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Metal Cutting Burrs

Syndent Metal Cutting Burrs

Syndent metal cutting burr provides the easiest and faster way you can cut through your metal pieces accurately. Made from premium materials, you can stoutly use in cutting ferrous and non-ferrous, soft and hard materials.

Our metal cutting burr comes with a lot of durability and sharpness. Designed from different grade materials, we make them highly versatile, ideal for fine detail work and wide uses.

With official operations in China, Syndent is a certified company that manufactures and supplies quality abrasives for local and industrial use. Our metal cutting burr goes through modern CNC machines for quality purposes.

We have more than 40 sets of state-of-the-art machines and more than enough skilled workers. In consequence, we process your order in the shortest time.

Metal Cutting Burrs

Cylinder metal cutting burrs are ideal for contour finishing, flat surface removal.

Metal Cutting Burrs

Cylinder with end cut metal cutting burrs are suitable for removal contour and right-angled corners

Metal Cutting Burrs

Cylinder with radius end metal cutting burrs are suitable for processing contour and arc surface at a certain angle

Metal Cutting Burrs

Ball shape metal cutting burrs are good for machining round edge and end pre-processing before brazing

Metal Cutting Burrs

Oval shape metal cutting burrs are suitable for round edge removal

Metal Cutting Burrs

Tree with radius end metal cutting burrs are perfect for grinding round edge in long and narrow positions

Metal Cutting Burrs

Tree with pointed end metal cutting burrs are used for machining round arc contour in long and narrow places

Metal Cutting Burrs

Flame shape metal cutting burrs are good at round edge machining

Metal Cutting Burrs

Cone shape metal cutting burrs function like a countersink. Suitable for chamfering inner hole

Metal Cutting Burrs

Taper with radius end metal cutting burrs are widely used for round contour removal in narrow positions, and surface machining

Metal Cutting Burrs

Taper with pointed end metal cutting burrs are suitable for narrow position deburring and counter surface machining

Metal Cutting Burrs

Inverted cone metal cutting burrs are suitable for rear-side chamfering from the inner side.

Why Syndent Metal Cutting Burrs

Syndent metal cutting burr is your first choice tool to use in cutting the metal into small manageable pieces. You can amply cut copper, zinc, alloy steel, carbon steel, cast iron, stainless steel, cast steel, aluminum, etc.

Although not a dedicated tool for non-metals, sometimes you can cut wood, ceramics, stone, bone, and other materials. Our metal cutting burr offers functions like metal carving and engraving, shaping, deburring, cleaning up welds, chamfering, etc.

You can conveniently use it in model engineering, welding, metal work, tool making, jewelry making, and fabrication shops, etc.

Used in industries for surface cleaning, opening holes, die sinking, or porting cylinder heads. You can meet every of your metal need with our premium product.

Syndent has active customer service that operates every day and night. Our 12-hour active hotline, an online contact, and a chat give effective communication.

Plus, we have active accounts with skype, WhatsApp as well as Messenger. You can reach out to our customer care representative at any time. We respond to all questions and leave you fully certified with our quality services.

Metal Cutting Burrs

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of metal cutting burrs before production.

Metal Cutting Burrs

Syndent automatically brazes metal cutting burrs with silver in a low temperature.

Metal Cutting Burrs

We must make the metal cutting burrs jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Metal Cutting Burrs

Syndent examines the hardness of metal cutting burrs shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

Metal Cutting Burrs

Solid metal cutting burrs need a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Metal Cutting Burrs

Syndent CNC grinds the metal cutting burrs teeth after the tests approved

Metal Cutting Burrs

Syndent polishes the metal cutting burrs shaft, and its brazing position

Metal Cutting Burrs

Syndent makes your logo on the metal cutting burrs, and stick your own label on the case.



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  • Range from the dental laboratory to clinic purpose. Either a dental technician or dental doctor could find what you demand here.

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Your Best Supplier of Metal Cutting Burrs

Syndent ensures the metal cutting burr you receive complements the description we state. For the last decade, Syndent has remained loyal to all customers and has made many friends in our business.

We aspire to bring forth what we state about our metal cutting burr. Syndent has remained rational and treat all business transactions wholeheartedly.

Syndent metal cutting burr is extremely sharp, wear-resistant and with a cut that lasts longer. We produce products that have compatible features according to your suggestions.

