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Pedicure Drill Bits

Syndent Pedicure Drill Bits

Syndent pedicure drill bits are high-quality nail art tools for professional treatment of dry pedicure. We are an international producer of high-end nail art tools that make your nail procedures easy and faster.

Our pedicure drill bits guarantee precise and accurate nail art procedures. You can extravagantly use our pedicure nail bits for all your nail treatment needs.

Syndent offers unbeatable prices on our high-end products. You’ll also receive excellent discounts on large orders from our company in China.

Our firm designs and produces quality items for local and international supplies. We supply to large companies globally.

Pedicure Drill Bits

Different carbide pedicure drill bits for professionals.

Pedicure Drill Bits

Super durable carbide pedicure drill bits, coated and uncoated.

Pedicure Drill Bits

High performance and extremely sharp carbide pedicure drill bits

Pedicure Drill Bits

All kinds of ceramic pedicure drill bits for your choices

Pedicure Drill Bits

Super long life ceramic pedicure drill bits

Pedicure Drill Bits

Custom design ceramic pedicure drill bits as you wish

Pedicure Drill Bits

Best-selling diamond pedicure drill bits

Pedicure Drill Bits

Most popular diamond pedicure drill bits for technicians

Pedicure Drill Bits

Custom design diamond pedicure drill bits for professionals

Pedicure Drill Bits

All carbide drill bits for pedicure by podiatrist

Pedicure Drill Bits

All diamond drill bits for pedicure by podiatrist

Pedicure Drill Bits

High quality sanding caps used by podiatrist for removing dead skin.

Pedicure Drill Bits

Different kinds of nail sanding bands for the beginners and professionals

Pedicure Drill Bits

Matching with all of the regular sanding bands

Pedicure Drill Bits

Suitable for all of the sanding caps in different sizes

Why Syndent Nail Drill Bits

Syndent pedicure drill bits are essential for all your salon and home pedicure needs. You can flexibly penetrate and remove calluses and gels with our nail bits for pedicures.

Besides removing, Syndent pedicure drill bits can nicely finish the calloused surfaces. You can also use our pedicure rotary tool to smooth the affected area after removing calluses. Choose Syndent pedicure drill bits and save time and money on your pedicure.

Syndent adapts the United States equipment/technology. Additionally, we’ve R&D capabilities. Hence, you’ll receive the order as stipulated.

Thus, Syndent can quickly escalate its pedicure drill bits production to complete your order demand and delivery time.

Syndent purchases pedicure drill bits materials from top-large miners and suppliers. Besides, we’ve advanced equipment ideal for quality production. Such a stable and on-time material supply plus state-of-the-art equipment can guarantee high-quality production.

pedicure drill bits

Syndent will check the raw material specifications of pedicure drill bits before production

Pedicure Drill Bits

Syndent automatically brazes drill bits with silver in a low temperature.

Pedicure Drill Bits

We must make the pedicure nail drill bits jumping test after brazing. The tolerance is less than 0.1mm

Pedicure Drill Bits

Syndent examines the hardness of pedicure drill bit shank after brazing, and tests the bending strength

Pedicure Drill Bits

Solid pedicure drill bits need a shaping process from the carbide rod materials

Pedicure Drill Bits

Syndent CNC grinds the pedicure drill bits teeth after the tests approved

Pedicure Drill Bits

Syndent polishes the pedicure drill bits shaft, and its brazing position

Pedicure Drill Bits

Syndent makes your logo on the pedicure drill bits, and sticks your own label on the case.



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  • Syndent has all the popular carbide cutters and shapes. Succeed in helping many customers save costs in the past decades.

  • Range from the dental laboratory to clinic purpose. Either a dental technician or dental doctor could find what you demand here.

  • You have creative nails through Syndent amazing nail carbide burrs. We can do better and think about what you think.

Your Best Supplier of Pedicure Drill Bits

After welding your pedicure drill bits, Syndent carries ahead the jump test. This is to ensure we provide podiatry drill bits with best quality cutting edges. In addition, the product will withstand any challenging filing needs while in use.

