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Syndent Oval Burr

Syndent Oval Burr

Syndent oval burr is an egg shaped tungsten carbide burr, mainly applied in removing and deburring curved contours, including alloy metal dies, forgings, castings, and steel patterns.

Also, Syndent oval burr can be used for dental laboratory and clinic purposes.

Syndent has been manufacturing carbide oval burr in the last 11 years.


S/C cut oval burris ideal for general purpose fluting. Produces long chips..


D/C oval burris suitable for very efficient stock removal. Creates a small chip. Good finish. Excellent operator control.


Alu cut oval burr is suitable for nonferrous materials. Aggressive stock removal.

Why Syndent Oval Burr

Syndent carbide oval burr, also called SE tungsten carbide burr, is made with micro grade cobalt-tungsten carbide materials. The oval burr is mostly used for dressing hard fillet welds.

You can also use Syndent carbide oval burr in various applications for deburring, cylinder head porting, mold making, tool and die, metalworking, tool grinding, foundry, etc. Regarding dental fields, Syndent oval burr is perfectly used for trimming and finishing.

Syndent oval burr is available in single cut oval burr, double-cut oval burr, non-ferrous oval burr, and dental finishing oval burr. We produce the most regular types of oval burr for your free choices.

1-Oval Burr material

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of oval burr before production.

2-Oval Burr brazing

Syndent automatically brazes oval burr with silver in a low temperature.

3-Oval Burr balance

We must make the oval burr jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

4-Oval Burr bending

Syndent examines the hardness of oval burr shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

5-Oval Burr shaping

Solid oval burr needs a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

6-Oval Burr toothing

Syndent CNC grinds the oval burr teeth after the tests approved

7-Oval Burr polishing

Syndent polishes the oval burr shaft, and its brazing position

8-Oval Burr package

Syndent makes your logo on the oval burr, and stick your own label on the case.



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Your Best Supplier of Oval Burr

Syndent design the oval burr based on the best balance between durable life and better sharpness. You will be easily succeeding in having the most target customers.

The most important is Syndent oval burr quality is very steady. You will never lose the customers after you catch them.

Syndent always shows you competitive prices of oval burr. And our quality assurance policy promises free return if any complaints about the oval burr performance. It must help your business of carbide burr to be bigger and bigger.

Besides oval burr, Syndent has a wide range of other types, like flame burr, carbide ball burr, cone carbide burr, cylindrical carbide burr, etc.

Please store Syndent oval burr in its own plastic container when it is not in use. So that it does not chip against your other tungsten carbide burrs.

Your best oval burr 2

Syndent 7×12 hours service will support your oval burr business without any delays. Also, our after-sale quality insurance policy is free return within one week. It must ensure your business free of risk.

Send us your inquiry for Syndent oval burr now!

Oval Burr: The Complete FAQ Guide

Using 41 sets of advanced CNC machines, Syndent has, for over 11 years, manufactured and dispatched all popular carbide oval burrs. With the introduction of US-based technology, we excel in brazing types of rotary files. Syndent uses top-grade tungsten and carbon materials, certified in laboratories.

Oval burr comes as one of our very many quality cutting, grinding, and deburring tools. Commonly used on alloy metal dies, castings, forgings, etc.

What is Oval Burr?

Oval Burr

Syndent oval burr depicts the shape of an egg, made from top-quality raw materials of micro-grade cobalt-tungsten and carbon. Characterized as a very hard and tough carbide burr with high density, the oval burr provides a couple of different uses. Main applications include deburring and removal of curved contours like forgings, alloy metal dies, steel patterns, and castings.

Also, our egg-shaped tungsten carbide burr uses applies in different dental laboratories and clinics. Used for preparing cavities before refilling them. Perfectly trims and finishes the tooth.

Mainly used in:

  • Dressing of hard fillet welds
  • Cylinder head-porting
  • Tool grinding
  • Metalworking
  • Tool and die
  • Foundry
  • Mold making
  • Dental labs and clinics
  • Deburring

We supply oval burr in different cuts like a single cut oval burr, double cut oval burr, non-ferrous oval burr, etc. They all come in most popular types for your desired oval burr free choice.

When Syndent produces oval burrs, it focuses on durability and greater sharpness for amazing overall performance.

Oval Burr

What Materials Can You Use Oval Burr On?