Our standard metal cutting burr has guaranteed sharpness and a service life better than the peers’. We’ve helped various customers across the globe beat famous international brands.

Syndent has replaced brands like the ATA, MA Ford, Lukas, etc. Whatever your suggestion, Syndent can help you fulfill them.

Our 11 years’ experience can help us find a worthy logistics method for you. Consequently, you benefit from great economical logistics cost.

You now reflect on promoting and marketing the product locally. Before shipping, Syndent can help you keep track of the transportation process.

Excluding Syndent metal cutting burr, you can have die grinder bits for metal, carbide burr set, etc.

With effective customer care service, you can receive instantaneous quotations of Syndent metal cutting burr.

Metal Cutting Burrs: A Conclusive FAQ Guide

The manufacturing industry solely depends on cutting tools like carbide burrsrotary files, etc. However, sometimes you can have a hard time finding the right tool with a market full of different brands. Therefore, we dedicate this ultimate metal cutting burrs FAQ guide for you.

What Are Metal Cutting Burrs?

Metal cutting burrs refer to ideal cutting tools professionally designed to fulfill all demands on all metals. It means that you can use metal cutting burrs on stainless steel, carbon steel, hardened steel, cast iron, aluminum, etc.

Other than metals, metal cutting burrs can also process non-metals. Therefore, you can use it to precisely machine wood, plastics, rubber, jade, bone, etc.

Syndent has the identity as part of leading names worldwide that provides a vast collection of quality abrasives. Moreover, metal cutting burrs come as a portion of our many products you can find in the market.

Syndent builds professional metal cutting burrs that a multitude of our clients has attested to its quality.

We deploy keen development of our products, accounting for each production stage. Furthermore, we use the latest USA welding technology and ultra-modern equipment to develop our premium products. Therefore, the metal cutting burr you order has high precision and guaranteed quick but low vibration cuts.

Our products appear in multiple shapes, designs, and sizes. Thus, you can easily choose the right metal cutting burr for your job.

To make it easier and convenient for you, Syndent designs metal cutting burrs in sets. That means a single purchase can give you a collection of various cutting burrs.

A set can include all you need to make your work quick, easy, and cost-effective.

Metal Cutting Burrs

Metal Cutting Burrs

What Are The Uses Of Metal Cutting Burrs?

The primary function of metal cutting burrs involves the cutting of both hard and soft metals. Besides cutting, a metal cutting burr can perform the following functions:


In this process, you cut metal and give it a specific shape or form. Thus, we call it shaping.

To successfully achieve this process, different sectors that deal with metal or other materials use metal cutting burrs.

Syndent metal cutting burrs have included a unique tip design with sharp cutting edges attached to the shank. These sharp edges provide a robust and long-lasting cut dedicated to cutting through stubborn metals and materials.

Made from high-grade material, you can precisely shave off the extra fabric from your workpiece. As a result, you achieve a correct shape from any given material.


It refers to the process of making modifications to a workpiece after other applications. For example, after using other applications on a piece of material, you can realize sharp edges known as burrs.

To remove them, you can use a tungsten carbide double-cut metal cutting burr. It leaves a highly smooth ending on a material surface, unlike other cutting burrs.


With this process, you extract unwanted material from your piece of metal or fabric.

Metal cutting burrs featuring cemented carbide composites have solid and high cutting abilities. Hence, when used on any compatible rotary equipment, the cutting burrs rotate relatively quickly.

The sharp cutting edges grind the excess material away from the metal, creating a very smooth-textured surface.


It involves the process of making accurate holes in a specific metal or material.

We have varieties of metal cutting burrs in different shapes. Each shape can provide a separate application from the other.

Therefore, choosing a specific shape can create accurate holes in metal. For example, you can select the taper with a pointed end or tree radius to make small holes. First, however, you should have a single-cut metal cutting burr.

To enlarge the holes, a ball or flame-shaped metal cutting burr can effectively do the job.

In a nutshell, Syndent metal cutting burrs acts as multi-functional machining tools. It means you can machine a variety of metal surfaces and achieve the same accurate and smooth results.

However, we highly advise using our burr drill bits for drilling purposes.

Besides the metal cutting burrs providing multiple functions, you should adhere to its specific use.