Syndent pedicure drill bits have pretty sharp cutting edges suitable for pedicure treatments. We supply the best electric toenail grinder with features that meet or exceed the price. You can undoubtedly make our toenail grinder pedicure your favorite return on investment-tool.

Syndent guarantees a consistent and stable supply of top-notch pedicure drill bits. From the sample delivery to the authentic tool, Syndent promises uniformity. Therefore, with maximum experience in the field, we strive to build trust with you with sincere services.
We’ve diverse pedicure/manicure that meets every client’s needs. Besides pedicure drill bits, our production line includes Russian manicure drill bits, nail file bits, etc.

Receive pedicure drill bits quotation from today by getting in touch with us.

Pedicure Drill Bits: An Informative FAQ for Newcomers

In the modern nail industry, different brands of nail drill bits continue to flood the market. Consequently, it is a complex situation for newcomers to find a preferred product value for their money. In this FAQ, we explore everything about pedicure drill bits.

What Are Pedicure Drill Bits?

Pedicure drill bits represent high-quality professional bits that provide professional pedicure treatments. Crafted for pedicures, this tool effectively polishes the rough or calloused skin on a client’s feet. Experience the ultimate foot care and restoration. As a result, it leaves the feet and skin of a client with a slick look.

Pedicure Drill Bits

A pedicure drill bit

A pedicure rotary tool consists of two critical parts: a stainless steel shank and a quality-designed grinding head. The shank takes a tiny cylindrical shape and is what you fit in the nail drill’s chuck. On the other hand, the head takes different designs. And it is what fulfills assigned tasks when it meets the skin surface or the nails. It can take a pointed, round, flat, oval, or flame shape based on your choice.

Sometimes called nail drill bits for pedicures, they provide long time and reliable performance. Thus, they have remained popular, preferred, and accepted tools amongst technicians. Besides, pedicure drill bits adopt top-notch stainless steel shank and head designed using different materials. Essentially, the head grinds the feet to remove material and doesn’t rust when it contacts water.

When applied professionally, pedicure nail bits can provide excellent chiropody and callus treatments. A rounded head, for example, grinds while protecting cuticles. At the same, it professionally exfoliates a client’s skin without injuring the feet’s normal skin quickly and efficiently. On the other hand, fine cone pedicure drill bits smoothen the top of the nail. Besides, they provide perfect filing procedures.
Pedicure drill bits have lightweight designs and come in standard sizes. Thus, a technician can easily install it on a modern polishing pen or grinding machine. With a 3/32″ shank size, podiatry drill bits can fit different grinding machines.

Syndent is a top producer and supplier of the best pedicure drill bits in China. Our pedicure drill bits have superb temperature resistance and strong hardness because of the materials used. Besides, they have excellent wear resistance and clean easily. You can autoclave or liquid sanitize our pedicure drill bits after use.

Pedicure drill bits come in various industrial grit sizes for effective nail filing. The texture sizes may include fine (soft), medium, and coarse. Sometimes manufacturers produce advanced coarseness like extra-fine, extra-coarse, etc. It allows a technician to have broad applications of the pedicure rotary tool. The bits will enable you to perform more than just exfoliating the rough or dead skin. Nonetheless, it remains crucial to find the right tool for the task. It makes your nail work much more manageable and saves valuable time while serving your client.

What Are Primary Functions of Pedicure Drill Bits?

Pedicure drill bits remain essential grinding tools for achieving professional pedicure treatments. As mentioned, these tools come in multiple grits, sizes, and materials and take various designs. Hence, each tool will serve specific functions in a nail care procedure. Essentially, it includes smoothing the rough and dry skin to a smoother finish. In addition, the best pedicure drill bits helps in achieving salon-based quality outcome like smoothing the nail’s surface. Also, it efficiently removes dead cuticles, files, and shapes nails without causing discomfort or damage to skin/nails.

Pedicure Drill Bits

Grinding Rough Skin

With several shaping, polishing, and profiling tools, pedicure drill bits offer various professional services like:
• Exfoliating hard, rough, or dead skin from the feet.
• Removing calluses and chiropody treatments.
• Smoothing the nail surface.
• Shortening and designing the toenails.
• Buffing the nails.
• Prepping natural nails so that you can apply extensions.
• Providing professional infill cuticle tasks.
• Smoothing out gel enhancements.
• Sidewall prepping without causing harm or discomfort.
• Cleaning up imperfection touch-ups.
• Clearing out loose cuticles around a customer’s nails.