Oval burr applies to multitude ferrous materials like steel, cast iron, hardwood, fiberglass, etc. Also, applied on most non-ferrous materials including soft wood, gold, silver, platinum, etc.

  • Steel
  • Carbon steel
  • Ceramics
  • All types of wood
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Fiberglass
  • CRP
  • Brass
  • GRP
  • Zinc

Does Oval Burr Suit Different Industrial Applications?


Oval Burr

Oval carbide burr gives us several uses applied in different sectors of industries.

Designed in various types, oval carbide burrs aggressively removes stock, provides excellent finishing, deburrs, machines, etc.

Regularly applied in:


Our very many types of oval carbide burrs we produce have many industrial uses. By removing heavy stock on a material, you give the workpiece an appropriate shape. Shaping materials with oval carbide burrs also give you designs you desire in an easy way.


Grinding materials comes as a priority with most industries in most processes they undertake. It helps in getting rid of any extra material on a material surface. We use Syndent oval burr to grind materials, producing better results.

Featuring cemented carbide compound, oval burr’s extreme toughness performs effectively on soft and hard materials.

Syndent oval burr’s built-in cutting edges have very sharp teeth. This helps in easy slicing of most materials just like sharp blades.

With the ability to rotate at extreme speeds when fitted on rotary tools, an oval burr can continuously grind materials perfectly.

Oval Burr


Cutting of materials in industries comes first before you begin working on them. You need correct sizes, easily manageable before applying other uses. We make cone carbide burrs with very sharp edges that effectively function as sharp cutting blades. Therefore, slicing your material appears easy and comfortable.

Oval burr precisely cuts soft and hard materials in manageable smaller dimensions, shapes as well as sizes.


Something else Syndent oval burr does is doing necessary modifications on your workpiece. You can neaten and make the material smooth by removing all rough ridges or edges, especially the metal part.

Our suitable and reliable oval carbide burr undoubtedly removes the sharp edges and burrs. It makes the material smooth and very attractive.

Creating and enlarging holes

You can create or enlarge holes on workpiece using an oval carbide burr. Syndent oval burr comes in sets of different head diameters that increases diameter of a hole. Also, comes in different shank sizes which enables you to dig deep into a material to increase hole-indent.

Oval Burr

Removing material

With Syndent oval burr attached to the respective rotary tool, you cleanly remove materials on metals and materials. Offering maximum control while, the oval burr easily handles such and other tasks on cast iron, steel, aluminum, gold, etc.

Oval burr comes as one of our many carbide burrs with great versatility in grinding, deburring, and cutting industries. Our multi-purpose tool features amongst top best favorite tools in demand worldwide.

Which Rotary Tools Can You Attach Oval Burr?

When manufacturing oval burr for consumers, we consider the tools which you can attach them to. To use an oval burr to the maximum and receive the best of its performance, you need a rotary tool.

We have a multitude of rotary tools that industries use to attach carbide burrs for efficiencies and effectiveness.

Syndent makes oval burrs with a standard design that you can attach to die grinders. Industries use them on flexible shafts and pneumatic rotary tools. Some use oval carbide burrs on micro motors, the hobby rotary, or on pendant drills.

As long as the oval burr perfectly seats in the tool’s chuck firmly without moving, it guarantees total output performance.

Useful note: For maximum output and performance of oval burr on materials, your hand piece must always run true. An oval burr that wobbles in the chuck reduces its total output and performance.

Oval Burr

What Makes Oval Burr an Efficient Working Tool on Different Materials?

With 5 years and over-experienced staff at Syndent, we select the best grade raw materials of tungsten and carbon. With our highly advanced computerized 41 CNC machines, we carefully follow step by the step production process. We dispatch a quality oval burr according to necessary international standards.

Careful selection of the best tungsten and carbon produces quality carbide that exists in oval burr. Carbide itself is an extremely tough material, hard to cut or break. This means it cuts or grinds other tough metals with little wear.

When we mix the carbon and tungsten, the outcome is quality alloy. Quality alloy here gives oval burr the ability to operate for lengthy periods when very hot. Alloy highly resists pitting, rust-free, and doesn’t scratch easily.

Toughness aside, oval burr is extremely a hard tool. Hardness, alongside toughness, compares Syndent oval burr to a diamond burr. And built with high density, working your material seems an easy and comfortable idea.

