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nail remover drill bit

Syndent Nail Remover Drill Bit

Syndent nail remover drill bit can always give you a different experience and feeling when removing nail enhancements because of its professional design.

We develop a more convenient and comfortable nail removal drill bit with easy-to-use features. Clients never disappointed with Syndent performance.

Designed with hard-wear resistance and sharp cutting functions, you can decorate your client’s beautiful nails at economic price, and save money.

Of course, they greatly help you to model the nails to your customer’s satisfaction.

Syndent is a registered firm in China that manufactures and supplies high-quality drill bit nail remover. We receive orders from large companies all over the world, including Fortune 500.

You can order directly from our factory and receive up to 50% discounts based on the pieces you buy.

nail remover drill bit

Different carbide nail remover drill bit for professionals.

nail remover drill bit

Super durable carbide nail remover drill bit, coated and uncoated.

nail remover drill bit

High performance and extremely sharp carbide nail remover drill bit

nail remover drill bit

All kinds of ceramic nail remover drill bit for your choices

nail remover drill bit

Super long life ceramic nail remover drill bit

nail remover drill bit

Custom design ceramic nail remover drill bit as you wish

nail remover drill bit

Best-selling diamond nail remover drill bit

nail remover drill bit

Most popular diamond nail remover drill bit for technicians

nail remover drill bit

Custom design diamond nail remover drill bit for professionals

nail remover drill bit

All carbide drill bits for pedicure by podiatrist

nail remover drill bit

All diamond drill bits for pedicure by podiatrist

nail remover drill bit

High quality sanding caps used by podiatrist for removing dead skin.

nail remover drill bit

Different kinds of nail sanding bands for the beginners and professionals

nail remover drill bit

Matching with all of the regular sanding bands

nail remover drill bit

Suitable for all of the sanding caps in different sizes

Why Syndent Nail Remover Drill Bit

Syndent nail remover drill bit is a multi-purpose tool. You can use our versatile tool in removing different enhancements on the nails.

You can use the nail removal drill bit in removing the cuticle area and dead skin. Furthermore, our product can remove sculptured nails, bulk surface gel, shorten and shape nails.

The Syndent nail remover drill bit can perfectly do the surface work for backfill cutting and infill cuticle. They provide smooth application without causing harm to your client.

Moreover, our product works well in making a smile line, cutting the sidewalls, and removing dirt below your customer’s nails. Use our drill bit nail remover for general application.

Syndent ensures a consistent and stable supply of nail remover drill bit. We begin by sending you samples of our nail remover drill bit upon request.

Then, Syndent delivers an official order of drill bit nail remover with guaranteed quality. We maintain subsequent quality orders, which we have honestly delivered for over 11 years.

Our QA system ensures strict development of our products. Therefore, we consistently produce high-quality products at all times.

Syndent deploys customer care representatives that work continually, and you can reach us through our hotline, online contact and chat.

Besides, we support Messenger, WhatsApp, and Skype. So get in touch with us from any convenient option for a quick response.

In terms of payment, Syndent provides several convenient options to pay for your nail remover drill bit. For example, you may choose PayPal, TT, Western Union, L/C, MoneyGram, Banks, etc.

Nail Remover Drill Bit

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of nail remover drill bit before production.

Nail Remover Drill Bit

Syndent automatically brazes nail remover drill bit with silver in a low temperature.

Nail Remover Drill Bit

We must make the jumping test of nail remover drill bit after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Nail Remover Drill Bit

Syndent examines the shank hardness of nail remover drill bit after brazing, and tests the bending strength carefully

Nail Remover Drill Bit

Solid nail remover drill bits need a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Nail Remover Drill Bit

Syndent CNC grinds the teeth of nail remover drill bit after the tests approved

Nail Remover Drill Bit

Syndent polishes the shaft of nail remover drill bit, and its brazing position

Nail Remover Drill Bit

Syndent makes your logo on the nail remover drill bit, and stick your own label on the case.



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  • Syndent has all the popular carbide cutters and shapes. Succeed in helping many customers save costs in the past decades.

  • Range from the dental laboratory to clinic purpose. Either a dental technician or dental doctor could find what you demand here.

  • You have creative nails through Syndent amazing nail carbide burrs. We can do better and think about what you think.

