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Nail Drill Bit Set

Syndent Nail Drill Bit Set

Syndent nail drill bit set has choice valuable items that maintain both manicures and pedicure.

The drill bit set nails have unrepeatable blueprint essentials and purely hand-picked raw materials. We design a nail drill bit set that looks more attractive, stylish, and feels more comfortable for your work.

The full-favored kit will grant superb work, while you realize multifold professional jobs. Syndent carefully blueprints the nail drill bit set plus others from China.

We offer tremendous OEM and ODM services and have had several positive reviews and recommendations regarding our products. Syndent oversees the production and distribution of thousands of industrial standard abrasives.

Nail Drill Bit Set

10-piece nail drill bit set

Nail Drill Bit Set

32-piece nail drill bit set

Nail Drill Bit Set

12-piece stone nail drill bit set

Nail Drill Bit Set

13-piece felt nail drill bit set

Nail Drill Bit Set

12-piece nail drill bit set

Nail Drill Bit Set

9-piece nail drill bit set

Nail Drill Bit Set

12-piece nail drill bit set

Nail Drill Bit Set

7-piece nail drill bit set

Nail Drill Bit Set

6-piece nail drill bit set

Nail Drill Bit Set

6-piece nail drill bit set

Nail Drill Bit Set

5-piece nail drill bit set

Nail Drill Bit Set

20-piece nail drill bit set

Why Syndent Nail Drill Bit Set

Syndent nail drill bit set revolutionizes your specialized nail elegance in multifold ways. With our professional nail drill bit set, you can handily work file the acrylic nails. You can conclusively file tiny and inflexible positions without scratching the nail surface.

Syndent nail drill bit set can also shorten or shape your extra thick or irregular nails. Our collection may include different cuticle cutting, backfilling, sidewall filing, drilling designer holes, etc.

The drill bit set also removes dead skin, clears calluses, etc. The nail drill bit set introduces nail elegance to your residence.

Syndent produces nail drill bit set products with stable and razor-sharp flute features. We too have exceptional deal with the drill bit set for nails. Our ideal set remains cost-efficient in offering manicure and pedicure services.

Syndent gives captivating and efficient shipping of the nail drill bit set. Syndent can practically handcraft CNC equipment after conducting independent research. We can therefore boost our production capacity and meet your dispatch speed requirements.

Syndent design the nail drill bit set with consistent quality, starting with samples and the approved order. We have historical production experience for more than a decade and with honest services. Syndent assures you of credibility in quality supplies.

Nail Drill Bit Set

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of nail drill bit set before production.

Nail Drill Bit Set

Syndent automatically brazes nail drill bit set with silver in a low temperature

Nail Drill Bit Set

We must make the jumping test of nail drill bit set after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Nail Drill Bit Set

Syndent examines the hardness of carbide nail bit shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

Nail Drill Bit Set

Solid nail drill bit set needs a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Nail Drill Bit Set

Syndent CNC grinds the teeth of nail drill bit set after the tests approved

Nail Drill Bit Set

Syndent polishes the shaft of nail drill bit set, and its brazing position

Nail Drill Bit Set

Syndent makes your logo on the nail drill bit set, and stick your own label on the case.

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Your Best Supplier of Nail Drill Bit Set

Syndent is your dependable enterprise with an approved EU certification CE certificate. Now you can directly explore the import customs dispensation while legally trading in your area.

Syndent nail drill bit set has the Stork Heron Testing Laboratory assessment report from the United States. We ensure that you trade on items with the best industrial standards and guaranteed quality.

Syndent Company seats on a 2 000 m2 area. We exist as part of the most prominent nail drill bit set manufacturers in China.

At the same time, Syndent has close to fifty qualified staff and uses forty plus self-operating six-axis equipment. With boosted capacity output, Syndent delivers your order quickly.

Besides R&D capabilities, Syndent uses welding tools and equipment from the USA. Our equipment R&D segment, therefore, can implement a suitable mechanism and produce the nail drill bit set promptly.

Syndent is an international manufacturer and household supplier. With wholesale price, we supply nail drill bit sets, flame bitrussian cuticle removal, etc.

Do not hesitate to get ahold of us for the Syndent nail drill bit set quotation now. We assure sufficient and quickest response.

Nail Drill Bit Set: The Utmost FAQ Guide

When doing your nail preparation services, you want all-inclusive nail drill bits for the task. Although nail tools come in multitudes, not all of them will provide the functions required for the most pleasing outcome. But, a nail drill bit set will do you justice.

What is a Nail Drill Bit Set?

Nail Drill Bit Set

Nail drill bit set

A nail drill bit set is an all-inclusive kit comprising pieces of professional and beginner tools.

And with a professional nail drill kit bit set, you will do full manicure and pedicure services. For example, you can remove residual treated gel and cuticles.

The tools in a nail drill bit set may comprise bits in different shapes and sizes. The profiles, for example, can include ball shape, micro-ball shape, flame shape, cone shape, needle shape, barrel shape, etc.