According to the efficiencies of oval burr and a lot more useful functions, you perform longer and easy without struggling. Because of low wearing ability and reasonable performance, Syndent oval burr cost-effectively cuts, grinds, cleans, etc. We supply to new and existing customers domestically and in foreign countries in Europe and the United States of America.

Oval Burr

How Many Cuts of Oval Burr Can You Find?

Syndent designs oval burr in form of cuts, applied differently. We make single cut oval burr, double cut oval burr, aluminum cut oval burr, diamond cut oval burr, etc.

Single Cut Oval Burr

Single cut oval burr basically refers to single right-fluted burrs with flutes that run along with the head of the burr. It offers general purpose up cut on cast iron, steel, gold, wood, copper, etc. Designed to rapidly remove materials to achieve a smoother material finish.

Good for:

  • Drilling long chips
  • Deburring
  • Cleaning
  • Milling

Double Cut Oval Burr

Double cut oval burr has a different design from single cut and offers different functions as well. It has 2 flutes crisscrossing each other and makes small chips, ideal for making smooth finishes on a material surface.

Syndent double cut oval burr attractively removes materials faster due to very abled cutting edges. Offers great results on hard or soft metals/materials with admirable operator control.

Great in:

  • Making small chips
  • Deburring
  • Smooth material surface finishing
  • Removing medium-light materials
  • Fine finishing
  • Cleaning

Syndent Alu cut oval burr can manage tasks on non-ferrous metals/materials. The burr has much power of aggressively removing high stock on a workpiece easily.

Oval Burr

Diamond Cut Oval Burr

Syndent also produces oval burr in diamond cut, powerful to task heat-treated or very tough metal like alloy steels. You need a lot of control when dealing with heat-treated, tough alloy steels. The diamond cut oval burr creates chips in form of powder. It has an excellent finish on very hard material surfaces.

Steel Cut Oval Burr

A suitable burr that aggressively removes steel material.

INOX Cut Oval Burr

INOX cut oval burr offers very outstanding performance on stainless steel. It lets you confidently grind the specific metal without clogging.

Cast Iron Cut Oval Burr

Industries use cast iron cut oval burr can machine very tough iron metal.

Extended Oval Burr

The extended oval burr features a long shaft than the others. This allows you to reach out to areas that seem hard to reach with other oval burrs.

Oval Burr

Can Oval Burr Cut or Shape Stone?

Absolutely yes.

Syndent diamond oval burr has great power that cuts and shapes hard metals like heat-treated, tough alloy steel. This indicates that the ideal burr powerful cuts stone and helps in making shapes.

The task of cutting or shaping stone requires maximum control and patience. Stone has different natural characteristics than other materials. The oval burr can end up burning up if you don’t take maximum care.

Other than using diamond oval burr, we offer router bits specially designed to do such jobs.  Router bits have special designs made from grade tungsten carbide ideal for cutting stone, fiberglass, drywall, resin, etc.

Can Oval Burr Fluently Cut Glass?


The same as stone, oval burr’s uniqueness from others has power used on glass and other tough materials. High density, hardness and toughness give oval burr enough strength for cutting, shaping, and smoothen glass.

Use diamond cut oval burr to cut glass and other similar jobs that require a strong, hard, and high-performing burr.

Safety note: Avoid possible injuries from sharp glasses by using gloves to cover your hands. Cover your face from small glass pieces using face shields. You also need to pay close attention to the cone burr when cutting to get better results.

Does Oval Burr Cut or Engrave Wood?


Since oval burr comes in different cuts, its uses apply to various materials, soft and hard. For soft metals/materials, use double cut oval carbide burr. In wood engraving, wood engravers essentially remove heavy stock from ideal wood. They periodically use oval burr to remove materials until they achieve the needed shape or style from the wood.

Syndent double cut oval burr rapidly chops off extra stock from the wood with advance cutting edges. This popular cut sees you in most of the applications apart from wood because of double flutes. Syndent double cut oval burr finishes off a surface material smoothly based on smaller chips produced when cutting off material.

Can You Cut Steel with Oval Burr?


You can pick from most of Syndent oval burrs when working on steel. Actually, Syndent designed steel cut oval burr for steel metal. It aggressively cuts off steel material without straining. You can alternatively use cast iron cut oval burr, single cut oval burr, INOX cut oval burr, etc.

