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Metal Burr Bits

Syndent Metal Burr Bits

Syndent metal burr bits refer to ideal cutting tools that helps you do different tasks on metal efficiently. With premium metal burr bits, you have guaranteed cost-effective performance with high level of reduced labor intensity.

Our metal burr bits designed from quality materials ensures you have a lasting cut on various materials. Syndent uses the USA based technology to professionally make high quality metal burr bits.

We have gained a strong trust with various popular companies like the 500 Fortune. This is because of our historical experience of more than 11 years.

Besides, we use advanced CNC machines and have more than 40 qualified and experienced staff on board. You can always rely on us for long-lasting metal burr bits.

Metal Burr Bits

Cylinder metal burr bits are ideal for contour finishing, flat surface removal.

Metal Burr Bits

Cylinder with end cut metal burr bits are suitable for removal contour and right-angled corners

Metal Burr Bits

Cylinder with radius end metal burr bits are suitable for processing contour and arc surface at a certain angle

Metal Burr Bits

Ball shape metal burr bits are good for machining round edge and end pre-processing before brazing

Metal Burr Bits

Oval shape metal burr bits are suitable for round edge removal

Metal Burr Bits

Tree with radius end metal burr bits are perfect for grinding round edge in long and narrow positions

Metal Burr Bits

Tree with pointed end metal burr bits are used for machining round arc contour in long and narrow places

Metal Burr Bits

Flame shape metal burr bits are good at round edge machining

Metal Burr Bits

Cone shape metal burr bits function like a countersink. Suitable for chamfering inner hole

Metal Burr Bits

Taper with radius end metal burr bits are widely used for round contour removal in narrow positions, and surface machining

Metal Burr Bits

Taper with pointed end metal burr bits are suitable for narrow position deburring and counter surface machining

Metal Burr Bits

Inverted cone metal burr bits are suitable for rear-side chamfering from the inner side.

Why Syndent Metal Burr Bits

Using high-end Syndent metal burr bits, you can confidently process several metals with great precision. This can include processing stainless steel, carbon steel, steel, cast iron, hard steel and more. Also, the ideal metal burr bits can help you cut soft metals like aluminum, bronze, brass, titanium, copper, etc.

Although specifically designed for metal purposes, sometimes you can use on non-metal too. With a lot of care, you cut or grind wood, plastics, stone, bone, zirconia, fiberglass, etc. Amongst areas you may apply Syndent burr bits for metal include metalwork, model engineering, tool making, etc.

The metal burr bits help in deburring, carving, engraving, shaping, chamfering, polishing, cleaning, etc. Our burr bits for metal guarantees you efficiency and flexible performance.

The quality of Syndent burr bits for metal is stable and consistent. Both the samples and the official order of our burr bits for metal mean the same thing. We have a historic experience of more than 11 years which we have served with honesty. Credibility serves as the steward of our lives.

Together with a quality control system in place, we can account for every production process. Therefore, Syndent can at all times manufacture top-notch metal burr bits for your industrial use.

Metal Burr Bits

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of metal burr bits before production.

Metal Burr Bits

Syndent automatically brazes metal burr bits with silver in a low temperature.

Metal Burr Bits

We must make the metal burr bits jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Metal Burr Bits

Syndent examines the hardness of metal burr bits shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

Metal Burr Bits

Solid metal burr bits need a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Metal Burr Bits

Syndent CNC grinds the metal burr bits teeth after the tests approved

Metal Burr Bits

Syndent polishes the metal burr bits shaft, and its brazing position

Metal Burr Bits

Syndent makes your logo on the metal burr bits, and stick your own label on the case.



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  • Range from the dental laboratory to clinic purpose. Either a dental technician or dental doctor could find what you demand here.

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Your Best Supplier of Metal Burr Bits

Syndent ensures that you benefit from guaranteed after-sales services. When you incur problems with our metal burr bits, we quickly respond to all your requests. Syndent ensures quick response in just 3 official days. We guarantee you effective after-sales services.

Syndent welding technology and equipment come from the USA. Other than that, we have R&D capabilities. Whether with CNC machines or fully automatic advanced welding machines. The R&D section can produce and automatically adjust accordingly when required to.

Syndent is the only factory in China with the ability to develop and make equipment and burr bits. We have the potential of quickly designing new machines and produce metal burr bits with the latest geometric parameters.

This is in line with industry development needs. Besides, Syndent can expand the production volume severally when required. This helps us sufficiently meet all your needs for industrial use.