Because of various pieces, the nail drill set will make your manicure or pedicure processes very efficient. Furthermore, it helps save time a manicurist/podiatrist doesn’t spend time looking for a tool elsewhere.

The nail drill bit set includes quality tools with standard design because of grade materials. The grade materials used to manufacture the nail drill kit have tremendous optimum strength. Thus, the manufacturer promises a professional nail drill kit to facilitate all kinds of nail preparation needs. At the same time, the quality toolset will ensure you perform all your nail treatment procedures perfectly.

In addition, a nail drill bit set includes meticulously designed items with sharp-edged partials and flutes. The partials and flutes with precise, sharp cutting properties facilitate the removal of materials effectively and faster.

A nail drill bit set with tools that possess optimum strength, durable, and sharp-edged characteristics ensures peak execution.

Syndent will remain your favorite nail drill bit set manufacturer and supplier globally. Hence, you can look for a nail drill kit near me because of the massive supplies.

The pieces also incorporate shanks in a popular universal size of 3/32 inches. So the bits in your favorite nail drill bit set will fit most file machines sold in the industry.

However, manufacturers make a nail drill bit set with tools that feature 1/8-inch shank sizes. Pieces with such shank sizes will fit traditional nail machines.

What Can a Nail Drill Bit Set Do?

Nail Drill Bit Set

Applications of Nail Drill Bit Set

A professional nail drill bit set presents highly versatile items to facilitate all the manicure and pedicure duties. The toolset offers massive applications like:

  • Smoothing.
  • Cleaning.
  • Shaping.
  • Carving.
  • Grinding.
  • Engraving.
  • Polishing.
  • Shortening artificial nails.
  • Sharpening.

With the proper selection from the nail drill bit set, the user will shape acrylic nails to expected perfection. Moreover, its high versatility will allow techs to use the professional nail drill kit in lively salons. Furthermore, the toolset also fits in beauty shops or parlors, or spas at home for your DIY nail artwork.

Made of superior components like diamonds, carbide, or ceramics, Syndent’s professional nail drill bit set has sturdy properties. Therefore, the items will eliminate hard gel nails and similar products, creating little dust, friction, and heat.

Whether you love doing your nails at home or as a technician, the bits in the toolset remain essential pieces. Moreover, all the bits have standard smoothness and shield your skin against harm.

Can a Nail Drill Bit Set Feature Discrete Shapes?


Nail Drill Bit Set

Different shapes

A complete nail drill bit set ideal for manicure or pedicure operations should contain pieces in favorite shapes. The shapes will give the user options for making the nail artwork easy, faster, and more effective. Therefore, there is increased production within very little time.

For example, there is the ball barrel safety bit that manufacturers might include in your toolset. The ball barrel safety bit has a rounded shape minus edges at the top. Therefore, you will use the bit as a safety tool for removing a nail design next to the cuticle region.

The bit will essentially execute its mandate safely without injuring your nail. Thus, beginners will find it helpful.

A large barrel top in the nail drill bit set facilitates smooth surface work. At the same time, the bit can shorten and reshape extra-thick non-uniform nails. Also, techs will find the device helpful in making smile lines and backfill cutting.

However, you might confuse it with a tapered nail drill bit with a similar design.

Cone bits on the other side will aid the smooth cutting of cuticle edges or extra glues.

Nail Drill Bit Set

Cone shape

Technicians also use the tool under the nails to smooth out bumpy acrylics/gels and sidewall work. Furthermore, it is a perfect choice for processing the surface of toenails.

The needle bit facilitates smooth filing of leftover treated gels or for cutting cuticles in fixed regions.

A user finds a needle bit useful for under-nail cleaning, backfill, sidewall treatment, etc. Furthermore, you can carve out unique and precise designs and smile lines with the same tool.

A brush bit in a nail drill bit set helps clean dust left on the nails after filing. Moreover, the brush will clear out dust from the bits conveniently.

What’s the Benefit of Using a Nail Drill Bit Set?

In any nail beauty and skincare business, a nail drill bit set is essential in many ways. It will essentially bring a significant impact on results, efficiency, and accuracy. Consequently, the toolset will change your working style at the salon or spa.

Built with the finest materials and featuring meticulous design, the Syndent nail drill bit set allows various functions. For example, the rigidity of the bits allows you to wipe off topcoats, cut down hard and thick toenails, etc. Also, it will grind calluses, corns, dead skin, etc.

Also, Syndent carefully selects the finest grade materials and produces a nail drill bit set suitable for various job applications. The materials (tungsten carbide, ceramics, and diamond) include high densities.

Tungsten carbide and diamond have almost similar optimum strength. But diamond seems a bit higher. Nonetheless, all the components have good durability, excellent service life, extreme sharpness, and accuracy in their performances.

The devices in any nail drill bit set manufactured promise peak performances and quick results.

A nail drill bit set will suit users with different skill levels. For instance, a toolset with fine-grit safety bits will befit beginners or DIY nail artwork users. In essence, such devices have safer working end tops. However, even professionals will find such devices helpful in cuticle treatment.