Otherwise, we make cast iron cut oval burr specifically for hard iron machining. And INOX cut oval burr for stainless steel grinding without clogging.

Oval Burr

Who Uses Oval Burr?

Many industries in the current world use oval burrs in their routine different tasks or applications.

We have:

  • Mechanics performing cylinder head-porting
  • Laboratory and clinical dentists
  • Wood engravers
  • Welders
  • Engineers
  • Model engineers
  • Tool Makers

Based on the list of several uses of Syndent oval burr indicated above, it finds its way in:

  • Dentistry
  • Aerospace
  • Metalsmith industries
  • Automotive industry
  • Stone industry

Can Oval Burr Drill?


Single cut oval burr has a spiral right-handed flute that creates very long chips on stainless steel, copper, cast iron, etc. When you dig into these materials, the burr cuts in a form of a drill, removing material from the workpiece.

However, we have a dedicated single cut carbide burr or specially designed Syndent rotary file bit. They have high efficiency in drilling, last longer, and smooth finish on the material surface.

Oval Burr

What Do You Gain When You Use Oval Burr?

  • Syndent oval burr lasts reasonably longer
  • Used in extensive production for efficient and attractive results
  • Efficient in removing heavy stock
  • produces small and long chips
  • Versatile tool for many applications and materials
  • Enhanced operator control
  • Achieves fine smoothness

Should You Apply Little or More Pressure While Using Oval Burr?

You shouldn’t apply more than the required pressure while the oval burr rotates. Use sufficient pressure that can guide the oval burr to dig, grind or deburr a workpiece. By so doing, you get the best out of the burr and increases its lifespan.

Insufficient pressure causes inefficiency of the burr as it might dig well or grind the material to the required smoothness. More than sufficient pressure makes leads to early wearing out of the oval burr. Cutting edges of the oval burr’s flutes chips off early, rendering the tool unable to perform at its best.

Do Raw Materials in Oval Burr Safe on Environment?


The material we use in making oval carbide burr and most of our other related burrs have no dangerous effects. Syndent makes use of solid carbide as the main raw material which we recycle if brought to us.

We have the potential of transforming cemented carbide in oval burr as well as iron rods to different products.

Immediately the oval burr wears out, we advise sending them to our production department. We have a group of experts who welds them and supply useful products to you.

Oval Burr

What Speed/RPM Should One Apply On Oval Burr?

The speed used on the oval burr in a rotary tool greatly depends on the material you use the burr on. It also depends on the contour produced, but doesn’t go beyond the 35,000 RPM speeds.

The following table shows approximate speeds you can use on oval burr:

NoBurr SizeRPM
12.4mm17,000 – 26,000
23.0mm17,000 – 26,000
36.0mm11,000 – 16,5000
413.0mm8,000 – 12,000
516.0mm7,650 – 11,500


Helpful note: If the oval burr chips easily indicates the burr operates with relatively insufficient speed. Starting at low speed then increasing speed gradually. Using enough or high speeds de-clogs the flutes of the oval burr as it works on material.

Oval burr also comes in different useful shank sizes. The extended oval burr for example has a longer shaft compared to other cuts. This can assist you to reach out to very complex areas on materials.

Popularly found in shank sizes that include:

  • 6mm (1/16”)
  • 35mm (3/32”)
  • 3mm (1/8”)
  • 6mm (1/4”)

The shank sizes and head diameters of oval burrs have both low and high operational speeds. The RPM shown allows you to operate the oval burr within the range. This adds life to the burr and brings out its maximum performance.

Oval Burr

How Correctly Can I Pair Oval Burr with My Rotary Tool?

Syndent oval burr and our other similar products have standard designs that automatically pairs with automated tools. You can pair them with die grinder machines or other rotary tools. Depending on which rotary tool deployed, you can fix and handle tasks easily.

The shank part of our oval burr should seat perfectly into the tool’s chuck or collet. There shouldn’t exist space between the chuck of the rotary tool and the shank of the burr. If space exists it can cause wobbling, rendering the burr ineffective and even wearing out prematurely.

Make sure to clamp the two together tightly with the wrench.

Useful note: For easy and correct fitting procedures, read the manufacturer’s manual or contact us for more details on the same.

