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Mandrel Nail Bit

Syndent Mandrel Nail Bit

Syndent mandrel nail bit ideally holds your sanding bands/caps for different nail art procedures.

The unique structure of our mandrel nail drill bit helps to quickly trim, shape, and polish the nails. Our mandrel nail bit holds the sanding bands for general filing procedures on natural or artificial nails.

Syndent designs the mandrel bit for nail in a universal barrel shape and shank size. Different sanding bands can fit. It can also fit different e file machines In China.

Syndent supplies quality mandrel nail bit and similar items to over a hundred locations worldwide. We provide the best prices on large sales. You will have the best after-sales services on our products.

Mandrel Nail Bit

Sanding bands mandrel, different coatings

Mandrel Nail Bit

Sander paper mandrel, different sizes

Mandrel Nail Bit

Sander paper mandrel with holes, different sizes

Mandrel Nail Bit

Sanding cap mandrel, different sizes

Why Syndent Mandrel Nail Bit

Our mandrel nail bit has a glossy stainless steel finish. With 3/32” standard shank size, it fits most electric nails. Make your manicure and pedicure enjoyable with Syndent mandrel nail bit.

With sanding bands fitted, our mandrel nail bit is great for removing artificial or natural nail imperfections.

You can trim the nails, polish, smoothen, remove gel, and remove dip powder and poly gel nails.

Syndent is among the large producers of mandrel nail drill bit and related products in China. Our operational area lies in 2,000 square meters and has forty-plus automated CNCs.

Syndent has over forty skilled employees. Quality staffing, state-of-the-art tools, and enough space enable us to produce and supply your order faster.

R&D technology is our foundation and guarantees high-quality mandrel nail bit. Syndent alone can design and manufacture unusual mandrel nail bit items than the current geometric parameters. We can increase the production ability and meet your various demands.

With 15-plus years of experience in the industry, Syndent has engaged significant customers globally. As a result, Syndent has a whole new customer experience. We offer the best customer service.

Mandrel Nail Bit
Quality Approval

Syndent will double-check the quality of mandrel nail bit before packaging

Mandrel Nail Bit
48 Hours Action

Syndent make a fast action within 48 hours for your demand of mandrel nail bit.

Mandrel Nail Bit
Air Shipping

We always ship your mandrel nail bit by air so that you can receive them quickly.

Mandrel Nail Bit

Generally speaking, Syndent ensures the mandrel nail bit reach you in 10-15 days

Mandrel Nail Bit

You will be able to receive the mandrel nail bit in your office based on door-to-door.

Mandrel Nail Bit

Syndent can support you with the import custom clearance.

Mandrel Nail Bit

Syndent try to meet all your requirements of the payment methods.

Mandrel Nail Bit

Syndent is responsible for the mandrel nail bit we shipped, leave a feedback at any time.

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Your Best Supplier of Mandrel Nail Bit

Besides 15-plus manufacturing historical experience, we’re an honest and credible firm locally and internationally.

Syndent has a quality control system that guides us through the manufacturing process. You will always have the stable and high-quality mandrel nail bit items.

At Syndent, we’ve guaranteed after-sales service on mandrel nail bits purchased. Consequently, if the mandrel bits fail to work well, you can easily reach us. We shall help solve the issue as soon as possible.

Syndent supplies over 90% of its cargo to various locations worldwide. Through this, we’ve partnered with many recognized freight forwarders locally and internationally. Syndent can recommend and help you choose a reputable and safe shipping company with admirable services.

Besides the mandrel nail bit, you’ll find similar options for your nail artwork. For instance, we’ve Russian manicure drill bits, diamond nail bits, nail stone file,etc.

For mandrel nail bit quotation, kindly contact Syndent today!

Mandrel Nail Bit: A Beginner’s Complete FAQ Guide

Since the introduction of nail drill bits, nail art has become a favorite way to exploit beauty. However, those new in the industry have experienced technicalities while looking for preferred tools. In this guide, we explain everything you want to know about a mandrel nail bit.

What is a Mandrel Nail Bit?

Mandrel Nail Bit

Mandrel Nail Bit

 A mandrel nail bit, or a mandrel nail drill bit, holds your sanding bands or caps for general nail artwork. With sanding bands or sanding caps, a manicurist can complete several nail processes depending on the client’s demands. For example, you can grind, file, buff, polish, carve, shape, clean, remove hanging nails, cuticles, etc.

After sliding the sanding band in place, use the hindmost screw to adjust and tighten the sanding band. The screw guarantees maximum protection of the sanding band so that it won’t slide out of its position while filing. Furthermore, you have guaranteed control and safety of your client and yourself during the manicure and pedicure processes.

The mandrel nail bit has a stainless steel design and lasts longer. High-quality stainless steel easily withstands continuous applications and maintains its effectiveness. Therefore, you can experience high and lasting performance while saving money.

Besides, the mandrel nail bit’s design holds the sanding bands securely in position so that it doesn’t slide. Additionally, the mandrel nail bit has a rubber that enhances grip when you slide the sanding bands in its position. Thus, you can flexibly file your acrylics, poly gel nails, gel nails, natural nails, etc.