Your Best Supplier of Nail Remover Drill Bit

Syndent has over 11 years of manufacturing research and development experience. Besides, our company sits on the foundation of three former state-owned enterprise employees. Therefore, we have a stable enterprise structure that provides a sturdy supply chain.

Also, Syndent Company pioneered is amongst the oldest enterprises in China to implement CNC machines.

Moreover, we engaged in the implementation of Chinese Standards for the Rotary File Industry. Thus, you purchase a nail remover drill bit that always appears at the top level.

With more than 11 years of constant growth, we have fortunately engaged several major companies in the USA, Europe. Therefore, Syndent has a lot of customer experience in providing professional and effective services.

We use the same materials of nail remover drill bit as Japan brands. Your business will have not bad feedback while cooperating with Syndent. You focus on enlarging your marketing share. Syndent protects your brand credit.

Syndent can meet your various nail job needs on different sides. For example, we develop smooth drill bit nailcarbide drill bits for acrylic nailsdie grinder stone bits, etc.

We kindly suggest that you get in touch for an express quotation of the nail remover drill bit.

Nail Remover Drill Bit: A Comprehensive FAQ Guide

The industry has a complete range of nail drill bits that you can choose from. However, we look at the nail remover drill bit in our FAQ guide. And we shall provide a detailed explanation of all information you wish to know.

What Does Nail Remover Drill Bit Mean?

nail remover drill bit

A nail remover drill bit

A nail remover drill bit is a professional cutting tool that helps nail technicians quickly remove nail enhancements. In principle, the nail removal drill bit comes with super-sharp lutes designed at a unique angle. Therefore, the flute-like cuts conveniently slice through enhancements and remove them effortlessly.

A nail remover drill bit usually appears in different shapes or sizes. In essence, it can help the nail technician do all nail artwork processes with many conveniences. For example, you can use a nail remover drill bit to remove cuticles effortlessly. In addition, a drill bit nail remover can sufficiently remove gel polish, acrylic nails, etc. Also, you can use the ideal cutting tool to shape or shorten your nails accurately.

A nail remover drill bit may vary depending on the material component. Manufacturers can essentially develop different nail remover drill bits from three primary materials. For example, you may find a nail remover drill bit designed from tungsten carbide. Also, others may include ceramic and diamond components. Therefore, you can expect varying durability besides the performance.

Also, you can have a nail remover drill bit in value sets. And as indicated, nail remover drill bits come in diverse shapes and sizes. Therefore, a collection can include different shapes and sizes, making your work more convenient, faster, and cost-effective.

As a professional company based in China, Syndent designs and distributes premium nail remover drill bit products globally. All our products have a mark of quality and accepted by various large companies. In addition, we receive requests from different customers who would love the products customized.

Customized nail remover drill bits are premium cutting tools with a unique design. Consequently, we customize the drill bit nail remover according to a client’s needs. Thus, the specific bit can fulfill your various needs when processing artificial nails.

Nail remover drill bit may also come in different grits. And the primary grits may include coarse, medium, and fine. Nonetheless, some manufacturers develop the nail remover drill bit with extra-coarse or extra-fine grits. Hence, a manicurist can achieve the desired texture on the nail surface.

What is The Function of a Nail Remover Drill Bit?

A nail remover drill bit is a multi-functional cutting device that can help you oversee multiple tasks. Consequently, Syndent manufactures nail remover drill bit products with deep and shallow flutes. Thus, you can fluently remove bulk material and polish your nails.

nail remover drill bit

Removing polish

You can use a nail remover drill bit to oversee the following tasks on artificial nails:

  • Cleaning and prepping your nails for a subsequent application on your nails.
  • Shaping and shortening your acrylic or gel nails while producing accurate and precise results.
  • Removing a nail design positioned next to your cuticle area without damaging your nail and sidewall filing.
  • Backfill cutting.
  • Removing dirt, dust, debris, and ridges created by acrylic or gel nails.
  • Accomplishing surface work on a client’s nails with accurate performance.
  • Processing extra-thick or irregular nails to perfect completion.
  • Making a neat smile line on acrylic and gel nails.
  • Removing the acrylic nails quickly and neatly.
  • Processing tight and small areas of your nails without producing scratches.
  • Some nail professionals may use the nail remover drill bit to make designer holes in a client’s nails.
  • Remove dead skin and calluses from your feet and hands.