Other applications include cleaning, finishing, machining, chamfering, engraving, beveling, preparation for welding and fabrication, etc. You can also use it for smoothing out weld beads and can quickly cut and grind heat-treated metals.

Which Types Of Cuts Do Metal Cutting Burrs Provide?

Metal cutting burrs can come in three different cuts: single, aluminum, and double cuts.

Single Cut

Single Cut

Single Cut Metal Cutting Bits

The single-cut metal cutting burr features small, single and compact flutes. The neatly and closely packed flutes run along the head of the cutting burr and upward.

Single cut metal cutting burrs provide a rapid stock extraction and without clogging. Hence, you can do perfect machining of soft materials that usually clog the flutes easily without difficulties.

Although a single cut provides a smooth finish, it doesn’t fashion the double Cut.


Double Cut

Double Cut Metal Cutting Burrs

The double-cut metal cutting burrs have an extra left-hand flute. Thus, you can achieve a quicker and more acceptable ending on a material surface.

The double arrangement of the flutes makes the tip solid and effective in performance. Thus, they can suit fine applications on hardened steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and other ferrous metals.

They represent the most commonly used Cut, which can see you through several applications.

Sometimes called cross-cut, the double-cut metal cutting burrs leave a smoother finish. Besides, because of the double flutes, the cutting burrs have several cutting edges. It means they cut metals faster than any other type of metal cutting burr.

The double flutes help in the production of more minor chips when machining your workpiece. Therefore, you can efficiently use them in medium-light stock removal, finishing, cleaning, and deburring.

Double cuts have chisel-like flutes for faster penetration, better tool control, and high productivity.

Aluminum/non-ferrous Cut

Aluminum or non-ferrous cut metal cutting burrs have large single flutes. The widely-spaced cutting edges allow the ideal metal cutting burr to cut through soft materials without clogging efficiently.

Usually, soft metals like aluminum easily clog the flutes of a metal cutting burr. However, with the unique design of the flutes, you can now cut any soft metal without stopping.

The well-spaced cutting edges allow you to cut the metal while the debris escapes through the sides of the flutes. They, therefore, enable easy chip removal than any other type of metal cutting burr.

Besides, the unique flute design increases its strength, hence increasing tool life.

You can use the aluminum cut on aluminum, mild steel, brass, gold, copper, cast iron, etc. You can also use them in processing non-metals like plastics, rubber, etc.

When you use a non-ferrous cut on cast iron, it automatically de-clogs the cutting edges.

Which Shapes Do Metal Cutting Burrs Comprise Of?

Like most other abrasives, metal cutting burrs come in a vast collection of shapes. In principle, the various forms help you attain a specific cut or profile on your piece of metal.

The multiple selections of shapes fit well into any nook and cranny to produce impressive profiles. Therefore, you can achieve anything you need for a successful project.

Shapes of Metal Cutting Burrs

Shapes of Metal Cutting Burrs

The different shapes include:

Cylinder – Ideal for machining flat surfaces and contour finishing.

Cylinder end Cut – It represents an ideal tool for machining right-angled corners and removal of contours.

Cylinder with radius ends – Suitable for arc surfacing at a specific angle and processing contours.

Ball-shaped – Helps in quick machining of round edges and preparation of a metal surface before brazing.

Oval Shape – Helpful shape you can use in the removal of round edges.

Tree pointed end – You can use the tree-pointed end metal cutting burr for precise grinding of round edges. They work perfectly in long narrow places and for multi-angle contouring.

Tree radius end – You can machine round arc contours with the tree radius end. Thus, it represents a suitable tool when working through long, narrow positions.

Flame-Shaped – You can perfectly machine round edges with the flame-shaped metal cutting burrs. Also, it helps in preparing your material for welding.

Cone-Shaped – The cone-shaped (SJ & SK) metal cutting burr resembles and operates like a countersink. Hence, you can use it in chamfering the inside of a hole.

Taper with radius – The taper radius metal cutting burr can correctly remove round contours. Besides, it fits narrow places, and you can use it for the surface machining of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Taper-pointed end – A taper and pointed end metal cutting burr suits counter surface machining and deburring. In addition, it allows narrow position machining.

Inverted Cone – With an inverted cone, you can easily chamfer the rear side from the inner side.