Do You Benefit from Buying Oval Burr?


You have a lot of benefits when you buy Syndent oval burr.

Syndent designs oval burr with very many important features that can increase your output.

The benefits below shows the worth of owning Syndent oval burr:

  • Syndent carefully assess and selects top-grade raw materials of tungsten and carbon which then they allow in warehouse.

Syndent warehouse manager together with experienced staff assesses the raw materials received from our top suppliers. They select only quality international standardized raw materials before the production commences.

  • We adhere to demands of varied applications of oval burrs, thus, producing different styles.Oval Burr

At Syndent, we consider manufacturing oval burrs with various shank sizes and head diameters to meet customers’ demands. We give you enough freedom to choose only what suits your very many demands.

  • Using Syndent oval burr, you cost-effectively use in deburring, machining, cutting, polishing, cleaning, etc.

Our oval burrs have different levels they operate so that you can seek each demand that comes your way. When you do bulk purchases from Syndent Company, you save greatly.

  • Syndent oval burrs have great accuracies it terms of dimensions to any job at hand.

When you select the right Syndent tool for a particular task, our oval burr gives out a well-balanced tolerance level.

  • Our oval burr has a great versatility level. You can have different ways to apply Syndent oval burr.

Some of the many uses of Syndent oval burr include machining, engraving, carving, cutting, deburring, grinding, cleaning, polishing, etc. You apply all the functions on materials like wood, stone, glass, drywall, bone, steel, aluminum, gold, copper, etc. This indicates how much you can benefit from our highly versatile oval burr.

  • Syndent oval burr also has much-improved working efficiency, designed for all functions.

We always consider designing very sharp oval burr flutes. The sharp flute blades look like extremely sharp blades. This promotes efficient cutting, high degree grinding, smooth carving, and engraving of wood, etc.

Oval Burr

Which Steps Do You Include in Manufacturing Oval Burr?

Our core value in manufacturing includes designing quality products with international standards in mind. Syndent ensures the oval burr we produce remains highly meticulous to our valued and reliable customers.

Syndent QA team, therefore, takes great keen in terms of quality as well as intense production. This assists us in maintaining quality production of high-performing oval burrs and many other quality products.

Step by step production process include:

Material evaluation

When Syndent receives raw materials from our abled and reliable top suppliers, we carry out inspections and thorough selection. Only the highest grade materials of tungsten carbide get on board in the warehouse and our first production step begins.


With the right materials on board, we uniformly apply brazing on two materials selected. We usually use filler in joining the two metals, uniformly melted together.

In brazing, Syndent applies automated welding, with silver used in low temperatures.


After we have brazed two metals materials uniformly, we balance our oval burr. A maximum target level here should reach 0.1mm or even lower than that. Syndent jump tests the oval burr to determine its tolerance level and make adjustments if needed.

Oval Burr


At this point oval burr has picked crucial features, we test the hardness. This important level makes Syndent to decide whether the oval burr can really hold tooling tasks or not. We only can determine the strength by forcing a slight bend.


After the oval burr acquires sufficient strength, we make the desired shape. To make a unique shape, Syndent production team uniformly grinds the burr to an appropriate shape.


Our oval burr requires a sharp cutting edge in form of teeth or sharp flutes. Syndent carefully applies to grind on the teeth, determining flute type. We give the burr teeth after test-approval.


Here, the oval burr has totally everything needed in the manufacturing process and a touch of quality polish finalizes everything. We smoothen the shanks and apply a fine polish using an abrasive material.


We wind up our production process of Syndent oval burr by packaging appropriately. Syndent includes the logo and puts relevant level where necessary, awaiting shipment.

What Safety Measures Should You Apply While Using Oval Burr?

Oval Burr

Two things stand out while applying oval burr on any task: the tool’s durability and user safety. In every operation, take precautions that the oval burr remains in the best operating state. Also, maintain the safety of yourself that the oval burr doesn’t hurt you.

Sometimes oval burrs cause serious stab wounds when you operate it without protecting yourself properly. Always apply the best operating procedures of the oval burr.

