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Nail Bit Set

Syndent Nail Bit Set

Syndent nail bit set is your essential kit to transform your artificial nails in separate ways.

Our different sets come in a wide color and size selection and are color-coded according to texture. We must satisfy your nail artwork essentials concerning nail beauty.

Syndent is a top manufacturer of a nail bit set and other similar items. Our quality guaranteed products can make you realize all pedicure, podiatry, and manicure services in a few minutes.

Plus, we trade at wholesale price and incredible discounts on not less than a hundred pieces. Trade for our products online or visit our store.

Nail Bit Set

10-piece nail bit set

Nail Bit Set

32-piece nail bit set

Nail Bit Set

12-piece stone nail bit set

Nail Bit Set

13-piece felt nail bit set

Nail Bit Set

12-piece nail bit set

Nail Bit Set

9-piece nail bit set

Nail Bit Set

12-piece nail bit set

Nail Bit Set

7-piece nail bit set

Nail Bit Set

6-piece nail bit set

Nail Bit Set

6-piece nail bit set

Nail Bit Set

5-piece nail bit set

Nail Bit Set

20-piece nail bit set

Why Syndent Nail Bit Set

Syndent nail bit set perfectly cleans, shapes, drills, shortens, carves, grinds, engraves, cuts, or polishes fake nails. As a top supplier, we fabricate products with separate pieces to process hard gels, UV gel nails, acrylics, etc.

Our set can also clear dead skin calluses, remove cuticles, smooth the nail surface, etc. The collection also helps in backfill cutting, sidewall filing, filing below the nails to remove ridges or dirt, etc. In addition, Syndent nail bit set provides alternative pedicure, podiatry, and manicure services.

Syndent offers superior technical support service. We can look into queries about the faulty product. We can resolve the matter in the quickest time possible.

Syndent supplies most of the nail bit set and similar abrasives globally. We work together with independent shipping firms. With rich knowledge, Syndent can assist you through all the logistics and enjoy faster and best services.

Syndent supplies an actual nail bit set with features that depict the description. Besides achieving word-of-mouth marketing, Syndent resort to friendship than fraud through doing business. Therefore, we treat every nail bit set business with sincerity.

Nail Bit Set

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of nail bit set before production.

Nail Bit Set

Syndent automatically brazes nail bit set with silver in a low temperature

Nail Bit Set

We must make the jumping test of nail bit set after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Nail Bit Set

Syndent examines the hardness of carbide nail bit shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

Nail Bit Set

Solid nail bit set needs a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Nail Bit Set

Syndent CNC grinds the teeth of nail bit set after the tests approved

Nail Bit Set

Syndent polishes the shaft of nail bit set, and its brazing position

Nail Bit Set

Syndent makes your logo on the nail bit set, and stick your own label on the case.

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Your Best Supplier of Nail Bit Set

Besides welding technology and tools imported from the United States, Syndent has the R&D potential. We can use our advanced CNC tools and fully automated welding machines to produce your products.

Our skilled staff has five years or more experience in production. Syndent regards them as core assets in the company. Therefore, our senior-skilled engineers ensure our tools aligns with top brands on the market.

Syndent provides quality management to our manufacturing equipment. After a scheduled operation, our experts stop the machine checks and replace unfashionable parts with contemporary ones. Therefore, we can comfortably retain our nail bit set stable, consistent, and preciseness production.

Upon receiving the raw materials, each bunch bears a thorough inspection process before finding its way to our warehouse.

The thorough inspection involves verifying the expected accurate grade, regular display, and adaptive size. Thus, Syndent nail bit set manufactured lacks quality flaws from early stages.

Besides the Syndent nail bit set, we fabricate multiple abrasives with similar features but different applications. Other similar tools include carbide nail drill bitstyphoon nail drill bitscuticle remover drill bit , etc. Syndent is the most prominent brand marketplace to choose favorite products for all fields.

Don’t hang back in seeking for Syndent nail bit set quotation. But, contact us immediately and enjoy our services today.

Nail Bit Set: The Utmost FAQ Guide for Buyers

Are you in need of traditional sourcing of quality nail drill bits? Do you want a verified supplier of professional nail tools at reduced cost when you source directly from the factory? Syndent remains your traditional sourcing partner that offers low MOQ with OEM/ODM. In our guide, we explain more about the nail-bit set.

What is a Nail Bit Set?

A nail bit set is a compilation of helpful nail bits for manicure or pedicure services. A nail bit set will help the user achieve salon-class manicure or pedicure results.

The nail bit set can comprise various bit assortments like ball bits, barrel, cone, mandrel, sanding bands/caps, etc. In addition, the nail bit kit can include a mixture of the bits in different sizes or shapes. Thus, it will suit various user preferences.

Nail Bit Set

Nail Bit Set

Whether you intend to shave off previous gel polish, file callus, etc., the nail bit set has everything you need. Therefore, the nail bit kit provides the flexibility of performing various nail tasks for the desired outcome.