Syndent long-term stable development focuses on responsibility to serving you. At the same time, we give a lifetime warranty on our burr bits for metal.

In case our metal burr bits develop quality issues while using it, Syndent promises free and quick replacement. Therefore, you can confidently develop your customer base as you increase your market share. Syndent can handle all your problems.

Syndent metal burr bits have great performance on all metals. We also have specific products like rotary file for steel, deburring drill bit, metal deburring bit, etc.

Simply contact us for details of Syndent metal burr bits and instant quotation.

Metal Burr Bits: Your Absolute FAQ Guide

With lots of bur bits, your search for the best manufacturer and distributor of metal burr bits can feel challenging.

Thus, we have compiled helpful information in our comprehensive FAQ guide on metal burr bits. We believe you can make us your favorite distributor of quality products with unbeatable prices after reading through.

What Are Metal Burr Bits?

Metal burr bits refer to sharp and powerful cutting tools explicitly designed to process different materials. It means you can process ferrous and non-ferrous, soft and hard metals.

Metal Burr Bits

Metal Burr Bits

Syndent manufactures metal burr bits for several applications in different fields. For example, you can use our burr bits for metal to fluently remove hard metals, cast iron, cobalt, steel, etc.

Also, Syndent metal burr bits perform well on aluminum, copper, zinc, titanium, etc. Our metal burr bits have a unique design.

When attached to a rotary tool, the burr bits for metal can rotate at extreme speeds. Thus, you can handle specific tasks on any metal comfortably and efficiently.

You can find metal burr bits used in different industries. Nonetheless, the rotary tool burr bits majorly apply in engineering and metal fabrication.

We make our metal burr bits from the second most rigid material in the world, tungsten carbide. Our product includes different shapes and sizes. Therefore, it gives the convenience of machining multiple metal surfaces.

For further convenience, we designed varied shank diameters. It makes the rotary tool burr bits flexible to fit in numerous rotary tools.

What Does Metal Burr Bits Comprise of?

The basic design of metal burr bits includes three primary components: shank, neck, and head.

The head includes the cutting edges, sharp and robust. It is what determines the quality of the device as it provides the cutting action on metals. The head of our metal burr bits features quality tungsten carbide composites. However, it might include different coatings to enhance its quality.

The shank is the long straight part of the burr bit, usually made of hardened steel. The shank holds the head on one side while the other end attaches into the chuck/collet of a rotary tool.

Finally, the neck is where the shank and the head joins. We join the shank and head of metal burr bits using welding technology from the USA. The silver brazing makes the joint strong, resistant to breakage or bending.

Standard Metal Burr Bit

Standard Metal Burr Bit

How Can You Use Metal Burr Bits?

Metal burr bits can have different applications depending on a particular sector.

The most common uses include:

Shaping metals

Shaping refers to a manufacturing process that involves the removal of material from a particular material.

To make the process of shaping metals a lot easier and faster, manufacturers use metal burr bits. Therefore, you can save time and workforce costs.

In shaping metal workpieces, you hold the workpiece firmly in a workbench. Then, with the burr bit for metal attached to a rotary tool, you grind and remove excess material. Thus, you change the shape and size of the material to give it a new profile.


Grinding remains an essential process in most industries and at home. It demands the elimination of unfavorable materials from a specific metal surface.

With the help of metal burr bits, you can smoothly grind metals like stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, etc. Because our metal burr bits include fine tungsten carbide composite, it leaves the surface smooth and attractive.


Syndent makes highly versatile tools with extremely sharp cutting edges. Therefore, instead of looking for a cutting tool for your workpiece, you can confidently use metal burr bits.

Carbide has natural strong and sharp features. Hence, Syndent uses quality raw materials from different international enterprises to make durable and sharp tools.

The head of the rotary tool burr bits features a unique design with well-placed cutting edges called flutes. On that account, sharp flutes can easily slice metals into pieces with precision accuracy.


Deburring refers to the process of clearing out slight imperfections on a metal surface termed as burrs. The burrs appear on a specific metal after machining it in different ways. To remove these imperfections, you require a unique tool that accurately removes the sharp edges. In this case, metal burr bits can deburr the machined or welded metal, leaving the surface smooth.

Enlarging holes

It involves the process of increasing the size of the existing hole in a particular material. And as mentioned, our metal burr bits are versatile tools, and they can do more than one job. Because they include different shapes, ball-shaped or oval-shaped metal burr bits can professionally enlarge holes.