Do Pedicure Drill Bits Have Various Designs?

Pedicure drill bits adopt different head shapes like rounded heads, balls, flames, tapered cones, etc. Each shape has unique features and comes with lots of identical benefits.

Pedicure Drill Bits

Different Designs

Rounded Head

Rounded pedicure drill bits have round heads and remain the best type for pedicure treatments. These drill bits exfoliate a customer’s dead, rough, and dry skin without harming or causing discomfort. It is, therefore, a preferred selection for newcomers. In essence, these bits polish and repair dead or old skin on a client’s feet to achieve a slick finish.

Cone Shape

Cone pedicure drill bits primarily shape the toenails and trim and polish the toenails before polishing. Moreover, they do several other functions, like cleaning treatments beneath the nail. Additionally, it helps work out the cuticle zone and for sidewall filing. Besides, podiatrists use a fine cone to smoothen the nail surface. In addition, cone pedicure drill bits help clear calluses from the palm and clean dead skin.

Safety Pedicure Drill Bits

Safety pedicure drill bits, as their name suggests, provide safer filing benefits to the client. These bits have curved safe grinding heads, which not only provide safety but also easily reach the sidewalls and cuticles. Therefore, a client feels protected during various filing practices on the nails and skin. Additionally, safety pedicure drill bits adopt multiple sizes and shapes. Hence, these bits can perfectly fulfill nail and skin procedures, including infill cuticle tasks.

Tapered Barrel

These types of bits resemble cone bits but look shorter and instead have flat tops. Ideally, tapered barrel pedicure drill bits offer excellent surface procedures and infills. Furthermore, pedicurists use them for accurate sidewall prepping and cuticle treatments.

Flame Pedicure Drill Bits

These bits have an identical shape that helps pedicurists to remove hangnails flawlessly. Besides, they create a dead cuticle lip, which enables sufficient and easy removal of old or dead skin. Flame bits not only clean the nail area but also assist in common touch-ups, improving overall nail appearance.

Ball Shape Pedicure Drill Bits

Ball pedicure drill bits come in a ball shape, hence its name. These preferred bits help to clean hard skin around the nail. Besides, they smoothly remove old and dead skin from the soles of the feet and near the nails. Thus, the skin feels tender and exceptionally smooth for perfect blood flow. Moreover, a ball pedicure drill bit helps treat unsightly bubbles in nail enhancements.

Needle Pedicure Drill Bits

These drill bits have needle-like or pointed designs. This means they look pretty small, which makes them maneuver easily through tight spaces. Essentially, needle pedicure drill bits can reach complex positions below the toenail. Thus, they can clear out ridges and clean dirt and familiar debris. Besides, pedicure drill bits can quickly reach and clean the sidewalls or design holes.

How Should I Use Pedicure Drill Bits Safely?

Pedicure Drill Bits


When using pedicure drill bits, it is critical to adopt all safety measures to reduce potential injuries. Some of the crucial tips that can help a technician use pedicure drill bits safely include:
Choosing the right pedicure drill bit

In the nail field, we’ve got different pedicure drill bits designed to serve identical pedicure procedures. Hence, choosing a perfect item for a given procedure can provide beautiful and accurate required results. Conversely, selecting the wrong bit will injure the surrounding skin or nail plate.

Find the right speed.

In pedicure and manicure procedures, we measure grinding speed in Revolutions per Minute or RPMs. Besides, we’ve got different grinding speeds on each nail drill machine you purchase. Grinding speeds vary from one task to the next. For example, natural nails and smoothing out dead skin require low speed. However, higher RPMs apply perfectly with enhancements like acrylics, gels, dip powder, etc. Therefore, a pedicurist should understand different procedures and select the required speed.