The syndent nail drill bit set comes in the usual 3/32-inch shank size. Nevertheless, we manufacture the 1/8-inch specialized size that fits old nail drill machines. That implies the 3/32 nail drill bit set remains the most common and excellent option. It essentially suits most electric devices on the market.

The nail drill bit set would include bits with different grains (grits). Consequently, the common grits usually have fine, medium, and coarse. However, it might consist of other grains like an extra fine or coarse. Hence, every manicurist or nail technician can meet their clients’ needs professionally.

The nail bit set comes from non-identical high-class and extra-hard materials such as diamond and tungsten carbide. Hence, the nail bit set you buy brings to your salon top-class services.

Because of its versatility, the nail bit set remains an all-around kit that suits salons, beauty shops, spas, etc.

Besides versatility, investing in a nail bit set saves time and money. You’ll find buying the nail bit set cheaper than when bought in singles. In addition, a wholesaler may offer discounts when you purchase the items in large quantities.

In terms of saving time, the kit includes all items you need for the services. Hence, you don’t waste time looking for a bit elsewhere. Therefore, it saves more of your time for increased productivity.

What Can You Find in a Nail Bit Set?

A nail bit set can feature multiple functional items like mandrels, sanding caps, ball bits, barrels, etc. Although designed as multifunctional tools, a particular nail tool may perform better in a specific area. For instance, barrels with sharp edges will offer quality smoothing on the top of the nail than removing cuticles.


barrel bit looks like a can and may have a sharp or blunt edge. Fundamentally, a barrel with a blunt edge can remove material and smoothen the nail’s surface for top application. In addition, the same bit can work safely around the cuticle area without causing injury to a client.

Conversely, a barrel with a sharp edge can shave off products like dip powder. But, it might not remove the enhancement up to the cuticle area.

We have large and small barrels that appear in different textures. Hence, they suit all the applications a barrel can do.

Nail Bit Set


A barrel does the following:

  • The bit prepares the nail surface for a top application.
  • Removes lifted areas without causing damage.
  • A fine large barrel helps shorten acrylic, dip powder, and gel nails.
  • The device helps in backfill cutting.

Safety Bits

Safety bits have a smooth round top that offers maximum skin and cuticle area protection while filing. In addition, the safety bit offers excellent c-curve contouring. And it helps prepare the nail’s surface for top application; hence, it is a good tool for nail care.

The coarse nail bit appears more robust than the rest. Therefore, it can easily remove the gel, dip powder, and backfill cutting.

The safety nail bit set with refined grains helps shape and shorten dip powder and acrylic nails. Also, it helps remove lifted areas on artificial nails.

Flame bit

The nail bit set can include flame bits. The flame bit fundamentally helps to form an apex. In addition, manicurists use the flame bit to clean the area around the cuticles.

Nail Bit Set

Flame Bit Set

Ball bit

The ball bit can also form part of your nail bit set. And the ball bit comes in handy when cleaning the sidewalls. Furthermore, technicians find the tiny ball bit helpful when cleaning beneath the nails, prepping, and for backfills.

The micro-ball bit aids in the elimination of dead skin while making the cuticles.

The Needle Bit

The needle bit in any nail set helps in filing away a residual cured gel. Furthermore, the needle bit can safely and fluently remove hangnails, dead skin, or cuticles in areas other bits won’t reach.

What Materials Do We Use to Make the Nail Bit Set?

A nail bit set can come in different choices, including diamond, tungsten carbide, or ceramic bits.

Carbide bits have a grinding head made of tungsten carbide materials. Carbide materials look amazingly tougher than stainless steel and come next to diamonds.

The nail bit set with tungsten carbide has flutes. And since it has flutes, it cuts through to remove materials without causing heat. In addition, the bit leaves the surface smoother.

Carbide bits can cut and shape gel or acrylic nails through the shaving of layers.

Diamond bits have grains known as partials and not flutes. Hence they remove enhancements differently from how carbide bits remove. Essentially, diamond nail bits remove enhancements by scratching.

A nail bit set comprising different diamond bits helps technicians scratch product build-up. In addition, the bits leave the surface rough, which some manicurists prefer for specific tasks. But the bits produce slightly more friction when removing products than carbide or ceramic bits.

Diamond nail bits remain professional tools for general cuticle work and removing calluses. Additionally, they have greater strength than other bits on the market.

A ceramic nail bit set works like a carbide nail drill bit set, cutting through materials with little friction.

Nail Bit Set

Ceramic Nail Bit set

A nail drill bit set usually comprises several pieces of bits suitable for DIY nails. For example, a collection can have twenty, five, six pieces, seven pieces, twelve pieces, nine pieces, and so on. Therefore, a manicurist can choose a nail bit set that can serve their tasks.

Besides a nail bit set, manicurists can choose a nail drill bit set, a left-handed nail drill bit, etc.

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