The uses described above represents just a few of the many benefits of metal burr bits. We have widespread services like:

  • Cleaning up casting and holes
  • Removing rust from metal flat surfaces.
  • Trench processing.
  • Preparing metal surfaces for polishing
  • Contouring round edges

Our products have a stringent tolerance that can reach 0.01m or less than that.

Do We Have Types of Metal Burr Bits?

Very true.

We identify the types of metal burr bits with different shapes. As versatile tools, each profile can execute more than a single function on other workpieces. Thus, with all the shapes, you can fulfill everything needed for your project.

The standard shapes include:

Cylinder: Suitable for removal of flat surfaces and finishing contours

Cylinder-end Cut: You can use it in removing outlines and for machining right-angled corners

Ball-shaped: An ideal shape you can use to machine round edges and for end pre-processing

Oval shape: With this shape, you can remove rounded edges of a specific material

Tree pointed end: You can use the tree pointed end shape to grind rounded edges in long, narrow places.

Tree radius End: Using the tree radius end shape, you can easily machine round arc contours in long, limited positions.

Flame shape: The flame shape metal burr bit can perfectly machine rounded edges.

Cone shape: The cone shape looks and functions like a countersink. Thus, you can use it for chamfering inner holes.

Taper radius end: It has a tapered shape but with a radius end. Thus, it can correctly remove round contours in narrow places and for surface machining.

Taper pointed end: You can use a taper-pointed end shape to deburr narrow positions on metals. Also, you can machine counter surfaces.

Inverted cone: You can chamfer the rear sides of metals from the inside with the inverted cone.

Which Type of Metals Can Metal Burr Bits Cut?

As mentioned, metal burr bits can primarily machine metals. It implies you can process metals like:

  • Carbon steel
  • Hardened steel
  • Cast steel
  • Alloy steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Platinum
  • Silver
  • Zinc
  • Cast iron
  • Gold
  • Cobalt
  • Nickel
  • Copper
  • Brass

Other than metals, rotary tool burr bits can still machine other materials like:

  • Wood
  • Rubber
  • Ceramics
  • Acrylics
  • Fiberglass
  • Plastics
  • Bone
  • Stone

However, you should not transform metal burr bits into a dedicated tool for materials other than metal. We have abrasives suitable for materials like stone, fiberglass, wood, etc.

Which Material Do You Manufacture Metal Burr Bits?

At Syndent, we use cemented carbide to develop top-quality burr bits for metal. Tungsten carbide is a tough substance after diamond. It has a hardness ranging between 8.5 and 9 on Moh’s scale.

Thus, with such rigidity and high valuation, tungsten carbide has better strength than steel and titanium. In addition, it resists abrasion excellently and can withstand extreme temperatures than steel, even HSS.

Metal burr bits containing carbide tend to maintain sharper cutting edges than steel and other composites. Thus, they produce an excellent finish when machining and produce a smoother and cleaner cut.

Syndent metal burr bits can retain their hardness even when machining at extremely high temperatures. It indicates that the tools have a wonderful working life.

Can We Have Surface Coated Metal Burr Bits?


Metal burr bits can have surface coatings for enhanced durability and performance. Because of this, composite coatings remain the best method of modifying abrasives like rotary tool burr bits.

An excellent surface coating can offer improved corrosion resistance to the initial component.

The coatings can include:

TiAlN – TiAlN coating comprises titanium, aluminum, and nitrogen elements. It provides 1 to 4 micrometers coating thickness. Hence, it offers increased resistance to heat and oxidation.

It acts as a broad-spectrum surface coating. Therefore, manufacturers prefer using it on coating cutting tools.

TiAlN coating can offer ten times better tool life. As a result, the cutting speed and efficiency improve, accelerating the entire working process.

TiCN – With TiCN coating, the metal burr bits have better adhesion, rugged toughness, and advanced defiance to chipping. It means the ideal burr bits for metal can wonderfully make drills in aluminum, copper, cast iron, platinum, silver, etc.

TiCN coated metal burr bits look blue-grey with a rugged and smooth finish. In addition, it enhances a high built-up edge and wears resistance.

TiN – TiN includes two main components: Titanium and Nitride. Metal burr bits with TiN coating look goldish. It refers to a trendy and generally applied coating because of its higher adhesion and malleable characteristics.

TiN Coated Metal Burr Bit

TiN Coated Metal Burr Bit

The coating has a low friction coefficient, better wear resistance, and thermal stability. Hence, the coated metal burr bits reduce the built-up edge. As a result, you have a better heat thermal transmission from a given tool.

