different tasks. So that a long shank carbide burr serves you longer, work within given RPM. To stop chipping of flutes, don’t work too slow or exceedingly faster.

Useful note: Start slowly with the carbide burr as you work on a given material. Slowly increase up to the maximum if possible.Long Shank Carbide Burr

Is Long Shank Carbide Burr Worth Buying?

With no doubt, yes.

With a purchase of Syndent long shank carbide burr comes along a multitude of benefits including the following:

  • We make a selection of grade tungsten carbide raw materials to produce quality and brittle long shank carbide burr.

Our qualified staff, headed by the warehouse manager, receive raw materials from our top suppliers. Our selection bases on international standards before entering the warehouse. We use cemented carbide that has a high temperature, rust, and wear resistance levels. Our final product supplied to consumers thus doesn’t wear out quite easily.

  • Syndent supplies you with long shank carbide burrs in many shapes and sizes. We base on head diameter now that our ideal carbide burr has a long shank.

A long shank of our ideal carbide burr and different in head diameters encourages you to manage several tasks. You have enough freedom of choosing what to rightfully use.

  • Syndent long shank carbide burr assists industries in achieving accurate dimensions in their work.Long Shank Carbide Burr

We make quality long shank carbide burrs with built-in high tolerance levels. When you apply on specific materials, Syndent long shank carbide burr gives a well-balanced tolerance level in cutting, grinding, etc. This has enabled us to increase in production due to high demand.

  • Consumers who use long shank carbide burr highly benefit from cost-effectively doing many tasks at a reasonable price.

Actually, Syndent offers competitive prices than our competitors especially when you make huge orders from us. It generates a cost-effective mode of cutting, deburring, polishing, shaping, grinding, cleaning, etc.

  • For more than a decade, Syndent continually produces highly versatile long shank burr bits, regularly applied on various materials

You can generally cut, grind, engrave, clean, deburr, carve, polish, etc. Syndent long shank carbide burr can endure hot temperatures. Certified through our own test laboratory, our long shank carbide burr conforms to metal and die casting applications, drilling, etc.

  • Provides improved tooling experience as it has established sharp operational natural flutes. The sharp flutes spice up effective slicing, grinding, shaping, and so on.

Which Safety Tips Should You Consider With Long Shank Carbide Burr?Long Shank Carbide Burr

Stay safe at all times when you use our cutting tools including the long shank carbide burr. This can create a good working environment and protects you from possible injuries caused by sharp pieces. Also, the burr remains durable for a longer time.

Observe safety tips like:

  • Fitting long shank carbide burr correctly on the die grinder. The shank should go directly into the collet of your die grinder
  • Applying little pressure on the long shank carbide burr when doing functions on a workpiece. Always begin with the highest material
  • Hold your workpiece safely and tightly in your workbench for an easy working experience
  • Don’t snag the tool or jam it to stop chances of chipping the flutes of the long shank carbide burr
  • Protect the eyes or entire face by the use of goggles and face masks. This stops small objects from causing injuries to your eyes and face. Also, use hand gloves

What Leads You to Buy the Right Long Shank Carbide Burr?

The entire market has varieties of long shank carbide burrs, some good while others bad. You might find it hard to make a decision on which you should trust as the right tool.Long Shank Carbide Burr

Look at some of these important features:

Meticulousness: A meticulously designed long shank carbide burr means it has important international standard details. It, therefore, has a multitude of tooling functions.

Durability: The tool shouldn’t wear faster even when subjected to harsh tooling conditions like heat, rust, etc. Syndent long shank carbide has natural cemented carbide material. You can’t break it easily and has a high resistance to heat and rust.

High-temperature tolerance: You can continuously apply durable long shank carbide burr even when hot. The hard material component of tungsten and carbon gives our long shank carbide burr brittleness and toughness to resist heat.

Accuracy/stability: You can manage all functions precisely at hand with an accurate and stable long shank carbide burr. It implies easy cutting, grinding, deburring, polishing, etc.

Weight/Versatility: It calls for a long shank carbide burr, light in weight for easy control while in use. Should as well provide different options of tooling cost-effectively. With Syndent, you benefit from a lightweight long shank carbide burr with different ways of applying it.

Strength: Finally, how strong can your preferred long shank carbide burr work. At any level subjected to, the long shank carbide should strongly handle tasks.

How Do We Clean Long Shank Carbide Burr?

Just like most other tools, routine maintenance plays a vital role in overall performance and durability. On that note, Syndent long shank carbide burr can remain brittle and perform better when correctly cleaned.

Cleaning of a carbide burr mainly demands the removal of material deposits between flutes. This is after use and if left continuously, they pile up and the burr loses its efficiency. The end result causes the tool to burn up.

We use two simple techniques to remove this debris or material deposits from our long shank carbide burr.

For aluminum deposits on the long shank carbide burr, apply the muriatic acid. But first of all, manually remove heavy clogged deposits by chipping. Then dip the burr in a jar filled with muriatic acid. Let it settle for about 10 minutes so that the aluminum deposits dissolve in the acid. This clears them out and the long shank carbide burr sparkles clean again.

For materials like steel and the rest, switch to the highly recommended ultrasonic option. Hold the long shank carbide burr in a suitable holder so that it doesn’t break when cleaning. Use 2 or more minutes to run the long shank carbide burr in an enzymatic cleaner. Use very clean cool water to rinse for around 2 or more minutes.

Useful note: Try always not to mix long shank carbide burrs together minus their packages. The flutes can rub against each other causing chipping.

What Lead-Time That Can Influence Production of Long Shank Carbide Burr?Long Shank Carbide Burr

The following greatly influences the way and time Syndent produces long shank carbide burr:

Standard design: Syndent normally manufactures standard long shank carbide burrs. But due to requests from our customers, we also produce customized designs. Standard designs don’t have a lot of demands and so, they take little time.

Customized demands: Due to customer requests, Syndent manufactures customized long shank carbide burrs. Customized carbide burr has extra features and requires the special and additional settings of our CNC machines. This can take a little longer than standard long shank carbide burrs.

Order quantity: The entire world use most of our products including long shank carbide burrs. Sometimes we receive small and big orders. Small orders can take a little time while big take quite longer.

Pending orders: Syndent supplies a big area and receives very many orders at the same time. And to serve each customer satisfactorily, we make deliveries according to how we receive them. We also provide you with rush orders for many of our customers with urgent needs.

Can Your Long Shank Carbide Burr Have Artwork?


Syndent long shank carbide burr can feature your favorite artwork. You can provide us with relevant artwork which we engrave after polishing.

Syndent provides you with a complete chain of favorite brittle long shank carbide burrs. The ideal carbide burr best suits hard-to-reach cutting and grinding applications.

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