Which Nail Remover Drill Bit Should You Choose for Your Nails?

Syndent designs nail remover drill bit products with different unique grinding heads. Therefore, you can deal with other nail art issues at hand. In principle, the additional head designs allow the nail art technician to achieve numerous functions.

Syndent nail remover drill bits are simple to assemble and operate. And the bits offer high-speed performance. In addition, you’ll find the product in different shapes and sizes to accomplish a technician’s diverse needs. Therefore, you can say goodbye to traditional nail art problems.

A nail remover drill bit can have the following designs to meet your needs:

  • Cylinder nail remover drill bit.
  • Ball-shaped nail remover drill bit.
  • Tree-shaped nail remover drill bit.
  • Flame-shaped nail remover drill bit.
  • Taper nail remover drill bit.
  • 5-in-1 nail remover drill bit.
  • Flame & Pear-shaped nail remover drill bit.
  • Barrel nail remover drill bit.
  • Needle-shaped nail remover drill bit.

We have hundreds of different shapes of nail remover drill bits out there. Thus, we cannot exhaust all of them.

The shapes can either be ceramic or Carbide, small or large. A cone shape, for example, comes in ceramic and carbide components. Also, you can find a narrow or broader cone nail remover drill bit. In addition, it comes as straight or carved, and you can use it to remove various products from your nails. You can also file off the length of your nails or remove the bulk product with the same drill bit.

On the other hand, the Carbide needle shape nail remover drill bit can perfectly file natural nails underneath. Moreover, it remains useful when doing the infills. And you can choose between the grits depending on the thickness of the nails.

nail remover drill bit

Needle-shaped nail remover drill bit

The cylinder nail remover drill bit has a unique shape perfect for filling the length of the acrylic nails. Or, you can use the cylinder to change the shape of your nails like from squoval to stiletto. You can also use the cylinder nail remover drill bit to remove the product.

However, the cylinder without a radius doesn’t ensure working near the cuticle area. In truth, it has very sharp cutting edges that can quickly cut the sensitive skin around the cuticle zone. Therefore, you should avoid using a cylinder shape without a radius when removing cuticles.

Nonetheless, we have a nail remover drill bit with a rounded cylinder. Consequently, the shape is safe for use when working near the cuticle area. In essence, it has a round top that won’t damage your cuticles or skin quickly.

Manicurists usually choose the miniature version of the rounded cylinder diamond remover drill bit for removing cuticles. In addition, it can perfectly file the sidewalls and remove hard skin around your client’s nail plate.

The sphere or ball nail remover drill bit is round in shape. Thus, its design allows the nail technician to move it around the cuticle area quickly. Consequently, you can use the ball shape to accurately remove the cuticles and dead tissue around your nail plate.

When you choose a fine grit ball shape nail remover drill bit, you can buff your nails. Or, you can use it to remove small hangnails.

nail remover drill bit

Ball nail remover drill bit

What Are the Characteristics of a Quality Nail Remover Drill Bit?

Before shopping for a nail remover drill bit, we have valuable information you should have at hand. The type of raw material used for developing the nail remover drill bit remains the primary factor.

As indicated, most manufacturers use Carbide, diamond, and ceramic to build durable quality cutting tools. Nonetheless, we have other materials like silicone, rubber, emery paper used to design sanding caps and bands.

Sanding caps/bands can help a manicurist in different ways of processing nails. And with the bands and caps, you slide them on the mandrel. However, the sanding bands and caps don’t last for long, as you should replace them after every single use.

Other characteristics that determine a quality drill bit include:

Meticulous design – A quality nail remover should have detailed industrial standard features. Hence, it enables the nail technician to have the freedom to do the nail processing and achieve great results.

Durability – The durability of a specific nail remover drill bit depends on the material used. In essence, diamond has a high degree of strength than Carbide and ceramic. Therefore, a diamond remover drill bit can provide enhanced performance.

On the other hand, Carbide is second in terms of strength. But it has the best durability and offers the sharpest cuts. In addition, ceramic has remarkable durability.