Because of these features, TiN coated metal burr bits can efficiently mill, drill, ream, counter bore, etc.

Diamond-like – Sometimes, you can find diamond-coated metal burr bits. The diamond coating has extreme toughness than any other composite substance. Thus, it provides a very tough grinding, although it leaves the surface rough.

Can You Use Metal Burr Bit In A Drill?

As we have seen, metal burr bits cut, shape, grind, remove sharp edges, engrave, chamfer, enlarge holes, etc. However, you might use the product for drilling, although not a suitable tool for the task.

If you prefer to use it for drilling purposes, choose the single cut that creates long chips. It can fulfill some of your drilling needs.

For all your drilling needs, we suggest you pick the burr drill bit. When you attach Syndent burr drill bit to a power tool, it makes circular and cross-sectional holes in materials. Therefore, you can do all drilling-related tasks with the burr drill bit, including enlarging holes.

Besides drilling and enlarging holes in metals, you can drill drywall, concrete wall, bone, stone, etc.  Syndent builds burr drill bits with a unique hardness to provide lasting solutions in all fields.

Can You Have Long Shank Metal Burr Bits?


Syndent produces elongated metal burr bits to help you grind areas regular shanks can’t access. So, we call them long-reach metal burr bits.

The difference between the elongated and ordinary tools is that the former has a long shank than the latter. Nonetheless, the functions remain the same other than penetrating tight positions on a metal. Thus, the long shank can deburr, cut, shape, grind, cast, port cylinder heads, clean, polish, etc.

Like ordinary burr bits for metal, you can request single cut metal burr bits, aluminum cut, or double cut. Furthermore, Syndent offers long shank metal burr bits in identical lengths. Therefore, you can find the tools in the range of 3-Inch (75 mm) to 12″ (300 mm). Nevertheless, the most popular long shank you can find includes the 6″.

Long Shank Metal Burr Bits

Long Shank Metal Burr Bits

What Are The Features of Quality Metal Burr Bits?

Metal burr bits features amongst the latest abrasives extensively applied in industries. Since they cut various metal surfaces, rotary tool burr bits must have quality features.

The features you should look out for include the following:

High-quality material – Syndent metal burr bits feature premium grade tungsten carbide tips. We braze the ends onto the hardened steel shank. Thus, the product guarantees quality and durable performance.

High concentricity – The metal burr with high concentricity shank promises an even metal processing.

Careful design– It simply means the metal burr bit features a meticulous method. In designing our metal burr bits, Syndent pays attention to all the development stages. Thus, we ensure that your order features all the required quality details for a quality tool.

Syndent designs the burr bits for metal that provide a more excellent tooth contact on the metal surface. Therefore, the tool can accurately machine sharper angles.

Built to Strict Tolerance – Strict tolerance refers to the tool’s ability to comply with international standards.

Syndent metal burr bits have passed through a strict design that eliminates any possible defects. Thus, they lie within the international standards framework.

Hard Wearing – It means the tool can stand much wear. Syndent designs metal burr bits from finest grain tungsten carbide, well-crafted. Therefore, they have high resistance to wear, breakage, and chipping.

Wide range – The best metal burr bit should feature a wide range. Syndent ensures you have rotary tool burr bits in different shapes and sizes like 1/4-inch carbide burr bit. In this way, we accommodate independent preferences. In addition, it helps to cover multiple applications.

What Are The Benefits of Using Metal Burr Bits?

Buying metal burr bits comes along with a lot of benefits. The rotary tool burr bits have superior hardness, hence highly durable. Most importantly, the tools work at incredible speeds and have a high-level efficiency.

Syndent metal burr bits have high strengths that are above the needed international standards. Therefore, they provide the required features for load-bearing. In addition, the maximized metal burr bit strength reduces the chances of breakages when grinding or cutting metals.

With metal burr bits, you achieve a more efficient cut on a specific metal at hand. Thus, you don’t cause damage to the workpiece.

An efficient cut means the tool has very sharp cutting edges. Therefore, you can slice through metal without applying a lot of pressure. Hence, you don’t strain your muscles even with a lot of work to process. Moreover, it implies, using burr bits for metal enables you to complete several projects effectively within a shorter time.

Syndent metal burr bits provide improved overall performance. With this, we mean faster, smoother, and vibration-free execution. As a result, you have reduced strain and operative time with smooth and accurate results.

Using rotary tool burr bits helps improve the life of your handpiece. In addition, Syndent constructs the device with precision accuracy and sharp cutting ability. With such features, our product operates with effectiveness and accuracy when fitted on a specific rotary tool.

