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Nail Bits

Syndent Nail Bits

Syndent nail bits can help you in the safe removal and care of your client’s nails. You can ideally use our professional nail bits on various applications on the nails.

Syndent features amongst top well-established firms in China that manufacture the best nail bit to remove acrylic.

We offer top deals on our products at a factory price. We have remained a top selected supplier of abrasives to many big companies like the Fortune 500.

Besides, the production process of each of our natural nail bits goes through strict monitoring. Also, we build our products in ultra-modern CNC machines.

We promise the product you buy from Syndent doesn’t have quality errors and free of risk.

Nail Bits

Different carbide nail bits for professionals.

Nail Bits

Super durable carbide nail bits, coated and uncoated.

Nail Bits

High performance and extremely sharp carbide nail bits

Nail Bits

All kinds of ceramic nail bits for your choices

Nail Bits

Super long life ceramic nail bits

Nail Bits

Custom design ceramic nail bits as you wish

Nail Bits

Best-selling diamond nail bits

Nail Bits

Most popular diamond nail bits for technicians

Nail Bits

Custom design diamond nail bits for professionals

Nail Bits

All carbide drill bits for pedicure by podiatrist

Nail Bits

All diamond drill bits for pedicure by podiatrist

Nail Bits

High quality sanding caps used by podiatrist for removing dead skin.

Nail Bits

Different kinds of nail sanding bands for the beginners and professionals

Nail Bits

Matching with all of the regular sanding bands

Nail Bits

Suitable for all of the sanding caps in different sizes

Why Syndent Nail Bits

Syndent nail bits can help you in the quick processing of both natural and artificial nails. Consequently, you can conveniently use it on acrylic and gel applications.

That implies, you easily remove the gel polish, dip powder, and acrylic nails without damaging the client’s nail.

Our nail bits for natural nails can shorten or shape extra thick or irregular nails. Furthermore, you can use them for perfect backfill cutting.

They can help you make a smile line. Moreover, nail bits for acrylic nails can clean under the nails and on the sidewalls of your client’s nails.

The unique design provides a professional way to execute your nail artwork while protecting the skin against damage.

Syndent acrylic nail bits can offer a lasting cutting strength and come at a reasonable price. You may not worry about finding a quality product whose price tag exceeds your budget. Consequently, Syndent looks after cost performance.

Syndent guarantees an effective dispatch speed of the different nail bits ordered from us. Through our research, we can model new CNC machines to expand our production level.

Thus, as our smaller or larger customer, we can dispatch your order quickly. With effective delivery speed, you have an assured business reputation.

Syndent ensures consistency and stability in the development of the best nail bits. Whether with the samples or the authentic product, we guarantee a consistent flow.

We maintain the same flow to consequent orders. The 11+ years of experience in the abrasive industry speaks volumes about our honesty.

Besides, Syndent’s QA system assures you of the great responsibility of every development process. You can receive popular and regular types of nail bits for your nail art all the times.

Nail Bits

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of nail bits before production.

Nail Bits

Syndent automatically brazes nail bits with silver in a low temperature

Nail Bits

We must make the nail bits jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Nail Bits

Syndent examines the hardness of nail drill bit shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

Nail Bits

Solid nail bits need a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Nail Bits

Syndent CNC grinds the nail bits teeth after the tests approved

Nail Bits

Syndent polishes the nail bits shaft, and its brazing position

Nail Bits

Syndent makes your logo on the nail bits, and stick your own label on the case.

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Your Best Supplier of Nail Bits

Syndent Company lies on a firm foundation under the formation of former federal enterprise workers.

The co-founders include a business sales supervisor, technical research & development engineer, and equipment maintenance engineer. Therefore, a stable company structure provides a steady, solid supply chain.

Syndent also features the earliest Chinese enterprises that introduced new-fashioned CNCs to manufacture nail bits for acrylic nails.

Moreover, our company helped in the conceptualization of Chinese Standards for the Rotary File Industry. Thus, the nail bits you buy always feature amongst top brands in the industry.

We are amongst the most prominent developers of the best nail bits in China. Syndent operational area covers 2 000 square meters and holds more than 40 Avant-grade. Thus, with close to 50 workers, we can produce several nail bits.