A professional nail drill kit will befit professionals. The toolset essentially contains bits made of carbide and ceramics. In principle, devices with such components involve designing them with flutes.

Flutes essentially present sharp properties that beginners would find uncomfortable to use.

A nail drill bit set also allows you to work out the nails quickly. And, it provides adequate conveniences than a single tool. It essentially enhances swift transition between tasks as you flexibly choose the exact mechanism for a specific job.

Why Do Bits in a Nail Drill Bit Set Have Unrelated Color Strips On Their Neck?

The nail drill bit set may contain tools with non-identical colors. And we refer to the markings on the bits as color codes.

Color-coding usually identifies the type of the bit in your nail drill bit set. And, in most cases, the bits will offer an exceptional work from the other because of the color.

Nail Drill Bit Set

Color coded bits

Color-coded bits may represent the grit of the tool. For instance:

  • The yellow-coded bit indicates an extra-fine bit.
  • Red means a bit with fine grit.
  • The blue color represents a bit of medium texture.
  • The green color shows a bit with a coarse texture.
  • Black indicates a bit with super-coarse texture.

Different colors of your bits in a nail drill bit set can imply the difference in grit. Consequently, the colors appear as a result of international convention. Moreover, the color scheme will always remain so unless suggested otherwise.

Can a Nail Drill Bit Set Feature Maintenance Bits?


Sometimes called backfill bits, maintenance bits can come as part of a nail drill bit set. Each maintenance bit usually helps the tech to replace white tip powder. At the same time, the backfill bit will help redo a beautiful smile line on all types of enhancements.

Maintenance nail drill bits can appear as 2-week bits or 4-week bits. Besides, each type of bit will take an individual shape to suit its function.

A 2-week backfill/maintenance bit is in the form of a barrel bit. But, the specific device comes in a quarter size of a larger barrel. Toolset with the two-week backfill bit can facilitate effective trench backfilling of two weeks’ old acrylic nails.

On the contrary, a four-week backfill or maintenance bit is half the size of a whole barrel bit. And like the two-week type, the four-week will also perform a trench backfilling. However, the specific type remains suited for processing four weeks old grown artificial nails.

The slightly large size of the four-week maintenance beet can help to smash the whole nail plate.

Can a Manufacture Coat Nail Drill Bit Set?


Manufacturers will always produce a nail drill bit in their original states using original materials. As a result, authentic products have always performed amazingly in the industry, producing exact results.

However, situations have encouraged manufacturers to alter the design and appearance of some products. Nonetheless, such alterations have generated a positive response from clients worldwide.

Some alterations include coating the bits with layers of different material compositions. Consequently, coatings can suggest two everyday things; beauty and enhanced optimum strength.

Remember that when designers apply coatings on any nail drill bit set, it alters the performance differently.

The original remains the best and will give the best performance. Adding a layer on the real bit only suggests an imitation of the same product.

For example, a layer added to a nail drill bit to improve its rigidity will slightly affect its cutting edges. That means you might find an increased cutting power but a reduced sharpness.

We have those coatings that only add beauty to your nail drill bit set. The best examples include:

  • Silver.
  • Rainbow.
  • Rose gold.
  • Blue.

The above colors will make any nail drill bits set attractive to the user.

On the contrary, the diamond-coated nail drill bit set increases the optimum strength. The toolset will hence have super cutting power of about six times more. It, therefore, helps you in saving money for a while.

Another material composition with super strength includes titanium. The special surface coating offers improved rigidity to the bits in your toolset, especially when coated on carbide bits. And titanium can appear in different compositions.

Nail Drill Bit Set

Titanium coated toolset

When Should I Replace The Nail Drill Bit Set?

Unfortunately, the nail drill bit set will also lose its cutting power and cutting edges at one point. So, although you might take proper care of them, the toolset will wear out at some point.

Apart from wearing out, some conditions can force you to change the tools.

Usually, we will have indicators of a nail drill bit set that needs a replacement. The best example of a tool that requires a replacement includes applying extra force for the device to cut.

Under normal circumstances, a nail drill bit set with fresh bits doesn’t need to press hard on any material. However, a brand-new tool has to the material cut once you direct or apply just a little pressure. Therefore, if it demands applying pressure, then it requires replacement.

An excessively overheating nail drill bit set indicates a dilapidated product that demands a replacement. A bit that overly overheats even after a light task means the edges have sapped. And bits don’t require sharpening like any other cutting tool, but a replacement can solve the issue.

If your nail machine vibrates exceedingly, it can happen due to a faulty nail drill bit set. Therefore, you will have to check for imbalances.

An imbalanced bit means that the grinding tip and the shank of the product lack correct alignment. You can therefore try and spin the bit while doing an eyeball observation.

The bit should spin straight but not whip around. But if the bit turns with a blurry ring, the bit lacks proper alignment.

Besides the nail drill bit set, you’ll find similar bits like nail drill bits setacrylic nail drill kit, etc.

Syndent incorporates the best system that can serve you better. Hence, we invite you to contact us for a full quotation of the nail drill bit set today.


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