Do Metal Cutting Burrs Feature Different Sizes?


Metal cutting burrs consist of a vast selection of sizes that can help you complete multiple applications. Thus, you can make an appropriate size based on the job you have at hand.

In general, small-sized metal cutting burrs can suit smaller applications, and you can produce more refined and smoother work.

On the other hand, larger metal cutting burrs suits higher and rapid removal of extra material. Nonetheless, you use them mainly on more demanding jobs.

Syndent offers the ideal product in commonly used standard sizes. You use common sizes for typical tasks.

Furthermore, we have customized sizes. In principle, customized sizes can feature specific designs that match specific needs for given applications.

In simple, we don’t have limitations in terms of the availability of metal cutting burr sizes.

Nevertheless, the popular standard sizes available include the following:

  • 2.5 mm (3/32 inches).
  • 3.0 mm (1/8 inches).
  • 6.0 mm (1/4 inches).
  • 13.0 mm (1/2 inches).
  • 16.0 mm (5/8 inches).

Which Speed Should Use With Metal Cutting Burrs?

The tool speed for any given metal cutting burr can depend on a few factors.

To begin with, the type of metal you intend to cut matters a lot on the speed to use. For example, metals come with different hardness. Therefore, it helps if you adjust to a slower rate when processing softer metals and other materials.

Otherwise, harder metals need a higher speed adjustment so that the metal cutting burr can accurately cut.

Furthermore, the metal cutting burr head diameter can dictate the speed rate suitable for cutting a specific metal.

In other words, a metal cutting burr with a significant head diameter should operate at a lower speed. If you switch to a higher rate with a larger head diameter, it exhibits a lot of vibration.

Also, you remain in total control of the tool with a low speed, especially with larger head diameters.

For metal cutting burrs with small head diameters, you can exploit any available recommended top speed.

Small-headed metal cutting burrs don’t easily exhibit vibration, and you don’t lose control even at top speed.

Lastly, rotary machines come with varying speed adjustments. Therefore, they can exhibit different power outputs depending on the model or brand.

Standard rotary tools feature a speed range of between 8 000 and 24 000 RPM. But, we have specific rotary tools with a maximum speed of 35 000 or even 40 000 RPM.

Manufacturers can recommend a maximum speed of 35 000 RPM. That means rotary tools with top speeds lower than that can limit your selection.

Why Should You Utilize The Maximum Speed Available With Metal Cutting Burrs?

We advise you utilize the available effective top speed, especially with small metal cutting burrs. In substance, a top speed for the given size helps inefficient removal of extra removal of swarf. In addition, it helps diminish chattering when cutting a specific piece of metal.

However, excessive use of speed than the recommended negatively impacts the material and the burr. For instance, you can quickly lose control of the rotary tool. As a result, you may damage the piece of metal or obtain poor results.

Also, the cutting edges can dull away rapidly. That means buying an extra metal cutting burr for the job.

Which Technique Should You Use In Cutting Metals With Metal Cutting Burrs?

Use the correct technique when cutting materials for outstanding results and the extended life of your metal cutting burrs.

In such a case, we suggest using slight pressure while directing the metal cutting burr in machining the metal.

Metal cutting burrs consist of very sharp blade-like cutting edges. Hence, you do not need to apply excessive pressure as it can precisely cut with just a little force.

The use of excessive pressure can easily damage the flutes, which leads to premature smoothness. Hence, it reduces the longevity of the metal cutting burr.

When cutting around a piece of metal, you also need to keep the metal cutting burrs in motion. If you leave the metal cutting burr still for a longer time, it can clog the flutes. Hence, the burr won’t dig or jab into the piece of metal. As a result, it leaves the final job with undesired smoothness and visible marks.

How Does Metal Cutting Burr Set Help?

Metal cutting burr set includes a list of several burrs in a kit. The complete kit can consist of a variety of metal cutting burrs in various shapes and sizes. Hence, you can easily handle a range of metal applications and perfectly finish the tasks quickly.

Metal Cutting Burrs Set

Metal Cutting Burrs Set

Also, a set of metal cutting burrs gives required convenience and flexibility to make several purchases.

Therefore, with a set of metal cutting burrs, you can cut metals, deburr, grind, mill, engrave artwork, etc.

The set can include ten, nine, eight, five, or four pieces of selected metal cutting burrs.