Syndent offers a lifetime warranty on its products. When you use our nail bit to remove acrylic and realize quality problems, we guarantee quick replacement. Hence, you can focus on enlarging your customer base as you increase your market share.

Besides Syndent nail bits, you can try some of our other quality tools. They include tungsten carbide nail drill bitscarbide dental burs, diamond nail bits, etc.

Kindly get in touch with us for an instant quotation of the best nail bit to remove dip powder.

Nail Bits: An Informative FAQ Guide

For every nail art technician, there’s always a unique tool suitable for the job. And as the technology changes, we have different nail drill bits based on the technology requirements.

We provide an informative FAQ about nail bits as a supplier or buyer looking for nail art tools.

Stay put!

What Are Nail Bits?

Nail bits are high-quality tools that can help a nail technician do several jobs on a client’s nails. For example, they can offer specific tasks like shaping, cutting, shortening, carving, smoothing, polishing, etc.

Nail Bits

Nail Bits

Syndent is an international company in China that deals with abrasives. In principle, we manufacture high-quality abrasive products to satisfy the various needs of different industries worldwide.

One of the quality products we manufacture includes nail bits. In addition, we manufacture our professional nail bits from quality materials.

For example, you can find the best nail bits from tungsten carbide, diamond, or ceramics. Thus, you can have different ways to process your client’s natural and artificial nails.

In addition, you can find a natural nail bit suitable for processing natural nails. Such tools work gently on natural nails so that you don’t injure the soft tissue.

Nail bits also come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures (grit). Furthermore, each type of nail bit has different applications and purposes.

What Materials Do You Use to Manufacture Nail Bits?

The most common materials used to manufacture nail bits include:

  • Diamond.
  • Tungsten carbide.
  • Ceramic.

From the listed materials, we can mold different nail bits for professional application in the industry.

Diamond Nail Bits

Diamond is a well-known element in the world because of its hard-wearing and durability features. In practice, it can offer robust and durable cuts on hard materials and provide quality results. However, it doesn’t act smoothly as tungsten carbide nail bits do after removing material built-up.

Nonetheless, nail bits designed from diamonds offer precise and accurate results. Also, they have better rust resistance even after disinfecting them. Moreover, you’ll find most cuticle nail bits designed from diamonds.

Diamond nail bits have grit-like formations on their heads. Therefore, they remove heavy material buildup through scratching.

Due to the scratching effect, diamond nail bits tend to create more friction. Therefore, they generate heat more quickly than other types of nail bits.

Nail Bits

Diamond Nail Bits

Tungsten Carbide Nail Bits

Carbide nail bits come from premium cemented carbide metal. The tungsten carbide metal is approximately 20 times harder than steel. In addition, its toughness makes it an immediate competitor of diamond material.

Unlike diamond, carbide bits have flute-like edges on the head that cuts material instead of grinding or scratching. Therefore, there’s little creation of friction which means they don’t generate a lot of heat quickly when cutting materials.

The flutes allow the bits to cut through any type of enhancement without scratching. In addition, you determine the grid-scale of the bits based on the flutes the ideal bit has.

For example, deep and more extensive flutes provide a coarser grit. On the contrary, shallower flutes indicate you have a finer grit.

We uniquely craft our carbide acrylic nail bits for optimum strength and durability. Furthermore, they have excellent precision to remove gels easily and quickly. They also suit most 3/32″ size nail drill machines.

You can only use carbide nail bits for acrylic nails because of their powerful and sharp cutting blades.

That means only advanced technicians should use them and are not ideal nail bits for natural nails.

In addition, you clean and disinfect them after use, and they don’t rust, overheat, or wear out rapidly.

Nail Bits

Carbide Nail Bits

Ceramic Nail Bits

Ceramic bits come from ceramic raw materials. And ceramic coated nail bits stand out from the rest of the bits; they never heat up rapidly.

Above all, ceramic nil bits can last longer, and like carbide bits, they have flute-like blades.

Therefore you remove heavy material by cutting and not scratching. It reduces friction hence low heat buildup after prolonged use.

You’ll find ceramic nail bits in various grids like coarse, medium, and fine. Thus, a nail tech can select a specific nail bit to remove acrylic nails.

Nail Bits

Ceramic Nail Bits

Can Nail Bits Process Natural Nails?

Not highly recommended.