High-Temperature Tolerance – A quality nail remover drill bit should have the best performance in extreme temperatures. Consequently, when designing the nail remover drill bit, Syndent uses the finest and highly rigid materials.

Ceramic nail remover drill bit outshines both diamond and Carbide in terms of heat dissipation. Thus, it can provide extended performance even in sweltering conditions. Moreover, the carbide drill bit can tolerate high temperatures because flutes cut the enhancement like a peeler. Thus, it doesn’t create a lot of friction when removing the enhancement. Hence, it won’t heat up quickly.

Diamond also can work well in high temperatures but not like ceramic and Carbide. In truth, a diamond has partials on its head that appear in coarse, medium and fine grits.

Diamond scratches away the material from the nails. Thus, it may create slightly high friction that eventually heats up faster.

Precision and Stability – High precision comes ahead if you want accurate results in any nail artwork. In addition, the nail remover drill bit must offer excellent stability when handling the nail artwork.

Weight and Versatility – A quality nail remover drill bit should quickly help you achieve various tasks. Moreover, it shouldn’t feel heavy if you desire precise results. Consequently, a lightweight nail remover drill bit allows the user to have complete control when removing the nails.

Which type of Nail Remover Drill Bit Perfectly Removes?

nail remover drill bit

Cuticle remover nail drill bit

We have a few options to choose from when removing cuticles from your nails. Nonetheless, the cone nail remover drill bit remains the best option. In essence, the ideal cuticle remover nail drill bit has an elongated, slim, and tapered shape.

The cone bit design allows you to do several tasks like prepping the cuticle area and filing the sidewalls. In addition, it helps when cleaning under the nails and can eliminate dead skin. Also, it can quickly remove nail glue on the surface of nails.

Besides the cone, a ball-top shape can also help a technician remove the loose cuticle lifted from your nail plate. Moreover, it may help you eliminate hard skin or clean the Eponychium.

How do You Remove or Insert a Nail Remover Drill Bit in a Nail Drill?

The assembly process of a nail head remover drill bit requires a few simple steps. But, it helps when you know more about brands of handpieces. However, the drill machine usually comes with a user manual. Therefore, it helps the user know how to assemble it.

Any nail machine has an opening popularly known as a collet or chuck. And the nail remover drill bit has an elongated shaft which you insert into the collet.

Before inserting the nail remover drill bit in the nail drill, you must open the collet. And opening the collet demands you press a button or turn the machine anticlockwise based on the drill machine. Next, fix the bit and rotate your handpiece clockwise for a perfect fitting.

When getting a bit out of the nail drill, thumb the device’s button which releases the bit from  . Or, with other nail machines, you need to turn it anticlockwise. It releases the nail remover drill bit from the collet.

How Do You Remove Broken Nail Remover Drill Bit From The Nail Drill?

At some point, a nail remover drill bit may brake while in a nail machine. And as a technician, you might find it hard removing it from the collet of your device. Fortunately, we have small tools specifically developed to remove broken drill bits.

One of the tools includes locking pliers, which you can readily find. Or, you may switch to screw extractors if locking pliers doesn’t work. Also called easy-outs, screw extractors are conical in shape with reverse-threaded bits. Thus, the extractors can quickly remove even hard-to-remove broken bits.

We have a few steps that can help you safely remove the broken bit from your nail machine.

With locking pliers:

  • Secure the locking pliers on the broken end of the nail remover drill bit. Then, turn your pliers to back it and in anticlockwise way, extract your broken bit.
  • If you can’t access it with a plier, cut a recessed section around the bit using a chisel.
  • Rotate the pliers in a counter-clockwise to pull out the broken bit from its position.

With an extractor:

  • Centralize the extreme end of your center punch in the broken nail remover drill bit.
  • With the help of a hammer, tap your center punch. In the process, you establish a tiny divot on the bit’s end.
  • Position the remover drill bit in a drill with your drill bit smaller than a broken nail drill bit. Then, put it straight to the pivot and slowly drill straight in the bit for about half an inch deep.
  • Position the cone-shaped part of the remover bit in the hole. Nonetheless, the end of your remover should be a bit smaller than the hole. Then hit the remover with the help of a hammer to secure it.
  • Wrench the flat sides of the remover’s top. Then, turn your extractor in a counter-clockwise direction. Consequently, the extractor provides the easiest and most convenient way to remove broken bits from nail drills.