Syndent is amongst the few great and recognized manufacturers of top-notch mandrel bits in China. Our mandrel nail bit features a rubber and stainless steel design with a glossy finish. It brings extra power and beauty to your nail beauty.

Our mandrel nail bits apply in various professional salons, spas, and beauty shops and for domestic use. The mandrel nail bit is suitable for manicure or pedicure treatments. Besides, you can easily clean it using a brush, soapy water, or even an alcohol-based solution and ultrasonically.

The mandrel nail bit includes multiple helpful sizes. For instance, a mandrel nail bit with a 3.1mm diameter accepts 13x40mm mandrel sanding bands. The ideal size provides precise cuticle work and diverse professional nail work. That implies it can effectively wipe dead skin, clean a client’s nail bed, etc. Moreover, the client will not experience any discomfort during the filing process.

A regular mandrel nail bit has a 6.65mm head diameter for classic sanding bands. We also have a tiny mandrel nail drill bit with a 3.1mm head diameter. It accepts small traditional sanding bands/caps.
A mandrel nail bit can have a flat or round top. Mandrel bits with flat tops suit regular sanding caps. On the other hand, a mandrel nail bit that has a rounded top holds sanding caps.

What’s The Function of a Mandrel Nail Bit?

The primary mandrel and a sanding band remain the traditional fashion of nail processing. It was and remains the favorite option for processing natural and artificial nails. It is relatively cheap and easy to use a mandrel nail bit. Also, it’s safer for natural nails as it resembles a nail file or emery board.

Syndent is a Chinese company that provides nail products to professional technicians or hobbyists. Our mandrel nail bit represents a combo set ideal for various sanding needs. Ideally, our mandrel nail bit comes together with professional and durable sanding bands in different grit levels:

Coarse Sanding Bands

Coarse sanding bands help to shape or shorten elongated acrylic nails. It is handy for technicians carrying out fresh complete sets on acrylics or during fill-ins. In essence, coarse sanding bands have a rough texture suitable for complex filing procedures on artificial nails.
An essential mandrel bit pioneered the nail industry in the late 80s until the 2000s. It helped early technicians carry out different professional sets of artificial nails for their various clients.

Medium Sanding Bands

Medium sanding bands have a softer texture that makes them ideal for removing extra enhancements. Hence, it fits cuticle processing, removes extras under the nails, and provides processing tips after applying acrylics.

Fine Sanding Bands

The fine sanding band has a fine texture, ideal for gentle, natural nail filing. In essence, the fine band offers a smooth filing sensation, providing comfort to a client. Hence, it smoothly cleans the natural nail surface. Therefore, it will form an excellent combination of natural and artificial nails.

Mandrel Nail Bit


Although the nail industry has all types of nail drill bits, technicians still embrace a mandrel nail bit. For instance, technicians may choose a mandrel nail bit with a fine sanding band over an emery board.

A fine sanding band with a mandrel nail bit roughens a nail surface faster than an emery board. Besides, a mandrel nail bit creates accurate filing for excellent application of artificial products.

A professional mandrel nail bit for manicure/pedicure sanding bands and caps can facilitate the following:
• Work the cuticle region.
• Remove dead skin.
• Clear calluses.
• File hangnails.
• Prepare the natural nail surface so that you can apply artificial products.
• Process artificial products like acrylic nails, gel, poly gel, dip powder, etc.
• File nail tips and for sidewall work.

Does a Mandrel Nail Bit Have a Universal Shank Size?

Mandrel Nail Bit

3/32inch Nail Sanding Band Manrels

The latest generation mandrel nail bit has a standard 3/32” shank size. Thus, you’ll comfortably fit any modern sanding band on the market for all filing applications.

However, we have got traditional 1/8” mandrel drill bits for nails. Essentially, such designs can only operate on nail machines the same size.

Nonetheless, regardless of the design, a new-generation mandrel bit for nails has a universal shank size. Therefore, you can use it with a standard nail drill machine.

How do I Fit a Mandrel Nail Bit in an E-File Machine?

To use a mandrel nail bit, insert its shank, the rear end, into the collet of a grinder. This allows for smooth operation and efficient nail shaping. Furthermore, it requires tight insertion to avoid vibrations for accuracy and safety reasons.

Therefore, ensure you choose the right and quality e-file machine and firmly screw the mandrel nail bit in its position. Fitting a mandrel nail bit in a grinding machine looks similar to fitting e-file bits, etc.

In essence, the design of a modern mandrel nail bit looks the same as that of a nail drill bit. However, the only difference is that the mandrel nail bit uses a sanding band to make filing complete. The nail drill bit on the hand doesn’t need an attachment as it comes complete.

For proper fitting of the mandrel nail bit, please consider the following steps:

Mandrel Nail Bit

Fitting the Mandrel bit

• Choose a quality mandrel bit for the nail.
• Choose a suitable e-file machine for your mandrel nail bit.
• Identify the collet on the e-file nail drill machine.
• Insert the shank end of the bit into the collet of the machine.
• Screw the mandrel nail bit firmly into position.
• Choose a preferred sanding band and slit it over the mandrel nail bit.
• Select the correct speed on the machine and start filing.