Nail bits are powerful and sharp and can easily cause damage to the nail bed if used on natural nails. Therefore, it’ll require the experience of an expert to use bits on natural nails, especially bits made from carbide.

Otherwise, Syndent manufactures sanding caps or sanding bands. In essence, sanding caps or bands use a mandrel bit typically designed from metal or rubber.

You slip them onto the mandrel bit to use the caps or bands, and you are good to go. However, you cannot disinfect sanding caps or bands like you do with diamond and carbide nail bits.

Also, you can use them once and dispose of them off. Therefore, you need new sanding caps/bands for every new client.

The sanding caps can effectively remove gels, do the surface work, and for pedicures. In addition, they have various grits. Thus, you can buy that which can serve your demands.

What Are The Sizes of Nail Bits?

A standard shank size of a nail bit is 3/32 inches. Note that shank sizes of electric files for craft applications usually measure 1/8 inches. However, they cannot fit professional electric files.

When we talk about 3/32-inch and 1/8-inch bits, it means the shank size thickness of a given bit. And, we have nail machines that can accommodate the mentioned sizes of the nail bits.

That implies a 3/32-inch shank size nail bit can only work well with a nail machine that receives 3/32 shanks. On the contrary, a 1/8-inch shank size nail bit can only fit in nail machines that accept the 1/8-inch bit.

We have various sizes of nail bits available on the market. Thus, a new nail tech can have difficulty choosing the right nail bit for the nail machine.

Which Speed is Ideal to Use with Nail Bits?

As indicated, nail bits can feature different sizes and shapes. Therefore, the size and shape of a specific bit can dictate the speed you choose to use in any application.

For every functional purpose, a nail art technician has no limitation to a specific speed. Moreover, all nail machines on the market have provisions for different speed adjustments. Thus, you can find the correct rate to use based on the size of the bit and type of material.

NoBit SizeRPM
12.4 mm17 000 – 26 000
23.0 mm17 000 – 26 000
36.0 mm11 000 – 16 500
413.0 mm  8 000 – 12 000
516.0 mm  7 650 – 11 500

As shown in the table, we have different sizes of nail bits with suitable speeds to choose from. And as said, the shape or size of the nail bit can decide the ideal RPM for a given application. So, for instance, you can operate smaller bits at relatively higher speeds than larger size.

If you use a relatively higher speed with larger bits, you can quickly run out of control of the tool.

Therefore, you can accidentally ruin the entire surface of the nail or even injure your client.

However, a low speed gives you perfect control of a large-sized nail bit. Hence, you find the best results with your tool.

On the contrary, you can conveniently manage small-sized nail bits even if you operate them at higher speeds. Fundamentally, small size nail bits have excellent stability with any speed rate, and you can find accurate results.

With nail bits for natural nails, always keep your handpiece between the speed of 2 500 and 6 000 RPM. Or else, you can easily crack or damage the natural nail surface.

Also, ensure the bit lies flat while you work your natural nail surface. And, while working your nails, horizontally keep the handpiece. It will essentially give you control of the tool and produce quality and precise outcomes.

Do Nail Bits Damage Natural Nails?

Most professionals suggest that you should not use nail bits to process natural nails, especially carbide bits. The sharp and powerful cutting edges can cause potential damage to the natural nail soft tissue.

However, if you can patiently learn how to use the nail bit on natural nails, you can use them. Otherwise, you should use a nail bit to remove acrylic and other nail enhancements only.

To use nail bits on natural nails, one should acquire proper training. For instance, you can offer yourself a manicure at your home while observing safety precautions.

Use the following tips to help you learn how to use nail bits on natural and artificial nails:

  • Before you start using a nail bit, wear a dust mask.
  • Ensure you work in a well-ventilated room.
  • Keep your nail bit in a continuous motion.
  • Allow the nail bit to cut with the slightest press on the nail surface.
  • Begin working with low speed as you keep on mastering the skills and increase gradually with time.
  • Learn your sculpting skills so that you can avoid damage when processing nails.
  • Learn how to clean and disinfect the nail bits or seek advice from professionals.

Nail Bits

How to Use Nail Bits

What Are The Functions of Nail Bits?

As indicated earlier, nail bits can offer diverse functions on artificial and sometimes on natural nails.

You can use our tool as the best nail bit to remove acrylic, gel polish, and other topcoats on nails. For instance, you can use nail bits to cut different types of nails.