Besides, the strict development ensures the shank diameter has the correct measurements. Thus, it fits well in the rotary tool’s collet.

Because of high compatibility with most standard tools, sharpness and precision cutting puts less strain on the handpiece. Eventually, it minimizes the risk of the collet failing in the early stages of its lifespan.

perfectly fitted metal burr bit

Perfectly fitted metal burr bit

Our metal burr bits have a rugged construction. In addition, because of the presence of cemented carbide, metal burr bits last longer. The tool, therefore, guarantees cost-effectiveness and value for your money.

What Should You Do For Metal Burr Bits To Process Metals Well?

Metal burr bits can work perfectly for your project if you apply the required guidelines. For this reason, you should consider the following guidelines:

  • Make sure you have the right size of the metal burr bit, suitable for the specific workpiece. In simple terms, the size of the tool should not exceed the size of the workpiece. Or it should not appear too small for the task.

For example, you should choose a metal burr that can easily penetrate and process the hole comfortably when processing holes.

  • Next, you should also consider the shape of the metal burr bits for better results. Since we have several shapes of metal burr bits, each profile can serve a specific function.

For example, an oval or ball-shaped one can serve if you want to enlarge holes or work the round surfaces.

  • Also, consider choosing the proper flute cut. Metal burr bits include various flute cuts. Thus, Syndent has manufactured several flute cuts so that they can give you the exact results you need.

Using the single cut to process hardened steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, and other ferrous materials. Since it has single flutes, it removes material rapidly, leaving a smooth finish. Therefore, it suits the removal of heavy stock, milling, cleaning, deburring, etc.

For fine finishing, removal of medium-light material, and deburring, choose the double cut. With a double cut, you create small chips because of an extra flute. Thus, the tool creates a smooth finish.

If you intend to process non-ferrous metals like aluminum, then you need the aluminum cut. The aluminum cut has a widespread single flute. Thus, it suits processing soft metals, including magnesium, gold, copper, or aluminum.

  • When grinding, consider the speed setting on your rotary tool. Metal burr bits vary in size. Thus, we also have variations in speeds according to the extent you choose for a specific function. Ensure you use the rate provided in the user manual.

Do We Have Specific Speed To Use On Metal Burr Bits?

Not really.

There is no fixed speed at which a user should operate metal burr bits. However, manufacturers have provided a range that you can set for each size of the tool.

The speed at which you can operate the metal burr bits depends on three core determinants:

  • The type of metal you intend to process using the rotary tool burr bits.
  • The metal burr bit’s head diameter.
  • The power production of the particular rotary tool you have for the job.

Based on the above factors, you can see we cannot have a constant speed to use. So, the rate varies from one aspect to the other.

Nevertheless, you have the freedom to utilize the recommended effective high speed for a particular size.

In general, top speed helps to effectively remove the swarf while minimizing chattering on the metal surface. Eventually, you find an enhanced finish on the metal surface you process.

Although we suggest choosing the top speed for an excellent outcome when processing metals, never exceed 35 000 RPM. Running metal burr bits above 35 000 RPM, especially for metal burr bits with big diameters, creates instability. Besides, you can damage the workpiece or produce inaccurate results.

Use the chart below to guide you on the speed to operate the metal burr bits.

Air Die Grinder bit diameterRPM
1.6mm/1/16”25 000 – 35 000
2.35mm/3/32”17 000 – 26 000
3mm/1/8”17 000 – 26 000
6mm/1/4”11 000 – 16 500
12mm/1/2”  8 000 – 12 000
16mm/5/8”  7 650 – 11 500

How Can You Achieve A Better Service Life of Metal Burr Bits?

We construct metal burr bits that can last longer. For example, our rotary tool burr bits contain tungsten carbide composite. Thus, they can last longer than HSS.

However, if not used properly, you can reduce its service life. For this reason, observe proper handling and use of the metal burr bits.

Applying the following steps can increase the longevity of the product. Thus, you save on the cost of buying new products frequently.

  • The unique design of the flutes of the metal burr bits allows you to remove out unnecessary materials. So, the cutting edges provide sharp cutting without using pressure.

Uncontrolled pressure on the burr bit when grinding can rapidly damage the cutting edges. The burr bit can grow blunt and wear out before time.