The methods act as the best for technicians who wish to know how to remove a nail with a drill. However, it would help you work slowly and drill straight into the bit for tremendous results.

Which Safety Measures Should You Observe While Using a Nail Remover Drill?

Nail remover drill bit is a professional cutting tool for processing nails. Therefore, it demands you use it professionally.

The bit has a unique design and may have very sharp cutting edges. And when processing your nails, the edges can accidentally damage the nail bed. Therefore, it would help to observe simple safety precautions to avoid such accidents.

With the following tips, you can safely remove nails while keeping the nail bed safe.

  • When working around the cuticle area, use the most negligible speed. Cuticles in nature have high sensitivity because of their tiny appearance. Thus, any slightest tear or rip may cause excruciating pain while removing the cuticles. As a result, it may open up the nailbed, leading to a possible infection. Thus, applying little speed remains an essential factor.
  • When doing a backfill cutting, it can help if you use the nail remover drill bit with a medium speed. However, backfill filing the concave area may need a higher rate. Otherwise, excessive speed easily damage part of the nail.
  • Filing your nail surface may also demand a slightly advanced rate. In truth, removing a product from the nail surface may require top speeds. For instance, you can start with a top speed of 15 000 RPM.
  • Ensure you reach a remarkable Goldilocks formula while using the nail remover drill bit to remove nails. In principle, the best Goldilocks formula means you should not operate extraordinarily gentle nor too harsh applications.
  • With acrylics, grip a client’s finger firmly. In truth, it helps in reducing vibration that might reach your client’s fingers.
  • Ensure you have an appropriate nail remover drill bit that won’t vibrate when processing the artificial nails.
  • Choose a nail remover drill bit with perfect compatibility in a particular machine. In truth, it reduces the possibility of wobbling. And when the nail remover drill bit wobbles in the nail drill, it wears out rapidly.

Should You Clean a Nail Remover Drill Bit?

Like dental burs, a nail remover drill bit is a sensitive tool used on exposed body parts. As a result, you can easily transmit bacterial infections from one customer to another. Thus, you must wash and sterilize your nail remover drill bit after a single use.

You can wash and disinfect fluted Carbide and ceramic nail remover drill bits. But, before passing the bit through running water, ensure that you brush the dust and debris away from the flutes.

nail remover drill bit

Nail remover drill bit brush cleaner

Diamond remover drill bits have partials. And like ceramic and Carbide, you can wash and disinfect them.

For sanding caps and sanding bands used with mandrels, they are single-use. Therefore, you can’t wash and store them for a subsequent application.

Can You Find Various Sizes of Nail Remover Drill Bits?


Besides shapes, nail remover drill bit products can come in different industrial standard sizes as shown:

12.4 mm17 000 – 26 000
23.0 mm17 000 – 26 000
36.0 mm11 000 – 16 500
413.0 mm8 000 – 12 000
516.0 mm7 650 – 11 500


You can see that we have provided recommended speed range that you can comfortably apply while removing nails. And when using the bit, an appropriate speed remains fundamental if you want quality results.

According to the table, the maximum speed for the tiny nail remover drill bit is 26 000 RPM. Nevertheless, a professional nail technician can use the available 35 000 RPM.

Can Nail Remover Drill Bit File Thick Toenails?


Syndent designs the nail remover drill bit with unique-angled flutes and partials. In addition, all our products pass through advanced CNC machines. Thus, the bits acquire all industry standards for processing different nails.

Using a significant barrel nail remover drill bit, you can shape and shorten your irregular or extra-thick toenails. In addition, the specific bit can help a manicurist to perform backfill cutting or to create a smile line. Also, you can use the bit to do sidewall filing.

Note that only a coarse grit nail remover drill bit can grind the thick toenails effectively and quickly. In essence, a coarser grit has significant and deep flute-like cuts. Moreover, the flutes are super sharp. Hence, the ideal bit can file or shape the nails faster than using a medium or fine grit.

We, at Syndent, ensure that you find every bit you want in the industry. Therefore, we produce professional and unique tools such as carbide burr for wood carvingburr drill bits, etc.

Kindly get in touch for an instant quote of your favorite nail remover drill bit now!

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