What’s The Material Used to Make a Mandrel Nail Bit?

Mandrel Nail Bit

 Colored Mandrel Bit

The most preferred material for making a mandrel nail bit is steel or stainless steel. It implies that the shank and head have steel/stainless steel material. However, specific designs have a rubber tip or rubber addition on their head. The rubber mandrel nail bit offers advanced fitting of your sanding bands. In addition, rubber helps to absorb vibrations, which makes filing enjoyable and accurate.
Stainless steel material has advantageous properties that add substantially to its universal applications.

Besides, stainless steel has chromium content, which provides extreme resistance to rust. It guarantees approximately 200 times more rust resistance than steel without chromium. Additionally, stainless steel has advanced strength and durability. Thus, the mandrel nail bit can offer exceptional, durable filing performance.

A quality mandrel nail bit with stainless properties has the following benefits:

• High tensile strength.
• Rust resistance.
• Long-lasting; therefore, it requires low maintenance.
• It has high resistance to extreme temperatures. Thus, the bit can grapple with intense heat filing processes.
• Environmentally friendly. You can easily recycle stainless steel.
• Very durable
• It has an attractive appearance.

Can A Mandrel Nail Bit Rotate in Two Directions?

Syndent mandrel nail bit offers two-way rotation, making it handy for lefties and righties. The mandrel bit design enables a technician to file nails either in the right or left direction. Hence, nail art feels convenient for various technicians.
Nonetheless, we’ve got mandrel nail drill bits marked L for left-handed technicians and L for right-handed users. Consequently, a double-rotated mandrel nail bit has two markings with arrows pointing in L and R.

Do We Have a Multi-Colored Mandrel Nail Bit?

Mandrel bits can include different colors like gold, rainbow, titanium, pink, etc. Colored mandrel nail bits, especially rainbow, looks attractive to technician and clients. Besides, the titanium-coated mandrel nail bit has superior wear resistance. In addition, the titanium-coated mandrel nail bit has a relatively low friction coefficient. Hence, they reduce heat built-up and transfer to a client’s finger or during nail processing.

Can I Buy a Mandrel Nail Bit Set?

Mandrel nail drill bits usually come in convenient sets. The set also includes sanding bands or caps of various grits. Ideally, a set of mandrel nail drill bits represents a multifunctional piece of tools suitable for quick gel removal. Besides, a set helps save time and makes filing much easier and more convenient. It comes with everything a technician needs for nail filing. Alternatively, you can purchase a set that includes mandrel nail bits alone. This suggests that one should buy sanding bands separately.

A mandrel nail bit set can include five pieces, ten pieces, 20 pieces, 3o pieces, etc. Therefore, based on your needs, we can plan and deliver your request appropriately. Consequently, each set purchased has mandrel bits of different sizes or designs, small and large.

Can You Wash a Mandrel Nail Bit?

A mandrel nail bit is a multifunctional tool, and it needs routine washing or cleaning. Washing the mandrel nail bit after use is essential. Proper cleaning ensures the mandrel nail bit doesn’t aid the transfer of infections from one client to another. Besides, it helps maintain the tool’s durability and working efficiency.

The most efficient and convenient way of cleaning the mandrel nail bit involves washing it thoroughly in water. You may soak the mandrel nail bit in soapy water before scrubbing with a soft brush. This process removes dirt and debris, leaving the tool clean and fresh for the upcoming task.

In different instances, technicians may disinfect the mandrel nail bit instead of washing it. Essentially, disinfecting includes two options: using liquid or UV light. Using liquid means completely immersing the mandrel nail bit in the liquid disinfectant. Then, after a while, remove it, allow it to dry, and store it.
With UV disinfecting, put the mandrel nail bit in a UV Light Sanitizer Box. In essence, the UV light penetrates and kills 99.9% of infectious materials.

Is a Mandrel Nail Bit a Single-Use?

A mandrel nail bit is a multi-purpose tool you can use severally before it wears out. The bit can withstand multiple uses, lasting over a year of daily use. You’ll only need to replace sanding bands occasionally. Hence, it is a more prolonged investment than sanding bands, which you use once on one client.

Nevertheless, a mandrel nail bit requires good care after using it on a client. Reasonable care means keeping them clean through washing and disinfecting. Additionally, always adopt proper usage of the tool for lasting and better performance. For example, only use a mandrel nail bit to serve a dedicated function. Additionally, find the proper filing technique, which helps get better results and excellent tool output.

A mandrel nail bit lasts longer if you find a machine that works handily with the bit. That means the bit must fit precisely and screwed firmly into the grinder machine. Otherwise, a wobbling tool could lead to wear and tear and inaccurate nail artwork. That also means buying an excellent mandrel nail bit with a shank without bends. Any mandrel with a bent shank will wobble, work inaccurately, and result in premature wear.

Besides a mandrel nail bit, we’ve got several products in the same field. They include diamond nail drill bits, electric nail file bits, etc.

Syndent can give a quotation of a favorite mandrel nail bit immediately after you contact us.

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