The important safety precautions you can observe include:

  • Correctly align the shank of oval burr in the chuck of an appropriate rotary tool you prefer. Use a wrench to tightly clamp it.
  • Guide your burr in doing the job without pressuring it too much. Apply the highest material first.
  • Take care of your safety and that of the oval bur by clamping your workpiece tightly in a workbench.
  • Stop snagging the oval burr and also don’t jam it to minimize chipping of the burr teeth
  • Use eye masks on your face against small particles entering the eyes and gloves against hand injuries.

What Guides You in Buying a Better Oval Burr?

By nature, a good oval burr should attract one who buys it by looking at it. However, sometimes manufacturers make burrs to look attractive so that it sways you away. In the real sense, what you see doesn’t reflect the total performance of the tool.

Basically, a quality oval burr should carry lots of useful features besides attractiveness. You can come across multitudes of oval burrs and without proper knowledge, you can buy an underperforming burr.

Oval Burr

Such features help in identifying a powerful performing oval burr:

Meticulousness – Buy oval burr with meticulous design. By this, we indicate an oval burr that has international industrial standard qualities.

Syndent constantly supplies oval burrs that possess all production details. It has the correct form, sharp cutting edges and quality.

Durability – Syndent oval burrs last longer because of the quality-grade tungsten carbide material we use to make them.

High-Temperature Tolerance – An oval burr you choose should rise to the task designed for and especially in hot situations. We design an oval burr that performs longer in hot situations without breaking down.

Weight/versatility – Quality oval burrs perform in many ways. You don’t need to budget for several tools to serve each task.

A heavy oval burr performs differently from a lightweight oval burr. Syndent oval burr designed in lightweight nature offers desired user control and performs with high efficiency.

Accuracy & Stability – With many tasks to do, you need a tool that accurately and precisely cuts on any workpiece. We make oval burrs that have greater stability and accuracy to come up with an error-free workpiece.

Strength – Syndent lightweight oval burr has maximum strength to perform to its best. In production, we focus on strength, density and toughness. No need of doubting the work level performance of Syndent oval burr at all.

How Do You Care for An Oval Burr?

Our cone burr needs maximum care and storage to maintain its high performance. Make a habit of cleaning the burr after using it to avoid clogging. Clogged oval burr causes overheating rendering its performance.

An aluminum clogged oval burr follows a simple cleaning procedure. First, chip the deposit manually off the oval burr. Then dip the oval burr in muriatic acid to dissolve the leftover aluminum deposits. Remember that only aluminum deposits dissolve using this method.

For the rest of the metal deposits, apply the ultrasonic option. Secure the oval burr in a holder first, then apply the enzymatic/cycle cleaner. Count 10 or more minutes and then use very clean water to rinse it thoroughly for two minutes or more.

What Average Lead-Time Affects Production of Oval Burr?

Several common factors affect our production of oval burr.

These include:

Standard Designs: Syndent produces oval burrs in standard and complex designs. Standard designs take less time to manufacture because they take a simple manufacturing process. The complex takes longer.

Our QA team adjust our unique CNC machine according to the nature of production.

Customized Demands: We need more time to manufacture oval burrs that have complex features. Our CNC machine in this case requires many adjustments.

Order Quantity: Rhymes with a time of delivery. By this, we mean how much you order from us. Large quantities definitely demand extra time for our dispatch team to organize everything from paperwork, customs, and packaging to shipment. You note that this involves more time than small orders.

Pending Order: We apply the first-come, first-serve principle if at all we have several orders on our list. However, we offer a rush order at an extra cost. You don’t have to wait as long as you liaise with our customer care as soon as possible.

Oval Burr

Can My Oval Burr Engraved With Artwork?


If you arrange for the same with our customer care desk, they can direct you to a relevant department. Syndent experts can engrave an excellent artwork of your own choice on an oval burr. We engrave artwork after polishing the product.

Why Just Syndent Oval Burr?

Syndent oval carbide burr (SE type), comes from quality micro grade cobalt-tungsten carbide raw materials. Mostly applied in dressing very tough fillet welds and used in many applications like a tool and die, deburring, foundry, etc. Used by the dentist to trim and finish tooth fillings.

Available in single cut, double cut, non-ferrous, and dental finishing oval burr. Syndent, therefore, produces the most regular oval burr types for consumer-free choices.

You can also order long shank carbide burr, SF 5 carbide burr, wood carving burr, die grinder stone bits, etc.

Contact us for your orders, instant quotations, and burning questions.

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