Choose Low Vibration Pedicure Drill Bits

Choosing quality pedicure drill bits with low vibrations provides comfortable pedicure processing. Furthermore, they help minimize various injury risks besides providing exact results. However, high-vibration pedicure drill bits can cause numbness and discomfort. In addition, they can easily damage a client or a technician during a pedicure procedure.
Vibrations in pedicures occur because of poor-quality design. It happens primarily because of misaligned shafts. Technicians should, therefore, fundamentally buy a toenail grinder pedicure with a proper shank alignment.

Avoid Overheating

Pedicure drill bits designed from top-notch materials have high resistance to heat. It means they don’t heat up rapidly, even with prolonged procedures. However, wrong application usually results in overheating because of increased friction. Hence, it leads to discomfort and can injure a client.
Adopt the safest grinding technique that allows a slight touch on the surface. At the same time, take a few breaks required. Besides, choose pedicure drill bits that have excellent heat dissipation features. It helps to maintain the coolness of the bit.

Why Does the Color on the Top of Pedicure Drill Bits Mean?

The color near the top of pedicure drill bits helps to identify the texture or coarseness of the tool. You can quickly tell the texture the bit has based on the color around its top. Soft grit is indicated by a red color at its neck. Conversely, medium grit is represented by blue and coarse grit by green. Colors, therefore, help in easy identification, which makes your selection faster.
Pedicure Drill Bits

Coarse Grit

Which Factors Can Help Me Find Quality Pedicure Drill Bits?

Regarding buying, there are critical factors that enable a buyer to find durable and perfect pedicure drill bits. Here are essential tips to consider:


Different Pedicure drill bits have various components of materials like carbide, stainless steel, ceramics, diamond, etc. Ideally, each material features unique properties besides the benefits. Carbide, for example, has durable and prolonged properties. Ceramics pedicure drill bits, on the other hand, offer gentle grinding procedures with less heat production. A diamond toenail grinder pedicure is more complex than other pedicure drill bits. Therefore, depending on the nature of the treatment you want to carry out, consider the type of the tool. Some materials work excellently on the skin, while others work on the nails.


Grit means the level of coarseness of the pedicure drill bits’ surface. As mentioned, grits range from rough (coarse) to fine. The grit preference usually depends on the type or nature of an application. For example, coarse pedicure drill bits remove complex materials like hard gel nails, acrylic nails, etc. Pedicure drill bits with fine grits have smoothing and finishing abilities on soft skin and different types of nails. Therefore, choose pedicure drill bits with grit that serve your purpose.


Pedicure drill bits come in non-identical industrial sizes. Each size serves a specific function different from another. Larger pedicure drill bits, for instance, remove enhancements or materials in bulk and faster. Smaller bits, on the other hand, give detailed and precise work and can reach positions that large bits can’t get. It’s, therefore, critical to contemplate the size before buying pedicure drill bits. Also, make sure the bit is compatible with the drill machine.


The pedicure drill bits’ shape also determines its performance. Barrel pedicure drill bits, for instance, remove product and accurately shape nails. Cone bits, on the other hand, do perfect cuticle work and refine the nail’s shape. Therefore, considering the shape will enable a technician to fulfill various or specific tasks.


The current market has several brands of pedicure drill bits, some good and others not good. Finding a reputable brand has always been challenging for most buyers, especially newcomers. A famous brand like Syndent features several options with high-quality items like pedicure drill bits. Always carry out thorough research and read out reviews like this one so that you’ll find the best quality product.

Can I Replace Pedicure Drill Bits?

Pedicure drill bits require replacement once the grinding edges wear out. Once the grinding starts losing its slicing strength, a technician should make another instant order. Consequently, you’ll receive your product early, so your project runs smoothly. In essence, when the edges are dull, the tool loses its accuracy. In addition, it begins to overheat more often than usual. Hence, the heat transferred results in a painful sensation on a client’s sensitive skin.

Pedicure drill bits are durable tools designed using the finest quality materials. They offer stable pedicure procedures for several months based on the usage frequency.

Besides pedicure drill bits, kindly check other products we manufacture. They include typhoon nail drill bits, e-file nail drill bits, etc.

We give instant pedicure drill bits quotations. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to receive one.


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