  • In any application, use a burr bit designed for the specific material or job. For example, for removing heavy stock on soft materials, use aluminum cut or carbide burr for aluminum. To perfectly grind hardened steel, use die grinder bits for hardened steel.
  • Avoid frequent stoppages when grinding your metal with metal burr bits. Instead, grind with a continuous motion. It helps in preventing the flutes from clogging.
  • When deburring a specific metal surface, move the metal burr bits along with their rotation on the metal. It makes the deburring process much convenient for you. Besides, this technique allows the burr bit to process your metal conveniently.
  • Practice regular cleaning of your metal burr bits to achieve a prolonged service life. Therefore, you should always clean the burr bits after using them.

We have different industrial chemical solutions to dissolve clogs between the flutes of the metal burr bits. Thus, a recommended solution like caustic soda or muriatic acid can unclog the flutes.

Which Sectors Use Metal Burr Bits?

Industries including manufacturing, creative, and maintenance sectors use metal burr bits. Also, you can buy metal burr bits for your home upkeep. Therefore, everyone in any industry can benefit from the usefulness of our products.

Application in different sectors

Application in different sectors

  • If you have tasks related to shaping or engraving metal, Syndent metal burr bits can help you improve your skills.
  • Manufacturing industries like metalwork, construction, electronics, automobile, aerospace, and shipyard, use rotary tool burr bits. Workers in these sectors exhibit their skills using metal burr bits.
  • Our burr bits for metal can help jewelry makers to make their products more attractive to customers. With the help of the burr bits, jewelry makers can shape, grind, polish, and engrave artwork on the jewelry.
  • Workshop workers such as welders, boilermakers, fabricators, technicians, and mechanics embrace metal burr bits differently. Thus, they never luck our products in their toolboxes.
  • In addition, a homeowner can have metal burr bits for essential house maintenance services. Therefore, you can easily do small services like fixing door handles, locks, grinding sharp edges, or fixing few other things.

Which Tools Can Metal Burr Bits Fit?

Metal burr bits can fit on any compatible rotary tool. Thus, whether you choose electric-powered or air-driven machines, you can use them with your choice metal burr bit.

Hence, it leads us to the following question:

How Do You Differentiate Between Electric-Powered and Air-Powered Rotary Tools?

As reiterated, our metal burr bits can use either electric-powered or air-powered compatible rotary tools. However, we have few differences between the two types of devices in terms of performance and appearance:

  • According to the name, electric-powered equipment uses electric power to spin the metal burr bit attached. On the flip side, air-powered tools depend on the air compressor to provide energy.
  • You may comfortably use air-driven machines to process metals in places that have explosive gases. The specific rotary tools help minimize the chances of explosives.
  • In terms of operation, air-powered machines perform with reduced vibrations. Therefore, you can quickly achieve an easy and precise processing outcome.
  • Air-powered rotary tools help you work faster than electric-driven machines.
  • Unlike electric-powered, air-driven machines require low maintenance costs.
  • When using air-powered tools, you have no exposure to electric shocks, prevalent with electric-powered devices.
  • Electric-powered equipment feels a lot heavier than air-driven. In addition, the machines look a bit bigger. Thus, you need to handle them carefully with some energy when guiding the metal burr bit to grind. On the other hand, air-powered rotary tools are lightweight and small in size. Therefore, they give you an easy time when operating, and you can conveniently process several metals without straining.
  • Lastly, air-powered devices run much cooler than electric-driven ones. Thus, you work in a quiet environment.

Air-Powered Machines include:

  • Hobby rotary tools
  • Air die grinders
  • Micro motors
  • Pneumatic shafts

Electric-Powered equipment comprises of:

  • Die grinders
  • Drill machine
  • High-speed engravers

Which Shipping Services Can You Find With the Purchase of Metal Burr Bits?

When you buy metal burr bits from Syndent, you benefit from impeccable shipping services as a valuable customer. Upon making an order, our shipping duration takes between 15 and 20 days.

We ensure we have in excess raw materials at all times. Thus, we can easily and quickly fulfill your delivery demand.

Syndent has dependable shipping partners who can deliver your order at an affordable price. Therefore, we link you with a reputable shipping company for faster and cost-effective delivery.

Other than that, Syndent metal burr bits come at discounted prices if you make bulk orders. Nevertheless, you need more time for the case of customized rotary tool burr bits. Also, you pay more for the same.

For the convenience of our clients, we give flexibility in an order quantity. Thus, you can make a bulk order or in small MOQs.

Besides metal burr bits, you can attest to the quality of our other products. It includes 1 8 carbide burr, burr drill bits, solid carbide burr, etc.

Place your order in bulk with Syndent and enjoy excellent discounted prices besides valuable deals. Kindly contact us now.

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