Nail bits have a unique design with sharp edges that can quickly slice through complex enhancements. You can therefore shorten acrylic nails. In addition, our tool can cut your work time in half than the traditional style.

Secondly, nail bits can correctly shape the nails into a client’s desired style. Some of the shapes you can make include:

  • Oval.
  • Round.
  • Square.
  • Squoval.
  • Stiletto.
  • Ballerina.

Thirdly, our professional nail bits can sufficiently remove heavy and inflexible nail enhancements. In the bottom line, our nail bits undergo a detailed test design.

Furthermore, we use high-quality components and incorporate mighty and ultra-modern machines to manufacture quality bits.

Because we use materials with optimum strength and use advanced equipment, Syndent provides powerful tools.

Therefore, our nail bits can provide excellent power to remove any material enhancement on nails faster without straining.

To remove heavy material faster, we advise you to select a significant barrel nail bit. It can de-bulk your artificial nails rapidly.

Fourthly, you can flexibly use nail bits to clean your nails or that of your client. Consequently, Syndent designs super-quality nail bits in numerous shapes.

Because of that, you can confidently select a fair bit that can fulfill your specific needs.

Designed with high versatility, the bits can help you clean the cuticles or sidewalls of the nails. In addition, the product comes in different textures or grit.

Therefore, you can choose a suitable tool with the correct consistency to precisely clean even the toenails.

With the cautious application, our product can flawlessly clean your client’s skin. For instance, a nail tech can remove calluses or dead skin on the feet with a fine-grit nail bit.

Furthermore, nail bits can provide a fine polish on artificial nails through smoothing. Consequently, when you use Syndent nail bits in polishing, you can have shiny nails while maintaining their original radiance.

Also, you can do buffing on your client’s nails. For example, you may use the product to remove ridges, patching, or specific marks and spots on artificial nails.

Use a finer grit as the best nail bit to remove dip powder and other topcoats for correct buffing.

Which Type of Nail Bits Removes Cuticles?

Removing cuticles requires a bit that can provide a gentle touch on your cuticles. It means you choose a bit without teeth. Therefore, a diamond nail bit or sanding caps can do the job correctly and accurately.

Removing cuticles also requires a needle-like nail bit. For that matter, we suggest a tapered shape nail bit.

Tapered nail bits can predominantly fit snugly within the cuticle area. And, you position them parallel to a client’s nail surface.

Moreover, it can go beneath the dead skin without the risk of creating rings of fire or any indents.

The taper shape nail bit sufficiently lifts any dead skin near your cuticle. Thus, you don’t have to think of nipping off your skin as it does the whole job quickly and perfectly.

Designed with a sharp point, the ideal nail bit offers excellent and detailed cuticle tasks. More so, it is an essential tool you can rely on for hard-to-reach areas on the nails.

Also, you can use taper shape bits to work on the skin near your nail. It practically exfoliates the dead skin and does not cut or hurt your client during the process.

Nail Bits

Cuticle Nail Bits

Which Type of Enhancements Can Nail Bits Remove?

Nail bits are highly versatile and universal tools. It simply means that they can do different jobs and fits most electric handpieces.

In consequence, they represent ideal tools used in busy beauty parlors, salons, spas, or personal pedicures and manicures.

Because of multi-tip shape options, the grits and flutes can process:

  • Nail extensions.
  • Cuticles.
  • Acrylics.
  • Gel polish.
  • Dip powder nails.
  • Hard gel.

Since it provides outstanding cutting execution, the bits enable you to remove enhancements faster with little effort sufficiently.

Do Nail Bits Come in Sets?

Very true.

A nail bit set is an all-inclusive kit manicurists can rely on to meet all nail art needs of clients. For instance, professional nail bits set can help the manicurist to file away residual gel, remove cuticles, process hard-to-reach areas.

A single set can include bits in different shapes, sizes, textures, etc. For instance, you can request nail bits set with needle bits, flame, safety nail bits, cylinder, etc.

Syndent nail bits set can also include a mixture of various shapes and sizes according to your multiple needs.

In addition, a set makes it convenient and flexible for you to do any nail artwork faster. Therefore, you save on the high costs of buying many bits for different tasks.

An ideal set can include four pieces, five pieces, seven pieces, nine pieces, or ten pieces. It, therefore, gives a nail technician the freedom to choose the correct pieces for specific tasks.