Regardless of the different sizes, shapes, and designs, the cutting burrs retain the same quality. The difference comes in terms of application, convenience, and flexibility.

Syndent ten pieces metal cutting burrs ensure you have the flexibility of machining the surface. Besides, you may strongly use it in contour finishing.

An eight-piece metal cutting burr set provides substantial metal removal. It includes a 1/4-inch and 6 mm shank size.

With a 5-piece set, you can conveniently process contours and arc surfaces at a particular angle.

5 pcs Metal Cutting Burrs

5 pcs Metal Cutting Burrs

Also, we have Syndent metal cutting burr set comprising of nine pieces containing tiny burrs. They appear in sizes of 1/8 inches or 3 mm shank. Therefore, you can use them for small tasks where ordinary or more significant metal cutting burrs don’t perform well.

Syndent 4-piece metal cutting burr set consists of burrs with long shanks. The extended cutting burr set features a shank size of 1/4 inches x 6 inches.

With an extended shank, you can safely work through closed positions where ordinary burrs can’t afford to reach.

Lastly, we have the metal cutting burr set for non-ferrous. In simple terms, it consists of cutting burrs with special extra-coarse grinding. That means they can aggressively remove aluminum and other non-ferrous metals.

Where Do Metal Cutting Burrs Apply?

Many sectors across the world use metal cutting burrs because of efficiency, preciseness, and fast performance. Furthermore, they reduce work overload by a significant margin to do several tasks within the shortest time possible.

In addition, the blade-like flutes enable you to cut any metal fluently. Therefore, you have complete control of the tool when cutting materials.

For that reason, the following industries primarily benefit from metal cutting burrs:

  • Aerospace
  • Shipyard
  • Metal sculpting
  • Automotive (cylinder head porting)
  • Metal smith
  • Agriculture
  • Dental

That means you can confidently use metal cutting burrs in metalwork, jewelry making, casting, chamfering, model engineering, etc.

Which Description Does Quality Metal Cutting Burrs Hold?

Somehow, you can merely describe how a quality metal cutting burr looks like with mere observation alone. Thus, it would help if you had more than looking at it.

In simple terms, we have several things to factor in when choosing a quality metal cutting burr. Therefore, you can consider the following elements:

Material composition – In determining the quality of a specific metal cutting burr, material composition comes first.

Note that metal cutting burrs can have different material compositions like steel, carbide, and sometimes diamond.

You can quickly tell when you look at the cutting burr.

Design development – It implies an overall design and development process that rhymes with set quality standards. It helps in having enhanced performance and dependability.

Resistance to Mechanical Properties – A metal cutting burr designed with high quality should overcome harsh mechanical conditions exposed to.

Syndent metal cutting burrs have high resistance to breakage regardless of the demanding task at hand.

Balanced resilience – When deciding the quality of a metal cutting burr, the precision level should come into your mind.

That means a quality piece should have a balanced resilience that lies within the international industrial standards.

High Resilience to Environmental properties – A high-quality metal cutting burr should also possess enough resilience to environmental properties.

That implies, if you expose it to any environment, the burr should continue performing to its best. Therefore, it can resist properties like rust, wear, overheating, and other environmental elements.

Can You Request For Customized Metal Cutting Burrs?


You can request customized metal cutting burrs. However, it takes some time to make them compared to standard pieces.

In essence, customized pieces require extra steps of the manufacturing process.


Because customized pieces have extra features and Syndent has to adjust the machines to suit the additional features.

Other than taking extra time, they can cost slightly higher than the regular pieces. Nonetheless, they can serve you to the required standard because they easily meet your specific needs.

Customization features metal cutting burrs with unique designs, head or shank diameters, length, etc.

Furthermore, you can request branded cutting burrs with an engraved logo of your choice. We can engrave your logo on the surface of the burr or the package. Moreover, our experts can suggest for you an attractive artwork and print them on the specific metal cutting burr.

The industry has a high demand for abrasives. Because we understand what you need, Syndent professional engineers have designed several abrasives other than metal cutting burrs. Therefore, you have an extensive list to choose from so that you can conveniently and quickly complete several projects.

Our products include nail drill bitsdental carbide drill bitsdie grinder stone bits, etc.

To request for metal cutting burrs order, contact us.

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