Nail Bits

Nail Bits Set

What Function Does The Nail Brush in the Nail Bits Set Offer?

The nail brush bit has very firm bristles that you can use to scrub the fingernails and toenails. Furthermore, the brush bit can help in removing debris left between the flutes of your nail bits.

Also, the nail brush bit can help you moderately remove the dust left on the toe and fingernails. However, you can use it after maybe removing an enhancement on the nails of a client.

We term it as a multi-function tool that you can use for buffing, sculpting, polishing, etc. Thus, a nail brush is an essential tool for professional or personal DIY nail artwork.

What Are Maintenance/Backfill Nail Bits?

Maintenance/backfill nail bits can help in processing French manicures. You can perfectly reinstate the white tip powder.

Moreover, you can redo or correct a smile line with the aid of super-quality bits.

Maintenance nail bits can fall in various types and sizes. For example, as the name suggests, we have the two-week nail bit.

You can use to trench a backfill after it has grown for two weeks. The bit is a quarter the size of the more significant barrel nail bit.

Also, we have the four-week maintenance nail bit. And, concerning its name, it helps to trench backfill immediately after four weeks of growth. It is half in size of the more significant barrel bit.

Can Nail Bits Clean Under The Nails Perfectly?


Sometimes we refer to them as under the nail cleaning bits.

Syndent manufactures such nail bits to fit under the nails perfectly. Furthermore, the ideal products feature a pointed design and are relatively small in size. However, the point size may vary from one manufacturer to another.

The specific shape of the nail bits allows you to conveniently clean under a client’s nails or other tight spaces.

Besides cleaning under the nails, the UNC nail bits can also do the sidewalls of your nails. Moreover, some technicians can use the specific nail bit to create designer holes in a client’s nails.

Why Should You Choose Safety Nail Bits for Cuticles?

Safety nail bits help to cut and finish gel and acrylic applications smoothly safely. They represent cuticle bits designed for the safe removal of cuticles.

The safety nail bits are cylindrical with a rounded top, and you can have them in different shapes. Thus, they can suit another usability when handling nails on a client.

Safety bits offer a high flexibility of reaching the cuticles and sidewalls of your client. Moreover, the rounded top provides safe removal of material around the cuticle without injuring the nail. Consequently, you may use them for excellent in-fill cuticle tasks.

Which Shapes of Nail Bits Do We Have?

We have a vast collection of shapes of bits on the market today. The many shapes can help a manicurist perform all the artwork needs on a client’s finger and toenails.

Nail Bits

Different Shapes of Nail Bits

The shapes can include the following:

  • Cylindrical with 6.6 mm diameter.
  • Cylindrical with 5.3 mm diameter.
  • Cylinder top edge radius.
  • Cylinder radius end.
  • Ball-shaped.
  • Tree shape radius end.
  • Flame shape.
  • Taper radius.
  • Taper top radius.
  • Flame and pear shape.
  • 5-in-1.
  • Tree radius end.
  • Taper pointed.

Why Should You Use Nail Bits On Artificial Nails?

Syndent quality bits come from premium raw materials. Moreover, we use an ultra-careful process to design them, observing the industrial standards.

Also, Syndent has ultra-modern CNC machines and the current welding technology from the USA. Therefore, regardless of the tasks you subject them to, they perform excellently.

The benefits of using our products include:

  • Our nail bits don’t emit lots of dust when removing enhancements; hence, safe for the environment.
  • You work with the least friction.
  • Because of little friction, our bits don’t heat up rapidly. Therefore, it shields a client’s skin against overheating problems.
  • As indicated, we use premium materials to develop our nail bits. Thus, they have advanced durability.
  • Our products produce sharper cutting performance because of sharp cutting edges. As a result, you reduce your working time and effort in half.
  • The product is ideal for a beginner or a highly-skilled nail technician.
  • Our nail bits come in regular shank sizes. Thus, they are compatible with all table tops and handy electric file handpieces.
  • Syndent develops lightweight, portable, and highly versatile bits. They offer excellent user control, and you can carry them easily.

We have several excellent quality products apart from nail bits. For example, Syndent develops carbide nail drill bitsburr drill bits, etc.

Kindly get in touch with us for a quality nail-bits order.

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